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    Tue 12 Jun 2019 Went to the doc to get an std test today, better safe than sorry, you know. Opened a bunch of people just because I felt like BT spiking. One lady working at reception by herself gave me that damnit another patient vibe, then she was giggling and smiling by the time I was done with my urine test, lol! Walking down the stairs while leaving I opened a tall girl that was really done up (for America) with I like your shoes. Thanks! They're from work though. Want to trade? Laughs and stops on the staircase. I get a look at the face and go, oh shit that's definitely a tranny. WHY? I don't know but the plastic surgery and tranny alarm was going off super loud so I said "haha, I'm just teasing you, enjoy your day!" and ejected Walked past a nurse who could have been decent checking her texts on a bench outside. Bitched out because there were like 7 other people within 25 yards. I walked to my car and kicked myself and said DON'T BE A BITCH. Went back and she was gone... he who hesitates lol Opened a girl in line behind me at the bank, she wasn't good but she was friendly so I just practiced talking to her and ran some attraction. No kino though lol. She obviously started to get pretty into it Girl came in behind her, skinny brigade worthy short asian girl with the short dyed blonde hair. Damn, one girl out of 100 that was even worth approaching and she was 4 people behind me in line. Talked to the tellers, walked outside and decided to try and make an excuse by calling customer service (the tellers advised me to) while talking to the security guard. She comes out with a guy who looked so different that I immediately assumed it was her boyfriend. They walked off and I'm still banging my head against the wall. I could have just asked her about her brother. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH All in all at least it was good to go out and get some practice! By the local community college seems like it has a chance of having not trash girls too so maybe I'll be looking into that this weekend haha
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    Review of RedpoleQ's Text Seminar I first took the Text Seminar sometime in 2017, if I remember correctly. RPQ revamped it recently and I was able to attend that as well. The principles taught in RedpoleQ’s Text Seminar will challenge your perceptions, but if well practiced you will ultimately be armed to take on the toughest challenges when texting girls. Like playing chess where one has only pawns to start with. The best part is the Text Chat, which is a great learning environment and like my personal Texting 911. The uncanny thing about the chat is that after hundreds of situations and emergency cases I asked for helped over the course of a year, like sending the wrong thing to the wrong girl, getting girls out where it seemed highly improbable, or a reg wanting to break up suddenly, the number of cases where the advice didn’t work was exactly zero. And then I look back at all the other guys asking for help and their cases. Same thing. It’s almost freakish.
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