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  2. Hey I am in Shanghai, can have a meetup every weekend, add my wechat 54707557
  3. hey man. are u still gaming in shanghai ? i like to have a meetup with other gamer in the city. can u leave your contact info
  4. I also don't like it when girls shave down there. I prefer waxed or lasered — perfectly smooth and no stubble!
  5. This is rant. If you don't like it, don't read it. On the other hand, if you can somehow prove to me that what I am saying is wrong, I will put my feelings aside and call you daddy. I will proclaim that you are right and will shut my face forever more. The shaved pussy EPIDEMIC is growing out of control. They are spreading, like a virus, from the US into the interior of China, girl by girl. I'm sure that dirty foreigners are brainwashing these poor girls and this is the reason they are spreading. Here are some reasons why shaved pussy are inferior to hirsute pussies. 1) Convenience You can't tell me that a shaved pussy is "convenient". You take something natural and turn in unnatural..how is that going to be convenient? How is having to shave your pussy every so often for it not to look like homer simpson's beard convenient? The hair stops growing at a certain length the way NATURE intended it. THAT is convenient. You like feeling that homer simpson is giving you a blowjob with his prickly beard? I didn't think so. 2) appearance All things being equal, we are conditioned by society to believe whatever is beautiful, is beautiful. But, objectively speaking, a hirsute pussy is more inline with our natural inclinations. Why? Simple evolutionary psychology. Men are wired to respond to developement in women. This is why we turn into cavemen when we see girls develop boobs as teens. Same goes with a vagina. What man is NATURALLY attracted to a vagina that looks like it belongs to a 11 year old? Why would we be naturally attracted to a prepubescent looking vagina? It doesn't make any sense, and is only something that society would have to strongly go against or natural inclinations. How is it pretty? Without the hair, there is simply nothing there. It is a slot, a hole. Is that pretty? You want women to shave their hair off too? When I look at it, I just think of a little baby or 7 year old girl and am disgusted. Are you a bunch of pedos? 3) cleanliness Someone give me some proof that shaving it is "clean". If you provide this, I will shut up. Until then, I'm going to assume that it is just more BS that people make up. 4) feel For going down on a girl, I will give you this one. For everything else...do you like having sex with homer simpson's mouth? With a prickly beard? Oh...I guess that means she has to shave it like everyday, doesn't it? How is that for convenience?
  6. I read this book off the heels of reading The Game and I was somewhat disappointed. It seems that Neil Strauss tried to replicate the formula of writing about interesting outward experiences, intensely personal inward experiences, while sprinkling in dashes of truisms and poetic analogies. For The Game, this worked, because the subject matter was interesting and new in itself, but in The Truth, the subject matter is as old as time - how to conduct relationships. Still, I did get some value out of it and it was enjoyable at times. The book was basically a 2 year journey of the author, beginning with infidelity and guiding the reader through various styles of relationship including total abstinence, polyamory, SM, free love, swinging, and finally back to where he started - monogamy and marriage. Throughout it all is Strauss's girlfriend, Ingrid, who is a main character through the entire book and who Strauss is constantly trying to reconcile himself with. In a sense, it is a sort of odyssey through the myriad of human relationship styles, ending with "enlightenment". The purpose of the book, as I said, is to lead with reader both through a series of interesting subcultures and relationship styles, sort of like the Game and at the same time through the author's mind. The former is where the value lies, because a lot of these subcultures are in fact very interesting and goes to show just how little (in terms of sex and relationships) I have experienced. Strauss does try out many different relationship styles and reports back about them in a detailed way, which is of interest to me. The latter, though, is where the book sort of lets me down. The author's random musings on life and relationships down have a lot of value for me, because they are disorganized, self-contradictory. The book was clearly written in chronological order, with some musings in direct contradiction to others later on down. While this might be interesting for some to read, in a sort of diary type way, it was annoying to me. I don't care about Strauss's mommy issues and I grew tired of hearing them. I can't relate to Strauss's issues with women, and grew tired of seeing him make the same stupid mistakes over and over. A lot of the musings are just the same thing repeated over and over in different ways, and are copied words and concepts from different people (I hope that therapist from the sex addicts group got a cut in the book, because Strauss constantly rips off of her). In the end, after a spiritual detox and who knows how many thousands of dollars worth of therapy only a rich writer in L.A. could have access to, he finds "enlightenment" and gets married. Lol. I'm sure he will get divorced or have an affair in a couple of years, just like his relationship with "the one" that he found at the end of the The Game. A merry-go-round of random thoughts and overly personal and irrelevant experiences, but the scenery along the way is interesting.
  7. So I finally read The Game. It is an aged book in the community, so of course, the exposé has already taken place and a lot of this stuff is old news, so I'm not going to talk about what everybody knows, I'm just going to have my opinions on the subject matter. The first thing that struck me about The Game, is just how technical and close to NLP those old-school techniques were. I wonder sometimes if we have regressed back from some of those very advanced techniques that are essentially hypnosis and have gotten too lazy, just running the cube over and over. Reading The Game makes me want to go read Ross Jeffries stuff, which I will, to see if those techniques stand the test of time and are actually as usable as they sound. The second thing is, this book paints a very clear picture of what the community was like in its infancy, and what kind of people were involved. Basically it was full of a bunch of weirdos with mental health issues, and issues with women. I think this can serve as a warning to all of us that this undercurrent might still be there. I know I definitely have misogynistic tendencies (and I'm a weirdo) The final thing is, related to the 3rd point, looking at game in its infancy, it is very clear in what kind of environment MM was developed in, and why it developed the way it did. Game was born in the nightclubs of the sunset strip and Toronto. These are extremely specific areas. Yes, Mystery surely did pick up girls from other venues and places, such as Eastern Europe (he clearly has a thing for Eastern European girls), but we should all keep in mind that this is a very specific area with some very specific girls. Mystery said it himself when he said that he "goes for groupies looking for a rockstar, so I am their rockstar", or to that effect. I think that pickupasia has done a good job of adapting the target audience (to open-minded girls in Asia that are receptive to foreigners), but more could be done. All-in-all, these book, for me, served as a look at game in the petri dish of its infancy, a study on the core qualities that pick up has an might very well remain with it 'till this day.
  8. Yeah, that's one of the reasons why I left Korea for China. China seems to offer waaaay more opportunities for career and business than Korea
  9. Always remember that you might be wrong and focus on changing your behavior first to get different behavior from others.
  10. Yes.....any point that you wanna make that I should understand?
  11. Looking back, can you see what disaster you were and how delusional you were about it as well?
  12. Damn, I fucked up this relationship. Glad that I know better now!
  13. Time period: February & March 2020 Report: HB Aust Embassy - My first or second week in Moscow. I had set myself up on Tinder and had my location set to Moscow before I got to town. Really interesting girl, however not hot enough for me to go any further. Looking back I should have kept in touch as I really need to grow my social circle. Also interesting is that she works at the Australian embassy.... Hmm maybe to close to home. HB Sore Back - No Close - My second date in Moscow. Also from Tinder. This girl had been difficult to schedule, but i eventually managed to have her visit the hotel I was staying at as it had a restaurant. Was a really nice dinner date and she had a sore neck and back from sleeping under a draft of wind. I offered to give her a massage. So I took her back to my room and started giving her a massage. I managed to take her top and bra off and then moved onto a breast massage. Really liked her perky breasts. I then tried to massage her pussy but she wasn't into it and got up. I tried to D move her, but it didn't work and I ended up having a shower in front of her and not managing to break through the resistance. Walked her to a taxi and she then disappeared, I didn't manage to get her to reply to any text messages. HB 19 - Intermark Protected - My first paid sex in Moscow. Moscow Tinder is a very strange place. It seems a lot of the girls are either very skilled escorts or have monetised dating. This girl was a really really fun date. Often I would say that if a girl is after money then she is much less fun to be with... I cant say that I much enjoy time with a Pro. This girl however was amazing. She was after dating for cash.... Not really my taste but I wanted to try. I let her go after that meeting. HB Model 98 - Visited for weekend, was a virgin last time I saw her, but this time had sex, no pain issues, and seems not virgin any more, I asked and she said maybe with fingers... Hmm Things I did well + HB Sore Back - I have found that if a girl likes you then she will often also enjoy getting a massage. If you do this well enough then you can often get her fairly undressed or aroused. Things to improve - HB Sore Back - For this girl I realize that I could have gone a little slower and worked on getting her more excited. I feel that I likely rushed things here. This was the first girl I had touched for a few months so I was a little impatient. My realizations February and March was 3 tinder girls, 1 a sugar baby / pro, the other 2 didn't really add much value. I realize also that maybe its important to grow your social circle such that your out more. Have more opportunities for social circle game and pick up in venues you might visit with friends.
  14. What kind of advice are you looking for? Just on getting your motivation back?
  15. Been feeling very unmotivated with pick up recently. I want to get back out there and start approaching. This forum will keep me accountable. Appreciate any advice from you experienced guys! Thank you !
  16. Me too. I want to hear about Russian women.
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