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  2. 19 DEC Tue, Shinjuku HUB again, upstairs was dead so went to downstairs Only open decent looking set. Opened around 830pm. 3 set of girls all at least bangable, opened with you're all sisters and awkwardly sat down in their open seat on the bench side of their table and just started going lol. Mostly tried attraction and comfort, I still want to SNL the girls who aren't really good like the ones I met Saturday, but I need to switch to doing more proper qualification when it's been over a couple hours probably because it seems inevitable they start seeing me as more of a long term prospect (it seems) because when I don't qualify very much or very well they start to seem kind of unhappy and lower compliance than I'm used to. Today as well I ran the set for about 3 hours, I tried to bounce and they were all like "have fun we already ate!" and I couldn't think of a better bounce location at 930 on a Tuesday but figured we were in the back of the room at a hard to reach table. About 2 hours in the table of 2 guys next to us tried to get in on the set and opened my target because she was closest (well, one of my two targets I guess. I kept trying to push for more logistics and that type of info to figure out which was highest probability lol, maybe they sensed that but they both wanted to exchange line at the end of the night and seemed very happy and hugged me lol. The two Japanese dudes just chatted us up the rest of the night till the girls decided to go home and they gave up and told me good luck lol. I walked the girls to the station and said goodbye then jogged home for fun. At one point in the set they asked me what my favorite Japanese word was (about 30-45 minutes in) and I took some time to think and said Shibari lol. I explained it, albeit not super elegantly, and they all refused to believe it was a Japanese thing. The girls looked it up eventually and said it was only something police used to do, not a sexual thing so I didn't know where to go from there lol. They all sat there going no, Japanese girls would never do that, for like 5 minutes lmao, it got pretty awkward as I think it was one of those they wanted to protect their own image moments so I probably hadn't done enough no judgement type stories already. On the jog home I opened a hostess/dancer girl in a dark underpass and kept plowing for about 2 minutes until she chuckled then I kinoed her and started talking. She was cute so I let her Line close me even though I knew it was for work probably (I probably should have resisted a bit lol since she's a hostess type) and she caught a cab home after about 6-9 minutes and I continued jogging. Should have pushed for her to come to my place just because she's the only solo set I've seen in forever that wasn't in a rush. Things I did well: -Didn't get so caught up in what is a polite custom or not and went for trying to get results -Successfully opened a girl in the dark alone by labeling the situation and mirroring her behaviors a bit -Dealt with the two Japanese dudes reasonably well even though they made sure to speak fast and softly enough I didn't understand half of what they said lol (unless they were saying that if I were Japanese I wouldn't get away with doing nanpa so easily LMAO!!) Things I will do better: -Continue to practice my hero stories, they're getting better though -Figure out how to isolate better, it sucks only being here for a short period of time and not having a wing most nights to make things fun and more efficient -Sexualize more and figure out how to tell my stories for that better, and remember the ones I used to use well
  3. 18 DEC Monday Shinjuku HUBs Nightgame I've decided to bitch out and go for the bar route trying to find the left over girls who don't have boyfriends for Christmas and I'm still losing lol. Not sure if variance or just shit lol. Definitely a factor is me still needing to read situations better. Got to Shinjuku about 9pm, First HUB is dead, top floor HUB is dead too but there's a 2 set of at least 4s sitting there and I figure I can at least try for an SNL. Open, try @Taisho's hero story about Skydiving that starts with a hook for a change and it hits pretty well. They keep apologizing and I say it's okay, what you both have boyfriends? Yes sorry. This is my life now hahaha. Went to the next HUB and considered just opening street sets but the next one was pretty busy. Do a pretty shit open by knocking on the table and saying white, white, black, you're the bad girl, on a pretty good set of young girls and they just all go silent and don't acknowledge me lol. I decide to keep going for a minute and they just sit there. I need to come up with some really silly BT spikes for when they're doing stuff like that so it's harder to just ignore me lol, because it seems that's kind of an invitation to be more interesting, I'm just not in it lol, and my silly Japanese is shit lately. Talk to a 3 set of dudes just shooting the shit for 2 or 3 minutes and figure I'll at least make some allies while I get over being a bitch. They get called to a table and I walk right next to them and open the 2 set of 21 year olds at the next table lol. Super easy open, I like your friend's uniform. (It's one of those outfits that everyone in Japan has lol.) They speak next to no English but want to learn. It's their first time in the HUB. I keep doing some BT spikes and a bit of attraction when I can fit it in. My target is pretty all over the map and it's only getting more all over the map as she drinks. My target is half Korean and apparently athletic and can just go all night but she's actually kind of chubby but she's got those nice highlights. The obstacle is her best friend from high school and they both say they're a bit chubby but I find out later she actually has a much better figure lol, her face is still a 5+ only though. She however has her composure and as I'm doing attraction for my target she gets more and more interested lmao. I was in between both girls and kinoing both just running the two set, at one point wondering if I should just try and push for a threesome SNL because I had good compliance. I was thinking to try and bounce them so I kept seeding places (though some were in Osaka so that was useless) and my target would interrupt me a bunch lol. I also should have just finished what I was saying then gone back to her. They both had half their drinks left at 1030 and I wanted to bounce them but didn't want to say so before they were close to done (no idk why I thought that was smart either.) Enter phase 2, EVERYONE in the bar comes to try and join my set lmao. First 2 older J dudes come in and I just physically isolate my target and kino her and motion and open up the actually better girl to them (didn't know at the time.) They spent a while talking to me and just letting me DHV the shit out of myself and lost hope and left lol. I go back to running the still very compliant 2 set and suggest a bounce to the arcade I think? Then a 3 set of 2 English and 1 Nepalese married dude come in to try and steal both girls from the other side of my set lol. 1 British dude offers to buy them drinks and they accept. The Nepalese dude is just trying to AMOG me while he talks to my target who I start to lose because I'm already running out of routine stack that I remember and he basically just gets to run his routine lol, which is loud AF bad Japanese (reminds me of me last time I was here lmao!) Funnily the obstacle is actually just looking at me all the time and kinoing me and trying to get me to translate for her too (which also hurt my ability to run the target) but I basically sit there running this mess while kinoing my target's back until about 1130 when the Nepalese and 1 English dude go home, leaving me with the guy who bought them more drinks lol, which was funny because the Nepalese dude had my targets attention really well. We continue to run the 2 set till midnight, where they both miss their last train, very knowingly lol. I think it's in the bag but the British guy offers to buy them MORE drinks and I just translate for them and do some frame setting which the obstacle is buying super hard and my target is just airheaded and looking for a sugar daddy it seems haha, which I ALSO should have picked up on way earlier. Eventually the British guy is super thankful for my translating and I've got my back turned to my target as she looks at him and keeps trying her English. He then makes a comment about the obstacle having great clothes (she doesn't) and thinks she's beautiful (she isn't) but it was really funny because he asks me to translate and I do and now my target has noone paying attention to her lol. Honestly if we just switched targets way earlier we could have closed as the obstacle has been giving me nonstop IOIs and just watching me the whole time and my target has been doing the same to him. Pretty hilariously bad game from the two of us but oh well. We bounce them to the street and intend to do karaoke but it's 5000 yen per person and I was like nah my target wasn't walking straight and was a bit chubby (in America still an automatic 7 but I wasn't feeling like dealing with it.) The guy offers to pay and I said maybe I'll just go home and pretty much blew up the set. We might have been able to escalate and bang them both in the karaoke room but if either of us fucked up it would have gone very poorly. Not to mention neither of us isolated our targets for shit, the obstacle kept reverse kinoing me and he kept talking to my target nonstop lol. He ends up catching a taxi after about 15 more minutes and I walk home (my target asks if I'm really that hurting for money, and I just said I'm basically getting paid 30 bucks to walk for an hour lol. Seems like a win win) I had Line closed both girls earlier in the set with the promise of running a double date so at least I have their Lines but fuck if I didn't fuck that all up lol. They both texted me as the target's brother came to pick them up and drive them back to Chiba and said thanks and they had a lot of fun lol. We'll see where it goes but I need a lot more Japanese and social stamina to really run these multi hour sets smartly. Things I did well: -Made all the other guys in the bar jealous again -Ran decent attraction and comfort and sexualization (though I kind of ask sexy questions and stuff and then stop, that's probably bad huh) -Triangle gazing early in set seemed to have a good response at first. -Split the girls up -Ran a long set and dealt with a lot of people trying to take the set Things I will do better: -Get better at sexual questions and hooks in Japanese -Pick my target better! -TRY FOR BOUNCE AND ISOLATION ASAP -Never DLV, it's amazing that these girls who aren't even that amazing can latch onto DLVs (though even the obstacle said my target was an airhead lol) Realizations: -Maybe I'M the airheaded friend lol. I feel like I used to be my target, just oblivious to the situation and all over the place lol. Plus I couldn't even choose the hotter girl and the 42 year old British dude recognized instantly lol. -I saw a guy refuse to pay to go to a club with us once and the girl was all about it and went with him even though they just met, thinking I could pull that off while having low compliance from one and the "wing" targeting the one who was high compliance clearly wasn't going to work lol -Some dudes coming into your set and just talking to the girls is definitely not something I should just allow because I CAN deal with it. I should still go for the first option of dismissing them with a "do you know these guys?" -Though the girls were definitely enjoying all the attention, they even said so lol. They even said "man this table is a really good spot" lmao!
  4. 17 DEC Sat Nightgame Went to Shinjuku HUB as suggested by @Taisho at 930 then to Camelot in Shibuya at 1130 HUB First 3 set, about 90 minutes. Walked to some random place also called the HUB by accident but then got to the South exit Shinjuku HUB and was directed upstairs because it was busy. Walked in, saw a lot of not great, then a cute 3 set and decided to open. Don't even remember what I said and I'm pretty sure it was stupid but they hooked super easily in English. My target's friends went to the bathroom and stuff multiple times leaving her with me, at which points I tried to progress the sarge as much as possible. She's from nearby Nakano like me so that's good, but she's also busy all next week with plans with friends and going to see her family for Christmas. Made sure to push as much attraction as I could remember, and she seemed to get very interested and kind of jealous when her friends were talking to me lol. Timebridging was tough because as I said she was talking about being busy all next week when I threw out a rough day then said next week. Is there a better way to go about time bridging that I forget? Set ended with me telling them to come get ramen but they said they'd miss last train so I walked them to the station and waved goodbye, still not enough intense eye contact with my girl. Camelot Ran there because I wasn't sure if there was a before midnight discount, there wasn't. Got inside and just walked around looking like I was having a good time to get a lay of the land. EDM (?) on the first floor, Rock/Rap type stuff on the 2nd floor, Kpop on the third floor. A good amount of decent girls around, though according to the Japanese dude I ended up hanging out with from the mixed set they were mostly mask beautiful lol. Opened the mixed 3 set while walking around, was just high fiving people as I walked when they seemed fun lol. Started with a couple opens that tried to blow me out, did well at acting unphased and just continuing to have fun while they acted rude lol. Opened a girl who looked like my high school crush after walking around on the kpop floor a second time and chilling with a 2 set for a few minutes. She was super easy to open and enjoyed interacting with me it seemed. Figured out the guy behind her who was super peacocked up was her friend a Korean guy she met in Japan, turns out he knows a bunch of kpop artists irl and is trying to become a DJ. I asked her because he seemed unhappy about me interacting with her lol. We danced for a while and in some lulls in the music (and using all my brainpower to remember my routine stack) I did a bunch of attraction and stuff when I could and qualified her a bit on her dancing. She was very good at dancing and it looked great, did the bit about we should go scubadiving right now and she loved it lol. I ended up Line closing in front of her friend though I probably could have kept waiting for a good moment but I was going to start losing her attention more. I told her that she should give me fashion advice, and she seemed a little unhappy, then I said and we'll go scubadiving and she seemed much happier LOL! Ejected pretty well I think with good eye contact and smiles. Open a couple more sets and am having a great time just kind of bopping through the crowds on the dance floors looking for the best girls to open, and the mixed 3 set opens me again and wants to dance lol. The guy motions for me to come with them and this time I oblige because I reread my last FRD lol! Even better I pretty much maintain the lead anyway and dictate what's going on and make sure the 3 set is all doing okay etc. The guy is the only one dancing with me but he's having a lot of fun (not sure if he's bi lol) but everyone around us was enjoying the energy lol, missed a chance to bring a really good looking girl into the dance circle but I had decided to stick with this set the rest of the night anyway because my target was definitely better than average that night (WITHOUT a mask lol!) and seemed keen. The guy goes to the bathroom and I take the chance to chat up my target, so are you guys bf/gf? No. Thank goodness! I hug her towards me from the side lol. She likes that. I do my basic attraction stuff and pump a good amount of it to get her interested, then qualify her on being a teacher. There are 3 German dudes all trying to get at her as well and the guy is also helping me isolate and keep her away from them (most of the time) lol! It was a pretty hilarious dynamic. At some point she's chilling on the wall after making a bathroom stop and we had gone searching for them on the other dancefloor, and the German dudes were all over her lol. Some GLG German dude was all up in her business leaning in to talk in her ear and I just walked up beside her and kinoed her back and let him go for a while lol. I'd pull her towards me and make her listen to whatever tf I could come up with but do it in as alpha a way as possible and the difference in status was amusing haha! Eventually the Japanese dude helped me bounce the set downstairs to the edm floor where we danced a bit but mostly talked. I had to deal with the obstacle blatantly trying to get me to fuck her lol, and my target trying to help her friend. I used the line I read from @ShinChocI think it was that I needed an emotional connection first lols! I talked a lot about sex to my target and did some sex seminar stuff and she loved it, she acted super embarrassed but she was getting more kino compliant and looking at me more with those eyes, especially after I did the part about long relationships and sex. The set started to get pretty hard as the obstacle got more persistent trying to bang me and at one point was saying something pointing at the guy and girl saying they're what sounded like "swingers" lol, she spoke some English so maybe she did mean that! My target told her she was being obnoxious lol. We all started to get tired (my Japanese got super hard after sitting in that smoky building with almost no water for 4 hours lol) and I just stuck it out and hung with them. We went to the kpop floor at some point and I reopened Kpop girl quick and tried to merge the sets as we were leaving and had a lot of fun The mixed set left and I danced with kpop girl for a few minutes, didn't do such a good last impression the 2nd time though. I had timebridged the set at some point for breakfast at 4am and at some point we had gone back to the 4th floor and my target was sitting at the table facing away from me so I decided it was time for a jealously plot line lol. We were having fun and opened a set dancing behind us, I brought in the J dude and he immediately went for the better girl lmao so I just winged for him. Some french guy was dancing with her and tried increasing his kino or w/e so I walked around him and started chatting him up lmao. At some point the J dude was losing interest so I walked back over and put his arm around the girl lmao! They laughed and talked about something. Eventually he let go again and I signaled asking if he wanted to eject. We did and the girls had run off, I did see them unhappily pass by at one point though lols. Open another set, thought the girl was pretty okay but it had just hit 4 and the girls wanted to go lol. I led the set out of the building and somehow while the guy and I were talking the girls slipped past us and outside. 10 minutes later we found them there and all went to breakfast. At breakfast I made the mistake of trying to be a gentleman and holding the door for everyone, then the J guy took my target all the way to the side of the ramen shop booth so it went Target > Him > Obstacle > me lol. That was a hard lesson learned but my brain was fried too so I sucked it up and made small talk with the obstacle. After breakfast we all walked back to the station and the J guy says we should go drinking again, I say yeah we haven't exchanged Lines yet! It's okay, she has yours and wherever she goes I go. Big wtf energy lol. Laugh and say okay, get home safe! Target is perfectly happy with my walking so we're leaning into each other lol so idk exactly what was up, but if I can meet just the cute girl who cares I guess lol! What I did well: -Followed @Taisho's advice and went to the right places! Who knew it was easier!! -Plowed and acted unaffected by girls' and guys' behavior -Stuck with one set, thanks @Romeo! -Made mostly good decisions game wise just a bit slower than would be optimal -Was a super good wing for the J dude if I don't say so myself! The girl he was dancing with kept eyeing me and I didn't make eye contact with her or accidentally kino her once lol. I even made a super uninterested check over my shoulder that got her to pay attention to his kind of beta dancing/kino What I will improve: -Read the social situations better and pick up on flags sooner! I probably should have gone for a female only set to stick with the whole night and gotten an easy layup, though all the girls I Line closed tonight I'd easily want to Reg and the HUB and Kpop girl were super good for me! -Find bounce locations to try for now that I've found good stomping grounds -Work on my routine stack to make it more efficient and to @Taisho's point make sure everything is progressing the sarge/increasing my chances -DO my routine stack and inject more emotion! Realizations: -This is super fun! And not JUST getting blown out all the time is fun too lol! -I actually do know a lot of stuff I just need to distill it to my routine so it's not a brain function game in the moment but always at least baseline good -Body language really is huge. I thought my game knowledge and language ability would make up for imperfect body language but it's really the first thing that people decide on if they'll even talk to you with -J plot lines can work quite well lol
  5. 15 DEC Thursday Nakano Caught a cold so I did some bitch opens after moving before dinner. 1 girl I actually stopped outside in the dark and was surprised when she stopped, tried to stack forward and she started hurrying away. I seem to have forgotten how to transition from open to further attraction effectively, but it's probably just me feeling like I'm awkward making it awkward. Just need to be confident. 16 DEC Fri Nakano Walked around for about an hour while still recovering. Opened a few sets and got instantly blown out, one cute girl on her way from school to work hooked well in a less busy part of the shopping street and I tried to push more attraction than seemed necessary. She actually responded on Line. She did however ask 3 or 4 times why I came there and I was like I was looking for a place to eat and then I saw you and thought you were cute, when she asked again I'd say the same thing lol. I asked her for ramen shop recommendations and she said they were all good. Let her go at the station and waved goodbye, not the best wave goodbye sadly. I need to just force the boyfriend frame more when I do that I think and smile and wave for a while. 17 DEC Sat Nakano daygame Went out for about 2 hours? Went to get something to eat and try a walk around the local very long shopping street/mall even though it was cold and cloudy/going to rain. There were a decent amount of people still. Got blown out a few times, started working on posture more. Asked one girl in the arcade where my favorite game was then just continued into she likes skydiving and doing my routine on that (I think I need to inject more feeling into that routine, I used to have it but forgot how.) She laughed and smiled a lot. College student, thought everything was super great. Said she had plans (fuck, logistics discovery!) and I said we should go get ramen next Monday. (I think actually when I go straight for the Line, then time bridge during the Line exchange is more successful.) She says she's okay or something. I say give me your Line anyway. Some kind of no. You have a boyfriend? No. Well then that's great you should give me your Line! She wishes me luck or something, I say I'm lonely because I just got to Japan. No luck lol. I'm sure I could have delivered the lines better and it was a short set but dang. I guess the main objection would probably have been we just met, to which I should expect that's the objection and say we have to get to know each other better. 2nd notable set that didn't blow me out. 5 mins towards station. Your bag is big. Chuckles, it's actually really light. I lift it up, oh yeah you're right, kino and laugh. She tries to push ahead of me, I tap her on the arm and keep stacking forward. Skydiving, because it's what I go to in panic mode. Oh cool, something something. She visited for a live show, she's from Osaka, that's great I love Osaka, best ramen in the world! Try to bounce her to coffee, she's got a meeting to make or something she says, making a writing motion. I say okay we should exchange lines and I'll show you the ramen when I get to Osaka, sure. Smile and wave a little better. Still need that solid eye contact even though I'm looking out for being run into by crowds of people lol. Things I did well: -I went out at least! Things I will do better: -Stop being a bitch -Like Taisho said, FIND PLACES GIRLS ARE WAITING FOR STUFF, I got so into trying to crack the hard sets at some point I forgot where to find the easier ones -Posture, logistics discovery, calibration Realizations: -God I actually suck at this!
  6. 14 DEC Wed night Roppongi @Taishohad a great recommendation to go to see the Christmas market and Illumination at Roppongi Hills. I met an Irish guy from my hostel there and left him and his friend at the bar for a bit while I scummed it up on the street. I guess I forgot that I used to get blown out all the time too, and it was just part of getting the good girls, somehow in my head it was not really a prerequisite just because the longer memorable sets I obviously didn't get blown out lol. I get blown out a few times walking around, one girl I follow to a crosswalk and squeeze in between her and someone right before the light changes to open kind of from the side, she squirms away then takes off as fast as she can. Now that I think about it I could have kept going. One question though, how do you manage girls in really crowded streets? Just try to stop them? And with the Kane "stop!"? Or by just stopping in front of them naturally? One girl on the street responds well and is listening but I try to push fast for the Line close because she's moving fast and keeps talking about going home. I guess the better answer here would have been to try and pump attraction hard not push for compliance. Oops. I need to go over more questions that are actually DHVs for me. 3 set walking near the pub the guys were in, I open with your shoes are big. They laugh, kind of glances sideways from two of them but one is hooked, should have worked the others while touching my target. Asked them if they were shopping, didn't go first and say I was with friends. Said let's go to the bar and drink with my friends. No they're going home. Tried to push it a little then ejected. 3 set in Christmas market, 19 and going to get drinks but misread, they were going to get Christmas drinks. They said no thanks to the bar invite and hurried off. 2 set in Rigoletto bc why not. They were sitting at the bar ordering food. I messed up and opened my target across the set and ended up next to the obstacle. Obstacle was super interested but I had to do a shuffle to kino my target, asked if they were twins and like pretended I was checking lol. Pretty stupid but they didn't look surprised, the target started to feel uncomfortable I think though bc the obstacle liked me maybe, or maybe I should have leaned back more. Probably about 6-9 minutes and their food comes, I tell my target we should go get ramen next week. No. Line exchange, no. It's fine! She's okay. Oh well, eject and walk out of the bar right into another single set. Girl sitting on the waiting bench at Rigoletto. I ask who we're waiting for while sitting down next to her. Her friend. Not a boy right? No, her female friend. Go run the sarge as usual for about 10 minutes until the waiter calls her reservation. I already have her Line but say we'll talk about when to meet over Line and do the thumb wrap high five lol. 2 set in Roppongi hills (now with my Irish friend), I open a 2 set of solid mask 8's and ask them to take our picture and offer to do the same for them. I should have opened them in English though to break them out of their normal interacting with a guy mode first though and DHV. They are really happy with the pictures and I ask if they speak English. No. Skydiving stuff. Target is cold. I say let's go inside. No they're going to see the illumination. Great let's go together! No no thank you. Well we were going anyway we just didn't know where it was! No they'll go alone. Welp. Last set in train, girl follows us off the first train to transfer and I open her by asking if she got her bag in America. Yes. Turns out to be super cute, like solid 7.5 for her face at least and super small. I switch to Japanese and we talk all the way through the turnstiles and on the train for 12 minutes. I introduce her to my "twin" Irish friend, but he doesn't bother us anyway lol. We whisper on the train about school and she wants to learn English. I tell her I'll teach her some. She seems super happy. I make the mistake of continuing to check the stations as we reach each one and I feel like I looked eager to leave, better to just miss my stop and stay with her lol, though at least I didn't look absentminded I guess. She lives in Chiba and has a final exam in Korean? soon. She comes to Tokyo a lot though so that's a good thing, unlike most out of town girls tonight she seemed to act like it wasn't a big deal. Smiled and waved goodbye after we got off the train, she waved super happily lol. What I did well: -Better posture and confidence/smooth speech every day I think -Started to act a little more cute because my hair is short now and I think I'm giving off a bit of the scary vibe, seemed to work well -Started realizing issues I'm having and started troubleshooting them What I will improve: -Start plowing harder with girls that are really good -I will seed more earlier!!! -I will continue getting better at using informal speech with girls -I will try and add more attraction even when it seems like there's plenty, because that's probably what gets girls texting back the most if I can't instadate
  7. 13 DEC tue Akihabara Went with one of the dudes from the hostel to go to a great roast beef bowl place. I explain to him on the walk over he's going to have to deal with me being a scumbag and I'm sorry, I won't disappear or if I do I'll text/call him on Line. Can I at least wait till we get to Akihabara? Sorry this girl is really cute, I say, walking to open the girl with purple highlights on the crosswalk that just turned green. Your shoes are really big. Ignored. In Japanese. She pulls out her earphones, laughs as I finish the joke. She going home? No, to work. Nice! You're a hostess. No, giggles, works at an izakaya. OH! I do an izakaya waiter line. Laughs. Skydiving. Something, she's in a rush to work. Okay you should give me your line. ACTUALLY SHE'S MARRIED. OK! 2nd set, open 2 girls far later in Akihabara. Obstacle is fat but I still consider trying to get my new friend to wing. Your bag is really big. Laughs, they figure out they're going the wrong way on google maps and turn around. I let them go. 3rd set, tall slim girl standing at crosswalk. Friend is talking about a Japanese band to me and I'm trying to size up the girl lol. He finishes and the crosswalk turns green and I tell him sorry brb. Your bag is really big. Confused look. Japanese. Smiles and laughs. She's headed to work? Home, her parents are waiting for her, okay gotcha! You like ramen? Not really. Okay, I found this great sushi place, we can go there next week. She doesn't know about next week. Okay tomorrow or Thursday. She wants to go home then lol. Okay well give me your line and we'll talk about it. Sure why not. Exchange Lines, tell her to send me a sticker and she sends her name. Quick attraction something. Skydiving. Next light I say I should go back and meet my friend who is waiting. Okay, grab her hand and say "thanks for meeting me" lmao. Things I did well: -Good delivery on openers -Better posture Things I will improve: -Streamline initial logistics and get critical information that will help with the sarge/ scheduling. -Just pump as much attraction as possible if I get an early Line close like set 3, and don't leave it until I have to!
  8. SUN 11 DEC Asakusa Move my shit to the hostel, go out for lunch/dinner and do my 3 approaches afterwards while it's still just light out. I pass about 3 sets I wanted to open then stop bitching out, first open was a bitch open with a "do you need directions?" because she looks lost. She hurries away lol. I probably (almost definitely) need to recalibrate myself for Japan. I'm probably talking too loudly some of the time at least. Second set is two girls hanging wishes or something under a box. I ask what it is, no reply. Ask again, they say it's something and I mishear it so we just laugh. I think it was something about them wishing for a better love life or something like that. Realize and ask if they're in high school. No. Oh okay cool what college? Middle school. OH, sorry have a nice day! They smile and say no it's okay! Lol, was out of there fast though lol. Third set is a 7+ gyaru and her friend, and I do the I like your shoes. Thank you! Want to trade? That's impossible! Lol. They ask if I'm Japanese, no, American, but you like Americans. Yes. High five. Set goes on for probably 6-9 minutes and qualify them on wanting to go skydiving. Talk about finding a good ramen shop and try to timebridge for one, but they're far away from Chiba. That's fine I come here a lot. She has no Line. It's okay. SHE HAS A BOYFRIEND. Fuck. Everyone's got a boyfriend right now. I made a joke about Ditto being lonely and a single tear rolling down my cheek and the obstacle said something like yeah it is lonely, but she was a bit too chubby for me to want to deal with her bad logistics lol! Could have been a great pivot though since I kept her well engaged most of the set. Back at the hostel I see a cute and tall-ish chinese girl. Figure she's the only one there so I follow her into the kitchen to talk to her, she takes really easily to all the attraction and jokes. Really wanted to bounce her to my little capsule bunk thing but she ate super slowly and I knew I was getting towards the time she would be a little too invested for the quick lay, to make matters worse the Kiwi dude who was making some monstrosity of a soup behind us and didn't respond much finally finished and wanted to chat me up. I did the minimum required pleasantries and even told the girl to wait in Japanese but she left the room. I go change and wait in the sitting room, she comes back in a bit and wants me to help with studying Japanese for her new job. She also seemed kind of interested in the fact I was staying at another hotel soon lol. But I digress, I should have tried to bounce her straight to my room again but didn't, and missed my chance at a discreet exit. Now in it for the longer game I talk to her largely in Japanese while we study her questions and response and try to drop hints about my discretion but also kinoing her a lot lol. She was very compliant to me touching her upper thigh and "accidentally" touching her chest, she even reverse kinoed me a bit. Then other people started to come into the room and when I talked to them she ejected pretty fast (like 2-3 minutes) even after I tried to bring her into the conversation. I had a short convo over Line with her trying to convince her to come to my room but to no avail. Will see what we get tomorrow. Things I did well: -Improvised some stuff and enjoyed making jokes without slowing down my set -At least had an idea of what I was trying to accomplish -Hooked a cute gyaru girl. Please bless me with more of this. Things I will improve: -Push for things I don't think I can get, especially in the SDL situation, because I can always backpedal and I don't know until I try. -Did some pretty solid attraction game on the chinese girl and MOSTLY avoided future projection -I will get better at reading girls and trying to think about things from their POV again Realizations: -Dusk street game in well lit places isn't SO bad -I don't TOTALLY suck at this -All the girls seem to have picked up a boyfriend right now -2 sets seem to be harder because their friend is their tie back to their social circle and can out them if they let me close them -Girls really let me sit there and talk to them for a long time and call them cute and touch them a lot even though they know they have boyfriends lol. Girls really do like validation.
  9. 10 DEC Shinjuku, night time I decided to try Shinjuku yesterday thinking it would be easier after I put myself through the gauntlet in Shibuya. I didn't open any girls on the train, even though there were 2 that I thought I'd like to, kept telling myself I would start when I get there. When in Shinjuku, started heading towards CoCoIchi, I told myself I'd open 3 sets before dinner, because it should only take me the walk there to do so, the first 2 didn't even have to be girls I wanted. I walked straight past CoCoIchi and straight for another 300m before kicking myself and forcing myself to open. Overall last night my average time between approaches was probably 10-15 minutes after being blown out, especially bad because I didn't open a lot of girls I wanted to. The first decent set I think I had to force myself to turn around and followed these two cute girls but by the time I was about to get in front of them they entered a live house, so I asked an at least a 6 girl standing outside by herself what it was. Who's playing? Some rapper. You look like a rapper. Giggles. She's waiting for her friend, a guy. Talk about her other music interests and she plays one of the guy's(the musician at the live house) songs for me. It's actually pretty unique but I forget to qualify her on it properly, I should have gone further and talked about my love of music and how I like sharing that with people that can appreciate it. Instead I changed the topic and went through my skydiving bit, basically my backup, which I should have done at some point to keep pushing attraction I guess, but I feel like I missed a good chance to qualify to get it in. I start trying to line close, attempting to time bridge for ramen or something, but she's not down. Does the "I don't have Line" thing lol, super common the last few days. I say it's fine just exchange it! Resistance. Drop the subject and kept doing attraction, tried to line close a few minutes later and still no. I've got her giggling and smiling a lot after a bit and she seems to be really happy but also always looking around (probably to see if her friend is coming) and probably should have been more careful with my kino and pulled it back a bit. Giggly and smiley the whole time but her friend comes, she walks straight to him and I say "Tooru we've been waiting for you!" and he laughs and shakes my hand and she's already all the way to the ticket guy lol. Tell them to enjoy and eject. There was a cutie hostess, probably at least a 7.5 and opened her (way later after many times getting blown out) with the classic RPQ "Your shoes are really big!" bit. She looked confused so I translated it and she giggled and said thank you lol. You shopping tonight? No. You're a hostess. Yes. Can't be helped, you're cute. Giggles. I manage to BT spike and do a bit of my skydiving scubadiving question stuff but she seems uninterested in them, I try to time bridge before she gets to work and line close but she gives the "I'm okay," "Oh do you have a boyfriend?" "No" "Perfect! Then give me your Line!" Still no lol, a bit more persistence but she gets to her workplace and I tell her to have fun. I end up walking all the way to Shin Okubo, open two girls walking on a crowded ass narrow street. Big shoes. One giggles, the other starts looking down trying to avoid eye contact, always a very funny method of trying to blow you out I think, or maybe they're embarrassed? Keep going with BT spikes and stuff but the crowd is making it tough, I continue to -politely- clear a path and talk to them, but they stop behind me and when I tell them to come talk they say no and duck inside a shop lol. Fuck, glad I tried though. Mixed 3 set in Shin Okubo. Open the guy who is wearing makeup, asking how he learned, the girls start getting all giggly lol. I start asking him about the girls and eventually he walks away and I can talk to just the 2 girls. One is quite good and the other is a Korean and a friend of a friend, they met today. The set goes for at least 10 minutes maybe 15, I do an okay amount of attraction but I feel like I'm struggling to say the right words and slowing down my game a lot. I say they probably have to leave soon and try to Line close/timebridge my target but she doesn't have Line either. Boyfriend? No, but a guy she likes and it's looking good. Well if it doesn't work out you can call me on Line! No lol. They ask how old I am at some point and reveal they're both 19, saying "meccha toshi ue," not sure what the connotation was as it wasn't super easy to tell. I give up and ask them what the good points of my nanpa were, since they asked me if I was doing nanpa earlier lol. My target says "shitsukoi ha yokunai" LOL. Thanks for the compliment. Blown out one last time on the way home by an older lady who sped up to jazzercise speeds as I told her she didn't have to run lol. I'm going to for my own sanity say that trying to do street game in the dark was a large contributing factor of my failure yesterday, because I've got to avoid tilt somehow lol, I spent most of the night getting blown out pretty hard. Probably would help to shave too. Things I did well: -I didn't let the answer rest at no -I hooked some 2 sets and even engaged both girls pretty well -I at least opened Things I will do better: -SEED FIRST, Don't just push for a timebridge if I can help it! -I will stop stretching out my words when I'm unsure, at least pause silently! -I will start doing approaches, even if on girls I don't want, as early as possible to avoid the bitch out spiral -I will do better at saying "Ok" and then disagreeing, and moving on to come back later for non compliance -I will engage both girls in multi sets better -I will use more canned things so I don't have to uhh over my words in the first few minutes
  10. Hi, Ditto here, with another update on how taking long breaks from game makes you suck lol. I'm going to challenge myself kind of like the animal to do at least 3 approaches a day if I have no day2's every day that I'm here in Japan until the week I leave, and unless I insta-date/bounce a long set. Please let that happen lol. 9 DEC, Shibuya Went out to Shibuya to do some street game for 4-5 hours while @Taisho had to go meet a work partner to discuss stuff. Opened probably 15-20 sets. Got blown out on almost all of them very quickly. Right off the bat getting out of the station I opened a cute girl who was at least a 7 (with her mask on) with an "I like your boots" and ended up having to tell her in Japanese instead which seems like is always a good DHV when it goes that way. Talked to her for about 5 minutes, did the you work at McDonald's cold read, she used to. Did my bit about skydiving, told her it's awesome she wants to go and that we should go together someday (should have said tomorrow, and should have qualified her more explicitly with the why is it good for me.) She's waiting for her friends, gets close to the wire and I tell her let's exchange Lines, she has a boyfriend lol. Shit. I said dang, came back a sentence or two later asking if she was gonna break up with him soon or anything. Giggles, no. Say that's really sad but good too lol. She goes to meet her friends after a message comes. I continue being a bitch even though I had an okay warm up set, at least 6 to 9 sets I wanted to open passed by me tonight and I either kept walking or hesitated so long I lost them (even pursued one and couldn't find her lol) I can't remember all of my openers but I need to work on better body language, volume control, plowing longer, and making better eye contact. I met a 2 set way in the back of Shibuya holding bags, they were actually pretty cute. Saw them looking at me, I think, from far away, turned down the other street, then went back and walked straight up to them and asked if they were twins. Giggles, the obstacle looks unamused. I ask them what they bought, they hold the bag up and explain in Japaneseglish, arts and crafts stuff to make their friend a present. They're both college students waiting to meet their friends to go into the store. Target keeps taking calls to try and help her friends find them (I should have qualified her on being a good friend, she was reasonably compliant) and the obstacle who was being pretty cold and not looking at me eventually starts smiling at me a lot and giving me the eyes and stuff as I talk to her lol. Set lasts about 10 minutes (it felt like at least) we talk about a lot of things and I make the decision I have to choose one to go for or it's gonna get awkward for them and rough for me. I choose to try and Line close the target after she takes a second phone call and says her friends are lost at the station. I line close and get a rough invite for going to lunch next week but notice she doesn't add me on line after scanning my QR code. Was kinda weird and idk why. I need to look more closely at their reactions to what I do to figure this out. She might add me later but I'm expecting the chances are low. Lots of getting blown out, at least I walked in front of them and did my openers walking from the front. Lots of girls' friends pull them away, lots try to not say anything and speed up. Some I speed up with them but a lot I just yell for them to not run away lol. Funny because sometimes it got giggles. Ask a foreigner dude what his shirt says in front of Family Mart, turns out he just wants to drink and talk to dudes all night and I'm sick of getting blown out so I humor him for about 15 minutes and probe about talking to girls, big no lol. I kind of come back to family mart when I'm bored and listen to them talk when I'm between approaches and I have a probably hour long spell of getting blown out super fast while doing this. One Taiwanese dude comes over and somehow we pretty quickly catch on and he wants to be my wingman lol! He was actually a super solid wingman for a rando, knew how to isolate reasonably well, knew the general rules. So we go around the rest of the night for like 2-3 hours talking and approaching 2 sets. Still getting blown out pretty hard at the beginning but it gets a little better. One set where my wingman disappeared before I could bring him in was a 2 set with a very cute target and very chubby obstacle lol. Do a lot of "does your friend" and got the obstacle actually engaged and smiling. They're college students, the target is pretty kino compliant though I'm just touching her arm and back through her giant jacket when I make jokes. I do the BS palm reading pretty early on, then throw her hand away and say "I can't say it," and they both just laugh and don't ask what, could have been a sign of lower compliance? They're both laughing and engaged all the way up to the Shibuya crossing, and I ask her if she likes ramen. No. Oh because it makes you feel slow, ok. Soba? No. Ok, well next week we should go eat sushi. She's okay. Lol, typing this I realize it was a little bit of a negative compliance ladder but I was running out of time. Super weird though that the set seemed to be going super well. I told her we should exchange lines at least because I need to go back and find my brother, but she doesn't want to. She doesn't have line (obvious lie but ok). I stop with them at the crossing while they're waiting and say "I don't do this very much so idk what to say lol, help me out" They laugh. I try to hard push the qualifications and likes through, skydiving, scuba diving, reading, anime, nothing. Probably sealed my fate but it was a weird change of pace. I guess normally I should have just said okay and stayed with the set. Wingman offers me a free pass to club TK but I decline as I have to catch last train, or else I'd have to wake up Taisho to let me into his apartment since he was a bro and let me crash on his couch when my hotel turned out to be fake lol. We go around and have some fun sets, one girl with her boyfriend and her brother, none of them tell us she's his boyfriend until after like 5 minutes lol. Line close the brother though with the promise of going to pick up girls together next week lmao. One 2 set of Korean girls in front of club TK, we're asking to get in line and ask them when it opens. End up continuing to talk to them. They're decent, the obstacle isn't as good though (and he's got her b/c he's the wingman lol.) Isolate a bit. Ask the club guy, it's 3500 yen and I leave in an hour. Ask the girls if they want to go to Karaoke off the cuff and they seem super down and excited, remember to ask my wing and he's like nah, so I suggest we go get drinks or walk around. My girl says no they'll go to the club lol. Ok, well Line. My girl doesn't have it, but other girl offers that she has instagram, so I tell her and my wingman that they should exchange instas. My girl initially thinks about giving me her kakaotalk but then says no lol, I kinda go ok sure and we eject. Last good set I was waiting at Family Mart for my wingman to go to the bathroom and two girls sitting across the street looked at me and giggled so I smiled and laughed lol. After I tell my wingman that and he goes "they're pretty cute, they're probably Korean." Ok. "I bet they speak English" "Only one way to find out!" I walk across the street pointing at my target, "you speak English!" She says "no no no" And we both go, "that's English!" Laughs all around and we almost immediately isolate haha. The girls are okay, they're older but definitely still bangable at least and I have no right to be picky yet. We talk to them till last train because their English is actually quite good, I do a lot of DHVs but also said if she comes to California we can go skydiving etc like I always do, but I'm thinking that was stupid if I was trying to SNL her. Set is going well, I'm kinoing her face and back and lower thigh and checking her stomach and stuff lol. Time bridge her for Sunday. Check my watch and it's like 8 minutes to last train and decide it's decision time. Say I have to make last train, OR we should all go to their hotel and get drinks. She says no and seems hesitant, her friend turns and asks her something or something like that and I exclaim, "she invited us to their hotel to get drinks!" My girl laughs and says she didn't say that lol. Wingman immediately starts talking about soju and goes to buy some in the family mart and we have to call him back lol. Try to have a serious discussion pushing to go to their place. My girl wants to meet Sunday. I say okay that's fine, Line close her and tell my wingman to keep trying because he's based in Shibuya and has to leave tomorrow morning (we told the girls that too to try and get them to hang out tonight.) Then I turn around and say bye while walking away, then run fast to the station barely making my train. Things I did well: -I kept pushing myself to open even if I did bitch out -I started to enjoy the suck again -I adjusted my plan as I made mistakes -I caught myself on a lot of stupid lines and comments and managed to salvage them lol -I forced myself to go out, one of the hardest parts Things I will improve: -Do my warmup sets sooner and stop worrying about finding the best girls early on -Improve my posture, not lean in, make better eye contact, and plow better -Get better at pumping out more attraction faster, in the form of DHVs and, personality? -Qualify better, explain why -Remember to use sign language when there's a language barrier -REMEMBER NAMES BETTER
  11. Not sure if there's many active guys here on the Forum these days but maybe I can kickstart some activity! Over 30 days I'm working on my solo game in Seoul. Right now I'm in a LTR but seriously miss the rush of opening, getting a girl's number etc (despite having high AA)! For me, overcoming something that makes you feel internally uncomfortable like AA or public speaking and then releasing that energy is an amazing feeling and something you can look back on your deathbed and be proud that you did it. I'm also rusty AF, slightly out of shape physically, and just not very socially calibrated after two years of COVID, building an online business by myself in mad professor mode, a long-term relationship, and losing way too much in crypto last month. Getting out there, hitting the streets, and talking to girls seems like the perfect fix for most of those problems I mention. DAY 1 Arrive in Seoul in the morning. Check into my hotel and go outside. Already nervous AF about opening! Already wondering if I can really start this challenge. But almost right away -- as I'm crossing the road -- I see a college girl limping on crutches and moving far too slow to cross before the lights change. As the only other person nearby, she looks desperately at me for help. I go over and help support her right arm as we cross the road. She explains in broken English that she's still not accustomed to using crutches yet. She's not particularly attractive and I'm still feeling nervous, so I didn't end up pushing the interaction. But I thought it was a good omen and helped release my nerves. Continue walking around Sinchon for 20 mins looking for an easy target to open. Eventually I pass a cute girl who makes slight eye contact with me. Maybe I saw this girl earlier too? I spin around, chase her down, and ask her slowly in English if I'd just seen her outside a noodle restaurant. She shook her head 😂 . I then asked if she spoke English, she said "Sorry" and then I ejected after saying a few words that didn't progress the interaction. Thoughts: While the overall interaction was piss poor, I did a little fist pump as soon as she was out of sight --I just knocked off the first day of my challenge! I'm pretty sure that's the first time I've attempted opening during the day in Korea! So it was a small win versus me and AA. DAY 2 Again I spend like 20 mins looking for a girl to approach, but this time at dinner time. Not a lot of foot traffic tonight. Eventually I see a college girl by herself and she's walking quickly in the direction of the university. I chase her up a hill towards Yonsei University after power-walking for well over 100 meters. At the traffic lights I turn to her and say in English, "Hey you walk really fast" and I did a little body language too with my arms. She took off her air pods so I had to do the whole opener again but she chuckled. I asked if she spoke English and she said "a little". We interact for about 30 seconds, establish she's a student and on her way to an evening lecture before she has to go catch her bus. I made no effort to number close her. Thoughts: Definitely got further in terms of conversation than the previous day. The opener seemed to work. However, instead of walking behind her for 100 meters, I should have jogged so I could get alongside her earlier and had more time to talk to her. I think I'm using the "Do you speak English" line as a crutch when I don't know what to say next, which doesn't actually get me anywhere. While I found out her logistics, I didn't really connect with her in any meaningful way to warrant the interaction going any further. DAY 3 Moved to Myeongdong as there's cheap accommodation here. On the way here, I freak out when I see another of my crypto investments get crushed! Fuck. Spend most of the day watching Seinfeld on Netflix as an escape but then remember at 9:30pm that I haven't done my approach homework. I really don't feel like it, but I get myself out of bed and dressed up. I putt around Myeongdong for 15 minutes but it's like moving around trying catch lightning in a bottle. There's barely any girls around (especially my default target of 1-sets). Eventually I see a girl in tight jeans with a great ass waiting for street food. I park myself next to her and ask if she's lining up. She responds in perfect English, so I'm surprised. However, she's not as hot from the front as I hoped. Turns out she's from Singapore and working remotely for a few weeks in Seoul. We chat for 5 minutes and then I walk towards her hotel before I initiate adding her Kakao. On the way back to my hotel I go to a convenience store and notice the girl working there is Chinese. I talk to her in Chinese and she's pretty excited to talk to me but she wasn't that hot, so I didn't ask for her contact details. Thoughts: Talking to the Singapore girl was easy and she introduced me to a website for booking long-term hotel stays in Korea which is better value for money than AirBNB. So I was super happy that I dragged my ass out of bed and bumped into her. Having said that, I could have pushed things further by first taking her to a convenience store and then asking to see her hotel, which she booked on this website she recommended. At the time, I didn't think of this at all. I only realized later that I could have at tried to take the interaction slightly further. DAY 3 In the morning I go back to the same convenience store as the night before. This time there's a different Chinese girl working there. She's cuter and again excited to speak Chinese with me. Before I leave, she says "So happy to meet you" at which point I stop in my tracks, turn around, and get her WeChat. She's very young, maybe 20. Her social media pics look super cute -- in real life she's cute but jaw-dropping hot. We chat on WeChat straight away while she's supposed to be working and organize a coffee date after her exams the following week. That afternoon I approach a fairly unattractive girl with a hat and a facemask covering most of her face. My opener was to ask for directions but she ignores me so I eject after two failed attempts. Thoughts: Nice to add the convenience store part to my game. My verbal delivery and frame with the unattractive girl on the street should have been more confident, I made it too easy for her to ignore me. DAY 4 Went out quite late this time (10pm) and really struggling for foot traffic around Myeongdong. Eventually find a bus stop with a bunch of girls waiting for their bus. It takes me several minutes to work up the courage to open a really cute college girl. I open by speaking in Korean and asking her if she feels cold and then gesture to give her my blazer. Her reaction to the opener is fine and she takes off her earphones and turns around to talk to me. Predictably, I ask if she speaks English? As soon as I say this, I know I'm not going anywhere. D'OH!! She says not really and then I disappear into the night! haha Thoughts: Definitely the hottest girl I've approached so far and the opener worked fine. But it's clear that I really don't have much to say to these girls beyond the situational opener. I'm failing to progress the dialogue and not mentioning my agenda at all. So I've got some work there to do. DAY 4 Dinner time I look for some targets around Myeongdong. Eventually see a Korean girl walking ultra slow so I quickly chase her down and make an effort this time to speak in (broken) Korean. I initially scare her a little but then her face looks happy to be talking to me. I make an observation that she is on her way to eat Chimaek with her friends but it must have come out as me saying I was going to meet my friends for chimaek. I then ask her in Korean if she speaks English and she says no and then I eject after wishing her a fun night. Thoughts: I enjoyed this opener. It was the first time a Korean girl looked genuinely pleased or intrigued that I opened her. Unfortunately I got super nervous speaking in Korean and gave up too early. She was walking super slow, so I had plenty of time and she seemed captive to what I had to say. But again, I lack much substance beyond the initial opener. DAY 5 In the afternoon I walk around Myeongdong and this time there's heaps of girls walking around (so daytime is definitely better than late at night). I see a cute girl with a blue face mask and straight away I know she's not a local based on her face mask. Koreans never wear the blue surgical mask. I chase her down over a block and then ask her if she's from China as we walk side by side. She takes her air pods off and again I have to repeat myself. She is surprised that I speak Chinese. She's a college student in Seoul and we chat for 5 minutes as we continue walking. Although we chat and I am leading the conversation, at no stage do I feel like I've completely hooked her. I get her WeChat but I don't really have a good pretext for getting her contact details. Anyway, we add each other. Later I notice that her WeChat profile picture is an average looking college guy (probably also from China) and her moments make it look pretty clear that she has a BF. I still message her but she says sorry, her BF thinks its not convenient to talk. Thoughts: Speaking in Chinese comes more natural to me than speaking English for some reason. But I need to improve the lead-up to getting a girl's contact details and even seed a reason to start a chat with her later, like mentioning an anime or a funny youtube video etc to which I can send a link for later. DAY 6 Relocate in the morning to Sinchon after feeling pretty disappointed with the quality and quantity of girls in Myeondong. During my first lunch here I go to a noodle bar and sit a few seats away from two college-age Korean girls. Super cute! I eat my noodles while trying to understand their conversation. Then they start talking about learning English and they say a few set phrases in English as one was explaining to the other the meaning. At this stage I want to jump in but there's another person sitting in between us. So I get up and get a second cup of water (even though I already have one full glass). The next time they use an English phrase I compliment them from behind about their English pronunciation being really good. Their reaction was a little bit surprised because I was standing behind them and my voice came out of nowhere. They shyly said thank you but based on the awkward start I excuse myself and return to my seat. In the afternoon I go to a coffee shop full of college girls studying. One girl sat next to me while I was there and it was obvious that she wanted to talk to me. We chatted and she gave me a bag of candy, random I know, lol. Her English wasn't that good but we chatted a little bit in Korean, Japanese, and English. But then she mentions she has a BF in the UK and he hasn't answered her message because he's asleep. That threw me off a bit about mentioning her BF. She was small and slim but not all that hot and there seemed something a little bit off about her so I didn't even ask for her Kakao. I'm not exactly sure what her intentions were, but hey, got some free candy!! Reflection: Today was good because I found a cafe and a noodle bar that will increase my surface area for bumping into girls without only having to prowl the streets looking for a target. My approach in the noodle bar was weak, though. I need to back myself more to get past the awkwardness and progress the interaction. DAY 7 Back at the noodle bar. This time there's a very attractive Asian girl sitting alone but she doesn't seem Korean. I sit two seats away from her and eventually I ask her if she's Chinese. She quite emphatically says OMG Yes! How did you know? in a Cali girl accent. She was born in China but grew up in America. We have a good chat but towards the end of the interaction she asks how I knew she was Chinese. My answer was "Oh well, Korean girls don't usually have lunch by themselves," which was my actual line of thinking. I have noticed this, especially among hot girls. Now, as you might imagine, this came across as a neg and she didn't particularly like it but we got past it and I changed the topic. A minute or two later she gets up to go to class. Before she goes, she asks me how long I'm in town for and then I ask to get her WeChat. She says she doesn't check WeChat regularly but she suggests Instagram. I ask her ID, but she then asks for my ID, and she then proceeds to follow me. Reflection: I liked this girl and I'm looking forward to lining up a coffee or something with her. The way she asked "How long are you in town for" was a nice transition in to next exchanging contact details -- as I honestly was struggling to manouver to that point. What she said was so simple but I'm so socially inept right now, it would never have occurred to me. So I will have to bookmark that line. Also, I don't know, maybe I should have mentioned grabbing a coffee someday or seeded a D2 before she left? DAY 8 The American Chinese girl from the day before unfollowed me before I got around to following her and sending her a message. Now have no way of contacting her! Fuck... I should have made an effort on the same day I met her. Also wondering if my Instagram is particularly bad or whether that accidental neg came back to hurt me. Will never know I guess! Frustrating but live and learn. If I see her at the noodle bar again, what angle should I take? Joke about her unfollowing me or just ignore that it ever happened? I didn't end up opening today. Partly cos I had other plans and time got away from me with other stuff. I broke my daily streak but I'm still happy with my progress so far. I'm getting past my AA which is good. But, I still have a long way to go in properly engaging Korean girls and my Korean speaking also needs a lot of work. I probably need to plan more past the opener in terms of what I want to say and I rely too much on asking the girl questions rather than monologing or at least making assumptions about her and what she's doing. I also realize that I need to up my daily approaches to about 5-10 rather than my customary one. Easier said than done. I think I still have a lot of AA to get past in order to hit that daily number. But I know it's what I need to do next. More reps is also more practice, which is what I need right now.
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