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  2. I read this book off the heels of reading The Game and I was somewhat disappointed. It seems that Neil Strauss tried to replicate the formula of writing about interesting outward experiences, intensely personal inward experiences, while sprinkling in dashes of truisms and poetic analogies. For The Game, this worked, because the subject matter was interesting and new in itself, but in The Truth, the subject matter is as old as time - how to conduct relationships. Still, I did get some value out of it and it was enjoyable at times. The book was basically a 2 year journey of the author, begi
  3. So I finally read The Game. It is an aged book in the community, so of course, the exposé has already taken place and a lot of this stuff is old news, so I'm not going to talk about what everybody knows, I'm just going to have my opinions on the subject matter. The first thing that struck me about The Game, is just how technical and close to NLP those old-school techniques were. I wonder sometimes if we have regressed back from some of those very advanced techniques that are essentially hypnosis and have gotten too lazy, just running the cube over and over. Reading The Game makes me want
  4. Yeah, that's one of the reasons why I left Korea for China. China seems to offer waaaay more opportunities for career and business than Korea
  5. Always remember that you might be wrong and focus on changing your behavior first to get different behavior from others.
  6. Yes.....any point that you wanna make that I should understand?
  7. Looking back, can you see what disaster you were and how delusional you were about it as well?
  8. Damn, I fucked up this relationship. Glad that I know better now!
  9. Time period: February & March 2020 Report: HB Aust Embassy - My first or second week in Moscow. I had set myself up on Tinder and had my location set to Moscow before I got to town. Really interesting girl, however not hot enough for me to go any further. Looking back I should have kept in touch as I really need to grow my social circle. Also interesting is that she works at the Australian embassy.... Hmm maybe to close to home. HB Sore Back - No Close - My second date in Moscow. Also from Tinder. This girl had been difficult to schedule, but i eventua
  10. What kind of advice are you looking for? Just on getting your motivation back?
  11. Been feeling very unmotivated with pick up recently. I want to get back out there and start approaching. This forum will keep me accountable. Appreciate any advice from you experienced guys! Thank you !
  12. Me too. I want to hear about Russian women.
  13. Awesome, looking forward to reading more of your adventures!
  14. Hello, just like the title say, I am looking for a wingman to pickup girl with in club or bar in Jakarta. If you are interested what'sapp me at +6287882797333
  15. Hello everyone, So things are quite busy and 2020 has been a bit of a strange year. 2019 I was getting back into game and then a whole bunch of things have happened. Firstly I was offered a transfer to Moscow. OMG Moscow, said yes in a heartbeat and closed out 2019 mobilizing to Moscow. I did make a few mistakes though. I ended up seeing HB Queen of Drama and was hooked once again, took her to Thailand and now somehow am back within her web. But hey here in Moscow and everything closed down I have been given a little bit of time to enjoy some of what Moscow has to offer. Speaking of whic
  16. Hello I am a 15 years veteran in the game, i have seen all his phases and i am decent at all the different styles( nlp, indirect, direct, natural etc). I used to give coaching in France, Switzerland then later Dubai. I now reside in China. I find that the more i teach the more i learn so i want to get back into it. Hit me up in private so we can set a consultation for FREE. have a good one!!
  17. Hi i reside not far from shanghai (Hangzhou). 15 years in the game. Decent skills. Hit me up in private.
  18. I'll let you know if I hear of anyone in Sapporo. Usually now would be a great time to be gaming there with the fireworks shows every weekend. Enjoy the not so cold weather while you can! The winter there is BRUTAL!
  19. Hello. I am an experienced daygamer in Sapporo. Looking for a wing. Anyone in Sapporo that wants to meet up to run some sets or talk about girls, let me know. Nash.
  20. Eriko Nakamura – Naaande ? Summary: Eriko Nakamura is a famous Japanese woman who married a French guy and moved to France. In this booklet, she outlines all the cultural differences that make Japanese people say "Nââââândé??!" in France. --------- Japanese people coming to Paris experience the Paris Syndrome and become crazy. It’s dirty and people are in a bad mood. When anything goes wrong, the Japanese will start blaming himself, while the Parisien will accuse the other one. Japanese people feel guilty and hat they did something wrong when the Parisian waitress ignores
  21. Hi, If you're looking for wingman in Shanghai, you can reach me. You can reach me by my WeChat account: ShangHaiKunLun
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