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    The picture with you blindfolded is weird. If you weren't blindfolded I think it would be good. Unless that girl is your sister, I'd take it out. The others are fine, but maybe the biggest problem is how you're talking to girls. Have you read the book, "The Game" by Niell Strauss? If not, you should immediately. https://g.co/kgs/FDe14f
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    Almost everyone struggles with the qualification questions about girls, it would be extremely valuable if you started and continuously built upon a Perfect Girl Desire Statement, you already did this partially during the bootcamp with the list of qualities you came up with. Yeah the leaning was a big issue, have you noticed this happening after the bootcamp? We all have particular body language ticks that are hard to get rid of and the leaning thing is one that is the most valuable to suppress or totally remove, i still do this weird thing where i cross my legs sometimes in sets, its pretty tough to control. You did do really well with how you applied yourself, especially without drinking, i've seen lots of people get really messed up by trying to game sober, so good job. Riding out and pushing through the awkwardness is always really important. It's important that you start mixing up your openers so you can develop the realizations that what you say isn't as important as the frame you put forth and push. Yeah it's always better to push sets beyond what you think is the limit, as that is where you get the most growth and get the results that surprise you. With strawberry fields - if you keep having issues with it, use your phone to record the audio of you saying it and post it, we can give it a listen and let you know if theres anything that can be modified to make it work better for u. You did things really well during this session. Generally after doing a bootcamp people find that their bottlenecks shift and instead of attraction or instant dates, they find LMR is where they get stuck (usually because they're meeting more girls and trying to close girls much quicker than before) however this is no different to any other section of game. There are particular patterns that will emerge as you encounter similar situations, based on your Game and how you do things, so please make sure to communicate with us regularly what issues you're encountering so we can give you as much assistance as possible in overcoming them. LMR usually happens similarly in girls with them saying and doing similar things, overcoming this usually just means tweaking parts of your interaction with women and having better tactics when responding to what they say. Good job mate. Keep up the good work!
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