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  1. Epic Summit!!! Epic weekend!!!


    Thank you again RedpoleQ, Kane, Sage & BlueM for speaking as well as organising the event. If there are any others I may have missed I also want to thank you too.


    This was the first pick up summit I have ever attended, it was conveniently timed too as I had been in a rut, game wise, and this was a timely boost. For me I could probably describe the summit in a few words networking, motivating, gaming and technique.


    Mister Right already has posted a great review about the summit, what I am going to do is describe how the summit helped me in the above four categories.



    Since being in game for one year, I have moved from Beijing to Taipei and have been fortunate to meet the communities in both cities. I was aware that many members of the entourage group are spread all over Asia, and this was a great way to finally meet the extended group. I always redpoleq talking about certain guys and now I can finally put a face to a name. In addition to that it also allowed me to see how the others game and was good in terms of getting a different perspective on things.



    I thought all speakers throughout the summit did a fantastic job and you could tell they were subject matter experts in what they were presenting. The talk that had the most profound impact on me (but not necessarily what I learnt the most from) was probably the first five to ten minutes of sasha's talk on Saturday. It was a timely reminder and also a kick in the bum of how we as Men should be behaving. He was making the point that if you don't have the balls to go up and talk to a lady and show sexual intent, you should have your balls cut off because you are not a man. I totally agree with this point of view, I must admit the lack of results over the past few months had me a little annoyed/jaded about the game.



    There is no better excuse to game when your with 30 other like minded guys who want the same thing as you. I love gaming with new groups and new people, not only can you learn new things, but its just cool gaming with new wings. You can take the piss out of each other, do silly things, it was just a shame the number of sets on the Friday were not at the usual levels, it was back to norm on Saturday.



    What I liked about the summit was the topics that they chose to present. I was a little afraid it could be stuff I have seen before on the internet, but no it wasn't. The organisers did a great job of deliberately selecting topics that was fresh and new, Social Circle Game, Facial Expressions, Goal setting and Art of Seduction and how it applies to Asia are just some examples. I learnt a lot from the talks and will be applying what I learnt over the weekend to not only my game but also to my lifestyle.


    Leagues out!

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