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Welcome to the Entourage Field Reports section.


Please label the title of your reports with "FR" to designate it as a Field Report.


What is a Field Report?


In case you're new to this, a "Field Report" is a written report of your experiences interacting with one or more women. It can range from your experiences opening to individual dates or full-blown relationships.


The purpose of a field report is primarily to receive feedback on your interactions and things you can change or adjust to improve them. They also serve as a flagpole and self-analysis tool. When you write down your experiences, you often realize things that you hadn't thought about or considered had they just stayed in your head. They also serve as a flagpole of your progress. As you progress, you can come back to your previous field reports to see how much you've grown and improved (or what things still need work).


Regardless of how you use them, field reports are an invaluable resource for this community as we seek to better ourselves and those we choose to engage with.


It is a way for us to ease struggles, share pain, and exult in success together. Looking forward to all the great experiences to read here!


How do I write a Field Report?


There is no correct way to write a field report, but there are some good techniques that are helpful to the reader.


Always try to include as much relevant information as possible. Stuff like where you met the girl, any history or information we may need to know to give good advice, how long you've known each other, how many dates you've been on or if this is the first, what you did exactly and your interpretation of how she reacted to different things, etc. The more specific you are in your field report, the higher quality the responses and advice you receive will be.


In general, try to follow a chronological timeline. If you do jump forward or backwards to mention things, try to be as explicit about it as possible. The last thing you want is to confuse your reader.


If you're seeking advice (and it's ideal if you always try to have something you're improving on) ask specific questions about what you want to know. Some people ask these within the report as they encounter a unique situation, and others save questions for the end. Either way is fine.


The Entourage Field Reports


We here on the Entourage are always trying to improve ourselves, so we recommend you include 2 things in your field reports that will really up your game.


1. Five things I did well - This can be anything, like wearing the cologne she likes or making an impromptu joke that she really enjoyed that you were able to go back to repeatedly in the date. This serves the dual purpose of underlining stuff you want to try to do again (both with this girl and any others you date with), and also realizing how well you did things.


Often-times Field Reports won't always progress as we'd like, but it's important to understand the things we did well, even in the worst situations. This is helpful for keeping up your motivation and understanding that even when we do everything right, things may not turn out so well.


2. Five things I will improve - There's a number of reasons we phrase this section in this way. Like in the previous paragraph, we want to keep up our motivation and a helpful way to do that is to avoid negative language or things that generally lower our state. However, we still want to improve and better ourselves so we list five things we will improve. But sometimes dates go exactly as planned and were everything we could have hoped for.


Even in dates that went ideal and had all the best outcomes, there's often things that could have made them even better upon reflection. Maybe you could have bounced home much earlier in the date, or cut out a conversation thread that led nowhere, or used a certain joke more often.


Whatever the case, it's a very good habit to always try and find Five things you did well in the interaction, and Five things you could have done that would've made it better.



Keep in mind that all of these are more of suggestions rather than guidelines. How you choose to write your reports is completely up to you, we would just encourage you to sit down and write them! A few minutes of effort will pay dividends in experience and quality down the line.


Good luck out there! 8)

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