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WWW: Why Some Dreams Should Not Be Pursued


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A really interesting article that stresses a point that I think many (especially in our community) often overlook. There are some dreams that simply aren't worth pursuing.


We've become a society that believes you can accomplish anything with hard work and determination. That if you fail at some particular goal it's because of some lack of confidence or perseverance instead of the simplest answer: That you simply didn't want it.


We often imagine the goal and how nice it would be to be a huge rock star with a million screaming fans, or a self-made millionaire sipping martinis by the beach, or some Master PUA with dozen smoking hot girlfriends he can call at a whim for mind blowing sex. But the reality is that these dreams are far more satisfying to a majority of us as just dreams and when we imagine the reality (or even better experience it) of the kind of work and effort that is necessary to reach these dreams, we simply don't want it.


The article makes a very valuable point; If you can't fall in love with the process of pursuing the dream, it's probably not one you can reach, or even want to.

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