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SEM: 2019 All Asia Pickup Summit *-*

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Hi all, this’s my first summit and first time in Korean. The experience is amazing. All the staffs and alumni are very friend and informed. I totally feel like I am with the best hand now
Friday: I had my first day game in Korean and it’s very tough especially because of the language and my inadequate experience. I can IG close a few sets though but nothing more than that. On the evening, I went to summit. Be honest I feel a bit nervous and have no idea what would happen. Nonetheless, everybody in summit is very relax and kind. This day was totally introduction day. I have a chance to have conversation with several alumnus who you suddenly knew that they’re real deal. The staffs gave use some warm-up session to dust off and more basic information about Korean. Later that night we all went to Itaewon and the result was very amazing. I was able to have a nice conversation with the set. It’s much better than my day game. I think the warm-up session and Korean tips were helping a lot

Saturday: First, we had mastermind section. This section helps me to clarify my goal and stick to it. I was surprised because I think I already had very clear goal but there are a lot of rooms to improve. The guest speaker showed me how he clarifies his goal and physically puts it into the sheet and use that sheet to motivate himself every day. For me I think this is a fantastic method because you will be able to verify what you are don’t every day and make sure is it actually leads to your goal. Second, we had story telling section with SAGE our sorcerer. The section was loaded with tons of very useful information. Some are basic thing that I always overlook, some are very sophisticated. These 10 topics from SAGE are totally magic. It like you can melt down a set just by those words. Next, we had routine stack section. I believed most of us already have routine stack in their depot. Nonetheless, this section had refreshed your stack. Not only an information from the instructor but also lot of new ideas from every alumnus who attend this summit. It’s very rarely to find a situation that the resources are abundant like this. I got numerous lines, tricks and words to add into my routine stack depot. Later that night, we want to the grill in Gangnam Strip. It was very fun night. We all hang out together and wing together. We also learn techniques from each other and cheer each other up. I kakao closed several sets. One set had very positive response and I were also very into her but because I must fly back in the next afternoon, I weren’t able to close the set. However, I will never even have a chance if I didn’t go to the summit.

Sunday: I must get back to work on Monday morning so I can only attend one section which is Open business section. I don’t know that should I give the instructor name here so I will go with Mr. John Wick. Mr. Wick is very informed, intelligent, smart and charming. He totally changes my life by giving me an idea of living. Not just how much you make is important. There are also other aspects that’s important for you. And he presented the way that he did to accomplish every aspects of his life and be able to have lifestyle exactly as he wanted. I am so passionate about it and rearrange my life because of his talk. 

In summary, this summit is totally worth for me. There are a lot of life changing idea and networking with lot of incredible guys. If you ask me will I go to summit next year, the answer is TOTALLY YES

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