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  1. Glad to have you as my brother in bootcamp.
  2. I'll try to keep this as short as I can and hit all the highs and lows. Straight up, I didn't want to take a bootcamp with Pickup Asia. I had heard mixed reviews, I was studying game on my own, and I felt that I had this pretty much down. This was about a year and a half ago, up until I bumped into RedPoleQ in Korea. After that, I had to see what this was all about. Fast forward to the end of October. I'm fresh out of college, three months into working in Japan, and I had not had a single kiss close. I had little motivation to meet women, and the only times I went out where to (half-assedly) wing or attend the Osaka Masterminds meetings. The Monday before last, the man now known as Axions tells everyone he's taking the Pickup Asia bootcamp and by Wednesday, I'm signed up too. I had no idea how much this was going to change my perspective on everything. Day 1 - Night Game - Halloween Party At Candy Abbreviated Version: 180 opened more sets than he had ever done in his life. Axeion and I meet eat a Mexican joint at Hep 5. We're both nervous and ranting about how "we're pretty good with game anyways" just to keep our egos afloat, although we know that this weekend is going to be one of the hardest weekends of our lives. RedPoleQ arrives with AVVesome and Mr.Right, two of my good friends, all smiles and ready to teach us the ways of pickup-artistry. Kid 44 and Pantera show up, and so does Deppth, making our table a head turner. RedPoleQ tells his story. Kid44 tells his. Axeion and I share bits of our lives all the while, I felt nothing but anxiety of what was to come. 30 pages of notes later, we're off to Candy to open, kino, qualify, and stack stack stack. The second we set foot in the club, we're in sets. Axeion and I are switching between opening and winging and things are going like clockwork. The first set hooks well, and the second set runs for about 5 minutes. Nothing fizzles out like I had expected, and girls are keen to talk to us. Even so, my conversation was repeated stopped, my arm was placed many a hip, and I had my whole body readjusted almost non-stop for the first hour. After that, there was very little fear. RedPoleQ: "Open that set." 180: "My turn." By the third hour in, we were stacking almost every girl to the fullest extent of our knowledge and having them give us compliance nearly the whole time. There was only two sets that gave any trouble. One, which one girl didn't like me (RedPoleQ told me to tell her that I liked her friend), and another when I walked out of the set to early. Otherwise, I simply talked to more gorgeous girls (many of whom were Nurses or dressed like ones ) than I had in my whole life. One girl was so beyond my comfort zone that, even though I opened her and her friend twice (and the set hooked twice), I forgot what to say / who I was. On the way out, I was just giving people high fives, and even when people didn't give me one back, I didn't care. I felt bulletproof. Day 2 - Day Game - The Limit Long Story Short: 180 found his limiting beliefs and, unwillingly, pushed through them. After crashing, Axeion and I met up with RedPoleQ, AVVesome, Focus, and Deppth at the AmeMura McDonalds. We talked time bridging, the difference between night and day game, and other stuff. At that time, I was fully aware that I was uncomfortable talking to women during the day, but I had no idea how bad things were going to get for me. My first set was by Namba Steps and did not have anyone I was particularly interested in. I kept pulling in and out of the set, much to Axeion's and RedPole's disapproval. I fixed myself the next couple sets, hooking virtually every set I opened, but felt "awkward" and "wrong" as I was doing it. I realized that I had really negative frames about talking to women during the day, such as to "not bother people when they're busy," "don't be a dick foreigner" nor "disturb the public peace." I was consistently proving these frames wrong, until I finally snapped at RedPoleQ. RedPoleQ: "Get back in that set! It's not over!" 180: "What the fuck man. I don't even wanna fucking talk to those girls." RedPoleQ: "That's the point! What's going to happen when you do want to talk to a girl and you don't know what to do?" I felt awful. Not a single set had blown out, I had gotten phone numbers, and here I was chewing out my instructor because I felt bad. I was shutting down right in front of everyone, and even after all that, everyone still supported me. Even though we only sarged for another 20 minutes or so, it felt like a lifetime. I had hit my wall and just wanted to go home and sleep. "Fuck this." I thought, "I never needed this in the first place." Of course, after I pulled a girl to Starbucks before the night game info session, I knew that everything was working (more about that here.) Day 2 - Night Game - The Breakdown In a Nutshell: 180 breaks down outside the club and sits in a bathroom for hours on end. Things then change for the best. I felt bizzare. One the hand, I had talked to some of the most beautiful women I had ever seen in my life, shown them my true personality, and set up dates with them, and one the other, my old self my trying to get me to go back home and casterbatemyself to sleep. Regardless, I was there and decided to go through with Halloween without a costume. We get in line, and I'm bragging about HBDouble like it's never happened before on a bootcamp. RedPoleQ is pleased, but knows that I need to talk to more cuties, so he pushes me the set in front of me. RedPoleQ: "Open these two girls." 180: "I can't open sets in line, man." RedPoleQ: "Just do it!" I tap them on the shoulders and half assedly ask for Takoyaki. It's my first read fizzle set, and my state drops. RedPoleQ: "Go back in there!" 180: "I can't open sets in line, man. I can't!" RedPoleQ: "Talk to them!" 180: "Nah man...I'm going to get an energy drink." I walk off, nearly crying, thinking about what the fuck am I doing with my life. Is all this stress really worth it? I asked myself, Should I just quit now and save the money to study Japanese?. I was literally thinking about running away then and there. But I remembered that RedPoleQ explained the meaning of "bootcamp" to Axeion and I earlier. I went back to the massive line in front of the club, and apologized to RedPoleQ again. He didn't seem bothered in the slightest, and got me into a few more sets. I fumbled on them, simply not approaching the last one, and asked him if I could leave. RedPoleQ: "Sure man. If you wanna leave, feel free." 180: "Uh...alright." It was weird to hear that. I talked to AVVesome and Mr.Right and they made sure I went into the club. By the time I was in the elevator. I felt sick to my stomach. For the next couple of hours, Axeion, RedPoleQ, AVVesome, Da Vinci, and Deppth opened sets while I just moped. I had a headache, my stomach hurt, I was dizzy. Looking at girls just made me feel like I was doing to pass out. I couldn't think of anything by the aches. I couldn't even find the girls hot at the club or even conceive of having fun. It was like I was in 7th grade all over again, but this time I had deodorant on. I talked to people, got some water, and chilled out. I still wanted to leave, but part of me wanted to stay and finish the job. Mr.Right and Kid44 cheered me on as I passed them, and AVVesome caught me by the exit. We chatted about why I was doing this and that, and in spite of my utter yuckiness, we were opened by two sets, one a mixed couple who wanted to speak English, and then a group of drunk J-girls who kept on grabbing at us. Deppth saved the day with his Paladin abilities, giving us all plus one to open, and I started to think that this could be fun. I walked back into the heart of the club. There, I met Da Vinci, who gave me even more motivation. Although I usually don't take advice from men who are dressed as goats, after he ignored a chode who wanted to get in a fight with him and then simply sat on some girl's lap in front of my eyes, I was amped enough to get back into it. I didn't end up opening any more sets, but I didn't feel like I was going to pass out from stress anymore. All of a sudden, winging was fun and girls were cute again. Of course, it was 4 am at this point, and everyone was leaving (lol), so I rocked the wings on the streets. The second set we bump into hooks and we bounce them to Dig Me Out. I got my second number that night from a super keen virgin, who told me to "Kino her" as per RedPoleQ's command. Things were changing. Day Game 2 - Umeda Starbucks Best of it all: 180 has his big shift and pulls a high schoolgirl. I don't sleep more than a few hours. In that sparse time, I had a dream about picking up girls and being successful again and again. When I woke up, the feeling stuck with me and rung true throughout the day. I make my way up to Umeda Starbucks to meet RedPoleQ, Axeion, Deppth, Focus, and AVVesome. After the info session, I'm still feeling good, but don't push myself to open any sets. Axeion takes the bull by the horns, opens an two set, and we bounce to Purikura. It goes smoother than the first day, and I'm actually enjoying talking to girls again. It might be the coffee or the Purikura, but I'm having fun again. We come back, and Deppth takes me for a grand tour of Hep-5. He tells me about his frames with women (gold) and lets me wing. I all of a sudden he how easy it can be to game girls and I have my big shift. Coming back to Starbucks, I made eye contact with a super cuties sitting by herself. Just as Deppth is saying "Approach her!" I'm already there with my hand out asking if she can speak English. We talk, in spite of the faces of jealousy the salaryman makes at me, and she's just 17, in high school, and wants to be a doctor. She never traveled, but all of a sudden wants to go to America. We move tables, I run my newly adjusted hero story, and all of a sudden we're at Purikura together. Although it's hard to tell from my expression, I think this girl is really hot. I forget to timebridge, escalated sloppily, and didn't get her number, but I'm happy with the result regardless. Afterwards, I have a total shift in my thinking. Not only am I in Purikura abundance mentality, but I just want to talk to cuties to see if they're fun. I like seeing sets fizzle, because it's funny, and I love getting to know hot girls. All said and done, Kid44 and RedPoleQ decidedly give me the name 180 because of this change in my thinking. I'm not longer mopey nor afraid to talk in public, but excited and read to find the diamond in in each sexy woman I come across.
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