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  1. Eriko Nakamura – Naaande ? Summary: Eriko Nakamura is a famous Japanese woman who married a French guy and moved to France. In this booklet, she outlines all the cultural differences that make Japanese people say "Nââââândé??!" in France. --------- Japanese people coming to Paris experience the Paris Syndrome and become crazy. It’s dirty and people are in a bad mood. When anything goes wrong, the Japanese will start blaming himself, while the Parisien will accuse the other one. Japanese people feel guilty and hat they did something wrong when the Parisian waitress ignores
  2. Yes, all 3 of them are not very specific and repeat each other a LOT. 80% of the text in each of these books could have been cut or summarized. Don't expect to get any specific advice though. Kiyosaki shows you a mindset more than a how-to recipe. I have also uploaded notes for Rich Dad Poor Dad btw. And I write my notes in such a way that you do not need to read the book.
  3. Cash Flow Quadrant, Robert Kiyosaki Lots of people are stuck in job they don’t like because they have mortgages to pay and kids going to college. They have lives they don’t like. CASHFLOW game teaches you to get out of the rat race. Many of us, especially A students, don’t act because of analysis paralysis. Our education punishes students for making mistakes – A students were the ones who made the fewest mistakes. But in the real world, people who take action are the ones who make the most mistakes and learn from them. Edison said “I did not make 1,014 mistakes. I found out what
  4. Robert Kiyosaki – Guide to Investing Phase 1: Are you mentally prepared to be an investor? 1. What should I invest in? What is a good piece of advice for the average investor? à Don’t be average. 10% of the people own 90% of the stock. Never invest as an individual. Invest as a business. Most people buy, hold and pray.But a true investor makes money regardless of the market going up or down. Investing is not risky. Being out of control is risky. There are 4 types of people: ESBI. Employee -> self-employed -> Business owner -> investor Laws
  5. #Lean Startup ##The Lean Startup Method 1. Entrepreneurs are everywhere: startups, small companies, big companies 2. Entrepreneurship is management 3. valudated learning - frequentky learn through experiments 4. Build-Measure-learn - turn ideas into products, measure how customers respond, and learn to pivot or persevere 5. Innovation accounting: you need to focus on the boring stuff: measure proregress, set up milestones, prioritize work. ##Why do startups fails? They do not know who they customer really is and what their product should really be. ##How this book i
  6. These mp3s had been sitting on my computer since 2004 ! Finally listened to all of them tonight David De Angelo seems to take 40 minutes before sticking his schmutz into a woman. I think he's a bit overselling his ideas lol. The cocky and funny attitude seems to be not very appropriate for Asia too. But overall good summary of lots of things we already knew. Interesting that he never mentions comfort, vulnerability, hero story, multiple bounces, etc. But this stuff was written nearly 20 years ago for women in the early 2000s. Funny how he even mentioned AOL ---
  7. The 4-Hour Workweek, Tim Ferris Can these principles work in an economic depression? Yes. Lots of companies were launched during crises: Facebook, Linkedin, Apple, Fedex, Microsoft. Instead of saving good times for when you retire. The goal is to give mini-retirements now, cut your working hours in half and double your vacation time. An expert Is someone who has made all the mistakes that can be done in a narrow field (Niels Bohr) Make sure you have a market before you have a product. I sent one startup CEO 32 consecutive e-mails, he final
  8. Larry King - How to Talk to Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere The first time I had to speak in the microphone at the radio, nothing came out of my mouth. Three times. The manager kicked the door open and yelled “This is a communication business!”. I said “Good morning, this is my first day every on radio. I have always wanted to be on air. I have been practicing all weekend. Fifteen minutes ago, they gave me a new name. I had a theme song ready to play. But my mouth is dry, I am nervous. And the general manager just kicked the door open and said This is a communications business”
  9. Sandra Wilson – Released from Shame Rules in Unhealthy Families Be Blind To your own perception of reality Even children old enough to care for themselves fear the painful emotional abandonment they experience when they fail to live by their family rules, including “be blind”. So, children learn to surrender their own perceptions. Parental distortion of reality is actually a form of intellectual child abuse. As adults, these intellectually abused children might seek endless vali
  10. Mark Manson - The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck Chapter 1: Don’t Try The key to a good life is not giving a fuck about more, it is to give a fuck about less, about only what is true and immediate and important. Consumer culture has bred lots of negative experiences: anxiety, fear, guilt, making us overly stressed, neurotic and self-loathing. Our crisis is no longer material, it is spiritual. We have lots of stuff and so many opportunities that we don’t know what to give a fuck about anymore. The desire for a positive experie
  11. A guy had seen many tough managers whose organization seem to when will the people working there lost. I heard the pride and their voices and their interest in results. The young man also met many nice managers whose people seem to win while their organizations lost. I heard the pride in their voices in their interest in people. The most effective managers manage themselves and the people they work with so that both the people and the organization profit from their presence. Since speed is a currency of success now, leading with collaboration i
  12. If you have not acquired more than a bare existence in the years since we were youths, it is because you either have failed to learn the laws that govern building of wealth, or else you do not observe them. Fickle Fate is a vicious goddess who brings no permanent good to anyone. On the contrary, she brings ruin to almost every man upon whom she showers unearned gold. She makes them wanton spenders <ho dissipate their wealth while others hoard it, not possessing the ability to replace it. The 7 rules: 1. Pay yourself first - a part of everything you earn is yours to keep 10% o
  13. Rich Dad, Poor Dad Employees lose, investors and owners win. It’s the difference between controlling your destiny or entrusting someone else with it. Educated dad says to work for a corporation. Rich dad says to own the corporation Poor dad says money is the root of all evil. Rich dad says the lack of money is the root of all evil. Poor dad said I can’t afford it. Rich Dad said How can I afford it? Poor Dad thought the riches should pay more taxes to take care of the less fortunate. Rich Dad said the taxes punish those who produce and rewa
  14. Hi guys, many of you know I've been on a studying streak recently. I am currently listening to Jim Rohn - this guy is damn good. Here he is speaking about having a journal and reflecting. I am still trying to understand if if these things are 2 separate things or the same one for him. Does anyone of you hold a journal? Do you write in it every day? Any thoughts on that excerpt ?
  15. I am writing this FR really late, as my BC with Kane in Shanghai took place more than 3 weeks ago. This being said, I have decided to use it as a work base for my future interactions by summarizing the main points covered in a ready-to-use format. Anyway my BC with Kane was great and itw as an eye-opener to many way sin which i addressed the world of pickup and dating. The format of the BC was pretty heavy, with 2 days and 2 nights out and it did yield some interesting results and realizations. I probably approached more girls in a weekend that I had in the last 5 years and I gained a lot
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