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  1. 1. tell her approximately where it is and how long it's going to take to get there, also if shes changed her nail color or hair or something, point it out. --------------- It's around two to five minutes walking same from the second venue and the third. 2. do you know this venue? you should be seeding either the next date or the reason for bouncing home ---------------- Yes Approx how long are you gonna stay here? --------------- One hour or one drink What are you going to do to DHV? ---------------- I'm gonna tell a story of taking a girl home when we saw on
  2. Idea for a date plan with Americanish Chinese girl Quick list 1. Pick her up from close by station and walk to the venue *seed 2. A beer or two at artsy venue *Seed* a. Demonstrate attraction, kino and qualify 3. Bounce to a music venue, (maybe close dance or silly dance with her) *seed a. Demonstrate attraction, kino and qualify 4. Bounce to a rooftop for a cool view of the city *seed* a. Comfort 5. Bounce to mine seeding ________________ 6. Bang Alright, because I’m quite out of pract
  3. I agree with all of these. I knew it was a bad idea but I just wanted to see her so thinking with my dick backfired. Positives: - Day 4: I suppose when we do finally shag it's gonna be awesome and she'll become a regular quite quickly - I made some friends at the place plus I had quite a high value for being the first to ask a question and for showing up with a hot babe - I stayed clam even when she talked to her friends - I did a little kino - I gave her compliments on her outift and her friends Negative -TEd talks are shit / boring dates
  4. Bootcamp Babe D4 I’m coming back from a D4 with a girl that I like call Bootcamp Babe I didn’t get laid. Why? Because I had a minimalistic plan in my head! I have been cruising very arrogantly in my pickup journey, not really pushing myself to approach and not actually getting much success outside off a few tinder/online and one party hook-up which had turned into a semi-fuck-buddy relationship. Pre-date The last time we met, we went to her rooftop and we made out a bit. I realize now, this might have been detrimental to my progress. The Date I message her t
  5. Bootcamp field report So lucky me, but I wake up for the bootcamp with a fever. Luckily, my work lets me off two hours early so I can relax. I met Kane in a Turkish restaurant and we talk and get to know each other an hour before we get into to talking pickup theory. Keep in mind, I’m taking quite a few antibiotics and my body is sweating like crazy from the high fever and general being awake. We do around 4 hours of theory over Turkish food. I’m taking notes best I can without falling asleep. Seriously, my body is telling me to go home but I am not about to waste this opportunity to lea
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