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  1. 1. tell her approximately where it is and how long it's going to take to get there, also if shes changed her nail color or hair or something, point it out. --------------- It's around two to five minutes walking same from the second venue and the third. 2. do you know this venue? you should be seeding either the next date or the reason for bouncing home ---------------- Yes Approx how long are you gonna stay here? --------------- One hour or one drink What are you going to do to DHV? ---------------- I'm gonna tell a story of taking a girl home when we saw one of our drunk mates and I decided to take him home and then next day he couldn't remember what happened. ---------------- Show her pictures of my holiday in Cambodia and my holiday in Thailand 3. How long you gonna stay at the music venue? --------------- 30 minutes to an hour 4. What are you going to do to create comfort? --------------- Hero story or showing pictures of how much I love my family. 5. You should be seeding the home bounce much earlier and throughout the date. What number date is this? ----------------- Day 2 (I've met her before but never been on a date with her before) You need to have more specific stuff you're gonna do at each section to address each section. ----------------- Gotcha, I'll add more stuff for the next time. I.e for comfort I would tell my dog story, as i know how it affects girls by using it 39487398457x, qualification - I would be improving it based off what I like, it's also good to use a qualification routine though. What are her logistics? i.e where does she live, how long does she have with you for the date today? ------------------ She lives nearby and I don't know. I'm not really sure how t ask that without coming across as needy.
  2. Idea for a date plan with Americanish Chinese girl Quick list 1. Pick her up from close by station and walk to the venue *seed 2. A beer or two at artsy venue *Seed* a. Demonstrate attraction, kino and qualify 3. Bounce to a music venue, (maybe close dance or silly dance with her) *seed a. Demonstrate attraction, kino and qualify 4. Bounce to a rooftop for a cool view of the city *seed* a. Comfort 5. Bounce to mine seeding ________________ 6. Bang Alright, because I’m quite out of practice I’m gonna go through each part step by step for myself and for you guys to offer tips and tricks. - I’ve decided to listen to her answers a little more because this will give me a better idea of how to pull her instead of just spewing verbal game bullshit. 1. Pick her up from close by station and walk to the venue *seed - I pick her up from the venue and compliment her on a specific bit about her outfit (something along the lines oh “Damn, I knew your outfit was gonna be cool but not this cool”) the inflection of my voice will by downward. I’ll ask her if she knows about the place and ask her not to be weirded out and embarrass me. At these points, when I BT spike her, I’m gonna do little kino to start with probably on her forearm and “forearm flexer”. The venue is about 5 minutes walk so I can ask some qualifying questions on the way plus it’s secluded, hip and plays good music. I can qualify on all of those things. 2. A beer or two at artsy venue *Seed* - I like toffee apple beer, so I’ll get that. I can also qualify her on her tastes and to see if she is passionate about anything. The venue is quite sensual/hip/cool/sexy so we can talk about some stuff they have around her. There is a cool vinyl selection at the back that I’ll look through with her if she likes music. - I’ll have to quite a bit of qualifying with this girl because she is hot and bored. I’m gonna qualify her on if she likes to read, does she play videogames, does she workout, does like music, does she cook (I’m gonna learn), where has she travelled, does she meditate (I have a cool rooftop I’m gonna visit and relax) o Demonstrate attraction, kino and qualify 3. Bounce to a music venue, (maybe close dance or silly dance with her) *seed - More cool points for me haha, kind of kidding but I used to play at this next venue so I should get service right away. Plus the place I like to sit is secluded and off to the side for even more kino o Demonstrate attraction, kino and qualify 4. Bounce to a rooftop for a cool view of the city *seed* - I like to do this place because I have acess to it and it’s like a pre-pull thing. I like to make-out on the roof to confirm if it’s going down or not. If I nail it, great, if not then I just remain non-reactive and brush it off. All good, I’m still having fun and we can try this later. Comfort 5. Bounce to mine seeding ________________ - Here’s the bit I’m having trouble with what do I bounce home with (guitar? Cool paintings? More alcohol? (probably not) my psp (nah)? 6. Bang Please help, tell me the good, the bad and the ugly.
  3. I agree with all of these. I knew it was a bad idea but I just wanted to see her so thinking with my dick backfired. Positives: - Day 4: I suppose when we do finally shag it's gonna be awesome and she'll become a regular quite quickly - I made some friends at the place plus I had quite a high value for being the first to ask a question and for showing up with a hot babe - I stayed clam even when she talked to her friends - I did a little kino - I gave her compliments on her outift and her friends Negative -TEd talks are shit / boring dates both for pulling and for myself lol -there was no push/pull. no qualifications as you guys like to say -No enough space for Kino -no plan for heels - I reacted emotionally to her saying no. We shall see how much that effect our "thing" Things I'll do next time -I'll use more words to trigger reactions out of her specifically: orgasm, freedom, understand. With this I'm gonna get more emotions out of her (BT spikes) -I'll kino a lot more - I'll SEED THE FUCKING PULL FFS
  4. Bootcamp Babe D4 I’m coming back from a D4 with a girl that I like call Bootcamp Babe I didn’t get laid. Why? Because I had a minimalistic plan in my head! I have been cruising very arrogantly in my pickup journey, not really pushing myself to approach and not actually getting much success outside off a few tinder/online and one party hook-up which had turned into a semi-fuck-buddy relationship. Pre-date The last time we met, we went to her rooftop and we made out a bit. I realize now, this might have been detrimental to my progress. The Date I message her to met on a Tuesday. She suggests going to a thing called the Idea exchange which is sort of like an amateur ted talk. I kind of like these events and they are good to mingle at and I thought my interaction with the girl was going well so I agree. The day-of I made no plan to get her home or things I would do on the event and I realize now how detrimental this was to the whole process. I think the reason I haven’t made a plan in a while is because last year I was having mighty fine success just cruising through the same date. I got bored with this plan and decided to see one girl more than most but this didn’t help my position of improving. Anyway, so we met at ametro station near the event and we go to the event. We talk a little bit before the event about how things and what it’s going to be like and I compliment her outfit because she looks great. She is wearing heels, which is relevant later on. We sit down and the conversation kind of dies down and we make a bit of small talk. The talk starts, we don’t talk because there is a speaker talking. After the event, we get up and talk to some other people. She meets a few of her friends that are there. I chat to some of my mates. We chat with her friends as we are leaving. We make a reason to go home and she tells me that her feet hurt. I should have turned that into something funny but I offer a solution of going to her to get changed. We get in the taxi and I say I like her friends because they challenge themselves. She gets out near her place and she says goodbye. This comes as a surprise to me and I ask her if she’s coming back. She says have a goodnight and I get out to try and convince her to come back. She says no and she goes off while I get in the taxi with my dick between her legs. I’m furious at myself which is why I writing this now. I text her saying “that was a surprise but it was nice to see you”. She responds with “what? Why?” I say that I thought we were getting a drink (*I seeded this in text earlier…). She says “I thought I told my feet hurt. I wanna go home” I respond to that with “I got that bit” I continue with It’s no problem, next time we can spend more time together next time” I send her a message 4 minutes later saying “ don’t worry, I thought we made plan to go to the bar but I didn’t communicate it well enough” . I’m furious at myself with the last message because that was the fucking emotional response to her not omcing with me which probably killed loads of brownie points I had… Fucking hell, I need to go back to the drawing board and figure it out.
  5. Bootcamp field report So lucky me, but I wake up for the bootcamp with a fever. Luckily, my work lets me off two hours early so I can relax. I met Kane in a Turkish restaurant and we talk and get to know each other an hour before we get into to talking pickup theory. Keep in mind, I’m taking quite a few antibiotics and my body is sweating like crazy from the high fever and general being awake. We do around 4 hours of theory over Turkish food. I’m taking notes best I can without falling asleep. Seriously, my body is telling me to go home but I am not about to waste this opportunity to learn from the best. We finish up eating and we go to to Revolution, a local shots bar and I’m literally shitting myself. I don’t want to approach anyone and thank my lucky stars when Kane agrees that this venue isn’t right for what we want to do. We then head to party pier, Suns (one of the most popular nightclub in GZ). Again, I’m shitting myself with the approach, I don’t really want to do it and I think my excuse is pretty legit in that I feel like I’m dying. The first approach happens kind of by proxy. The girls come to us and start asking where the party is. I notice that Kane can ‘turn it on’ instantly. He went from looking around trying to find ways to motivate me and girls to approach to chatting these ladies up. I’m really in my head for this set (and quite literally for the rest of night). I try to chat to this lady. She’s wearing something that is showing off her mighty fine cleavage and I get to caught up trying to get a reaction from her with my BT spikes. She actually gets a bit offended and when I calibrate and being a bit more honest she kind of calls me out on it. The set is dying quickly and Kane bust a Marvin Gaye ‘Sexual healing’ joke which causes the girls too leave. That was easier than I thought and I could care less what the girls think of me. The rest of the sets of the night go one of a couple of ways, either the girls hangs around for two seconds before ignoring me or they ignore me from the get go. My head isn’t in a great place at the moment and I really want to go home and seep and get better and start day game. Two sets go well. One set is a girl sitting down and I just chat and vibe with her going through the stack. I don’t really want to chat to her too long, so I get her number after to making very rough plans and leave the set. The next set that goes okay is a drunk pair of Pakistani girls. They’re sitting and I grab one of there shoes and run off with it. They think that’s funny and we are off to an okay start. I’m vibing quite well with this lady and her drunk/sad friend seems to not mind me either. However, I tell them I have to go because I want to sleep off my fever. I bounce form the set and tell Kane I need to sleep. He lets me off and we go home so I can rest. Next day, we met in elemental fresh to go over some more theory. I’m starting to get to know Kane a little more and I’m relating more to him and feeling more comfortable with him. We start approaches and I’m impressed by how little you have to do to hook a girl. The first set we do is in front of this basketball thing and I start to chatting to this girl. I finally understand what first minute resistance is when you start talking to a girl. It will happen every single time you talk to a girl. In the beginning this girl was kind of nervous and kind of shy. I actually left the set once to go back to Kane because I thought it was over and he told me to go back into set and get her number because she was hooked. That’s when something clicked in my head. I was infront of all these people talking to this Chinese girl and she was giving me her number. I thought that was absolutely amazing. I couldn’t believe it because I thought she was really pretty and I didn’t think she was my type. She is a dancer as well. The next set of approaches while they weren’t all as smooth as you might have hoped for, I managed to figure out when to approach them (what angle and the timing) and my resistance started going away quicker and quicker. I relaxed around these ladies and I just kind of found out whether I would like them or not. Sometimes the set would last five minutes or less. Sometimes we would talk for (maximum) 15 minutes. I met some girls that I thought were really cute and a few of them were cool aswell. So, I learnt a lot about approaching that day. Dealing with approach anxiety and how to overcome it, also running structured game might be the best way to get the approach part down on Chinese girls. Night game, day 2 We met outside a 24/7 supermarket and chat some more game before heading to Catwalk a really big nightclub. It’s not really my kind of nightclub, too big and too many tables and a little unkind to foreigners. We start a conversation with a middle-aged money who I managed to get really far down the set with. I even sexualize the conversation a little and she is enjoying me but it seems she has a man here already. We kind of just use them to get into the club because we lose them instantly. I open the manager of the bar. We start a wechat conversation which is kind of fun. She has to go because she is busy. I open another set by the bar and I get my first legitimate rejection. These girls don’t want to talk and they just straight up don’t want to talk to me. Kane explains that if a girl isn’t even willing to talk how the hell are the two of you going to get along. I completely agree. These aren’t the kind of girls I want in my life. I actually open them outside later and they talk this time but they are still boring as fuck wanting to go home. It’s kind of good to know that I won’t get along with all girls, especially ones that are going to outright reject you from the get go. Back to the camp, me and Kane are approaching chicks near the bathroom because we can’t hear fuck all in the dance area. I open this one chick who doesn’t speak a word of English but she seems to be into my vibe. We hit it off knowing little words of the others language until a drunk Chinese dudes interrupts the set and imposes himself on the girl. He doesn’t hit her but he grabs her and shakes her. I don’t want anything to do with that, so I bail on the situation and start to chatting to other girls. I open this other girl and the girl who got a little roughed up sees me. I ask Kane about this and he says not to worry it’s a nightclub and everyone will forget tomorrow. He opens this tall blondish model looking chick. Very good looking and in clear abundance of everything she ever wants. He shows me later that this girl literally has everything she wants handed to hear on silver platter via a guy. Good to see evidence of this world existing because to me that it is completely alien. We get tired of the club and I want to eat an apple so we hang out in the club’s lobby. I chat to this one girl who seems cute but she speaks so little English that the convo is completely by wechat. I’m still kind of surprised by how much the girls try to talk to you when you start a conversation (as long as you maintain a positive vibe and act non-creepy and non-needy). I’m still with a high-fever so I don’t immediately react to everything Kane suggest me to do. Also, girls in clubs will ‘reject’ you or leave a whole lot quicker because of all the stuff that is going on around them. We do a couple more approach. I got a few number from a few cute girls. The best sets were the first set because of how far I got into the stack I got and the one that got interrupted by the drunk idiot. Last day of the bootcamp I met Kane and we go over the last parts of the stack, the hero story and the idea of the instant date. Sounds like good stuff to me. I get quite lucky today and the very first set I open runs almost perfectly, I run through the stack as smooth as a hot knife through butter, not really gtting stuck anywhere and keep talking when it dies down. She seems into me, the only problem is when I suggest we go on an instant-date she calls my bluff on the opener as in you knew where starbucks was all along right? I kind of laugh it off but I think that might have caused irreparable damage to the set, I should have apologised and told I thought she was cute but I drew a blank at point. I know the set was done because I went through the entire stack (with the exception of sexualisation) and after I told the hero story and asked for her number she told me she would give it to me after my concert on Saturday (which was funny because it got cancelled). The rest of the sets seem to go smoother today and I’m much faster to jump into action, especially after Kane asks me the question ‘would you bang her?’ ‘Yes’ ‘Well…?’ Say no more, I chat with one other girl for thirty minutes, one with lots of make –up something I don’t usually go for because of this image in my head that we won’t get along but I definitely find these kind of women very attractive. On the last day I’m learning tons of useful information, staying in set is important and just going through the set will do wonders for you. The idea of wings and using them properly can make or break a set because if I bring in a wing and I can’t isolate my girl properly then she will get ADHD and get distracted by my wing because of something new (girls lol). Let Chinese girls (and I suppose Asian girls) save face, let them feel comfortable with their English because a lot of them are super embarrassed to be talking to a foreigner. Another idea was try with all girls you would want to bang because you never know if it possible. On that day, I met a girl who was leaving to Hubei in 2 hours, a girl who lives in Shanghai and had come for the day and chicks that live in Donnguan. So yeah, the logistics aren’t ideal on those sets but hey do it for the reference experience and figure out what it is you want in a woman. We’re joined mid-bootcamp by one Kane’s student (whose name shall remain conceal because I can’t remember his forum name right now), he’s drove all the way from Donnguan to hang out. I mean, if that doesn’t confirm that Kane is legit I don’t know what will. I get a whole bunch of numbers and I manage to find out if these girls that I met are actually cool girls that I would want to met again. Overall, the best day of the bootcamp might be the first night when I felt like I was dying the whole night. I didn’t think I had it in me to approach all these girls much less feeling like shit. It was quite eye-opening to find out that some girls will give you the time of day just if you rock up and others won’t and that it probably has nothing to do with you. I knew the theory behind all of this but getting the experience on this is invaluable 5 Realizations throughout Bootcamp -I am very worthy of talking to girls that I think are very attractive - I can get along with ladies that I original thought were not my type -I should open any girl I want to bang because you never know what the circumstance is -The bar for a good interaction is a lot lower thank I think -rejection literally last about 5 seconds and is a lot harder than you think -Once I start gaining a bit of momentum, opening becomes really easy 5 things to work on after bootcamp -being physical with the girl. I am allowed to that as long as I calibrate and see if she is comfortable -being sexual with ladies, this makes a massive difference in your results (talk about sex) -I need to get rid of my fear of opening by consistently opening girls -I need to get rid of the notion that 7/8/9 and 10s are these big scary monsters that should be treated as if they were that -reject is the least important thing in the world. It is more important to try than to do nothing
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