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  1. June 2017 Will be the time when i decided finally to work on my dating life and sex life, after being virtually lonely during all my twenties. Since i just turned 30, (the month before the bootcamp) , i figured it was the time to work on it to make my thirties great. I met Kane vast in Shanghai during a self branding networking event, and he was a coach in seduction. That was my first time to see a pick up artist, only knowing about them through reading. He told me about hte seduction community in Asi and i got interested right away. Many months after, we met in Beijing, and he explained how they work with students during seminars and bootcamps, so i decided to go through an approach bootcamp since i was total beginner. It took many months to get the finances right, but it was reaaly worth the effort. The third day bootcamp made me realise so many things i was not completly aware of, or things i created in my head as false beliefs. -First of all, seduction and pick up follows a specific structure that can be memorised and learned. It makes things a lot easier when you have the whole vision of the interaction all the way from beginning to end.From a guy who likes to plan ahead, it is useful. -I found myself opening girls or groups of girls, even girls with actual boyfriends right and left without feeling that ''approach anxiety'' thing that people talk about. Kane would say '' go approach that girl and say...'' and i will just do it. Being analitical, that was really surprising since i tend to think a lot naturally.One of the highlights was doing it on the stree, with moving girls. I realised it was to approach and talk to women in any situation , as long as you do it the right way. No need to feel bad about it.By the third day, approaches became more natural , and i could even make jokes and make them laugh. -I was able to deal with moement of pure akwardness pretty easily. Like when the girl is not engaged, turns aay, or even runs away as i make my move. (which was slightly funny at the time). I engaged three girls in Migas with the Happy Birthday opener, with one of them being a psycho (dealing with personal issues on the phone) , completly unreponsive,and his friends telling me constantly to go away...i lived through it and went on with my night without feeling bad about it.Even approaching them while some were watching me doing it did not really occur to me until Kane mentioned it -I did things hat i was really proud of, like being able to open effectively, using my knowledge as a dancer to connect physically with the girl, create open-ended openers by paying attention to my environment,using a wingman effectively, and follow through the system well enough to get a wechat. ( guys dont laugh, never happened to me before) -There are TONS OF BEAUTIFUL GIRS Out there, not only asian, but women in general. And it feels amazing to know that i have that many options. Although i had many realisations during that weekend, the bootcamp also uncovered many weaknesses. -Usually , Kane and i would go to bars and clubs, classic pick up locations, high energy places with lots of people and lots of noise. As a introverted and silent guy, i was always ''in survival mode'' in those places. I caanot communicate well, people are always in groups that you have to enter and engage all at once, as opposed to my favorite style which one-on-one conversation. And i dont want to have to approach just to get wechat at all costs if i know i will do nothing with them. Find it hard to create some level of connection and intimacy in those places. -Closing the girl physically was bit tricky most of the time. Not too many responded well with a simple handsake, and the lack of emotional engament made it hard it hard to cros physically. On the dance floor its easier, but in summer they were so packed sometimes you have to go through first the whole group before getting to work on it, which made itdifficlut to initiate. By far my most difficulty point to do. -Following the system was trouble sometimes. I had constant problems going away from the opener and start with the other materials in a smooth way. I did not know HOW LONG AND WHEN I should make the transitions fro the different phases. Typically i would wait for a specific reaction from the girl , and since it was not very clear, i will stay on the same opening line. The trouble was to say things according to the context.Also, some routines designed to turn the interaction sexual did not fit me since i am virgin. I would have needed to lie if using them. Overall, i accomplished most of the things i wanted to do, according to the questions Kane asked me. Proving to myself what is possible, , opening myself to new possibilities and oportunities, new realities of dating and dicovering what the truth was. My goal now would be to spend one year-one year and half working strictly on having strong fundamentals. Acquiring the right knowledges and beliefs with practice and ajustement to become the kind of man women truly crave (women in general, not only asian ones) BEFORE starting to have consistant results. Getting laid like a rockstar, even losing my virginity will come in time. I have so much to learn that i truly don't want to rush things. I would rather learn it to point that by the age of 40, i am having all the love and great sex i deserve for the rest of my life. I have so much to tell, but this will be a good introduction. Thanks to kane for introducing me to this community that came into my life at the right time. And thanks to any help in advance, from coaches and students. JediMaster
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