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  1. Set: 2 filipina, both living in Japan, 28 years old. My girl named Rose, her friend, Mary. both speak english fluently, my wing only English, very little japanese Time: 11:30pm Location: one of the HUB bars near west exit in Ikebukuro After being blown out by a Japanese 2 set comprising fat 2s, my wing and I immediately opened a 2 set sitting in a corner. I don’t remember much as i was a little tipsy but we isolated pretty quickly after the guessing game of where I am from ended in both of them saying i’m Indian. I was talking to the hotter one as my wing owed me one from a previous night when we pulled a J-girl from the same HUB. I told her that she looks smart but i’m not sure, but then she denied it so then I asked why said that and that she should tell me exactly why she is stupid. I told her about what I was up to that day and asked her where she lives and what she is up to tomorrow. She said she lives near by with her friend who was in the set. Told her a little bit about what I like to do in terms of fitness and she liked my body. We talked about how I heard that filipina girls make good wives and asked her what she would do to me if I became her husband. I told her that it was a great idea and made her massage me in the HUB. I figured that being too stern with this girl wouldn’t work too much. she was being sweet to me so need to too stern or NEG her. We were in the set for a while but then I started getting itchy feet; she asked for my line after taking a picture together I then suggested that we all grab drinks outside because the weather was good. She agreed and I relayed that message to my wing; talk of karaoke came up. Once we were finally out, we went to the nearest convenience store and got a strong zero tall-boy which we shared. We keep walking and I put my girl’s arm in mine and told her that it’s not a good image for a girl to be walking at night with a guy without holding his hand. (I shouldn’t explain anymore) and the girls are asking kept asking where we are going and mentioned karaoke. We just kept walking and keeping her mind engaged. I can’t remember what exacctly I kept asking or talking about but it was important enough to keep her mind engaged. We were getting closer to his apartment, then we talked about just singing in my wing’s apartment. We finally got inside, and put some music on and danced a little. We did bohemian rhapsody karaoke together in the living room. We then tried to isolate as my wing took his girl to his bedroom while I stayed with mine. I also took her out to the balcony and tried to kiss close but he gave LMR. I did seed some activities we could do together such as hiking or taking her for food. Some of the LMR excuses: in filipino culture, sex is a big deal and can’t have it wit ha guy she just met, have to wake up early tomorrow for work, her friend is here, she is shy, wants to see me again and thinks ill forget about her the next day. Fast forward, my wing fell asleep as I was lying down with my girl, holding her tight and kissing her. As they were leaving, another wing came up to the house and he pulled them both back in to play some card games. They ended up staying a whole another 30min at least. He was doing some Kino and the other girl was ok with it while my girl kept on policing my new wing. They both eventually left. All in all, a good set because the girl is still messaging me and wants to see me again. things I did well: 1) getting logistics early on in the set 2) didn’t give validation 3) DHVed through body language, tone of voice, and talking about my life in a natural but non show off way things that could have done better: 1) better isolation as in physically leaving the apartment after we pulled 2) better group management by making sure the girls don’t get out of hand 3) breaking rapport and taking a shower
  2. Age: 20 Occupation: uni student studying design body: 6 face: 5 I was on the yamanote heading towards Shinji line, it was about 10:30pm, and it was crowded. i had just finished doing street in Shibs; almost pulled a girl into love hotel. Was so tired and just wanted to go home. I saw a girl with purplish hair with some white stuff around her mouth and so i motioned at her so she cleaned it and for almost a second i cut the interaction. I had my phone so i used note to type a few lines in japanese in real time to show it to her such as “your hair is purple! You look interesting because it’s not regular” everything i typed, she replied by voice. Then after a few, i started talking. Then i transitioned into exchanging a little bit of of info about what i did that day. I asked her stop and then told her my station; turns out i lived on the way to her station. We transferred together . I asked her about the book in her hand and she told me that it’s 1984 then made some cold reads about her and wanting freedom. I cant remember details. At this point i reassured her that i am enjoying my time with her. I found out her logistics for tomorrow and the week and she told me clearly. She had work later tomorrow and didnt have to wake up early. I suggested we get one drink and she agreed but I didn’t tell her where will be getting off although I did tell her very early on in the conversation the station near where i live. Crucial part: i myself didnt even realize, but my station came and i hurriedly got out with her. Bounced her to family mart and I chose a strong a CHU-HAI 9% for her, my favorite one: ザ strong dry. Delicious. I paid for those although she insisted that she wants to so I rewarded her for that behaviour by saying that she has good manners as i was paying. We get out, crack open the drinks and start my 1.2km walk home. I asked her if she likes it and she said she loves it and i also told her that my friend(thanks Mike ❤ )brought high mountain oolong tea, but i didnt mention it’s at my house nor that we are going there. I asked her some questions about her career, and she asked about my japanese experience. I told her about graduating and wanting to live abroad, a hero story where i overcame a few things in my life. I asked her about regrets and told her that i regret not taking more chances and living freely. By that time, we got to my family mart. We got snacks, the clerk recognized me. Then just went to my house. She came in np. Got settled in, i started making tea and showed her more alcohol that i had. Then i took her to my room where we listened to music and talked. I made her stand up and dance a little then put her hands around me and kissed. I knew she was shy about taking her clothes off so I turned off the lights and turned on my lamp. I made sure to just make out first and also break some tension by sitting her down, making her get on the bed, and kissing her all over; not so eager for sex and getting her warmed up. got her panties off and Fingered her. she moaned really well; my housemate hates me haha. I asked her if she would like to take a shower(it’s hot as fuck) but she said it’s ok so then I made her blow me and came inside her mouth. SHe didn’t swallow, spat it out. then i insisted that we take a shower. So we did but it was a vanilla shower, not much sexual stuff. We finished in about 10min then headed back to the room. She was very submissive and obedient and did what i wanted her to without question. she was worried that she would have to leave after banging so I let her know that she can spend the night but I have to wake up early in the morning to see a friend but she is free to sleep in and leave whenever she wants. we went to bed and tried to sleep but I initiated another session and this time she wanted to get on top and ride. Things I could have done better: 1) future projection for things we can do together and specific locations 2) qualification as in why I like specifically her and why I value her 3) found out more about her dating past 4) make her go directly to my room she didn’t have to interact with anyone in the house things that went well: 1) smooth leading and strong frame throughout 2) found out logistics early on in the interaction 3) rewarded good behaviour 4) let her know that I’d like to see her again without any bf frames
  3. Thank you for this! Ill try these apps as well!
  4. First off, thank you Kane for your feedback on the FR. K: What do you mean substance and realness? M: I mean instead of just information exchange and BT spiking her, it felt like she was expecting me to be a little bit more personal with her but not exactly telling her stories if things i did. My substance i mean sharing more on the why I do certain things. So what do you think you have improved on in terms of day game since the bootcamp? M: I have definitely improved the aspects of my personality that tries to make every interaction super comfortable but treading water. Also watching my body language that includes my facial expressions because I react quickly and give a lot of investment early on; smiling too much or keeping the energy is up like night game at a bar. I have not eliminates these things nor is there any particular reason to; just realize and minimize. So...what did you learn from the 2nd night of night game? M: Nothing new in terms of things I didn’t know but more like a realization of how much more of those things I need. For example my body language my facial expressions have to be much larger and when I do the opening I have to hold heartedly commit to it. I noticed that even even if my body language was good my face was incongruent with hesitation; girls noticed in a split second. Have you been using your story often since the bootcamp? M: I haven’t used it that much, however if I do have a girl on a date or an extended interaction then I do speak of it when they ask me what I was doing before I came to Japan. Again i’m a little confused why us giving you feedback makes you unhappy? M: it doesn’t, I wasn’t writing to complain or speak ill of you guys. I was merely pointing out that I didn’t realize all of you would be so direct but then I remembered that it is a Boot Camp hahaha. Did vies has to be direct without sugarcoating and it has to be given quickly. Our talking was interrupting you some how? You mean the girls were watching us? M: yes! Hahaha two sets who were just looking at us and namely me and giggling. And then another 2 set that came. One girl whom i call over. The part that I realize was I didn’t even say a word to those girls but I communicated something, and whatever that was in attracted them or at least peaked their curiosity.
  5. BC FR First off, a bug thank you to all of the instructors, Kane, Mr. Right, McConnell for supporting RPQ. Without your energy and help winging it could not have happened. I was finishing up work sending off the last emails and making the last calls of the evening... a rush of excitement taking me over, I could hardly contain myself. I got changed and headed out. Arriving at roppongi I knew that this was the weekend that would change me forever. Got into TGI fridays and went upstairs to see everyone seated. Was nice to see Kane but he was still in pain. (did I just rhyme?) RPQ went into detail about his humble beginnings but his whole point was to give us a background to pickup, how changing small habits can make big impact and how asian girls think and to not make the mistake of treating them like western girls for the most part. It was eye opening. After running through the progression of opening and attraction, and explaining the concept of Kino, he told us two things: no alcohol and no line closing or full closing tonight. He wanted us to focus on opening and seeing if we can “hook” a set. Day 1: night game(club setting) I hated and loved clubs, I was used to just dancing and avoiding the fact that i would have to actually approach girls. As we entered, I was a little frozen from paralysis, OMG, we gotta approach girls! It’s BC! But i remembered what i had to do, and what to say. I actually liked the girls in this club in terms of their style, body, face, etc. Mcconnell: “hey, your first set, wait for boomHS to call you in”. It was a korean 2-set and both were young. I entered and kept talking. I tried to kino by touchig her leg, no reaction as in she didnt push my hand away. That meant “compliance”. I got bored and ejected the set by telling her that ill be moving around and ill see her later(using western game tactics because i didnt want to seem like a beta cuck) but as soon as i left martin yelled in my face “what are you doing? Who told you to eject the set?? You cant leave until the opening guy leaves. The wing leaves only then” So i went back in and stayed till my wing ejected. After that, moved around and opened a few more girls, one of them a 2 j-girl set at the bar counter. I opened from the middle, and kept them both engaged and had a BC veteran observer wing me then isolate by moving to the side then talking the position facing the rest of the bar. I quickly kinoed and had my arm around her waist.. and couldn’t believe it. I was full on touching the girl. She was smiling. Her friend eventually broke away from my wing and came to get her and just like that she was gone... I was quickly learning the harsh reality of club game: you gotta move quick, and keep them entertained and push it further by “moving them around the club” otherwise it will fizzle out and someone/something else will ruin the set, and you’ll be left with your dick in your hand. We went downstairs and i opened a tiny little korean looking girl who turned out to be japanese but really into korean k pop culture. I kinoed hard and moved her around. I didnt where to go from there but probably could have bounced her out. Her friend came but lo and behild, McConnell again came to my rescue by taking away thr grenade. The girl’s vagina was now rubbing on my leg cuz it was between her. I left the set eventually to rescue Mcconnell. Then at the end of the night was the set I was most proud of the whole weekend: two tall models, turns out they were halfu: brazilian and japanese. I opened and my instructor, the pimpin McConnell McHandsome followed suit. I called him in but not smoothly. This set was super tough because she was a 10, and she was tall, and she could speak Japanese, english, Portuguese: she knew what she brought to the table. I didn’t expect the set to be easy, so I wanted to make the interaction fun and not ask too many questions. But i still ended up asking a few interview questions. I did some cold reads as BT spikes which got her laughing. She was impressed that I’m speaking Japanese, or trying to anyways. I told her im nervous so she appreciated the honesty. Looking back at it, she probably wanted a little more substance and realness from me. I left the set cuz it was time to go. For the debriefing we went to a chinese place; forgot the name. What was it guys??? Some of the things i did well: approach the sets I was asked to, used the openers with enthusiasm. Some of the things i didnt do well: not enough Kino, keeping the conversation too light and friendly, not qualifying deeper. Day 2: day game (street-ish). Next day we metup in roppongi at an Ootoya, then we talked about cutting deeper and opening girls during day game. We talked about qualifying as in building comfort now during our set since it was day game and that was important to establish. Our aim was to open girls at roppongi hills and get some info on them as in what they do. We opened a few sets outside the building then inside. It was cold. I remember only 1 set hooking; 1 girl by herself but she was tall and quite glamorously dressed. I remember now that she was from nagoya. She actually hooked but i didnt know how to progress the interaction. She eventually got bored and saw that im taking it nowhere and so left. I was quite happy with that one. Day 2: day game (indoors) After that we all headed to a starbucks/Tsutaya(japanese bookstore/movie rental) ; It was massive. I didnt really approach much because of the spotlight affect: all the hot girls weremt looking at books, they were sitting down and having a coffee. one girl i approached was from osaka but didnt really hook although she wasnt leaving. Turns out she was visiting and waiting for her friend. She didnt give much info at all and rejected my questions about her name and any many other things. She didnt even face me to answer my questions. I told her im going to osaka next month but she didnt seem to care. Anyways, i stayed in that set long. After that i walked around aimlessly looking for my next prey; most of the girls i wanted to open were sitting down and having a coffee. I was only approaching standing sets. Martin was getting something and so i went to see him. He told me to approach some girl reading a book on elon musk. So i approached her and there was an older indian gentleman watching us. The spotlight effect was so strong because the location was right in the center of the seating area. The set started out in a way that was smooth and looking back, probably one of the best sets ive done. From the outside perspective of someone who doesnt game it would seem im digging my own grave because i went deeper and deeper into why she thinks Ekon musk is a great man and what he is like then finding out about her based on that using cold reads; i made cold reads about her being smart and studious on a Saturday evening. She accepted some and rejected some. Turns out she was actually chinese and living in japan for 5 years. She got more and more into my talk, and asked me what my friends i were doing after. I told her we are going clubbing in shibuya and she said that she was hoping to go clubbing that night, and so i invited her. I got her line. As i walked back to the group all smug, i got shat on by the instructors. They asked me what i did and told them that invited her. I thought i did pretty well but actually i didn’t get her logistics and where she lives and the fact she was thick and ugly, of course she was more accommodating and open. We debriefed. Somethings i did well were that i stayed in the set and tried to continue. 2) I tried to keep the conversation light and fun and used the openers that I was supposed to. 3) I tried to find something i could qualify the girl on. But day game was proving to be harder than club game to my surprise. After debriefing, We split up for a bit to get something to eat so we went for ramen at a place nearby. This is the ramen place that i remember from 3 years ago when i came to japan and my friend took me there! Day 2: night game (club) We headed to Denny’s in shibuya for our 2nd club night briefing. We decided to go to club Camelot. I knew the bouncer and so got everyone into the club for 1,000 yen instead of 3,000. The girls were, as expected, hotter than roppongi girls and fewer spoke english(or refused to anyways). My first set was a 2-set standing at the bar wearing a golden skirt. I opened then called in my wing. actually turned out to be a kyaba jo(hostess girl). Super hot, couldnt speak English(refused to?) yellow colour contacts, long fake eyelashes, the works! Basically the kind of girl i waan close regularly. We isolated by turning her frame of reference. Everything was going better than i thought now looking back cuz she was smiling and just standing there while i KINOed. She wasnt dancing nor going anywhere. I could have pulled. Her friend broke away from my wing and took her. Just like that she was gone. I had to become a savage or the shibuya clubs would chew me up. After that, no set hooked. We got a girl to yell at us though so thats a victory. I was exhausted and so my openers just werent catching any attention. I even had gone girl tell me “fuck off”. I was losing both energy, motivation and hope. So was one of my wings. We went down and up and around and around. One of the other BC students was having the time of his life and i saw him hook some sets. I was getting jealous haha. Eventually the night came to an end and we all gathered. I was a bit relieved but disappointed. Didnt have to approach anymore... but wanted to approach some more! I wanted to Stick around to see which girl was still there and try to pull. We all headed to a sizeria and i had hayashi rice. I noticed that some hot girls sitting beside us were with some savage guys. We debriefed: some things i did well: 1) use the openers that I had to; 2) I went for sets that I really wanted 3) i tried to smile whenever i could,4) i didn’t resort to bad habits like dancing to cope with the situation 5) i tried to make my openers more and more exaggerated to catch attention We all went home and were told to meetup tomorrow at 1pm again. We went to the royal host restaurant(western and japanese style mixed family restaurant) and focused on deepening our talks with the girl by telling her a “hero” story: a tale of our life that shows adversity and how we overcame it to be a better man. This would add more substance to our character once a girl is hooked. It also helped us all realize how interesting of an individual we are. I wont post my hero story here but if anyone would like to hear it, i can give a snippet. We told our stories and one by one RPQ went through them logically and systemically. The point was to make them more concise, slice through the fluff and facts that didnt directly give any punch to the story. And lastly, to find the emotional peaks of the story which girls love to hear. Once we were all done listening to each other’s stories, we hit the streets of shibuya: the holy pantheon of pickup. The place where many brave come to do battle but a few survive and come out victorious. We started opening sets and realized that the girls were younger and the hotter ones were always in a rush. I managed to hook a few sets but realized that they were tooo young, as in 14-16. I ejeced those sets immediately. I hooked a two set and called in a wing. Wasn’t really memorable. Tried to walk together by catching dynamic(moving) sets. It took a lot out of me but time was passing by quick by talking to girls and walking with them. It was dark now... i see a girl with a camera, tall black boots, jet black hair, pale makeup, red lipstick. Looking absolutely harajuku famous. I went for it; opened and talked. Asked ger where he is from: osaka! We talked and she finally stopped. We exchanged lines then i ejected. As usual, i came back with a smile which was quickly wiped away by My bootcamp instructors yelling “nice, but did why didnt you try to bounce her to a cafe!” I didnt figure out her logistics! After that set i dont remember anything hooking and so we finally went inside the starbucks/tsutaya in front of the famous scramble crossing. We debriefed and talked about what we did well. I don’t remember as much i approached sets harder without hesitating as much. While we were sitting i met eyes with a girl and winked and smiled . She was sitting with her friend and giggling and niw they were both talking ans giggling. It was harder to concentrate while RPQ and the other instructors such as Kane Vast and McConnell were talking. The girls kept looking at me. They left. Another pair of girls came and i locked eyes with one of them too. As they were leaving i looked at them and motioned them to come over. One of them hurriedly came over. I didnt know what i was going ti say so i told them that i was hear with my friends. And i cant remember. The bootcamp ended with everyone giving each other feedback and concluding on a high note that this BC is only the beginning; this is the focal point from where we start our journey. Now, we were all brothers. My BC brothers and I went through a whole tiring weekend. Game on!
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