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  1. Can you give me an example plz? Love these Ideas!! No..I checked it twice. She meant cinema hall I will try it over text messages. Thanks for the entire feedback!!
  2. Yeah...this is the girl from that two set where we worked for a long time.
  3. During the sex seminar in Chengdu, me and Sean went to the bookstore to practice. I like the bookstore very much. It's easier to hook girls there because of the environment. So, me and Sean approached a two set. My target was a 6. She speaks little English. For the sake of practice, I pushed myself to talk with her. She was responsive. So I wc closed her and left. On the text, she seems keen too. Over the course of 3 weeks, I invited to meet me. Though she wanted to see me but we couldn't meet because of her being ill. After pretty much one month, she agreed to meet me for a dinner. So to
  4. So from Daygame , I met her . she is 4 on my scale. She is around 30, travelling Chengdu alone, staying in a hotel. It was quite easy to get her on the D2. So, I decided to go on the date because I wanted to practice my D2. Today, around 3:30, we met near subway which is nearby a temple. We walked in to the temple. She was friendly though she was very shy and nervous. We were communicating through translator. After walking for some minutes, she took me to dinner. On the dinner, I was trying to build the conversation. She was responsive but most of the qualifying questions I asked, she avo
  5. I just finished my boot camp yesterday. So let's see how the journey was:I came to know about Game at the last of 2015. After breaking up with my girlfriend, I was searching on the internet- "How to get your girlfriend back". And then a phrase caught my attention- "You can pick up girls". Wait a minute....we can pick up girls and establish sexual relationship with them!!!No wayyyy.So I started searching about picking up girls and then I came to know about PUA Community. I wanted to know more about the community and finally, I ended up reading the book "The Game". That book really changed my pe
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