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  1. Can you give me an example plz? Love these Ideas!! No..I checked it twice. She meant cinema hall I will try it over text messages. Thanks for the entire feedback!!
  2. Yeah...this is the girl from that two set where we worked for a long time.
  3. During the sex seminar in Chengdu, me and Sean went to the bookstore to practice. I like the bookstore very much. It's easier to hook girls there because of the environment. So, me and Sean approached a two set. My target was a 6. She speaks little English. For the sake of practice, I pushed myself to talk with her. She was responsive. So I wc closed her and left. On the text, she seems keen too. Over the course of 3 weeks, I invited to meet me. Though she wanted to see me but we couldn't meet because of her being ill. After pretty much one month, she agreed to meet me for a dinner. So today we meet near Tai Koo Li around 6. I noticed she looks better than last time I saw her. Since we both were hungry, we went to a restaurant to eat something. What I like about her is- she is a very talkative person. As I am practicing my kino stuffs, from the beginning I was kinoing her for example, touching her arms lightly, or touching her finger when she every time she showed me something on her mobile. She seemed well responsive. I prepared couple of conversation thread- finding her birthday and cold reading about it, how she takes care of her health(she really does), what her life goals are, how was her past relationships(no current relationship!!) etc. At the dinner time, I did most of the talking. I assumed she was already attracted to me. I qualified her on couple of things - her taking care of her health, she wants to be mentally strong and being expressive. She just said thanks every time I qualified her( may be my qualification was not good enough or it could be my expectation). I spent almost 3 hours with her. She had to go back by 9. Though I was talking at the beginning, after 40-50 minutes, she was like a machine who doesn't know how to stop talking, I was the one who was only asking questions. Next, I tried to build rapport with her. So I told how my mother's death affected my life. And then, she came up with how her father's death makes her wanting to be more strong. At some point, she said we are like same because we have so many things in common. We spent the whole 3 hours by sitting and talking. ( I wanted to bounce in to a superstore to play the superstore game but she said she need to leave soon). Anyway, she said this kind of places are quite busy and she preferred a quiter one. I took the chance. I asked her may be next time we can meet at tianfu square and enjoy the fresh air( it will save my money and of course, i will be able to take her more quiet place). She happily agreed and said,"it's upto you". So I figured out her class schedule and found that she is mostly free on the weekends. Dinner ended, I paid the bill.( I will be glad to learn how to split the bill:p). I reminded her that it was almost 9. She said she can still spend 10-15 minutes with me. So I started talking about movies. And she asked if I have ever been in any cinema hall in china. I replied no by said " Cinema halls are very loud. I preffer to watch movie at home or at a quiter place." But she said Cinema halls are not loud and I should try it. So I said may be she can take me there. She said she is looking forward to do that. Q: How can I convimce her to go to dvd room for watching movie since she preferred Cinema Halls are not louder ones? So , I walked her to the subway. I wanted to hold her hands but was too afraid to do that. At the sibway point, I offered the good bye handshake. We shaked out hand and it was pretty firm. By the way, she travelled 19 km to meet me though I travel more than 20 km to game Things I did well: 1. Did some playful BT spikes 2. Delivered my prepared routines ( Thanks to Shinchoc for sharing that first 7 hour document) 3. Figured out some useful P.I. so that next time I can get her to meet 4. Did the triangular gaze several times Things I could do better: 1. Kino...Kino...Kino... 2. I could play the question game 3. I wasn't focused on my tonality I am looking forward to get your feedback.
  4. So from Daygame , I met her . she is 4 on my scale. She is around 30, travelling Chengdu alone, staying in a hotel. It was quite easy to get her on the D2. So, I decided to go on the date because I wanted to practice my D2. Today, around 3:30, we met near subway which is nearby a temple. We walked in to the temple. She was friendly though she was very shy and nervous. We were communicating through translator. After walking for some minutes, she took me to dinner. On the dinner, I was trying to build the conversation. She was responsive but most of the qualifying questions I asked, she avoided. Also she was not responsive to kino. She paid for the Dinner. After Dinner, she asked me to visit another temple. By that time, I was unable to carry the conversation. Every way, I tried to start the conversation, she was not willing to join. I was looking for body language cues to see if she was bored or something. So after reaching the second spot, I decided to push my kono further. Suddenly, she was responsive to the Kinos. So I led her by taking her hand in the crowd. After visiting the second spot, we were walking towards the subway to get back home. This time she was holding my hand when we were crossing the road. I understood, for some girls, it takes more time to get comfort. Then I thought may be on the next date, I will get her more responsive. So I said to her that I still owe you for the dinner treat. I invited her for coffee on another day. She said okay. Things I have done better: 1. I used body language more often to make her understood what I was saying 2. Took the risk to push the Kino further Things I could do better: 1. Building more comfort and attraction 2. I was afraid of kinoing her. I need to overcome that. 3. My sexual projection was not that good
  5. I just finished my boot camp yesterday. So let's see how the journey was:I came to know about Game at the last of 2015. After breaking up with my girlfriend, I was searching on the internet- "How to get your girlfriend back". And then a phrase caught my attention- "You can pick up girls". Wait a minute....we can pick up girls and establish sexual relationship with them!!!No wayyyy.So I started searching about picking up girls and then I came to know about PUA Community. I wanted to know more about the community and finally, I ended up reading the book "The Game". That book really changed my perception about dating and women. So, for some reason, I moved in China at the end of the 2017. Since then, I was 'trying' to pick up girls. I used to be the person who was going to the nightclubs and dancing like a monkey to get girl's attention. I had no idea how to get girls. So pretty soon I was totally frustrated. By that time, I came to know about RSD. So I wanted to find out anyone from RSD in China. Luckily, I got a group and then met some person who showed me the way into The Real Game! I met ShinChoc who is now my wingman and of course a very good friend, he taught me some of the very basics of game. We used to meet once a week and doing game. He is pretty good at game. but..still I had no clear idea about game. He told that he took a boot camp with some guys who are really expert at asian game. After taking boot camp, his game really changed. He also told me that it has also improved his other areas of life. Hearing this, I was very excited. And then…… I made one of the best decisions of my life - "I am going to take the BC". Once I got ready for the BC, i invited Kane for coming to chengdu. I am gonna share the experiences of each days during the boot camp--First Night:ShinChoc and me, met Kane at a restaurant near Tai Koo Li to kick off the boot camp. After finishing dinner, Kane started asking me some questions which was really annoying ;p. Because I never looked at my like that before. He made me understood why I do what I do, the things that drive me. Then he taught me some of the very basics of the night game. Then we went to some night clubs. My first set was a 2 set girls, near the dance floor. Kane told me to open them. I opened them. Hurrah!! It was that simple. But what surprised me more is the girls responded very well. I was little afraid of touching them. But Kane took my hand and made me do that. Another shock!! Target has no problem with touching them. Then we approached few more sets inside and outside of the club. Here is the thing- Kane broke the steps so simple for me that I couldn't find any anxiety. I also learned how a High Value Guy uses his body language. The night was not a intense gaming night, it was a very simple and easy night. Then we sat down in a place and Kane told me what I did right and what I can do to improve the next days. Second Day:We met another restaurant near Tai Koo Li and took lunch. It was time for Day Game, Kane taught me some of the things about Day Game and some advance topics like qualification and basic comfort. Again… the steps were very clear and simple. We went to the bookstore and approached some girls. I was shocked again. Why the hell the girls are responding so easily!! But I had some problems about hooking and BT spike. We worked on that. I felt no pressure. Then we sat for briefing and went to the night clubs again for night game.That night, I was feeling really really good though I felt very uncomfortable when I opened a girl in the dance floor another girl took my hand and started dancing with me. My first set was a two set of girls. As soon as we entered the club, I opened them. This time, they were easily hooked. Wow!! Kino was there. How good it feels to touch girls…ha ha. After few minutes of the interaction, I had nothing to talk about. Kane told me to close them and I did. Outside of the clubs, I approached few more sets. Some of the girls were really interested to talk with me but we didn’t share the same language. So I left the sets. Then Kane told me what was happening then. It was one of the important realizations I had during the BC- when the girl doesn’t speak English, I feel uncomfortable and that feeling makes girl uncomfortable. So Kane taught me some more gestures which I can use to communicate with girls and It really worked fine. Suddenly I realize that, I don’t hate night clubs anymore. Bingo!!! Last Day:Again, we met for lunch, Kane taught me How I can establish deep rapport with people and some other game tactics. It was my favorite day among those three days. We played a little game. I had to approach 10 girls within 10 minutes. At first, I did it within 13 minutes. But Kane told me to do it again. This time I did it in less than 10 minutes. And then I realized I had no time to think about so called ‘Approach Anxiety’. We opened some more sets here and there. Then Kane took me another place where I was really scared of approaching. And I got some good results from there. I understood that there are some places where it won’t be easy to get girls. Finally, I was enjoying to approach!! I approached far more than the last six months in one afternoon. And in those three days, I got rejected only 3 times! Yeah..only 3 times!! We celebrated the BC by eating delicious cheezy pizzas…ha ha. Then Kane gave me the access to the group of some intelligent, motivated people who are really working on improving their life. He showed me how I can take my life, game to the next level by consistent practice and understanding myself deeply.If you guys ask me what was the hardest part during the bootcamp, I won’t spend a second to say that writing down the realizations. Now, If I look at the realizations I have had, I can feel that those are the most important things I got from the BC. I am glad to share those realizations with you and I will make them as simple as possible:1.I had the illusion that once I take the BC I will never be rejected and I will never feel approach anxiety. Bullshit!! Some girls will reject me and that’s nothing to do with me. So AA and rejection will be there and I just have to dance with it. 2.I didn’t only learn how to game girls, I also learned how to game myself. 3.I can bring values into people’s life if I really work on myself. 4. girls like to be approached.That’s all for today. I am so glad to join this community. I have no word to thank Kane for giving me these bunch of experiences. Thanks to all the people specially ShinChoc, Mouthpiece, Leonardo for being with me in this never ending journey. And I highly recommend everyone to go through these experiences to understand how potential you truly are.
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