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  1. Fri 11 Oct 2019 Visiting Soupernoob in Utah for a couple weeks, man the automatic seven is a real REAL thing. We went out to do some practice sets at a halloween convention we saw on a billboard and I opened probably three sets but only the last one was good. The whole thing was like a county fair but there was a "party" after, basically they just set a dj up and tried to make it a club, we did one pass through and looked for sets and I thought there was nothing but I saw a 3 set dancing. One skinny girl who had pretty good hair and makeup, one dressed as poison ivy with a decent body and red hair, and a fucking whale. Told Soup to open across the whale and say something to the other girls, he hesitated because I just told him to start by opening the best girls in the room lol. After a bit, and I think they might have seen us practicing our poly-rhythmic clapping, I said fuck it and went to open. Walked over but the fat chick was all over the place and just opened the cute one, kino'd the whale and other obstacle a bit. You're feeling dangerous tonight! All black! Decent response from the target and cuter obstacle, but the fat chick was pretty unhappy, I stacked forward and just did, sisters! All from wherever! I felt like I was fucking up so badly but they weren't quite leaving. It got to the point where the fat chick kept pulling my girl away and I just decided to stand there and dance as much as I could manage to pretend I wasn't getting blown out (I had already called Soup in but he was having a lot of trouble too). Soup was having a terrible time because I had made too much eye contact with the obstacle he was trying to deal with and he's forgotten a lot of his game tricks. It was getting more awkward by the second and the girls said they're heading outside. Oh good, I was gonna go there too! Come with me! I just led my girl by the back(pack). Her compliance was WEIRD, she was compliant, but I could see her friends were trying to get her to go and she answered all my easy qualification questions with "I don't like to do anything" lol. I played it terribly but after about 8-10 minutes in set they wanted to go back inside and I told my girl she should give me her number. No pretense. Yeah, I should? Yeah. The grin works every time. She stopped and put a number into my phone which I said I'd call but she was in a hurry to go. I'll ask how to get her to answer it in group chat, but I was sitting there going damnit this is definitely a fake number. She put in a norcal number that could be right and they were freshmen in college so I don't give a damn, all there is to do is try my texting seminar magic and hope for the best lol! It was really exciting to get out and run some of my game even if there weren't a lot of good targets, I really need to get out more especially when I've got wingmen around.
  2. Tue 12 Jun 2019 Went to the doc to get an std test today, better safe than sorry, you know. Opened a bunch of people just because I felt like BT spiking. One lady working at reception by herself gave me that damnit another patient vibe, then she was giggling and smiling by the time I was done with my urine test, lol! Walking down the stairs while leaving I opened a tall girl that was really done up (for America) with I like your shoes. Thanks! They're from work though. Want to trade? Laughs and stops on the staircase. I get a look at the face and go, oh shit that's definitely a tranny. WHY? I don't know but the plastic surgery and tranny alarm was going off super loud so I said "haha, I'm just teasing you, enjoy your day!" and ejected Walked past a nurse who could have been decent checking her texts on a bench outside. Bitched out because there were like 7 other people within 25 yards. I walked to my car and kicked myself and said DON'T BE A BITCH. Went back and she was gone... he who hesitates lol Opened a girl in line behind me at the bank, she wasn't good but she was friendly so I just practiced talking to her and ran some attraction. No kino though lol. She obviously started to get pretty into it Girl came in behind her, skinny brigade worthy short asian girl with the short dyed blonde hair. Damn, one girl out of 100 that was even worth approaching and she was 4 people behind me in line. Talked to the tellers, walked outside and decided to try and make an excuse by calling customer service (the tellers advised me to) while talking to the security guard. She comes out with a guy who looked so different that I immediately assumed it was her boyfriend. They walked off and I'm still banging my head against the wall. I could have just asked her about her brother. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH All in all at least it was good to go out and get some practice! By the local community college seems like it has a chance of having not trash girls too so maybe I'll be looking into that this weekend haha
  3. It depends how far you have to move the pawn. That makes perfect sense Like the examples I gave. You can open with more "normal" things too because you have social proof. I must have been half asleep when I wrote that, your examples are good thank you haha. I think what I should do is try it so I can get a better mental image ? ? Thanks for the responses as always! The forums and your help have made a huge difference in my level of game!
  4. Perfect plan Ahhh that's good! Do you usually have to do a few minutes of attraction before you can get a girl to follow you over to talk to other people? I guess acting like you do it all the time is probably key Open like what? With your arm around the pawn? Generally this will be tough if you opened the set and there is a language barrier, but in general, the best way to do it is to include his girl in the conversation. So, he asks you where are you from, you answer and then ask the obstacle. She says where she's from, then you ask the guy if he's ever been there, then if he has, have him talk about the place and if he hasn't have the girl talk about the place Ahhh okay that's good. I can see that set going so much differently when I imagine doing that! Or you can eject and come back to the set later at the risk of not being able to find it. Ah these are my favorite kinds of choices, when all your options are less than great haha! That's when you really get to play with your decision making skills You have some options here too. One of the things that's different about night game from day game is that in night game, you can re-open the set later because typically they'll be there for several hours. It can be a lot better to run the set similarly to if you go to meet a girl and she is with friends. You get in there, make yourself look good, but knowing that you likely can't get enough isolation to progress the sarge at that time, you eject and come back later. Okay, that's a good way to think of it since I have the meet with friends thing pretty clear in my mind I think. Only problem is with this set I didn't even get to the make myself look good phase HA! I was just refusing to get blown out easily Oh shit. That makes sense. I need to start asking myself what girls are doing and what they're going to do next, and think of what the lowest pressure time to open is. I had been regularly opening girls in high pressure situations before I went to Soupernoob's boot camp lol What's this about? Her friend appeared and I said I'd wing but he didn't think the set was going anywhere. He just needed some time to get back into it and get over his AA again
  5. FR with Tokyotj Was super out of state but that made it interesting because sets took more skill and determination to hook sometimes. It wasn't as black and white as usual where sets would hook fast or not at all. Some would take a bit of time Street 2 set. BT spike a lot and manage to stop them very close to last train. Try to mention that it may be soon but they should give me line. A J dude walks over and tries to wing for me. Fine by me, I make it obvious which girl I'm after but he talks to me more than them. I engage a little but try to keep kinoing my target and engaging her. They start to back away and then eventually leave when he keeps talking. How do you deal with a guy who wants in on your set but can't focus on isolating the obstacle? Harlem. 2 set in line. How tall are you? Friend says 171. Darn 172 would have been perfect. Friend acts all disgusted (she's short maybe that's why?) 2 guys walk up and pass the girls (I didn't realize at the time they were probably together and thought it was strange). Getting blown out or ignored a lot. Especially when I don't open fast enough. One 2 set we walk by and instead of trying to think of an opener I just smile and high five her. Pass by 2 more times while doing a walkthrough then come back and bring TokyoTJ in. Set lasts about 30-40 minutes. Didn't do enough ssp because I was smiling too much in the beginning and went to sit next to her and kino her back instead of facing her. Her English was okay, I kept pausing between things though because it was loud and I was running through my stack way too quickly. I tried to stretch out the qualification more with some details but they generally didn't go well because of language and noise. They say they have to go home and I line close even though I couldn't time bridge (she said she was leaving tomorrow, but TokyoTJ said the other girl mentioned my target had a boyfriend) In reality they may not be leaving but I probably will just wait till I'm back in Japan to try and ping her for a meet. 5 set that looks like a 2 set near the bar. Open 2 by kinoing one and talking to the other and switching based on who is giving me their attention. Finally looks like I hooked both and then I ask who they're there with. 5 girls. Obstacle goes over to another friend when I'm turned around being told who's who. High five and eject because I start losing the set all over the place. In this kind of situation is it best to just try line closing if the target is good? A good 2 set walks by down the stairs while I'm talking to TokyoTJ and writing notes. When they come back up I open and get some interest, but their friends see them and then grab them all, the girls walk out to the dancefloor together and TokyoTJ tells me to go after them. I do and am getting interest from one girl but it all kind of falls off as they start dancing and doing their own thing. The girls take turns trying to close me out of the circle after a bit and I just stay there like I don't care, maybe it'd be better to pretend like they're dancing with me when they try that. I decide it's time to leave before I make it really awkward because I don't know how to dance to hip hop. I come back to this set at the end of the night and just stand there smiling while they dance crazy and try to ask my target for her line. She says no twice so I take off. How do you hook sets that are dancing crazy? Wait for them to head to the bathroom? Maybe just BT spiking them in passing a lot, though sometimes these sets just leave early too. TokyoTJ ejects from a 2 set where the target was really good and I tell him to go back and Line close her. He doesn't want to and tells me to. I just lean on their standing table and act like I understand whatever the obstacles saying and nod. They laugh. I say I like her shirt and the stripes. Does she want to trade? I start unbuttoning my shirt like KV mentioned one time and they thought it was hilarious. At the second to last button the target takes my hand and says something and I wasn't sure if it was continue or that I should button my shirt back up. I button it back up after a bit of questioning and continue BT spiking and doing a bit of qualification. Scuba diving is cool, let's go to California tonight and do it! She says something like woah that's serious (I forget). Okay tomorrow then. I try to timebridge but they say they have work all week including Saturday. I say I'll get her line and we'll talk then. Friend takes her to the bathroom and I say wait give me your line first. I move to another table so I'm not waiting for them and they come out and see me and turn to go up to a bar. I try to stop them and get her line but they keep going and I just follow them up the stairs and to their seats and say give me your line (I thought for sure they were trying to blow me out now) but my girl says okay and adds me. I make a little more small talk and say I'll message her and leave before I run out of Japanese and make the set awkward. I kinoed the obstacle and tried to keep her interested but failed to do the thing where I ask about the target through her, partly because her English was worse and partly because I was getting so many IOI's from the target I acted like a retard 2 set hooks and I say I'll be back but I take too long and they leave 3 set just gets there at 3am and I open with my "Hey it's you!" opener for girls with tan coats. It goes well and they hook but they're a bit older and I'm out of state and don't know where to go. Before I lose the set I say ganbare and high five or shake their hands and eject so that I can reopen later. I ejected from a lot of sets before trying to bring TokyoTJ in and I think though from a "social" club game standpoint it was better to have everyone on good terms, more people actually showed up and it wasn't as dangerous to have unfriendly sets. I really missed out on getting to work on bringing TokyoTJ in and building our synergy too, though TokyoTJ is a great wing regardless. realizations: -Being out of state isn't the end of the world. It does make it significantly harder to hook sets though. -Having a neutral face is much better than trying to not frown at how badly you're doing sometimes -I expect a lot more from my sets now, and that's awesome! -Running with a high keenness set later in the night seems to have a higher chance of yielding any results as at the end of the night all the good sets are dancing, gone, or too sleepy to enjoy their interactions
  6. Sunday 21 Apr Went out to do some day game in the dark with Romeo. Shibuya. Romeo opened a really tough walking set with headphones, then a sitting two set that we passed by soon after going to a less crowded spot. I manage not to get noticed or be in line of sight when he opens this time (as I did too many times), and he brings me in after a bit. Who's the bad girl, I go over to mine who has goth accessories all over and a neck piercing and chuckle to myself. I start off with an Ohayo and only give my girl a handshake. I'm starting off a bit slow and can't think of things to say so I jump to qualification pretty quickly since it seems she's already pretty keen. Do you like skydiving. Her eyes light up and she says yeah I wanna try it! Woah high five! Scuba diving? She's actually done it! (I think at least, she speaks about as much English as I do Japanese which at this point is almost none.) Wow! I love you! I grab her and hug her tight, from the side because we're all sitting on a small stone barrier. She seems to respond well to this, and I actually do like her a lot more because she qualified well on that and a few other things even though she wasn't super good looking. For a little bit the two girls start talking to each other about our BT spikes or occasionally translating help. Romeo tells his girl to use a translator and show him and I try to get my girls attention by thinking of more interesting things to ask her. One or two times though I helped translate and felt kinda dumb. After about 10 minutes in set Romeo asks if I want to stay and maybe bounce and I say sure that would be great practice. He asks if they want to drink. Meeting guy friends soon. That's fine it should be quick. As he's doing this I try to seed sushi in shibuya because I forgot I needed to be seeding more. Everyone thinks I mean we should go to sushi instead, bad timing lol! That's okay we decide to bounce them to sushi and I double check with Romeo that he's cool with that. We walk over to sushi and my end of the weekend state starts getting to me. I forget to run enough game and am in general thinking way too slowly. We talk about a few things but luckily I was smart enough to forcefully pick the mood back up right before we left. Lots of smiles and time bridge before we parted ways and they went to go see their friends. Or so they said. I should have time bridged sooner and kept trying to game more. Opened a lot of walking sets and all the good ones with colored hair that I saw. Usually no English and some really tried to blow me out pretty hard. Romeo mentions that I should try to stop them since there were a lot of Japanese guys opening too, and most of them were walking with them or trying to hand out flyers as the girls passed. My successful hook rate increased after this, and if I didn't hook I'd at least get a decent amount more compliance sometimes. There were 2 sets that were really smiley but left though. 1. 2 set of what looked like super young girls when they turned around which threw me off. I was unsure but kept trying to open anyway. They want through a crowd of people but I stopped them for a half second. You! They continue trying to walk. Wait, your friend *kino obstacle, your friend's shoes are really big. They stop walking and are smiling a lot and listening. That means you. Point to make it extra obvious. You are only this tall. They laugh and I say, so you're 15. Wasn't looking into the obstacle's eyes enough. They laugh, no! And turn and walk. I'm confused on so many levels that I don't pursue them. Romeo says it was going well I should go reopen. I agree but we lost them in the crowd and shops. 2. Romeo is making a head call and a 2 set of taller blonde haired girls walks by. I hesitate a second and they're already perpendicular to me so I start walking to overtake them, 2 or 3 guys try to hand out flyers so I join in trying to hand them an imaginary piece of paper. They laugh and smile but we're all still walking. Stop, I tell them. They stop to my surprise. Your friend's shoes are really big! Decent kino I think, wasn't quite hard enough. They laugh and say yeah she's actually short. Good English!? They turn and keep trying to go. I say wait you should meet my friend! They stop and turn around again, waiting and I say he's tall and good looking. They have to meet some friends they say, they're late. I say wait one more time but don't pursue. I really REALLY should have with this set, at least line closed if not tried to see if I could get them to ignore their appointment entirely for the sake of science. 1 more set that is walking fast with silver hair and the standard Japanese tan overcoat. Hey!! Oh I thought you were my friend because of your tan jacket! No English! Hand up in front of her face. I mean you have the jacket, I lift up part of her jacket for emphasis. She pushes my hand away. I try to switch openers but she continues to walk faster and says something in Japanese haha. Romeo opens a 2 set of young girls because they have some gacha balls with something he thinks is funny. They hook pretty well. The obstacle hands us each a gacha ball to help open them. The obstacle is very compliant and we maneuver into a standard isolating configuration. They're friends celebrating my girl's birthday. I actually know enough Japanese now to keep the obstacle occupied and ended up kinoing a lot to test compliance, which there was a lot. Romeo mentions we should go meet RPQ and I say okay one second and line close my girl which Romeo later mentioned he thought was super funny because he felt awkward when he learned they were young and had gotten physically a lot stiffer when they mentioned it ?. Romeo's girl spoke really good English so could have a lot of fun with the set. Overall probably 10-15 minutes Try to open a set walking really fast. Some opener that was silly. Ignore. Hand. Meeting friend. Otoko. Is she his girlfriend? Yes. Okay. Realizations: -As Romeo mentioned to me, realizing what the girl is typically dealing with, whether that be guys' openers or how comfortable she feels with kino or energy levels (KV mentioned this too) can be really helpful in streamlining the learning process.
  7. You usually can't get time if you're talking about night game. But usually, it doesn't matter, you can just move on to something else because night game moves so fast anyway. If it's a slower situation, you can "shush" her and then look into her eyes deeply making her think that you're having deep thoughts while you frantically come up with what to do next. Also, on Day 2s, you can dip out to the bathroom for a quick huddle up and maybe some texts to get some support from the guys. I've done this plenty of times when things weren't going my way. I've read this three times and I still can't control my laughter when I read the part about shushing her and staring deeply into her eyes! Okay these are great tips! And yeah I've thought about doing that before since you guys have mentioned it. How long of a bathroom break can you usually get away with if you need it? Yeah you're a bit more aware of your surroundings in the club than I am lol. All I see is girls with silver hair that I need to open LOL! That is such perfect terminology! So you just hook one girl and then walk her around and open another one with your arm around the pawn? When you ditch the pawn how do you do it without seeming like you're being a dick? Shit, blowing kisses and air guns are going to be all over Shibuya this week! This sounds way too fun ? Yeah fair haha. Maybe I should just spend a night watching the guys who seem good at it Yeah! A lot of these realizations were from Romeo's points throughout the night! I can't wait to get better at gaming these girls! Thanks! And thanks for all the help! I look forward to hanging out again in Tokyo next week!
  8. This page intentionally left blank
  9. Went out to Camelot in Shibuya with Romeo and Ladysman at the recommendation of TokyoTJ. It was really fun! I have been out with Prime some and should really add some of my approaches with him to my FRD. But for now this is fresh in my head. One thing about the club Espirit is I can't seem to get girls to go to the table that Prime's friends have. I can do my normal goofy openers and hook sets (still less than usual), but they won't bounce to the table and the ones I try to open with "we have a table, want to drink?" like they suggested, pretty much just say no lol. Maybe I need to make more eye contact, maybe it's the venue, maybe I just have to have that much better of a positive seeming presence. Got to Camelot around exactly midnight. Found the guys on the middle floor which has hip hop music. Romeo gave me a rundown of how he likes to game and was super awesome the whole night offering advice and sharing some stories between sets. Went down to the EDM floor, Romeo opened a warmup set. Ended it on a high note after about 2-3 minutes so we could reopen later if we wanted. I open a 2 set at a table, at first no compliance, open the target across the obstacle while kinoing the obstacle. Did your earrings hurt to put in? No. Your friend's shoes are really big. Chuckles. Logistics discovery and another BT spike or two and they're hooked. Bring in Romeo. Decide I actually like the obstacle better, too bad she's the one who speaks some English lol. I try to let my girl translate some but I let the set slip a little. Still happy and going well when we bounce to open more. --Reopened this set later, had okay kino compliance but I tried to do a silly bit about tandem skydiving where I demonstrate it and she stepped away and got super cold when I stepped behind her and tried to raise her arms up. I laughed and continued with something. Kept trying to kino too much and she was very wary of shutting it down and eventually as I thought I was letting her translate she didn't want me to kino her at all and kept stepping farther away from the standing table and their drinks. I lost the set mostly by being a boob and forgetting what to say on top of being too lazy to try and make it more fun after she started shutting everything down. Maybe I should have acted like she was being weird, but I don't know if I had the language capability to do that. Romeo opens some sets that go pretty well, we get a bit of a circle of people dancing, too bad all the girls are trash lol. I try a couple of times to bring other girls in but no luck and not enough skill haha. Open a 2 set both wearing white with "white, white, twins!" disgusted looks. I laugh while kinoing the girl I'm not talking to, and try a couple more BT spikes but the music gets loud. I just stand there and dance a little and keep trying to do BT spikes. One finally grabs her friend and they have to leave to the back of the dance floor ?. Even better is Romeo tried the twins opener on them later and we thought it was hilarious, he then told ladysman to do it and we kept waving to them when they passed by. They looked like they were half mad at us and half mad at themselves for refusing to talk to us LOL. Open a lot of 2 sets on the dance floor. I probably could have been a bit louder and had better body language. I caught myself leaning forward a couple of times to talk in the girls' ears. Most of the good ones blow me out, a few of the better ones I make leave by refusing to stop talking at them haha. Though I think most of the time when one turns away, I talk to the friend about that friend and she starts realizing more that her friend wants out. Romeo opened a 3 set and ran the 2 set. I ran pretty standard game on my girl who I wasn't super interested in but then she qualified really well. Too bad I couldn't time bridge because she's busy every day I'm not this week apparently. It might be how I went about the time bridge though. I just went for it and said do you work wednesday, what time do you finish. Then when she didn't really understand (I think I didn't use quite the right word) and I said we should get dinner together. Really this is just an objection that probably means I didn't do enough seeding and future projection. Line closed. Opened a 3 set while Romeo and ladysman are dancing with a 2 set Romeo pulled over. Offered to trade glow sticks that were identical. She laughed and was pretty immediately hooked. Went over to her and asked if she was with her friends, a white couple that was really not into it it seemed. Gave the guy a handshake, BT spiked. Should have just brought them all over to the other guys but I didn't want to bring the couple for some reason. Danced with them a bit and saw the guys going back to the bar with the girl who was acting drunk. Mostly just danced silly and did some DHVs and PIE. She had no phone and couldn't search her line ID, so I had her give me her phone number. She called herself and it seemed to have worked. "time bridged" for breakfast with everyone, told her to text me around 4:30, and it was 3-330 am. Ejected to find the guys with the intention of bringing them back to all dance together. Kiss on the cheek and I go. Took 10 minutes of searching to find the guys because the girl lost her phone and wallet. Then I saw an 8.5 with the jaw length blonde hair and I had to open her. By the time I got back they were gone. The girl with the blonde hair definitely worked there. I opened her with, she's 140cm! When she's clearly 170. The guy next to her says you're right! Nice! Should have asked anyway for an extra BT spike opportunity. I ran this set terribly but well in some ways. She spoke very little English and showed varying interest over the course of the 15 or so minute intial set. It started out good but as I lost momentum it got harder, especially because I had to engage the guy and sometimes they would talk, and at one point she went over to have a shot with the bartender. I took a lesson from Romeo and just acted like everything was cool even when she spent 2 or 3 minutes completely trying to ignore me. Tried to time bridge but no go, Line closed her and the other guy who was a DJ there. Smiled and said see you when I went to see my friends but the smiles were the kind that you smile when you feel bad about something at the same time. --Reopened at the end of the night because the girl for breakfast hadn't been texting back and I couldn't locate her in the club (she did finally text back after I mentioned her name lol.) The DJ says woah it's the comeback kid! Or something to that effect and I laugh and high five them both. We talk for a little bit about him DJ'ing and her liking to run and dance with my 3 glowsticks. The DJ starts talking to her about something in japanese and she turns away from me at the bar. I chill there for a couple of minutes texting the other girls and then walk over to the weaker position away from the bar and ask if I can listen so I can learn Japanese faster. He says okay. Suddenly the girl is giving me a lot more interest and smiles while looking into my eyes for much longer periods of time. I really am not sure why this is. We talk about a few things and I kino her back and pat her on the head when appropriate, trying not to be too too bad in case she has face to maintain in her social circle. Try to bounce her to breakfast but she really wants to sleep and is allowed to stay downstairs while all the guests are being ushered out. I say bye to both of them and take off. Line closed another blonde girl at the metro by asking where to go like I was lost. She spoke English really well but talked to me in Japanese anyway. When I asked her why she said she thought it was cute lol. I guess that's a good thing. I knew I'd just missed first train but she said to hurry so I left and went there like I was listening. My brain was fried and I was being retarded, should have stayed at her platform and talked for 5 or 10 minutes while her train came. Acted conflicted about asking then said I was hungry did she wanna get breakfast. She really wants to sleep but next time, Line closed. All in all I think I learned a lot and worked up quite a sweat so it was a great night! Plus I got 3 good girls in the pipeline and one really hot super low probability girl! Things I did well: -Tried to give everybody a positive experience and had fun with everyone nearby even if I didn't want to open them -Made sure I really got blown out, or at least made the girls walk away -Got better at obstacle game as the night went on -Managed situations that seemed bad just by pretending they were fine! Things I will improve: -I will make sure to engage my girl so that my wing doesn't lose the set to my bad game -I will get better at communicating and recognizing when my wing is happy with the set -I will stick with sets that I like or at the very least realize when I've been gone too long to do something -I will continue acting like 8's and 9's should be paying attention to me and kino them confidently like I would any other girl Realizations: -I totally forgot, but not letting anything bother you and having fun is an easy and really big DHV -I really can hook 8's and 9's I just need the game to compete with the slew of guys trying to get at them, that and the knowledge of Japanese to communicate because they almost never speak English (and when they do I get blown out)
  10. Woops! Can't believe I forgot to reply to this! I'm glad you caught up too, all the advice has been helping me improve far beyond what I thought I could manage! This is excellent wisdom and yeah, like I learned tonight. The more people that look at you positively the better because other people do notice. You're definitely right that other sets don't really know the difference between the guy trying to DHV himself and me making friends with the group. You can add this on as a BT spike. Ahh okay. Yeah if I make sure to make it obvious it's a BT spike it's not too weird It's supposed to be a BS palm read, so you could just keep going with it and make it over the top ridiculous. Probably when she told you that you were wrong and she knew about palm reading you just cut the thread at that point instead of doing something like: Oh...then you know that this line means that you're going to have 15 kids with me or something else funny. HAHA! Okay good point. This is definitely something I can apply a lot when I think I'm stuck. I guess what do you do if you feel like you want a second to think of a good response? Ahh okay. Number 2 is really good haha. If you don't ask you can't get what you want right Don't ask the guys, they often lie. I've been putting this into practice and it's actually really funny because the guys will try to say that and I ask the girls and they go we just met. Did you come up with anything? Not that night. I wanted to say something like "You should lick it off!" But at the moment all I can think of is pretending to sniff it and saying it smells good, what is it lol OH MAN! I can't wait to read this! Please no the trauma! This is one way to do it. Another way to think about it is that if you build attraction, you can go back into the set later when they're in a better position logistically, or to use them as social proof for other sets. Ah this all makes a lot of sense, especially now that I've been doing night game a bit more. Gotta get those sets on the way from the bathroom! Not all your sets will open. You generally just follow best practices. Clearly her friends think it's about her and not about you or they ALL would have left. So that implies that it wasn't your problem but that girl's. Haha I hadn't even realized that. Yeah I guess the girl might have had some problem with guys. But some girls seem to do this regardless of the guy that's opening them or how. Is the answer just more social proof and DHVs in front of them without opening? Because short of running into extremely handsome guys that don't want the hottest girls, they seem to be at the club to blow guys out lol Woah, this sounds super hard but really exciting to try Yeah that seems like a very plausible theory. What kinds of facial expressions do you use? Do winks and smiles count? Or stuff like being really goofy? I've tried being silly and sticking my tongue out at girls but usually that goes terribly THIS IS GOOD! I'm going to use this! HAHA! Thanks! I thought it was pretty funny when I said it too This actually really helped me recently, trying to remember to at least look like a gentleman. Because typically I would try to be a gentleman but with game I kind of redid my social interactions from a blank slate and had to relearn what I can and can't use from the past. It helped my close HB Rumba though. Otherwise I would have been like oh shit drunk friend, probably isolation is the right move. This is very true in Japan especially and also in Korea. In fact, I'd say that in Japan the more attractive girls are far less likely to speak English. I would advise that you stick to gaming in Shinjuku, Shibuya and Roppongi to maximize your chances of opening girls who speak English at least decently. Most of the girls in Akihabara are super Japanese so they have no education and don't expose themselves to western entertainment media either. Glad I finally caught up on this. It was great having you come out for the boot camp and looking forward to hearing more about your Japan adventures! Yeah I'm wishing I learned katakana and hiragana before I came here this time, since it takes a lot of time to learn and all the good japanese apps use them. Oh well learning from girls is pretty good too lol! Yeah it's interesting too because I think the more I can hook in Japanese the more I realize that the types of girls I learned to game (because they speak English) have very similar backgrounds and tendencies to each other. Like you said at some point you'll learn to get the types of girls you pursue.
  11. KWed. Did some approaching in Akihabara with Soupernoob on the way to dinner. Plan was to approach for 30 minutes and goal was to try and bounce a set to ramen. Ended up waiting for bro so did approaches for approx 90 min walking 2 set after crossing intersection. Your scarf is really big, nice! She gives a look, minor response. You could probably wrap your entire body in it. Do you? She turns around and says sorry, starts walking the other way with her friend ?. Bad body language, slow delivery. fast solo set. socks for my cat. no English but takes her headphones out. Redo the joke with Soup's help translating. Jodan, demo ananta kawaii. jk, but you're cute. Think I did logistics of just asked for line. she has to go, didn't push it BC language barrier would've been rough HB 7.5 plus, tall with long silver blue hair and excellent fashion waiting at crosswalk. Fuck. Had to open. Earphones. walk in front and point. earphones out. no English. rpq your shoes are really big opener. laughs. Shopping by yourself? No, work. Maid! yes. High five. light turns, sorry she has to work. I walk in front. Bad body language leaning forward. That's okay. Do you have line? No sorry. Ten seconds only! it'll be fast! Shouldve waited longer and tried to seed something fun quick. Let her go, but definitely should have kept pushing. was kicking myself for an hour for not trying to stack forward and staying in set. Made Soup open some sets. Held my hands out to be handcuffed by the cop maid girls. Giggles. Another set with earphones, bright blue hair. You spilled water on your hair. No English. tried for Japanese joke. Sorry wakaranai. she leaves. Iois ..? from a girl working, she keeps turning back and smiling at me (or my crepe) walk past her to throw away the wrapper. hazukashi! I coverthe side of my face. laughs. what time do you get off? no English. line chat? sorry she can't. that's okay, more kino and leave. One more girl in the cat girl cafe we see (and of course we have to check it out because this is my thing) is returning my kino. grabbing my hand and letting me touch her arms. we just go in to see if there are any really good girls. only 2 girls and 3 customers. she will wait for us to come back. How do you close these kinds of girls? They obviously could be showing interest because it's part of their job, and they probably aren't allowed to give out their info on the clock, but they're still girls and probably want to get closed sometimes right? I realize that's lower probability and more work but I am curious what strategies you guys would use. I know rpq likes to see if he can get the gogo dancers sometimes last set in the arcade. see a really good girl sitting at an arcade machine with hundreds of trading cards. she's really good though. How do you play this game? Ego taberanai. translator. is it like this game on my phone? no not that. laugh and kino. she doesn't know what to do and is a little uncomfortable with kino. I tell her my brother is hungry but she should give me her line and she can show me later. kino was mostly taps, high fives, and squeezing her upper arm. Smiled as I left, stayed a couple minutes nearby bit out of sight because Soup was trying a game. Really hope she replies. She would be a fun girl to try and learn Japanese with and game, plus she was really good lol did well: opened the really good sets when I saw them even if I felt like a bitch Opened from a good position always opened even though I wasn't dressed well or in a great state will improve: eye contact damnit! logistics disco very Japanese! Body language, leaning back, always opening confidently and maintaining good body language PROGRESS THE SARGE realizations: I can run quarter decent game and openers now even on autopillot My openers from China need to be modified to work well in Japan There are a lot of really cute girls that don't speak English I'm getting better at reading the situation and not embarrassing the girls
  12. Monday Forced Soupernoob to open a 2 set that was decent early in the day, should have done it myself though because I didn't open enough lol Bitch opened a bunch of girls, but let one or two good ones I saw go. Why do I do this to myself
  13. Did Soupernoob's boot camp with him over the weekend. Friday night game Opened 2 good sets. 45-60 min First was a 3 set that walked by us and I instinctively started speaking Chinese at her. She laughed kept walking past while looking back us so I reopened in the line to A life and wechat closed. Spent more time with her in the club after dancing and running some game. She k-closed me and I time bridged her for Tuesday. Spent 20 minutes leading her around trying to help her find her friends again. Second set was a 6 set in line for the coat check. Everyone's in black, she's in white. Is she an angel? Goofy gesture. Laughs and not quite hooked, BT spike more with something about her hair I think. 10 minute set. Did attraction and qualification, lots of kino. TIme bridged and line closed then ejected so I could go help wing Soupernoob Saturday day game Opened a girl who was moving with a purpose. She turned around a lot (not sure if lost or also trying to shake me off) kept talking until she took out her earphones, led her to wherever she was trying to go, line closed on the street while walking. No English. Night worker she called herself? Night game A life again. Didn't approach much for a while. Got blown out over and over for a while, some 3-5 sets walking past turned away and kept going, usually a situational opener applied too late, one time I was even too loud I think, it sounded like I was shouting. A few 3+ sets on the dance floor because it had the most people, most blew me out or tried to close ranks on me lol, most openers were hand of god and smile, but I was kinda unhappy about getting blown out repeatedly so it didn't help 8-12 minutes. Opened the girl who was being ignored in a 2 set. Immediately responsive. DHV'd a lot, qualified her on skydiving, scuba diving, that she wants to go to california for school, and her English. She was going to buy a drink with her ticket but I stopped her and said I'd get her one if she gives me a kiss on the cheek. She complied immediately and I said that's a good girl. Got her the drink and she said thank you so much. Kept talking with her while the other guy was at the bar with his girl too. Tried to move so I could lock in on the bar and she felt a little awkward maybe because she had to turn to her friend who was 3 feet away and make sure she interacted first. Shortly after they had to go to the bathroom, I time bridged before they left for Monday a week later. Sunday day game Opened a couple of school girls because I wanted to know what they were eating, compliant but despite that I kind of bitched out/decided it wasn't worth the effort to figure out their ages. Walked around and let an attractive set go. FUCK. Then as I continued through the crowded street I couldn't find a really good set farther from the station Opened some girls speaking Chinese, surprised at hearing them speak I asked in Chinese if they were. Nani? Even more confused now, nani? I reply. One of them continues in Chinese saying something and the other says urusai. I go WOW, laugh and walk on, could have made a joke saying but why, or ruuuude. That 3 set was not worth pushing for in the first place though lol
  14. Opened a couple sets today. Two didn't hook because I was sleepy and didn't speak loud enough Third was at the metro station where I saw a girl who looked reasonably cute walk after me through the exit turnstile. Are you following me! She laughs. Darn too bad she's older and doesn't have great skin. Stay in set for a few minutes anyway walking to the exit. Mostly BT spikes, she doesn't speak too much English so I fill in with Chinese. Traveling. Dance instructor. Me too! Just kidding, but that's really cool (should have added she could teach me or something). Forgot to do logistics discovery until 2 min in, she's meeting her friend. She misspeaks that her friend is waiting for me. Waiting for me!? I mean of course she is *grin*. She laughs and when we find her friend she lingers a bit and looks at me. I tell her I'll see her and kino a little long as we're parting ways
  15. Haha no problem man! I think it's great that we can share what we know with each other. Did the "seems like you are busy on the weekend" thing come out of nowhere? Maybe it's a a qualification problem, that she doesn't feel like you're into her enough and therefore "are probably seeing other girls." Maybe not, but if it is I think RPQ would suggest having multiple girls helps to deal with their drama ? I think a call is probably good because it gives you the ability to convey more, just make sure you're in a decently good mood before you do it haha! Otherwise you'll probably subcommunicate things you don't want to. I haven't done the texting seminar yet either so I'm pretty noob-ey in the texting department. I hope you can turn the situation in your favor!
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