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  1. HB Philosopher HB 5.5-6 Age 24 This girl I really like. She went to USA for University and her English is perfect. We have spent about 10 hours together total talking about philosophy, evolution and a wide range of topics. I think she is attracted to my brain and personality. She isn’t that pretty but she is super smart and great at conversation. Another guy in our chat group said “You two should date” and she said unequivocally she does not date older guys now because she had a 5 year relationship with a guy 15 years older than her when she was 19. I think again age difference is the deciding factor and I don’t think it was just used as an excuse. This girl is super smart. I would have LTRed in a heartbeat even though she is an HB 5. HB Wonder Woman HB 7-8 Age 26 I opened her on Halloween and then sent her a text regarding her costume. She said thank you 36 hours later. I tried to send another text and she never responded. She is clearly not interested. I think possible there was a value mismatch or the age gap is too large. HB Hot Sichuan HB 7-8 Age 25 This girl is really hot. I was talking with her for a while as she walked and she hesitated when I asked for her WeChat. She barely responded right after I got her WeChat and then was completely non-responsive after that. HB New Zealand HB 7-8 Age 25 She hesitated when I asked for her WeChat. She barely responded right after I got her WeChat and then was completely non-responsive after that. HB Finance Blogger HB 5 Age 40 This girl I opened at Zapatas and then asked her out for coffee. I was busy so we never went on a D2. I saw her again another time at Zapatas. We talked for awhile, it was good and I think a D2 would be available if I wanted it. I don’t really want it. She showed interest the first time and agreed to D2 already, and was eager to talk to me the second time.
  2. HB KTV HB 6 Age 25 I was at a KTV bar with many Phillipina girls and saw this girl and immediately opened her. Age 25 HB 6-7. I have had great improvement since the boot camp a month before and did a good job. I was super confident, had good Chinese, and she was giving me massive IOI. The first time I have seen Bambi eyes. I thought this was going to be my new GF. We went apart after 5 min or so then she even came into my room to say bye to me. She texted me the next day and told me she was going on business trip the next day for two weeks. I didn’t text her. A week later she texted me back and initiated chat with me. We sent texts for about an hour one day during class. When she asked me how long I have been in China I told her 14 years. I think this was a mistake because then maybe that is when she realized I was 37. When I tried to set up a date, she was a little bit flaky, a little avoidant, and wouldn’t set up a time with me. I thought she was playing “hard to get” so I waited a week to contact her back. At first she was super eager and contacted me but now if I send her a message once a week she is not very responsive at all. Now the response is minimal. I think she thinks I am “too old” but maybe that is just my excuse. I don’t really understand this one because she seemed more eager than me. Maybe I was a little needy but I don’t think that is the problem. With HB Dog Walker, I know where I fucked up. But with HB KTV I don’t know why she is no longer interested. I think age difference… UPDATE: While writing this, I contacted her again and she appears to be more receptive. She says she is really busy at work and will have more time after winter holiday. Hmmmm….she suddenly seems more interested but that might be because we are talking about going out after Chinese New Year which is two months away and she can flake out later. Obviously, if she was interested she wouldn’t want to wait that long. I am confused.
  3. FR: HB Dog walker HB 5-6 Age 26 So I met HB Dog walker on the street walking her dog. She is about 27 years old and a HB 5-6. I used the normal “ChuanGuan routine” and then she said there was a place to get noodles. I told her that I didn’t know where it is, then she pointed to down the street, then I said but I can read the menu…will you show me what you like. That happened on Friday, we agreed to go on the next Monday. She showed up about 30 minutes late which was OK. We talked for a little bit and it wasn’t too exciting. I didn’t make any mistakes, but it was mostly relatively boring conversation about “interview questions” level of topics. I was definitely seeing some clear IOI. I am pretty good at reading body language. I could see a head tilt, hair twirling, and good eye contact. As we were leaving she quickly paid for the bill before I could. It was only about 20 RMB. When we were walking home, I was like this is my house, and then started walking back in. I am retarded. I realized afterwards that I should have walked her back to her home which was just one complex over. I also missed a chance for Kino and kiss. I could instantly see in her facial expression that she had a look of “shock” and then she went home. I understand my mistake, will not make it again, and reading body language helped me realize this mistake and I will NEVER make it again. This was my first date since my divorce and a part of the reason why I freezed up is because my dog has “dual custody” and my dog wasn’t with me that night. I hadn’t told her that I was divorced yet or with kids. I sent her a text later that night and even though she was showing IOI on the date, she politely told me that there “was no need”. Basically, she was giving me “girl code” for no need to go on a second date. In that text message she said asked if I was married. I said no. Then I asked her why she asked that and she said I looked “older”. Analysis: I think without a doubt the not walking home killed any chance I had with her and honestly I don’t think I had “super high value” in her eyes to begin with. It was my first date since the divorce and so I am not really worried about it. I think the 10 year age difference was also a factor.
  4. My possible hypothesis around the lack of tangible outcomes: Not enough skill: Maybe I am just not good enough at game. I started at a very low level, and have improved to “ok”. Maybe if I was “intermediate”, then I would have created more attraction to begin with, and I would have achieved better outcomes by now. When I went out with Jeffrey he was getting far more attraction than I was with similar situations. Obviously, Kane as well got far different responses than I did. Age mismatch: I am a 37 year old white guy and almost all the women I approach are aged 22-26. It is possible I am not getting any D2 because the women I am approaching are 10-15 years younger than me and they are not interested in dating an older guy. The one girl that clearly wanted a D2 was aged 40 or so. The 10 girls that didn’t want D2 were aged 25 or so. I am not really trying for super young girls, it just so happens those are the only age girls out and about when I am sarging. This is my current “story” that I tell my ego to explain my lack of results. However, other people have told me it was bullshit. Jeffrey is only two years younger than me and his results have been clearly different as well. Value mismatch: The three girls that I was most attracted to were HB 7-8. Kane told me I am a 6-6.5. It is possible they are not interested in D2 because they are higher value than me and have better options. However, I also had problems getting a D2 with girls that have a lower value than me so that can’t be the whole reason. Lack of physical attraction: Maybe I am not attractive enough to find a GF. I am 37, have a receding hairline, have a rating of 6, and don’t wear particularly nice clothes. I have lost weight and got some hair back and improved my looks some, but maybe it is still insufficient and I am too “ugly” to get attraction. This also can’t be true because I have not sealed the deal with girls of lower value. Also, I don’t dress particularly well. Not enough attraction to begin with: Some of the girls did not eagerly give me their WeChat and I had to “push through”. After trying to talk to them again, they will only respond a few lines of text because they just gave me their WeChat to be polite. They were not interested in me to begin with. If they were super interested, they would be more eager to talk on WeChat. Bad location for pickup: I have done about 80% of my approaches outside my apartment when work finishes. I have not really alternated to other places. Maybe the place where I am doing game is bad and that is why my results are bad. There is about a 3-1 male to female ratio here and many of the girls that are here are married or have boyfriends. The women are also younger. If the demographics of the place where I do pickup is bad, then the results will be bad. Already have boyfriends: Because the place where I am doing pickup has a 2-1 ratio, it is possible I am not getting replies on WeChat because they already have boyfriends or husbands. Not enough approaches: Maybe I have not done enough approaches to expect results. I only approach 3 women a day at most and I don’t really push it that hard anyways. I haven’t really been doing it long enough to expect results. There have only been really 3-4 girls where I had genuine attraction with and it is possible these girls had boyfriends. Just trying to get minimum: I have been just trying to satisfy the minimum requirement which is 3 approaches. I have not really even been focused on girls that I am really attracted to or even the best situations. I just want to get it done in order to have done my “quota” for the day. This attitude might be part of my lack of results. Tit is not a “success” mindset. Not trying to push it: I haven’t really been pushing it in anyway. As a result of me just wanting to “get it done” I am not transitioning into the next step for “what to do you do for fun” or “can I get your WeChat”. Without trying to push it, it shouldn’t be a surprise I am not getting “tangible outcomes” Bad Strategy: I think my strategy of walking my dog, asking are your from JinKui, where do you eat after Chung Guan closed all the restarants, what do you do for fun, what’s your WeChat is a good strategy. I have multiple crutches, and multiple “logical reasons” to talk with them, and we have multiple things in common. Maybe my assumptions about the strategy are wrong.
  5. 2 month analysis: I don’t know what to think. In the two months after boot camp I have collected about 20 WeChats I know without a doubt I have seen vast improvement. I was doing day game 4 times a week for the first month and then I only did it that process for 2 weeks the next month. I am already starting to feel a little let down. I did a lot of work before I did the boot camp. I had read about 30 books about PUA and listened to about 300 hours of David DeAngelo seminars among other things. I lost 35 kg of fat. I have been working out 5 days a week. I have been taking hair medication. I have probably approached at least 100 girls after boot camp and this has resulted in one D2, zero D3s, and 0 lays. I don’t know if I want to “quit” already, but it is getting harder to sustain the work without getting any tangible results in tangible outcomes. The one thing I will say is that I know without a doubt I have improved my ability to approach. This isn’t just a feeling. The improvement is obvious. AA is much diminished than before. When I approach I am doing it with more confidence than before. The boot camp and the time afterwards has really helped improve my skill but the end results aren’t really improving yet. I have collected about 20 WeChats and contacted about 10 of them. Of those 10 WeChats only 2 of them have responded at all and the rest only got a one or two line response and then nothing. I know that if there are multiple girls not responding, and I am the only common denominator, it must be me and not them. So now I need to do some reflecting and get some feedback from the community.
  6. Basic PUA Strategy for apartment: I am 37 years old. I am recently going through a divorce. I am a “theory guy”. I have read lots of books on PUA and listened to multiple seminars but I was full of shit because I never actually did anything…I just read books and listened to stuff. I finished Kane’s boot camp on 10-1 or so. I had hoped that that experience would jump start my ability to approach because that was what was preventing me from achieving any of my goals. I know a lot about theory, but I did not have the ability to execute. I had the goal of doing night game twice a month and approaching 3 girls every Monday-Thursday outside of my apartment complex. I live far away and I wanted a Chinese GF to have sex with and practice Chinese with. My standards are relatively low. I am hoping on settling for the first decent chick I can attract to have a practice GF after my divorce. I hope to find a HB 6 or higher and she speaks no English. I am not needing a girl to be super young, smart or interesting. I want a “temporary LTR”. My strategy is basically going up to the girl and following this process: 1. Walk down the street with my dog. 2. Are you from JingKui? (Name of apartment complex) 3. After “Chun Guang” closed down all the restaurants…where do you eat? 4. Jinkui is boring, what do you do for fun? 5. Can I get your WeChat? I have iterated several times and I think this strategy is the best I have come up with. The dog helps with comfort. The “Are you from Jinkui” helps with commonality and rapport. The restaurants closing by ChunGuan gives me “logical reason” to talk with them. The what do you do for fun is my away from food transition and gives a logical reason for the to give me their WeChat.
  7. 11-29 HK airport on visa trip 1. Opened girls “are you going to Shanghai?” They said “Yes” and then got ignored. 2. Talked with Goldan Sachs employee for about 30 minutes about finance and economic collapse. 3. Opened a smoking 50 year old woman and talked for about 5 minutes.
  8. 11-28 I was front-lining at Big Debates 1. During warm-up talked with about 5 girls. 2. Approached the hottest girl at Big Debates as she was leaving. She said she voted for me. I will definitely try to WeChat close her the next time I see her. 3. Talked with two black feminists for an hour and trolled them. It was fun.
  9. 11-21 Night game with Liam and Johnathan at Zapatas 1. Opened 18 year old girl from Wellington College. 2. Opened two art students one was from cars and another architecture 3. Saw HB Finance challenge girl from Bootcamp This was a pretty solid night. I think I did pretty good. Noting absolutely amazing but I had a couple opens, got my reps in, so reduced AA.
  10. 11-14 1. Talked with girl carrying heavy box. I said she was so strong. 2. Talked with two girls walking a baby for abont 5 minutes. 3. WeChat close HB Gamer Girl. Gamer Girl was walking home and I was doing the normal “ChuangGuan routine” and then I asked and I was able to transition into the what do you do for fun. She gave me WeChat and we talked for about 10 minutes and then she said she needed to study. She was maybe a 5 or a 6. My performance I think was pretty good. A lot better than before but I don’t think she was interested.
  11. 11-13 1. Opened 3 set after they looked at my dog. Could not transition. 2. A girll walked by: “You Philipina?” We talked for a little bit but she was with boyfriend. 3. Had a long talk with two girls walking their baby.
  12. 11-12 1. Hot girl blew me off with instant rejection 2. Girl on motorbike didn’t understand my Chinese 3. Two sets of girls walking “Chunggan” open. They were friendly for about two min but could not transition and they just walked away.
  13. 11-4 Went to KTV with Philipina girls. HB KTV. I saw a Chinese girl there and went to open her. I did good. She had high IOI and compliance and I even got bambi eyes. The most IOI I have seen from any set. I thought this was the girl that would probably be my “practice GF”. Talk about her in the analysis section. The best responses I have ever got from any girl right after meeting her. I think part of it was me but part of it was foreigner effect. She was super eager at first on WeChat, but then it fizzled out. WHY…confuses me.
  14. 10-28 Sat before Halloween at Zapatas I went out with Liam and friend Jonathan on Halloween. I had told them I don’t do night game but I did awesome this night. I was a little buzzed and I was super confident. It was so easy to open people because they all had costumes and I did a great job. My friend Dylan was there and he was super impressed with all the girls I was talking to. I probably opened 10 girls in that night. I got 5 WeChats in that one night which was more than the entire last month. I thought my conversation skills weren’t fantastic but that night was a BIG boost to my confidence. All of these girls never really WeChated back but I controlled what I could control and it felt really good to see. BY FAR, my best night of night game in my life. HB Wonder Woman HB Finance Blogger HB Witch
  15. 10-24 1. Winona: A philipina girl I already know was asking if I would give her the bottle of coffee I just bought. I was cocky funny with her. I asked her “What do I get?” Then I said are you going to give me a kiss. Then she said “no”, I said you know I have another bottle upstairs, “I will give you two bottles if we can fuck!” I got a great reaction. 2. Opened two set with “Chungguan open” and quickly ejected after no IOI or compliance. 3. I had this conversation with little boy about “dog” where we kept on saying it to each other over and over until we were almost yelling it at each other.
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