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  1. Background about myself Originally, I am from Thailand and did undergraduate/Masters in the US and is currently working in New York as a software engineer. I learned about the book "The game" since I was in college but never took game seriously until 2013 when I took a boot camp with another pick-up company in San Francisco and learned some very basic stuffs about the game. Then I got into 2 long term relationships. After I got out of each relationship or broken up with, I was pretty shattered both times and decided to man up and get this part of my life handled. I bought and did some pick-up products from the other company who teaches most of the “natural” game and had very inconsistent results. I have a fetish with Asian women, especially Koreans. I went out a to a Korean/Asian night club here in New York here a lot but haven’t had much success with Asian/Korean sets and was very frustrated with my progress and I knew something wasn’t right because I kept getting blown out left and right. I looked up online for an “Asian” specific dating company and ran into Kane’s pickup infield videos and was thoroughly impressed. A couple of days later I was talking with RedpoleQ over a Skype call, he hooked me up with McConnell for a bootcamp in Thailand. I decided I wanted to go very hard on game, so I booked an 8 days that spanned over 2 weeks with both McConnell and Kane. We had to fly Kane over from China to teach me this bootcamp. First half: the basics with McConnell Day 1: Wednesday Topic: Fashion + Night game basics + attraction Daygame: In the morning session, McConnell went over the basics of game and the 5 steps of game and he tried to prepare me for the first night game. The goal for the first night was to mainly work on attraction and kino. He went over some canned BT spikes materials that we could use infield. I was a bit skeptical at first because I never used canned material before. Night game: I decided to bring my wingman on board for the first night. McConnell went over some winging techniques for me and my wingman to focus on. This first night was extremely difficult for us and we pretty much couldn’t hook any sets. It was me mostly having to unlearn being “natural” and learning to kino more. We got a lot of push back from our kinos and McConnell just pointed out that our game was not quite good yet. I felt a bit disappointed for the first night by kept my faith in check as I knew it was going to be a long process. Day 2: Thursday Topic: Attraction + qualification Day game: Today was the day I said fuck-it, I‘m going to forget everything I have learned about pick-up and do whatever McConnell said. He went over the concepts of day game and how to run sets during the day. Today was a much better day as I prepared some funny lines for BT spikes i.e. “I’m looking for socks for my Pomeranians” + showing them the photos of a cute dog with socks on. A kino move on their arms and teased them about them being very strong and that they must work out. I think I can guess what you do for a living....., you are batman! I ran them pretty well and got positive reactions and contact closed many of the sets. I felt I was going into the right direction already. My sticking point was that I cared too much about people around me, after a few approaches during day time, I realized that no one actually cares, and that freed me up a bit when I started to care less about other people. Night game: During the night game, I would go into the sets, coming out and talked through with McConnell to get immediate feedbacks. I found this very useful in terms of calibration and learning about my mistakes. I.e. My shaky body language, not kino enough, staying on the openers too long, bad eye contacts, didn’t set down next to the target, didn’t engage with everyone in the sets, forget to bring the wingman in, etc. I felt my game was much better tonight as I managed to run my sets and get some attractions already. The debrief at the end of the night to go over 5 things I did well and I things to work on really helped my game, I will keep doing that moving forward. Day 3: Friday Topic: Text game + gaming non-english speakers + comfort basics I felt the need to also master the text game, so I enrolled in this text game seminar. The main thing was being efficient with the text while at the same time being persistent. You can prepare the life event and broadcast to a list of girls at the same time while showing values. At the same time some girls are being very hard to chase down, so you have to be persistent and keep showing values and be patient. Night game: Tonight was when it all started to click. I hooked many sets and got more contacts closed. At this point, I felt pretty good about my BT spikes and my kino as girls welcomed my kino a lot more. I put the non-verbal game into practiced and even contact closed Korean and Chinese sets tonight. McConnell brought his wing woman with us during the night game. We then went to a more challenging venue and I opened a 2 set. The girl I liked spoke some Chinese so I brought McConnell and his wing into the set. I got a lot of shit tests from her such as “You talk to many girls already haven’t you?” or “You are a player”, etc. Yet at the end of the night they bounced me to a restaurant. Later at the table, I messed this set up by showing my Instagram to them while they saw a lot of me chatting with lots of girls, so that disappointed her a bit as it confirmed that I talk to a lot of girls. The set was a kind of dead afterwards. Note to self: never let the girl have your phone! Day 4: Saturday Topic: day game +night game + dance floor game + comfort + sexcalation We went over nonverbals during the day game and how that could be used during loud venue where it’s hard to communicate. I learned about sub-communications and body language and gestures to use while slowing down and simplifying my verbal for foreigners sets. I’m getting much better at day game today. I even pick up a hottie sitting alone at a café in side a mall. She turned out to be a CEO of a very interesting startup in Asia. She seemed very interesting so I set up a date with her afterwards. At this point having game just blew my minds as it opens up a lot of possibilities. I started to wonder what else could I do with my life. Last week I wasn’t able to attract these girls, now all the sudden I’m able to talk to many of them and get them attracted. I had gained so much more confidence. Before the night game session, McConnell demonstrated the sexcalation techniques that I could use during the date or while in set. We bounced from places to places and focused a bit on dance floor game that relies a lot on non-verbal game. He showed me a couple of neat techniques that I could use to open girls on the dance floor. It was until the last set of the night when I successfully run the set through all of the 5 stages of game from opening -> attraction -> qualification -> comfort -> sexcalation. At this point I felt my game has leveled up by a notch as I’m able to hook many sets and close so many of them. I have reached the first milestone of learning all the basics of game and get ready for more advanced content once Kane arrives the next week. Sunday Topic: Dates + day game + first week graduation I set up a date and ran through the progressions that McConnell taught and got a lot of IOIs. The sexual state projection routine that he gave me worked wonder. I felt like having structure and strategy planned up really help my date game. I was able to create attraction and closed the girl a week after. 2nd half of bootcamp with Kane Day 5: Wednesday Topic: Diagnostics and fixing my game First day meeting with Kane today, it’s all about running the sets and let Kane dissect my game. I approached many sets and Kane basically watched all my interactions with the sets. Today I felt tired and mostly rusty and got blown out a lot of sets. I feel like I took a step back, which is normal while learning game. The sticking point was that I prematurely eject from sets when things don’t go well, or I don’t get any positive reaction. The other issue was I would run out of material to run during sets once I ran all my prepared materials. They both would be acknowledged and worked on the next day. Day 6: Thursday Topic: in depth qualification + coming up with more original content Day game: Kane had me listed a perfect girl as well as her attributes before the day game session. He pushed me really hard to for me to give very specific details about the “ideal” girl. I.e. which type of foods does she like, what’s her lifestyle, what’s her personality like. I feel like after this I would have more content to run during the qualification phase of the sets. It was a major hole in my game when I wasn’t able to qualify the girl at a detailed level. During the day game session, McConnell gave me a very funny BT spike openers to use in a Sephora store filled with girls. I went and had fun with it. The opener was “I’m about to be a ladyboy next month, which cream do I need to use once I become one?” I found it very amusing and it worked very well in sets as the girls would laugh and enjoyed the interaction. I managed to contact close a Singaporean girl with that. Another opener was that we found a nail cleaner device and used that to ask girls in the shop about what it actually does. Once I got the answer, from one girl, Kane had me re-approach to find out more about the device and learn more about the girl in order to practice qualification on the girl. That was my sticking point for that day as there were always things you can follow up on during the interactions and get to know more about the girl and more things to qualify her. Night game was very fun today as Kane gave me more Kino moves to use during the night game. Towards the end of the night, I hooked a set and the girl was very into me and try to bounce us to a dinner location, we all went together and joined her table and ran more kino + sexcalation. Towards the end the set bounced to another club but the girl kept texting me to have me follow her and meet her there. I was hesitant at first because I didn’t want to waste more time, but I went anyway, she was too drunk at the end of the night, so it was very hard to close her. She and her friend ended up dropping me at my place instead. I could have tried to close her at my place, but I figured it would have been a mess, so I moved on. Day 7: Friday Topic: Frame control + Kino techniques and plans for the future. Kane had me work on how an ideal life would look like and the roadmap to get there as well as actions that I have to take. It’s an idea of working backwards from an end goal and build my life such that it attracts the type of girls I want. During the day game session, we went over one of my weaknesses, which is frame control. I would lose my frame very easily and eject if the girls don’t give a green light. I needed to learn to plow through and maintain my frame within the interaction. Kane had me do an exercise to stop walking groups of people an maintain my frame until they are gone. It was a very challenging and intense exercise, but it taught me very a very important lesson: reactions from each set are totally random as they could be either green/yellow or red lights and I just need to plow though when I get a yellow light. During the night time, I put that into practice right away and plowed through many yellow lights and even implemented the kino moves that Kane gave me. The openers for the night were opinion openers based on my fashion. One of them is a question whether I looked good in a jacket or not. There is a much more hilarious one, however. For this one, I would go in and ask girls which button I should button on my shirt, and then slowly unbutton each of them one by one until they said stop. Most of the sets would stop me at the 2nd button, but some of them would let me continue and make jokes. I ran these very successfully and stacked on with other lines and kino with successes. Day 8: Saturday Topic: Sexualizing openers adding more sexcalation more in the interaction continued Setting up my life and building self-esteem Day game: We went to a bookstore inside a mall. Kane and McConnell had me send them into sets along with instructions, see how they run them and give feedbacks. They basically wanted me to view it from the instructor’s point of view. It’s very interesting to see how advanced game is being done by Kane and McConnell. Sometimes they would make a mistake intentionally and wanted to me to identify it. Later on, came up with an opener that’s related to the panda book I picked up and asked a girl where I can get a panda around, I want to buy one. The girl was mesmerized and then laugh really hard. That turned out to be a good BT spike and I was able to contact close her afterwards. All in all, a very good learning session. Later on, Kane pointed out that I could add more sexual vibe to the opener I could use and had me noticed and perceived girls walking around and things about them I could use to open with a sexual vibe/joke. It was a pretty tough exercise for me because I was pretty new for me. During the night game, the main thing that Kane stretched was adding more sexual vibe into the interactions and my verbal game. I was able to apply sexual vibe into a couple of situations. I.e. one girl I talked to was a manager at some company, I said “oooh, so you are good at managing people? I would like to be managed by you sometimes, (in bed)”. With a sexual/funny vibe. Adding sexual vibe seemed to work well throughout the night. Later on Kane brought me to a very loud and challenging venue. It was very hectic inside I tried to open a 8 girls set but couldn’t get the set to hook. Kane taught me about scanning for high possibility sets and be smart about my time. Overall It was a very transformational experience, I now have a good foundation on how to game girls. Kane main advice at the end was keep approaching and keep gaming a lot. In 6 months, my worst set could be at the same level as my best set during the bootcamp. That sounded exciting I felt motivated to my game to a much higher level. Thanks Kane and McConnell so much for a very good bootcamp, I’m sure this is not the end just yet.
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