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  1. Hi Everyone, I took my bootcamp last weekend 3/29-3/31. I took it mostly because @Ditto had a good experience and really, really wanted me to do it. I was reluctant to do so, but as someone who never had success with women, I knew it would be a good experience for me. I was the only one who took the bootcamp that weekend, so RPQ was able to focus a lot on me. Night 1: We met at Roppongi station and went over to the hub to begin the boot camp. I was the only one attending the boot camp that weekend, so RPQ was able to focus most of his attention on me. For my first approaches, RPQ had me focus on openers and pointed at a table with a 3 set. I knocked on the table and did the "Guess where I'm from" act. My biggest problems in this set were that I did everything wrong excluding knocking on the table and arguable that could have been done better too. My posture was terrible; I fiddled with buttons on my shirt, leaned in, and did weird things with my foot. The second set I opened was standing at a nearby table. I think it was 2 set and I opened the same way. After opening, I ran out of things to say and ejected because I had little social skills and didn't know what to say. I opened from a weird position and soon after learned that positioning was an important consideration. After opening a few more sets at the hub, some ignored my approaches, so I immediately ejected, while others ended because I didn't know what to do past my openers. After doing four or five approaches at the hub, we went over to Alife. At Alife, I got blown out by a bunch of sets. I learned how to better position myself when sets are walking. I also began to be more persistent, and not walking away with my tail between my legs immediately after opening. I got thicker skin about getting blown out or having sets walk away. I got a little better about opening and transitioning into the qualification stage and sustaining the conversation. The last set I opened that night was a 2 set and I brought in @Ditto as my wingman after opening. RPQ helped guide me through when I started running out of things to say. Eventually, we offered to buy them drinks and kept talking for half an hour or so. RPQ advised me to line close and time bridge, which she agreed to, to my surprise. By the end of the night, my posture was significantly better, and I stopped fiddling or doing weird things with my feet. Day 1: We met at Roppongi station again and started walking around the shopping area. I started off with some warm-up sets, which involved just getting instantly blown out. RPQ told me to approach more naturally and not straight on. My next approach was holding a pink umbrella, so RPQ changed my opener to be about her umbrella. I went over for the approach, said "Your umbrella is so pink, where can I get one" and went into figuring out her plans for the day and who she was meeting. She said she was meeting her friends at the Starbucks right now, so I ejected like a bitch, and did something weird like shake her hand. She went into the Starbucks and left a few moments later, so RPQ told me to re-open her. I looked at him like a madman and did it anyway. She was pretty keen to begin with, so I talked to her for a bit, moved through the qualification stage and RPQ gave me pointers from the side. Eventually we bounced from outside into the Starbucks, where she said she had to go after a few minutes. I ask for her line and she asked if I wanted to meet for lunch, which I obviously agreed to. After that, RPQ had me open a single set sitting down. I opened her and didn't ask what she was here for and for how long, which caused problems later. Turns out she was waiting for her boyfriend who was in a job interview. She kept glancing over at him, but I didn't have any awareness and was spending all my time just focusing on the conversation. Eventually after of couple minutes, her boyfriend walked in, to which I just switched the conversation over to him for a little bit, then ejected. We walked down to another area and I opened a set in the bookstore. After opening, she didn't really seem to understand much. I tried for a couple minutes, then ejected. I was kind of a bitch for the rest of the day, with either weak open attempts, or ejecting earlier than I should have. Night 2: We went over to Alife again. I opened a girl behind us in line, who was going to meet friends inside. After a weak open, and jumping into qualification too quickly, she walked away. The rest of the night was pretty rough. After my first few warm ups, my openers were much stronger, but I was getting blown out one after another. I approached a single set sitting alone at a table, but she understood very little English. It went well, but I ejected prematurely and forgot to go for the line close. A few moments later, another couple of guys tried to open her and started harassing her, so I stepped in and pulled her away from them. Being stupid, I didn't think of re-opening and continuing the sarge, so she left. After that set, I got blown out a couple more times, or my set got pulled away by a friend who was far away. Eventually, there was a drunk or crazy two set, that someone else had opened, so RPQ told me to go in as a wingman. After a few minutes, the other guy left and I brought in @Ditto as my wingman. The sarge went on for several minutes, but my target understood very little English and I was struggling to keep up a conversation. She started wanting to leave, so I eventually ejected. After that one, there was another two set that I opened decently and brought in a wingman. RPQ helped reposition me to isolate the target better. The qualification stage went poorly and I started running out of things to say. I also didn't keep BT Spiking, so she eventually left. There were a lot of larger sets that night, so I was having a hard time opening without getting blown out. After a couple more poorly run sarges and blow outs, the night ended. Day 2: We met in Meguro for the second day. Since it was Cherry blossom season, there were a lot of people out. RPQ advised me to use food as an opener, which worked really well. My first set was a typical warm up flop. I opened her asking about her food, and tried a few more BT spikes, but she wasn't understanding and then I bitched out as per usual. I opened up a two set after that, asking about their food and where they got it from, they even offered me a piece, so I took it. I brought RPQ in as a wingman and talked to the target about travelling for a while. Eventually LINE closed her and ejected after. The next approach was a two set sitting on the wall. I got through the open and asked them what they were doing. They said they were waiting for their Starbucks drink. I brought in @Ditto at this point and we took a seat next to them. I talked to the target for 10 minutes, but after struggling to get past the language barrier, I ejected. The next set was walking by herself, so I opened her then asked what she was doing. She said her friends were in the new Starbucks, but wasn't able to get in, so she was waiting for them to come back out. I became retarded at this point and randomly ejected after my mind went blank. A few minutes later, she was walking around, so RPQ had me re-open and ask for her LINE. I got her LINE, but didn't think about progressing the sarge and left again without trying to bounce her to a cafe, while she waited for her friends. We saw her again, and RPQ had me re-open a third time to ask her if she wanted to go to a cafe. At this point I was starting to get a little meek, so my approach was weak and she just said no. After that there was a two set sitting down. I brought in @Ditto and we talked for about 10 or 15 minute, but I had problems communicating with my target, so eventually ejected. The last set that day was a two set taking a lot of pictures. I opened saying just that and told them we should take a picture together. We took a couple pictures and I brought in my wingman. We took another picture, but had some problems isolating our girls because our positioning was a little weird afterwards. Eventually, we isolated our targets and ended with a LINE close and time bridge. Reflecting back on it, the bootcamp was a great experience and I'd recommend it to anyone. It's daunting at first and the anxiety from approaching didn't go away by the end of the bootcamp, but approaching women doesn't feel like an impossible task anymore. Previously, I never imagine it would be that easy to get a date. I could just walk up to a girl, start talking to her, and not only get her number but time bridge also. That's an incredible realization. The fact that I could do that just after a couple of days and with only the most minor amount game is mind blowing.
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