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  1. Pre Boot Camp Six years ago I decided to pack up everything and leave Sydney. In search of a new adventure in Beijing. I attended BLCU and studied Chinese like many foreigners do when first arriving in China. In my first few days at the university, I met a guy from South Africa who had read a few books about the game and seemed to be very popular with the ladies. The first night we went out together I watched him close a solid 8 from Wu Club (for anyone is ever in Beijing Wu Club is a great place to meet university students who are looking for a good time, at least this is how it was two years ago, maybe things have changed since then). Watching my new friend found close this girl so quickly inspired me to start making some drastic changes in my life to start improving how women perceived me and my relationships with women. I had always been very overweight, and this had always been an issue for me in terms of meeting girls as it affected my self-confidence. I joined the gym, improved my fashion and read the book “The Game”. These few small changes had a huge effect on my life, and I started to pull fairly hot girls quite regularly. I was going out to clubs 3-4 times a week in both Wudaokou and Sanlitun; however, I rarely played day game. Three years ago I moved to Shanghai for a work opportunity, and a friend of mine recommended I join ‘The Shanghai Shaggers’ wechat group as a way to meet friends in a new city. I started going out with some of the guys in the group to a club called ‘The Apartment’, I was very impressed with the skills these guys had and quickly found out they had all been trained by Kane. At this point, I had banged more than 200 girls, and even though I wanted to do a boot camp with Kane, I couldn’t justify it, as I believed I was already good enough at pick up and didn’t need it (later I would find out how wrong I was). After breaking up with the hottest girl I ever dated I was finding it difficult again to approach girls, at this point, I decided to bite the bullet and contact Kane to register for a boot camp. Boot Camp Day One - Night Game at Lebaron I had played a lot of club game over the years; however, I had never done it without drinking. When Kane told me that drinking was not allowed on the boot camp, I was a little nervous, to be honest. As we had dinner together at the Shanghai Brewery, Kane asked me a lot of questions about the types of girls I was into and what exactly I was looking for in a girl. Some of these questions were difficult to answer, as I had never really put much thought into it. Once we had established what I was looking for Kane helped me to develop some questions that would allow me to qualify the girls that I would like. We went into Lebaron early, and Kane ran me through step by step what I was going to do when we started opening girls. The first set of the night I approached the girl, (tap tap) ‘happy birthday.’ I put my hand out hoping to spin her, and she just looked at me and turned away. My body language was off, I wasn’t smiling enough, and my energy was low, Kane showed me what I was doing wrong. We continued opening sets for the next two hours, and I could feel that I was improving set by set. The main point I was focusing on was kino, body language (leaning forward too much) and staying in set longer. My final set of the night was a Taiwanese babe (at least an 8), in this particular set I focused on the energy of my open, consistent kino and stayed in the set for at least 20 - 30 minutes. At about the 20-minute point she said let's have a shot together, but as it was a dry boot camp, I had to say no. I explained to her that I’m training for a running race and can’t drink, that was fairly well received. At about the 30-minute point Kane came in and told me it’s time to leave, and I could add her Wechat. When we got outside Kane told me the reason he allowed me to add the wechat is because of I of how much I had improved over the session and that he could tell I really liked her. What I did well: Approached girls without being drunk, improved kino over the session, stopped leaning forward so much, became much more animated in my opens and gamed a girl that meets my standards. Improvements needed: Engage obstacles effectively, use my wing more, lean back and have more in-depth conversations. Realizations: Hot girls are just as easy as ugly girls. Day Two - Day Game at People's Square Day two started off with lunch at Peoples Square. Kane asked me to think off a few different date routines that I wanted to use in the future. Later on that, I was going to seed these locations or activities for future dates. The first step I just stop girls on the street, hold them there and ride out the awkwardness. After doing this a few times, we moved on to stage two, which was to stop girls and ask for directions to Starbucks, or the local pet shop to buy cat socks. Two university students I opened on Nanjing Road offered to walk with me to Starbucks which gave me some time to work some of my routines on them, I was able to Wechat close but couldn’t get her to agree to a time bridge. I continued to open all afternoon; I must have opened 15 plus sets. I wasn’t super happy with the quality of the girls around people square. However, there was a good flow of traffic which allowed me to practice day game opening. What I did well: Wechat closed 5 girls, used good body language, and qualified all sets and good BT spikes. Improvements needed: Don't miss any sets because I’m feeling nervous, use different material, and approach girls I like, use more kino and have a better stance in the set. Realizations: Day game is possible; I like night game better than day game, and day game can be an everyday activity. Day Two - Night Game at Lebaron By the time we arrived at Lebaron for the second night, I was starting to feel really tired. The last two sessions had really taken its toll on me both mentally and physically, so I loaded up on caffeine and started the session. Kane taught me how to sexualize inset using the Strawberry Farm question game with girls. I tried using this in set a few times throughout the night, however, didn’t really have any success using this content. I think the reason it wasn’t working is I was trying to deliver this content in Chinese and was able to deliver it confidently. About halfway through the session, I opened a girl from Inner Mongolia (I really like girls from this area of China); I was in the set and doing very well. My Kino was strong and consistent; I could tell she was really enjoying interacting with me. I got her Wechat and came back over to Kane at this point I’d been in the set for about 10 minutes, Kane asked me why I had left the set and made me go back to talk to her again. I really didn’t want to go back and reopen the set; I was feeling nervous about reopening a set. Kane said to me “it’s just a girl, what are you scared of?” So I went back in reopened her and continued talking to her for the next 20 minutes. I was pleased went back into the set as when she was leaving the club she came over and gave me a big hug and agreed to meet me the following week. What I did well: stayed in set for longer, wechat closed three girls, approached every set Kane told me to open, independently open sets and stronger kino. Improvements needed: be more expressive on the open, smile more in the club and engage the entire set. Realizations: Be fun when interacting with girls and speak slower. Day Three - Day Game in Xintiandi The first task Kane gave me was to think of what were the most significant achievements of my life, my biggest failures and some of my biggest learning experiences. After telling Kane about these points, he helped me build a story routine for deep comfort. After we finished lunch, we went outside, and Kane said to me that the goal of the day is to go on an instant date. When he mentioned this, I was feeling really worried as I doubted I’d be able to do this. On my second set of the day, I saw a really hot girl walk down one of the alleys to take photos. I went up to her and asked how to how to get to Starbucks, and she offered to walk me there. As we started walking together everything Kane had taught me over the past three days was coming together, and my routines were working so well, it felt like I had a superpower. I established that she had one hour until she was meeting her friend for dinner, so I suggested we walk together around the area. It was working; I was on an instant date! As we walked together, I started to run the deep comfort routines on her, after I finished the story she offered to buy me a coffee at a nearby cafe. We sat down, and I started to ask her lots of hypothetical questions, for example, “if you could go to the airport tonight and fly anywhere in the world, where would you go and why? Would you buy presents for your friends? What would you buy? We sat together chatting for about 40 minutes, and then she needed to go and met her friend for dinner, so I got her wechat and time bridged her for a future meet. Kane came back over and told me that I had already completed today’s goal on the second set of the day. We continued walking around, and opening sets all afternoon, and I was wechat closing a lot of different hot girls, Xintiandi is a great place to go on a Sunday afternoon. We finished off the boot camp with dinner together at a Mexican place, and Kane helped me to sum up the weekend and what was going to be the plan moving forward. That was it the boot camp was over and I was feeling great! Anyone who is thinking about doing a boot camp with Kane, I’d highly recommend it, he is a great guy and these three days of training will change your life forever. What I did well: Open the hottest girls of the weekend, Wechat closed most sets, went on an instant date, used my story in sets, lead interactions well and good conversations. Improvements needed: Be more proactive, body language, smile more and eye contact. Realizations: Taptap is risky in day game, Xintiandi is great and instant dates are possible.
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