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  1. Great, thanks. Im blindfolded because we was doing some social experiment and sometimes people like this. Not sure how this affects my attraction level though.. Probably being DJ infront of the crowd is better? Also Ive downloaded this PDF for tinder game and it says you should remove cropped out pictures?? IM confused is my picture goes to the cropped section or not? And Im using selfie? Or this is document is another fake lie? and what you think about this photo as well?
  2. Greetings! Could you please advice me which pictures I should get rid off in order to look better for girls? https://www.facebook.com/Artyxz https://vk.com/albums7768198 I Suppose I must remove almost everything am I right? My reasons - the one where Im finishing the Uni has cropped out people, where Im showing muscle is too direct , picture with me in the glasses is a selfie, the profile one is not me looking away showing pride with blurred background, picture where I ask for hug is too needy, underwater picture - I have extra weight. Do I have atleast one pic I can keep? I've read you need at least 3 or 4 And what else could be improved and removed? Should I remove that I like harry potter book for example? This is optional, advice on a pics is my priority. Also as I understand tinder and facebook is a bit different when its coming to be liked by a girls, but still, you think having pictures hugging a girl is bad for fb too??? And why hugging guys is ok for them and me hugging girls is not ok?? ? Please help guys, 0 results in 5 years... Attached images that worry me most for your convinience.
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