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  1. Life Update For those of you who aren’t fully updated with my life. I am currently back in the US to attend my final year of college. Coming out of a serious long-term relationship last year, I’ve just been in a serious funk with women lately. Due to short time that I knew that I was going to be in the US (I have no fucking intention of staying here), I wasn’t really planning on practicing game and just wanted to “find myself” (Yes, I realized how much I sound like a white girl from an upper-middle class family in Northern California.) Right as I was about to go through this hippie phase where I would attempt to finish college with volume and velocity, I had the opportunity to take a boot camp with Mystery. Considering his name recognition as the mentor behind many of the greats of pickup such as JT Tran, RSD Tyler, and Style, I decided to enroll with him as well. And boy was it a…. regrettable decision. I’ll write more of a review on his boot camps on another forum post but essentially, I feel like we learned absolutely nothing new or useful. In short, the first boot camp involved us listening to him recount some of the things that he had said on his old YouTube videos and then practicing openers and negs for 3 days while the second one involved him spending 2 hours teaching me a single magic trick. Additionally, he barely approached at all. Yet, the positive thing that’s come out of this investment is that it has really lit a fire within me to go out and practice consistently. I’ve started to do solo sarging more and also written more FRs than I have. It’s crazy, before, I would go hard under the wing of Kane or go on an anger-induced rampage and then pull then stop. Now, I’ve been going out with more consistency and unsupervised effort than ever before. I’ve literally done 12-hour round-trips to NYC just to find wings and I’ve started going out alone. Yet what has frustrated me is that I’ve not only not pulled, I only achieved but two dates (to be fair one was an instant date with this 1.85m Russian model.) But there has been a silver lining to all this. In terms of my process-orientated goals, I’ve finally been able to deal with my night game anxiety, particularly dance floor game. I’ve started to open sets with breakneck velocity and hooking sets quite well. What’s more, my opener has started to hook with incredible consistently, so I know longer have a fear of not hooking enough. In game was broken down in the 5 stages: open, hook, qualify, comfort, escalate, sexualize. I would give myself a grade of 90% on the first two stages. I am THAT confident (and for those of you that know me well enough, you know I’m almost never assured about anything I do game-related.) Additionally, I’ve been opening and hooking everything from mixed sets to 8 sets in various energy venues from bar area, outside the bathroom/coat check, rooftop patio, live-band, to high-energy techno dancefloors. Additionally, I’ve started to learn with handling various handicaps from wingmen who have AA, going out alone, wingmen that unknowingly AMOG me (his opener to enter my set was “Is my boy harassing yall?”, and lesbian amogs lol. Although I’m definitely having a hard time (especially with escalation and trying too hard) where there are moments where I (thanks to my 95thpercentile neuroticism) question aspect of myself. I’ve forced myself to take a deep breath, forcibly chill the fuck out, and push myself to spend more time going out, drilling in routines, and writing FRs. Turning my exasperated frustration into a proactive obsession. Game Update In terms of my game, it’s definitely fair to say that it’s undergone a massive transformation. Firstly, due to school, I haven’t been done much street game or day game. I’m guessing this might actually be one of the reasons why I’m having a hard time because my strengths and literally 95% of my pulls have all been girls that I’ve met at low energy environments. So, you could say I’m focusing on strengthening my weaknesses. Additionally, the way I use to run game was based heavily on my state whereby I’d naturally DHV myself due to the fact that I was an ABC and that I’ve had really interesting life experiences. All my field reports were super long before because I had a tendency to improvise literally everything I said, and my results were mainly state based. Then after enough of a rampage under the supervision of Kane, I’d somehow get calibrated enough to pull. Now, my game is completely different. I’ve been more heavily diving into the structured routine-based game whereby I just been going out and running routines. Using the same opener, same qualification question, rehearsed negs. My goal so far has just been to rehearse and practice my material so that I can increase the concision of my FRs (and the time it takes to do a single write up), remember my sets with more ease, and become more processes driven. I been forcing myself to be so meticulous to the point every set I’m in I’ve begun to literally run a checklist infield. Here it is: 1. Did I approach sets with volume and velocity? 2. Did I smile and have open body language? 3. Did I do a BT Spike? • You know how I know you are close, you guys make the exact same facial expression • Cool Handshake • Flex for me 4. Did I Neg (Optional) - Scaled • It’s so cute, your nose wiggles when you talk • You have a white eye lash • You have the exact same eyes as my baby brother. He gets all the girls • You are the beauty and the beast rolled up into one • Where the hot girls at? • Some girls that 2 hours get ready, you look like you took 10 minutes • Yes “White eyelash” 5. Did I do my cold read 6. Did I relate their statement to a statement about me that demonstrates value about me? • Leader of Men • Présélection • Protector of Loved Ones • Family Man • Risk Taker • Well Traveled and Cultured • Man of Many Interests 7. Did I attempt Kino (Hug)? • No 8. Did I attempt to Lock-In or Isolation? 9. Did I do a DHV Story? (look below) 10. Did I run a qualification statement? 11. Did I ask for tonight’s logistics? Did I figure out who she’s with? What she is doing? What she’s doing later tonight? 12. Did I check compliance? • Instagram is one 13. Re-Do Steps 4-11 14. Did I state direct male-to-female interest 15. Did I get PIE through mixture of questions and statements • Job • Schedule • Hobbies 2. Did I Seed Date? 16. Did I Time-Bridge? 17. Did I get phone number? 18. Did I attempt Beckster’s Routine (K-Close)? I think one of the reasons why my results have been slower aside from me traveling to multiple environments is the fact that I am undergoing a massive inner game transformation alongside re-organizing my entire technique. It feels a bit constraining for the moment, and I do get brain farts from time to time but hopefully this approach will pay dividends soon. Here Are A List of DHV Stories I Run Now 1. DHV #1: Skydiving in Cancun To Open · What is the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done? (Question) · I feel like the best moments in life are those that are spontaneous. A few years ago, my New Year’s resolution was to do something that scares me. So, my ex-girlfriend at the time was celebrating her birthday, I was like “hey babe what would you want for you present” and she was like “surprise me” So, I booked a trip to Cancun to take her skydiving. To be honest, skydiving scares the crap out of me. Originally the plan was to see the Aztec Ruins because she needed to take photos for her Instagram. Don’t make fun of her, but that’s how she made her living. So that day, she said man the sky looks so beautiful “I wish we could go skydiving.” So, I called, hoping that they wouldn’t answer, because it was getting late. Then they picked up the phone and I was like damn “I guess I’m going skydiving” I kid you not, sky diving was one of the best, most liberating experiences, I’ve ever done. On the way back home, I sat next to another rapper. So, we start doing some rhymes together, and my ex-girlfriend looks at and said, “don’t do it.” The whole plane started looking at us because it was the first time, they’d seen a bilingual freestyle. So, the guy I met on the plane, he’s still one of my good friends, he started his own hedge fund. And sometimes we do business together. Attraction Switches · Pre-Selection · Successful Risk Taker · Ability to Emote (Role Playing) 2. DHV #2: Funny Weight-Loss To Open · You look like you work out a lot? (Question) · I feel like the hardest moments allow you to become who you are. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been a mad foodie. So, I ate a lot. When I was a 15, I was 50 pounds overweight. I was so fat, that the doctors diagnosed me as obese. Despite all this, I didn’t see myself as fat. I was quite popular, had tables at exclusive clubs and people treated me really well. Optional Have you ever watched Cheers? Who’s your favorite character? Do you know Norm? I was literally like Norm Because of that, I didn’t really see myself as fat, just a bit chubby. 3. DHV #3: Student Entrepreneur To Open · You look like you work out a lot? (Question) · I feel like the hardest moments allow you to become who you are. Right now, I am an investor, but before I was always an entrepreneur and I came back here from China to move on to new venture. And there’s an interesting story behind it (bait) Optional Girl: What was it? Me: I’ll tell you in a bit My dad is a successful serial entrepreneur and ever since I was 3 years old, I would go into his boardroom meetings. My dad even sent me to the best entrepreneurship school for college. So, I was raised as an entrepreneur. I took a break from college and that was probably the best decision I ever made. I back to China, where I learned French. (pause) I know it’s weird because I’m going to France to learn German. (if she gets it then let her call you out on it) I started a ran entrepreneurship competition for high schoolers all over China. We grew quite quickly in the beginning, like within 5 weeks we made a revenue of 100,000 USD. To be honest, people would think that making money is what makes you happy but what made me happy was the fact that I was able to enable people to make money for themselves and people like my employees had the opportunity to make money for their children. Till this day, one of my favorite things to do is to speak in front of audiences and empower them to pursue their dreams, to start something. Extension · True Happiness Dalian · Ability to Emote Attraction Switches · Leader of Men · Successful Risk Taker 4. DHV #4: Opener a. If I was going to die and, on lying my deathbed, and I was going to have my last meal what would you make me? i. And chocolate covered strawberries with whip cream doesn’t count b. If I was going to wake up in the morning to your cooking, what would you make me? i. By the way, I’m judging you based on your answer. ii. If I don’t like it, you’re not spending the night. If I ever called my grandma a cook, she’d slap me. “It’s chef” My food still isn’t as good as my grandma’s
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