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Review of Text, Relationship and Sex Seminar


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I have taken all of these seminars, with the text and relationship being taken back-to-back, and the sex seminar having taken later. 

All of these seminars are the real deal. Let's get real for a second - as with all of "self-help" that lots of people don't want to lay down the cash for what they feel, "won't be worth it" or that they could "do on their own". I was no exception, at the beginning. It took my awhile and after hearing great praise from a certain person about the usefulness of these courses and how they have effected his life and game, I took the big step and layed down the money for them. I wasn't dissapointed.

All of the seminars have several things in common. Firstly, they are seminars, which means that you will be infront of RPQ (and possibly Kane) and with some other guys, sometimes talking, most times listening and absorbing knowledge. This format is good because you get instant feedback as well as hear other people's issues and how they compare with yours. I am a firm believer that this is how human beings were made to learn: in small groups in front of a "master". Not in huge classrooms, not online, but in person in small groups. This is how we best absorb knowledge. Futhermore, all the seminars have theory, examples, and techniques. Different seminars have different ratios of these three things, with the relationship seminar having the most theory, text having the most technique and examples, and the sex seminar coming somewhere in between. This makes sense because of the inherently complex and abstract nature of human relationships. I will start in this order, with the relationship seminar first.

The relationship seminar is essentially a distillation of a huge variety of theories integrated within RPQ's own theory about how men should successfully run a relationship, along with a large of amount of specific examples. This seminar was, by far, the most intense and theoretical and was at times mind-blowing. I can say without any exaggeration that this seminar changed my life and how I view relationships with women, as well as pointed me in the right direction of lots of information for further study. Most importantly, however, it broke down my preconcieved notions of what a relationship is and what women want, laying the groundwork for futher growth. Since relationships are so key to our lives, I highly recommend this seminar.

Next is the sex seminar. Since I am a newbie at sex, this seminar probably had the least effect on me, but it was still fascinating none-the-less. Again, RPQ took a wide variety of information and a vast amount of person sexual experience and integrated it into his personal system, and of course, gave tons of examples and even showed videos! I might have a while to go before using these advanced techniques,  but at least I know how advanced, how utterly powerful men can be in sexually conditioning their women to do...almost whatever they want! This stuff is really insanely powerful and should be used for good not evil!

Last but not least is the text seminar. This is the most technique heavy seminar, but DOES have a seamless system, devised by RPQ after 20 years of texting in Asia that gaurantees success if followed. Beyond the theory, which is easy to understand, the multitudes of examples (you can also provide your own examples) will make you quickly understand how you should be texting girls. Highly recommended, since texting is basically the entrypoint of any relationship nowadays.

If you are really serious about improving your life, then you will spend the money. It is a small amount of support to give to RPQ for such fantastic and well thought-out programs.

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