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  1. I read this book off the heels of reading The Game and I was somewhat disappointed. It seems that Neil Strauss tried to replicate the formula of writing about interesting outward experiences, intensely personal inward experiences, while sprinkling in dashes of truisms and poetic analogies. For The Game, this worked, because the subject matter was interesting and new in itself, but in The Truth, the subject matter is as old as time - how to conduct relationships. Still, I did get some value out of it and it was enjoyable at times. The book was basically a 2 year journey of the author, begi
  2. So I finally read The Game. It is an aged book in the community, so of course, the exposé has already taken place and a lot of this stuff is old news, so I'm not going to talk about what everybody knows, I'm just going to have my opinions on the subject matter. The first thing that struck me about The Game, is just how technical and close to NLP those old-school techniques were. I wonder sometimes if we have regressed back from some of those very advanced techniques that are essentially hypnosis and have gotten too lazy, just running the cube over and over. Reading The Game makes me want
  3. I have taken all of these seminars, with the text and relationship being taken back-to-back, and the sex seminar having taken later. All of these seminars are the real deal. Let's get real for a second - as with all of "self-help" that lots of people don't want to lay down the cash for what they feel, "won't be worth it" or that they could "do on their own". I was no exception, at the beginning. It took my awhile and after hearing great praise from a certain person about the usefulness of these courses and how they have effected his life and game, I took the big step and layed down the m
  4. Yeah, his stories are pretty random and tangential sometimes. I didn't mind - it's like listening to a brilliant uncle ramble about and eventually come back to the point. Some people might be bothered by it though, especially if they aren't used to JP.
  5. I read this book off the heels of Maps of Meaning because it was being talked about so much around here. I wanted to see how it was different from Maps of Meaning and what else JP had to say. Since so much of this is covered in my review of Maps of Meaning, this review will be very short and will mainly be a comparison to that book and to other "self help" books. 12 Rules for Life is essentially this: JP's philosophy, mixed with random life stories and avuncular wisdom, hurled at the kitchen wall and stuck in random clusters around 12 "rules". This is in no way a negative statement, a
  6. Books 《百年孤独》 (This is a Spanish novel, I believe) 《听你的》 《从你全世界路过》 《微微一笑很倾城》 ( young girls) 《我不》 The Little Prince Authors 三毛 大冰 Agatha Christe 纳兰性德 张爱玲 - BIG ONE!! 渡边纯一 (still unclear to me why girls like to read this author) This list will be expanded as I gather more information on what the majority of the girls I run into read.
  7. Nudge is a book about how to influence people's choices. This is especially important in a situation where there is a plethora of choices, and the application to game is obvious. Especially in texting, a situation where tons of choices and information is offered before her and she must choose. This book follows a theory / application format, where the base theory is layed out early on in the book and applied to lots of specific situations. The author's intent in writing the book is actually from the point of social activism; the author believes that institutions should use the power of nud
  8. Thanks for the reply. Yep, the "resolutions" part was not contained in the book at all. I learned that from you, actually, and it's very important! I'll definitely check out those lectures when I have time, I just hope that I can find stuff about that theory elsewhere, because I find watching videos and lectures too slow. Maps of Meaning is ideal if you are very interested in these theories and want lots of in depth analysis, meaty material and tons of examples/quotes from the continuum of western thought. If you just want the essense of the theories to apply immediately, best to
  9. Book Review This book is an epic tome; a sort of magnum opus in which the basic philosophy and outlook for Jordan Peterson was crystallized. It is pretty massive, not for the weak of heart, but in fact very readable. I will talk about my impression of Jordan Peterson, the book, and how I think that it applies to game here. I had heard about Jordan Peterson (JP from here on) from the community and found out that he is sort of a "youtube intellectual star", apparently because of some comments he made about left-wing policies. Apparently now certain right-wing groups have take
  10. Great report! Welcome to the brotherhood! I think that it's great that you took the step of actually signing up for the bootcamp. You're already ahead of 99% of guys. So many guys would just say "meh" and pass the open door, but you walked through it. The part about Kane and his annoying questions made me laugh out loud.
  11. AOS is the absolute bible of seduction. It is a tome, and there is enough in that book for a life-time of study and application. I plan to re-read it soon! Besides the classics like Mystery Method, etc, for some good, short, side-reads, I suggest The Psychology of Influence by Robert Cialdini Essentials of Hypnosis by Yapko, Evolution of Desire by Buss The book about influence details lots of sales techniques that can be used to influence people (seduction is a kind of sale). Hypnosis is very deep stuff, but mastering it will get you to understand why stuff like strawberry fi
  12. This is a very interesting book that seducers out there can pick up and read in a night or two. This isn't heavy theoretic reading material; the book is mostly filled with anecdotes to demonstrate the theory of "Limerence". First things first; what is Limerence? Simply put, limerence is the "feeling of falling in love" or "having a crush" on somebody. It is a specific form of love, different from more mellow forms of love (亲情)such as between an older man and women. This type of love is the type that is most relished by song writers, the feeling of being "madly" in love. In short, i
  13. Great post man! I've found that we share a lot of the same feelings and obstacles. Let's 加油加油加油!
  14. I am a 32 American who has been in China for 6 years and has been gaming for 4 years. I am mostly self taught in game, learning from pirated books and videos from mystery, Sinn, LoveSystems, etc, and have never thought of paying money and actually learning from a master until now. Due to a chance introduction to Kane's wechat account by a friend, I slowly began to realize just how much I have to learn and just how bad I need to learn it. Previously I had done some bullshit self taught game with 8's and below with the occasional 9 or 10 due to luck. Approaching a 9 or 10 was out of the question
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