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  1. This is rant. If you don't like it, don't read it. On the other hand, if you can somehow prove to me that what I am saying is wrong, I will put my feelings aside and call you daddy. I will proclaim that you are right and will shut my face forever more. The shaved pussy EPIDEMIC is growing out of control. They are spreading, like a virus, from the US into the interior of China, girl by girl. I'm sure that dirty foreigners are brainwashing these poor girls and this is the reason they are spreading. Here are some reasons why shaved pussy are inferior to hirsute pussies. 1) Convenience You can't tell me that a shaved pussy is "convenient". You take something natural and turn in unnatural..how is that going to be convenient? How is having to shave your pussy every so often for it not to look like homer simpson's beard convenient? The hair stops growing at a certain length the way NATURE intended it. THAT is convenient. You like feeling that homer simpson is giving you a blowjob with his prickly beard? I didn't think so. 2) appearance All things being equal, we are conditioned by society to believe whatever is beautiful, is beautiful. But, objectively speaking, a hirsute pussy is more inline with our natural inclinations. Why? Simple evolutionary psychology. Men are wired to respond to developement in women. This is why we turn into cavemen when we see girls develop boobs as teens. Same goes with a vagina. What man is NATURALLY attracted to a vagina that looks like it belongs to a 11 year old? Why would we be naturally attracted to a prepubescent looking vagina? It doesn't make any sense, and is only something that society would have to strongly go against or natural inclinations. How is it pretty? Without the hair, there is simply nothing there. It is a slot, a hole. Is that pretty? You want women to shave their hair off too? When I look at it, I just think of a little baby or 7 year old girl and am disgusted. Are you a bunch of pedos? 3) cleanliness Someone give me some proof that shaving it is "clean". If you provide this, I will shut up. Until then, I'm going to assume that it is just more BS that people make up. 4) feel For going down on a girl, I will give you this one. For everything else...do you like having sex with homer simpson's mouth? With a prickly beard? Oh...I guess that means she has to shave it like everyday, doesn't it? How is that for convenience?
  2. I read this book off the heels of reading The Game and I was somewhat disappointed. It seems that Neil Strauss tried to replicate the formula of writing about interesting outward experiences, intensely personal inward experiences, while sprinkling in dashes of truisms and poetic analogies. For The Game, this worked, because the subject matter was interesting and new in itself, but in The Truth, the subject matter is as old as time - how to conduct relationships. Still, I did get some value out of it and it was enjoyable at times. The book was basically a 2 year journey of the author, beginning with infidelity and guiding the reader through various styles of relationship including total abstinence, polyamory, SM, free love, swinging, and finally back to where he started - monogamy and marriage. Throughout it all is Strauss's girlfriend, Ingrid, who is a main character through the entire book and who Strauss is constantly trying to reconcile himself with. In a sense, it is a sort of odyssey through the myriad of human relationship styles, ending with "enlightenment". The purpose of the book, as I said, is to lead with reader both through a series of interesting subcultures and relationship styles, sort of like the Game and at the same time through the author's mind. The former is where the value lies, because a lot of these subcultures are in fact very interesting and goes to show just how little (in terms of sex and relationships) I have experienced. Strauss does try out many different relationship styles and reports back about them in a detailed way, which is of interest to me. The latter, though, is where the book sort of lets me down. The author's random musings on life and relationships down have a lot of value for me, because they are disorganized, self-contradictory. The book was clearly written in chronological order, with some musings in direct contradiction to others later on down. While this might be interesting for some to read, in a sort of diary type way, it was annoying to me. I don't care about Strauss's mommy issues and I grew tired of hearing them. I can't relate to Strauss's issues with women, and grew tired of seeing him make the same stupid mistakes over and over. A lot of the musings are just the same thing repeated over and over in different ways, and are copied words and concepts from different people (I hope that therapist from the sex addicts group got a cut in the book, because Strauss constantly rips off of her). In the end, after a spiritual detox and who knows how many thousands of dollars worth of therapy only a rich writer in L.A. could have access to, he finds "enlightenment" and gets married. Lol. I'm sure he will get divorced or have an affair in a couple of years, just like his relationship with "the one" that he found at the end of the The Game. A merry-go-round of random thoughts and overly personal and irrelevant experiences, but the scenery along the way is interesting.
  3. So I finally read The Game. It is an aged book in the community, so of course, the exposé has already taken place and a lot of this stuff is old news, so I'm not going to talk about what everybody knows, I'm just going to have my opinions on the subject matter. The first thing that struck me about The Game, is just how technical and close to NLP those old-school techniques were. I wonder sometimes if we have regressed back from some of those very advanced techniques that are essentially hypnosis and have gotten too lazy, just running the cube over and over. Reading The Game makes me want to go read Ross Jeffries stuff, which I will, to see if those techniques stand the test of time and are actually as usable as they sound. The second thing is, this book paints a very clear picture of what the community was like in its infancy, and what kind of people were involved. Basically it was full of a bunch of weirdos with mental health issues, and issues with women. I think this can serve as a warning to all of us that this undercurrent might still be there. I know I definitely have misogynistic tendencies (and I'm a weirdo) The final thing is, related to the 3rd point, looking at game in its infancy, it is very clear in what kind of environment MM was developed in, and why it developed the way it did. Game was born in the nightclubs of the sunset strip and Toronto. These are extremely specific areas. Yes, Mystery surely did pick up girls from other venues and places, such as Eastern Europe (he clearly has a thing for Eastern European girls), but we should all keep in mind that this is a very specific area with some very specific girls. Mystery said it himself when he said that he "goes for groupies looking for a rockstar, so I am their rockstar", or to that effect. I think that pickupasia has done a good job of adapting the target audience (to open-minded girls in Asia that are receptive to foreigners), but more could be done. All-in-all, these book, for me, served as a look at game in the petri dish of its infancy, a study on the core qualities that pick up has an might very well remain with it 'till this day.
  4. I have taken all of these seminars, with the text and relationship being taken back-to-back, and the sex seminar having taken later. All of these seminars are the real deal. Let's get real for a second - as with all of "self-help" that lots of people don't want to lay down the cash for what they feel, "won't be worth it" or that they could "do on their own". I was no exception, at the beginning. It took my awhile and after hearing great praise from a certain person about the usefulness of these courses and how they have effected his life and game, I took the big step and layed down the money for them. I wasn't dissapointed. All of the seminars have several things in common. Firstly, they are seminars, which means that you will be infront of RPQ (and possibly Kane) and with some other guys, sometimes talking, most times listening and absorbing knowledge. This format is good because you get instant feedback as well as hear other people's issues and how they compare with yours. I am a firm believer that this is how human beings were made to learn: in small groups in front of a "master". Not in huge classrooms, not online, but in person in small groups. This is how we best absorb knowledge. Futhermore, all the seminars have theory, examples, and techniques. Different seminars have different ratios of these three things, with the relationship seminar having the most theory, text having the most technique and examples, and the sex seminar coming somewhere in between. This makes sense because of the inherently complex and abstract nature of human relationships. I will start in this order, with the relationship seminar first. The relationship seminar is essentially a distillation of a huge variety of theories integrated within RPQ's own theory about how men should successfully run a relationship, along with a large of amount of specific examples. This seminar was, by far, the most intense and theoretical and was at times mind-blowing. I can say without any exaggeration that this seminar changed my life and how I view relationships with women, as well as pointed me in the right direction of lots of information for further study. Most importantly, however, it broke down my preconcieved notions of what a relationship is and what women want, laying the groundwork for futher growth. Since relationships are so key to our lives, I highly recommend this seminar. Next is the sex seminar. Since I am a newbie at sex, this seminar probably had the least effect on me, but it was still fascinating none-the-less. Again, RPQ took a wide variety of information and a vast amount of person sexual experience and integrated it into his personal system, and of course, gave tons of examples and even showed videos! I might have a while to go before using these advanced techniques, but at least I know how advanced, how utterly powerful men can be in sexually conditioning their women to do...almost whatever they want! This stuff is really insanely powerful and should be used for good not evil! Last but not least is the text seminar. This is the most technique heavy seminar, but DOES have a seamless system, devised by RPQ after 20 years of texting in Asia that gaurantees success if followed. Beyond the theory, which is easy to understand, the multitudes of examples (you can also provide your own examples) will make you quickly understand how you should be texting girls. Highly recommended, since texting is basically the entrypoint of any relationship nowadays. If you are really serious about improving your life, then you will spend the money. It is a small amount of support to give to RPQ for such fantastic and well thought-out programs.
  5. Yeah, his stories are pretty random and tangential sometimes. I didn't mind - it's like listening to a brilliant uncle ramble about and eventually come back to the point. Some people might be bothered by it though, especially if they aren't used to JP.
  6. I read this book off the heels of Maps of Meaning because it was being talked about so much around here. I wanted to see how it was different from Maps of Meaning and what else JP had to say. Since so much of this is covered in my review of Maps of Meaning, this review will be very short and will mainly be a comparison to that book and to other "self help" books. 12 Rules for Life is essentially this: JP's philosophy, mixed with random life stories and avuncular wisdom, hurled at the kitchen wall and stuck in random clusters around 12 "rules". This is in no way a negative statement, actually, I liked this approach. If you are looking for a thourough treatment on his philosophy and wanted to derive these principles yourself, as well as get into the nuts bolts and scholarship behind the philosophy, read Maps of Meaning. If you are looking for basic rules to live life by, backed by the wisdom and experience and philosophy of someone like JP, read this book. JP isn't strict with what he covers under every rule - the philosophy and stories he uses to expand the rules meander around and bleed into one another and then somehow end up coming back to the rule. He basically crammed and distilled his philosophy and some stories around some rules, because that is what most people want. This includes me, because I got something diferent from this book than I did from Maps of Meaning. I found myself coming back to the rules after reading it and applying them in my life, whereas after Maps, I found myself exploring the ramnifications of his massive theory. Two different effects from two different formats. This book is far superior to other so-called "self books". Why? Because the rules are based off of tons of life and theraputic experience, backed by scholarship and philosophy. This isthe thinking man's self-help book, and it works for those who need a dose of intellectual wisdom behind the stories that support the rules. In a sentence, if you are looking for the essense of JP's philosophy, some stories, and some pithy Mark Twain "tell it like it is" wisdom, read this book! You can get into the nuts and bolts in Maps of Meaning later (the book. I can't comment on the video series yet).
  7. Books 《百年孤独》 (This is a Spanish novel, I believe) 《听你的》 《从你全世界路过》 《微微一笑很倾城》 ( young girls) 《我不》 The Little Prince Authors 三毛 大冰 Agatha Christe 纳兰性德 张爱玲 - BIG ONE!! 渡边纯一 (still unclear to me why girls like to read this author) This list will be expanded as I gather more information on what the majority of the girls I run into read.
  8. Nudge is a book about how to influence people's choices. This is especially important in a situation where there is a plethora of choices, and the application to game is obvious. Especially in texting, a situation where tons of choices and information is offered before her and she must choose. This book follows a theory / application format, where the base theory is layed out early on in the book and applied to lots of specific situations. The author's intent in writing the book is actually from the point of social activism; the author believes that institutions should use the power of nudging to influence people's choices in a postive way that is beneficial for society. In this review, I will skip the author's applications and focus more on the theory and see how it could apply to game. The theory is sort of a grab-bag of various phenomena, so I'll just list them out, as it is sort of hard to summerize succinctly. After summerizing the basic theories, I will skip the second half of the book which I sort of skimmed, which talks about all of the societal applications for nudging and focus on how these can be applied to game. Corrections and opinions are welcome. Basic Theory 3 basic congnitive shortcuts First, the authors talk about two systems in the human mind: the automatic system and the reflective system. The automatic system is that which makes "rules of thumb" type snap decisions, and the reflective system oversees these snap decisions if necessary to check for validity. The automatic system has three basic ways or "rules of thumb" to think about information: anchoring, availability, and representativeness. Anchoring is basically how the thing relates to you in a relative way. The author's example is: estimate the size of a city. Those in a bigger city would guesstimate the size of the city based on what they know about it, for example, if asked to guess the size of Milwaukee, if you knew the size of Chicago, you might guess that Milwaukee is a major city, but not as big as Chicago, so you would put the population at 1/4 of Chicago. However, if you asked someone from Green Bay (a smaller city), they would know that Milwaukee is bigger than Green Bay, so they would put the population is 3 times Green Bay. Availability is basically salience; how quickly you can think of a thing, how available it is in your mind. Representativeness is whatever you know about the category that that thing belongs to, or rather, the tendency of humans to infer that the property correlated with a set of people is actually inherent within the item of the set itself. For example, the thought that a tall black guy is likely to be a good basketball player. Loss Aversion As most of you probably know, humans are loss averse, with an approximate ratio of 2:1 gains vs losses. Put another way, a gain of 200USD is enough to offset a loss of 100USD. Thus emphasizing the losses will nudge people. Hot and Cold Decisions made while in a "hot" state can be regretted later on when you are out of that state and in a "cold" state. Various strategies in the book talked about how to protect yourself while in a cold state against hot state decisions. Herd Thinking Humans are herd thinkers, and generally follow what others are doing. If you emphasize that everyone else is doing this thing, then you are more likely to want to do it. Also, people tend to think that others are constantly monitoring their behavior. These two things are related. Priming People can be "primed" to make decisions. Priming is essentially having someone do something that leads up to a decision that makes the decision easier or more likely to happen. For example, if you ask students to plan out when and where they will get a tetanus shot, they are more likely to get the shot. If you ask people if they will vote, they are more likely to vote. The mere act of making someone jump through a small compliance hoop primes a larger compliance hoop. A corrolary of this is the "default" choice. You are more likely to do something you have already done in the past. This is essentially a form of priming. All of these are actually examples of cognitive self-consistancy. "Baskin robbins effect" The more choices people get, the more of a load it is on their reflective system and the more they will rely on the automatic system. A classic example of this is, the more flavors that people are offered in an ice-cream store, the more likely they are to stick with one flavor. Application to Game As an advanced seduction system based on years of field testing and theories in sales, psychology, marketing, etc, RPQ and the people at this site already incorperate the various cognitive biases listed here in their methods. They are built in to the system. Below are some examples I thought of to illustrate how these principles apply in game. availability Availability show why pictures are so important in texting. Showing a pic increases the salience of the food you are discussing, thus increasing and altering that memory in her "mindspace". Marketers know this already. Nowadays, lots of restaurants have TV screens showing pics of their food repeated over and over. They know that humans are lazy and will essentially stare at any TV screen, no matter what is on the screen. While they do this, the picture of the food increases the salience of the food in their mind. Thus, the next time the think about the restaurant or that experience, they will think about the picture of the food they saw and the restaurant's mindspace will be increased and the memory of the experience altered. Showing pics to a girl can do exactly this. Before you see the girl or when you are seeding, showing pics will increase salience, allowing you to occupy greater mindspace. After the date, showing her pics of the experience will increase salience of the date, as well as alter the memory of the date (looking at a pic of you two smiling and having fun will alter the memory, making it more enjoyable and larger in her mind). Texting a girl constantly, which is feasible in Asia, increases salience. Simple as that. It is an online version of the proquintity effect (a corrolary of salience). anchoring Anchoring, not to be confused with NLP anchoring (although the two are related), is people making decisions or estimates based off of what they know already or the other choices given to them. This rule of thumb has a myriad of applications in game, too many to list. Anything involving decisions based on relative value or association with another action is related to this. For example, a girl works harder to get you, she assumes that you are more valuable. A girl is made aware how much she laughed or smiled while on the date, she assumes that she was happier. You are taller or more handsome than your wing, the girl assumes that you are more handsome than if it were the opposite situation. Lots of sales tactics are based off of anchoring. For example, if the minimum choice in a donation is 20 dollars, you will give more if the minimum choice were zero. Thus, when you are offering choices, you can keep in mind and assume that she is going to do whatever you want her to do, and the question becomes how much does she already want to do what you want her to do? For example. "so, do you want to meet, or not?" is a lot worse than "so do you want to meet at 1 or 2?". She is going to use the anchoring principle to think about what option is convenient for her. If the option of not meeting was there, she might choose that one, since it might very well be the most convenient for her. But if you didn't give her that option, she will have to choose in whatever options you gave the most convenient for her. representativeness If you are a "foreinger", already you will be packing all the associations that girls have with foreingers in the country you are in, for better or for worse. Be aware of these and exploit them or counter them. This is the most blatent use of representativeness in game in Asia, in my opinion. Also, judicious use of BT spikes and humor, or whatever (just running solid game) will condition the girl to think that that property is inherent in you. Also, building whatever associations you want people to have in their minds. Showing a pic of yourself on a yacht having a champaigne party will cause the people viewing it to associate with you whatever else they associate with people who do those things. This is one of the principles behind DHVs and Lifeads. Having a successful avatar means being aware of all of these things. Sometimes I don't even know until a girl tells me; I try to take her account in objectively and not get mad about it. We all do this automatically. loss aversion This is built in to pull - push and solid game. Also framing yourself and gently reminding her of the consequences of not doing what you want can activate this. Hot and cold Also built into solid game. Girls should be made to make decisions while they are "hot" (after seeing pics, BT spikes, feeling good, etc) but at the same time not led to make decisions that they later regret, which could lead to buyer's remorse, which is basically a negative compliance because you are conditioning them that making a decision leads to bad results. Thus it is very important to press for decisions while the girl is in a positive state and then deliver on the promise. This goes for texting, offline, etc. The Chinese know this instinctively. During negotiations, they will draw the negotiation out over days, often inviting the businessman out on trips, KTV parties, etc. This is a form of priming (described below) and is also state control. During these parties they will ask him for certain promises and concessions, perhaps after a toast, during revelry in a late night KTV with girls, etc. They know that they are much more likely to get these concessions at that time then in a stale boardroom. We must use these same principles that the Chinese have instinctively figured out over thousands of years. Priming Priming is basically offering mini compliance hoops before you do the main compliance hoop and is built into solid game. Actually, any compliance increases the probability of further compliance ("could you hold my hat? Ok, come with me to that table over there") even if it's not related to the main compliance hoop. Thus, priming is actually just a more specific corrolary of compliance momentum, which is a more powerful and broad theory, and is discussed at length at this site. Baskin robbins effect Hot girls have tons of choices. The baskin robbins effect is actually just a more specific application of compliance momentum; you are more likely to go along with the default choice. So...YOU want to become the default choice, right? This is simple enough. Becoming the default choice involves using all of the above. Also, it goes to show why endurance is so important. If the hot girl has texted you for a long time, she has invested in your relationship, whatever you have defined that to be. Conclusion Nudge is an interesting book from a social engineering and marketing standpoint. The applications to game are numerous, even if those applications have pretty much all been stated elsewhere in other wordings. Knowing the basic properties of how people make decisions in a crowded market (hot girls have lots of choices, girls are busy and their lives' are chaotic) will help you understand how these principles work and how to make novel use of them on your own. The last half of the book, while interesting, is just an application of these theories to various things (health insurance, marriage, voting) and can be skimmed over. While surfing the internet (an arena overflowing with choices), we can notice how websites manipulate the choices given, what wordings are used, how losses are emphasizes, what pics, sounds, videos, which buttons are larger and more colorful, what choices are given, etc and use these same principles in other choice saturated environments, such as texting.
  9. Thanks for the reply. Yep, the "resolutions" part was not contained in the book at all. I learned that from you, actually, and it's very important! I'll definitely check out those lectures when I have time, I just hope that I can find stuff about that theory elsewhere, because I find watching videos and lectures too slow. Maps of Meaning is ideal if you are very interested in these theories and want lots of in depth analysis, meaty material and tons of examples/quotes from the continuum of western thought. If you just want the essense of the theories to apply immediately, best to move on to his later stuff probably.
  10. Book Review This book is an epic tome; a sort of magnum opus in which the basic philosophy and outlook for Jordan Peterson was crystallized. It is pretty massive, not for the weak of heart, but in fact very readable. I will talk about my impression of Jordan Peterson, the book, and how I think that it applies to game here. I had heard about Jordan Peterson (JP from here on) from the community and found out that he is sort of a "youtube intellectual star", apparently because of some comments he made about left-wing policies. Apparently now certain right-wing groups have taken Jordan Peterson to be their intellectual of choice. JP has also become popular in this group for some unknown reason, perhaps because of his youtube popularity and stance with regards to western women (that many in here agree with). I wanted to see just what exactly makes JP tick and what his primary philosophy is before I passed any more judgements about JP and the value of his teachings. Maps of Meaning is basically a book about the problem of evil (why does evil exist, what is evil, etc), and is JP's personal struggle with answering that question. He answers it by combining neuroscience, mythology, phychology, some philosophy and anthropology into one coherent theory - it is quite an accomplishment in its scope and depth. His basic thesis is: there is one basic way of human developement that has continued to thrive and be passed down through the generations, the way of the hero. This way is going into the unknown (the terrible mother, chaos, the dragon)from the known (the father, civilization, safety, culture), taking the unknown into yourself, temporarily dissolving (or dying), being reborn, taking the unknown into the known, and then returning to civilization to spread the new knowledge gained (saving the virgin, returning the maiden). This is a VERY rough summary of a massive and complex work, but it is the best I can do. The second level of analysis is he deconstructs this myth into various levels; procedural, episodic and semantic. This is based off of neuroscience, which he refers to to support the theory and add a new dimension of analysis. This, in my opinion, is the most original part of the work and is JP's main contribution. Knowledge is sort of a pyramidal structure, with procedure (action) at the bottom, followed by images and analogies, finally followed by words, logic, reasoning, etc. Thus, the way of the hero is passed on first through action, then through myth (imagery), then philosophy and religion. This is key, because, as he goes to pains to describe, western civilization has basically denied the way at a philosophical level (god is dead) while maintaining it at a procedural level, causing some amount of chaos. The final act of the book is to solve the problem of evil, which was in fact JP's main point in writing the book. A proponderously large section of the book is devoted to this and especialy concentration camp recounts. JP's solution to the problem of evil is; it is a denial of the way of the hero. When you avoid the unknown and take refuge in the "known" (the city, culture, the group, etc) to avoid the unknown. This is the most basic "lie" and results in either the decedant or the tyrant. The decedant is one who revels in chaos and avoids turning chaos into beneficial knowledge and growth. The tyrant is someone who avoids chaos and hides in the known (the group, culture, etc). Both of these perverted paths deviate from the way of the hero, which is the only true way humans can overcome adversity, adapt, and give meaning to the tragedy of life. Both of these ways result in hatred toward the world and thus toward oneself and one's inner weakness. A theme that JP mentions is the basic inscrutability of "reality"; reality is only that which has valence. Animals first interaction to newness is, in fact, anxiety, followed by curiousity if the thing has determined by exploration to be a non-threat. The newness is incorperated into the known. This is, in fact, the hero myth in its simpliest form, even present in all lower animals. It is greatly exaggerated in humams, however, because the human mind can imagine multitudes of possibilities for an unknown (either good or bad possibilities), thus maginifying the potential horror or pleasure of the new object/experience. Application for game Since this book is sort of a theory of everything, of course it can be applied to game, and has tons of implications. Firstly, the myth of the hero is of course the path that the PUA needs to take. This has been discussed many times here. I want to talk about more specific applications, for example, daygame. Target Anxiety I think that daygame presents a clearer picture of the process of the hero and the interplay between chaos and the known more than anything else. What can be more routine than our daily lives? When we do daygame in its most raw form, we are directly introducing chaos and the unknown into other peoples' lives- especially as foreigners living in Asia. This is a much clearer dynamic than night game. In night game, it is clear why you are there, and girls have a decent impression of what you are doing. You are already framed and contextualized. In daygame, you are utterly and boldly denying and breaking a known structure and matrix of meaning. Since you are more "unknown" in the day time (you are breaking someone's routine much more radically), your threat and promise is both raised in the eyes of the target. Animals will feel anxiety unless told by the amygdala NOT to, thus the first reaction in most targets, unless they have previous experience or different set of valences and frames, will be to be on their toes, at least for a split second. This feeling also lasts longer in my opinion in day game, because of the sheer quality and quantity of chaos that you are bringing into the picture. Approach Anxiety Next, YOU are also going through your own contact with unknown / threat/ promise. I will not talk about the hero's journey in regards to game, but I will talk about approach anxiety (AA). This book proves that the final reason behind AA, just like any fear, is the unknown. Thus, reducing AA means reducing the unknown, simple as that. This can be broken down into two parts. The first part of the unknown comes from the action itself. Just like a mouse in a mouse cage suddenly having an iron block put in the cage, you will first feel anxiety and then, upon successful exploration of the object and incorperation of the unknown into the known and assingment of a valence value, when you see a girl on the street, she is actually NOT a girl, but an incarnation of the unknown. You have never talked to a girl like that. This action is totally foreign and unknown, just like the iron block. To follow the hero's path, you must then incorperate the unknown into the known (open the girl). Back to the anology of the mouse. Imagine that another block is put in the cage. And another one. After time, the iron block will be assinged a valence value by the mouse (postive, negative, neutral) and the mouse will have a standard reaction to it. This is exactly the same process as AA. As you open more girls, incorperating more unknown into known, over time the girls in their respective situations will be assigned a valence value that is different from the anxiety produced by the threat of the unknown. In the case of game, since we are running proper game, the girls will almost never have threatening reactions (they won't hit you, scream, etc... this is extremely rare to nil), and you will have success with some. Thus, the emotion of curiousity and possibilty will REPLACE anxiety (a more primary emotion) and the girls and their respective situations will be assigned a postive valence value, literally CHANGING YOUR REALITY (there is no "reality", only valence values). A corrolary of this, however, is that each girl has to be dealt with in their respective situation. Essentially, each girl and their situation is a sort of "object" that has to be assigned or learned new valence values. This is why there is more AA in day game than night game. Apart from the fact that you are causing more chaos to yourself and others (there is more variance in situations, more conflict with what they expect vs what you are going to do, etc), there are more situations in daygame to worry about. Each situation must be treated on its own. Girl in mall, that is a situation. Girl in subway, that is a situation. Each of these are seperate for the mind and must be overcome and assinged valence values. However, I would imagine (and it is my experience) that there is a spillover effect from situation to situation. If you are not afriad to open a girl on the street, you probably won't be that afraid to open one in the subway either, but these situations are still seperate for the mind. Thus, day game has more AA because there are more situations, and more chaos involved. HOWEVER, there is still one unknown left in the equation even AFTER all of this has been eliminated, tons of girls have been approached, etc. The reaction of that particular girl! This can never be eliminated, only dealt with through the hero's way. How to deal with AA The answer is clear; reduce chaos. Reduce unknowns. Master material, know what to say. Approach the same types of girls for awhile, etc. Don't deny fear; follow the hero's path; recognize unknown, incorperate it into you, build a new you and a new reality. As I mentioned earlier, some AA will always be there because of the reaction of the girl is always unknown. This contains both threat and promise, but as you approach more girls, the width of the spectrum of threat will decrease and the that of the promise will increase, since your skills are better and you realize that getting rejected isn't that big of a deal. But it is there regardless. Also, creating models, theories, and ideas about the anxiety you are feeling is also helpful since it reduces the chaos. This is, in fact, what I am doing now and what I do continuously. Perhaps everyone has there own way. Categorizing approaches, analyzing them by writing FRs, seeing patterns...all of this takes chaos out of the equations and allows your conciousness to absorb it into the field of knowledge quicker. It also has the dual effect of seperating the outcome from your ego. Conclusion The theory in the book is massive and can be applied to tons of situations; the one above is only an example. I look forward to other opinions and thoughts! As for whether I recommend the book, I think that if a summerized version of his ideas can be found that would be ideal for someone that just wants to get the gist of the theories. The content of the book is essentially what I layed out and summerized here, but with tons of extra material, quotes, and knowledge and tangents. Although JP got repetitive at times in the book and sort of started repeating himself, even summerizing Carl Jung like a college student writing a book report toward the end, the massiveness of the material presented makes up for it.
  11. Great report! Welcome to the brotherhood! I think that it's great that you took the step of actually signing up for the bootcamp. You're already ahead of 99% of guys. So many guys would just say "meh" and pass the open door, but you walked through it. The part about Kane and his annoying questions made me laugh out loud.
  12. AOS is the absolute bible of seduction. It is a tome, and there is enough in that book for a life-time of study and application. I plan to re-read it soon! Besides the classics like Mystery Method, etc, for some good, short, side-reads, I suggest The Psychology of Influence by Robert Cialdini Essentials of Hypnosis by Yapko, Evolution of Desire by Buss The book about influence details lots of sales techniques that can be used to influence people (seduction is a kind of sale). Hypnosis is very deep stuff, but mastering it will get you to understand why stuff like strawberry fields works, and make you more concious of how the way you speak influences others. I am still working on it, but I think that mastering this stuff would bring a pretty scary amount of power to the seducer (use wisely). Evolution of desire is about the scientific side of things and is similar in line of thought to sperm wars. Its a good side read but not necessary. Of course, as mystery said "the field is the greatest teacher".
  13. This is a very interesting book that seducers out there can pick up and read in a night or two. This isn't heavy theoretic reading material; the book is mostly filled with anecdotes to demonstrate the theory of "Limerence". First things first; what is Limerence? Simply put, limerence is the "feeling of falling in love" or "having a crush" on somebody. It is a specific form of love, different from more mellow forms of love (亲情)such as between an older man and women. This type of love is the type that is most relished by song writers, the feeling of being "madly" in love. In short, is a form of obsession that everyone thinks of when they hear about someone that is "head over heels" in love. To explore this specific form of love, Tennov made a questionaire and survayed a large amount of people who tested to be "limerent" (according to Tennov's definition). The stories and anecdotes or these limerent people fill most of the book. Dorothy Tennov's thesis is that this specific form of the most intense love evolved for specific purposes and is controlled by specific and possibly isolatable mechanisms. The basic properties of limerence (this is a term that she coins for the type of love which doesn't yet have a moniker) are these; Intense obssesive, obtrusive thinking about the limerent target I feeling of hopelessness when confronted with disinterest from the target An intense longing of "union" with the target. Most be sexually attracted to the target, but sex IS NOT THE GOAL OF LIMERENCE This last point is one of the most key in the book. SEX is not the end goal of these type of love, it is rather, UNION. Tennov states that in order for someone to become a limerent target, they must be able to evoke sexual attraction. Obviously, the limerent (person) wants to have sex with the target, but this sex is just a tool to become ONE with the target, and not an act of desire in itself. Another main point she makes about limerence is that it is a combination of fear and desire (for union) that produces a very potent mix of hope and dispair. Stories are abound with people swinging from the extremes of hope and dispair, from jubilence to suicidal, in movies, books, music, etc. Tennov claims that these is a classic trait of limerence, and that the key to maintain limerence is to provide the proper mix of HOPE and DISPAIR (pain, pleasure, interest, disinterest, etc ,etc). We as seducers or seducers in training all know this as one of the basic properties of seduction, and it is no surprise that Tennov mentions it in Limerence. Jealousy has a big role in the book and her theory. In the stories given by the limerent subjects, jealousy or the availability of other potential mates appeaes to be a huge factor in activating limerence in the subject. This is obviously something that we can take note of. In short, this is a very interesting but not essential side read to any seducer's library.
  14. Great post man! I've found that we share a lot of the same feelings and obstacles. Let's 加油加油加油!
  15. I am a 32 American who has been in China for 6 years and has been gaming for 4 years. I am mostly self taught in game, learning from pirated books and videos from mystery, Sinn, LoveSystems, etc, and have never thought of paying money and actually learning from a master until now. Due to a chance introduction to Kane's wechat account by a friend, I slowly began to realize just how much I have to learn and just how bad I need to learn it. Previously I had done some bullshit self taught game with 8's and below with the occasional 9 or 10 due to luck. Approaching a 9 or 10 was out of the question because they are "bitches". Night game was "a waste of time", so on and so on. I love to think, and I also love to rationalize my way out of uncomfortable situations. Day 1 Kane talked about the basics of game; value, comfort, attraction, and so on. Kane's system is essentially a modified version of mystery method (actually more of lovesystems) with some details for asian woman. The stages are Open, Attraction, Qualify, Comfort, Seduction. Values are leader of men, protector of love ones and pre-selection. Various aspects of these values were introduced and how to convey them. Kino was discussed as well as some basic routines. Another way of looking at the seduction process is basically a series of Kino steps ending in your bedroom! Another good point made by Kane was that women have sex based off of the feeling they have at the moment, and that they want a safe but thrilling ride, like a rollercoaster. I had never thought about it in that way before. I learned that Asians have sex to climb the social ladder and start relationships. All of the theory was well and good, but the real wake up call (the redpill) was the field training. I'm not a total bluepill; I had approached girls before, but nothing like this. Kane is in a world of his own, and I've never been around someone with a frame like Kane's. For me the main take away from the first day was the frame. The first thing that struck me was how upfront he is about his sexuality and the game itself. Before this, I had always viewed it as something secret that needed to be hidden and done surreptitiously. Kane was openly admiring girls and commenting on them in a high sexual way. He openly talked about game, various targets, and pointed (something that I previously considered a no no). Kane explained that 1) no one cares, everyone is mainly in their own world, and 2) there is nothing wrong with going out and picking up girls (done intelligently). This frame was proven by the fact that no one in fact did care and nothing came out of it. In fact, this attitude serves as an opener, a constant "opening" state that you can use to open girls with your pure masculine sexual energy (if you smile or look at a girl and she does the same to you, you have essentially opened). Another thing that surprised me is just how many girls responded to me, and gave me their wechat. Also, how many girls were totally willing to be Kino'd instantly and aggressively. This was a real eye-opener. I had kino'd before, but nothing like this. Night game was a continuation of this realization. Lots of heavy Kino in the club with no repercussions at all. Instant "hand of God" opener with a very high response rate. Plowing through girls. Also the realization of just how many negative frames I have about night game and clubs, and how many self limiting beliefs hold me back. Kane demonstrated this be actively disproving my frames and assumptions. I was reminded of how I need to smile more and actively Kino more, something that I thought I wasn't afraid of doing but actually I was. Day 2 was a discussion about time bridging and P.I.E. (comfort). Previously in day game, I had mainly done "hail mary" approaches (long shot approaches, just approaching out of no where, saying I think you are cute, getting the wechat and leaving). Of course, these rarely led to solid numbers and dates. I learned that you have to engage them for at least 10 minutes before you really get a solid wechat, as well as go through PIE and qualify her. Qualifying is a huge part of game and I did not do that as solidly as I had believed, as Kane proved that to me by asking me about the perfect girl. Hook question is very important for logistics and takes out the bother of having to worry about who they are with, and what not; you just approach and ask! Day 2 field work was exhausting. I ran into a lot of my negative assumptions and frames straight on and definitely got pushed out of my comfort zone. But the surprising reality was that I managed to smile more and approach tons of girls! Things I need to work on include engaging the whole group and just relaxing and getting out of my head. Day 3 was probably at once the most challenging and rewarding day in the bootcamp. We went through deep comfort, including the hero story, sexualizing (something I am horrible at) and so on. I think that if I combine my wit and powers of language with sexual energy and raw charisma, I will be unstoppable in the field. The goal was to do an insta-date, and while I failed at that. I succeeded in finally cold approaching a "10" (chinese 10) who I once thought would be "bitches", as well as totally rampaging a bookstore for 2 hours approaching tons of girls, totally annihilating my negative assumptions and forcing me to think in the moment and get out of my head. This is especially important because the bookstore is probably my go to area, being the nerd that I am. I discovered that I still need to smile more and be more in the moment (I think that will happen with practice), and that I need to tweak my hero story a little bit and become more emotionally involved. All in all, the main takeaway from the boot camp was the superior frame provided and proved in the field by Kane, as well as realizations about myself and others. I need to let my well of desire power myself into a more comfortable state of sexuality and abundance, as well as being emotionally and physically present with women. I need to think positively about the world; allow my desire and intellect to work together to build a better reality instead of annihilating it through analysis and negative frames. I need to connect my masculine desire with emotional, intellectual intensity and drive, and if I do that, I believe that I will really slay in the field as well becoming a superior man. As for others, I have realized that most people are open to positive masculine energy and will react positively to it. This is because people generally react to authority (for ex the milgram experiments in psychology, telling people to stop, etc), as well as the fact that people enjoy being around positive people and things. Thus, the authority being the masculine energy, combined with a positive attitude is the way to success. Also, people generally a welcome to such an energy because their own lives lack it. The light has been shown to me and I am confidently moving toward it, creating a better self and living a better reality. I am leveling up! A million thanks to Kane!
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