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So I finally read The Game.

It is an aged book in the community, so of course, the exposé has already taken place and a lot of this stuff is old news, so I'm not going to talk about what everybody knows, I'm just going to have my opinions on the subject matter.

The first thing that struck me about The Game, is just how technical and close to NLP those old-school techniques were. I wonder sometimes if we have regressed back from some of those very advanced techniques that are essentially hypnosis and have gotten too lazy, just running the cube over and over. Reading The Game makes me want to go read Ross Jeffries stuff, which I will, to see if those techniques stand the test of time and are actually as usable as they sound.

The second thing is, this book paints a very clear picture of what the community was like in its infancy, and what kind of people were involved. Basically it was full of a bunch of weirdos with mental health issues, and issues with women. I think this can serve as a warning to all of us that this undercurrent might still be there. I know I definitely have misogynistic tendencies (and I'm a weirdo)

The final thing is, related to the 3rd point, looking at game in its infancy, it is very clear in what kind of environment MM was developed in, and why it developed the way it did. Game was born in the nightclubs of the sunset strip and Toronto. These are extremely specific areas. Yes, Mystery surely did pick up girls from other venues and places, such as Eastern Europe (he clearly has a thing for Eastern European girls), but we should all keep in mind that this is a very specific area with some very specific girls. Mystery said it himself when he said that he "goes for groupies looking for a rockstar, so I am their rockstar", or to that effect. I think that pickupasia has done a good job of adapting the target audience (to open-minded girls in Asia that are receptive to foreigners), but more could be done.

All-in-all, these book, for me, served as a look at game in the petri dish of its infancy, a study on the core qualities that pick up has an might very well remain with it 'till this day.

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