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  1. Nice! Yeah, the same thing happened to me in Beijing. I let the girl set up the date. It was a hard lesson learned.
  2. Thanks for the FR! It would be helpful if you let us know a few things you did well and a few things you could improve on at the end. You got a date! That's awesome! If you're getting dates that's good!. I'm not sure about the whole TED talk thing as a date idea. Unless you are the speaker or have back stage passes or some like that. I made the same mistake of going on a date with a girl and she's like let's go to the ________. But blank is not near my house so it was a bad idea. A date idea might be a park near your house. Have some stories to tell when you take her there. Then tell you know this awesome ice cream place then take her there. Then take her to a roof top. Have some pictures of your travels, friends, hometown, or whatever you like to do on your phone. You can sit and show those and she will show hers as well. Then try for the bounce back to your pad.
  3. I hit the streets yesterday in Shenzhen. I'm new to the city so I decided on finding a book store. I warmed up with some asking directions in Chinese. I asked, “Where is the subway station?”. Tried to get warmed. I hate to be that guy that talks about state. But I think there is something to it. I got to my destination and got out on to the side walk. I switched to English. Asking, “Where is the bookstore?” Which was honest, I didn't know. HByogaNerd I tried to stop a few girls with the opener which didn't work. I saw HByogaNerd walking down the stairs. I asked her “Where is the bookstore?” She could speak English. She said it's over there. And showed me. Ace: “Wow, your English is good! You get an A plus today.” She laugh a little. Ace: “What are you doing here?” HbyogaNerd: “I'm taking Yoga.” Ace: “Yoga!...Cool.” High fived her. I asked her about Yoga and if she travelled abroad because her English was pretty good. She said never travelled to a Western country and I said she must study a lot. LOL! We got to the front of the bookstore. Ace: “Do you know where the English books are?” HbyogaNerd: “OK, I can show you.” **She wasn't really hot but still I was surprised to bounce her to the bookstore.** We found the English books and I asked her what kind of books she liked. Ace: “I bet you like Harry Potter.” As I picked up the book. HbyogaNerd: “Yeah. I do.” Ace: “All my students love Harry Potter.” She told me about another book store and I got her Wechat because she wanted to give me the directions to it. She said she had to go because she wanted to eat lunch. I said ok. Goodbye. Later she sent me a photo of her lunch which and she said hello. So it looks good so far. What I did well: I had a few mini BT spikes. I bounced her. I left the interaction on a good note. What I could have done better: Maybe a little more BT spiking. I kind of felt the interaction wane in the book store. I think shes kind of shy though and not talkative. I'm not sure what I could have done better. Hbbookish: I saw Hbbookish a few minute after. HbyogaNerd left. I was thinking she overheard me and and HBYogaNerd but then I was like f--- it Keep opening. She was looking at some books. I asked which station the bookstore HBYogaNerd told me about was. She said looked it up on her phone. She spoke good enough English to be in the English section of the bookstore. I used the “Your English is good. You get an A plus.” She wasn't as responsive as HBYOGANERD but I plowed. I can't remember the details of this set. All I know is that I plowed and a a few BT spikes by making for of her. Ace: “Have you been to Beijing?” (I used to live in Beijing) Hbbookish: yes. Ace: Which ido you like better Beijing duck or Shanghai duck? Hbbookish: Beijing Duck. Ace: your wrong Shanghai is better. LOL. Mini BT spike. I went for the Wechat and made a joke but it didn't fly. Hbbookish: Whay do you wantmy weChat. Ace: So I can message you 20 times at 4:00AM. Hbbookish: well...I don't know about that. Ace: I 'm joking with you. Hbbookish: OK. Got the We chat. After I said goodbye she looked away. The vibe was she didn't want to see me. But that doesn't mean I won't try. *What I did Well: I opened her. I plowed when things were not going so well. *Not Well: Body language and eye contact. Maybe be a little cooler with my body language. I tend to get nervous but I get less nervous the more I open. Eye contact. I tend to look away a lot. Or I start to stare at her tits or something like that. Kino: Didn't really Kino. Should I? I don't want to look to obvious at the bookstore. Went to Starbucks. Saw a hottie and didn't opened chumped out. Hit the streets. Opened a girl on a skateboard. Spoke little English then her B-friend came and met her. LOL Did some more subway game. Most spoke little English. Went to the other bookstore. Part of the goal was just to explore the city. **Opened a real hottie at the subway plat form. But she spoke zero English. So I walked away. Then on the subway she re-approached me. Somebody kill me for no being able to speak Chinese. HbMilfglasses Went to a mall and was looking for the H and M. And saw HbMilfglasses. I was trying on a jacket. I asked her what do you think of this Jacket. She said it looks good. Ace: “I had a jacket just like it in Tokyo a few years ago...” HbMilfglasses: You lived in Tokyo? Ace: Yeah. HbMilfglasses: Cool! I couldn't figure out if she was with a B-friend or what? So I kept talking. She was cool and had a good vibe and smile. I asked her if she ever went to Beijing. She said no. I said good don't go it sucks! LOL! I got her We chat and left. But I never got a message back from her. So not a good sign. Which is to bad because I kind of liked her.
  4. Friday night We started out at M2. Really I was hoping we’d sarge something a little…let’s say quieter. As we walked in I felt the loud music pumping in from the speakers. Plenty of hot girls were marching in club gear and all. I felt a nervous ping in my stomach. My first thought was, “How are they going to understand me with all this loud music?” I was having massive approach anxiety. Immediately Blue M was throwing me into sets. None were hooking. I wasn’t doing well. I wanted to leave. Then I saw Ryan in a set. He seemed to be doing well. He was touching one of the girls arms or something. I was standing around the area where girls come in. Redpoleq came up to me. “You have to kino the girls! KINO! KINO! LIKE THIS!” He should me some kino. He said I wasn’t doing kino. There was a girl sitting down. I sat next to her. I used “Do you speak Korean?” I hooked. Did another BT spike. I put my hand on her back. She didn’t seem to mind. I couldn’t think of anything else to say. She turned her back on me. It was awkward sitting there. Redpole came in, “You have to Kino!” they motioned me to leave the set. Redpole explained that you have to kino the girl. I was opening set after set. Many would not hook. I was paying someone to do this to me. Most of the night was blur. The times I did hook a set and the female obstacle would blow me out. In so many words Redpole told me to game them both. I winged a few sets with Ryan. He seemed to be doing better than me. I fucked up a few of his sets by not properly keeping the obstacle occupied. But I was starting to have fun. I felt better about walking around the club. Things were changing quickly. We hit the streets around 2 or 2:30 am. They were jammed packed with women. You looked over and see some HB 10 sitting there. We opened some sets near the door of the club. I saw a set and was to scared because I thought she was with the guys next to her. Ryan winged me. I hooked a few. We walked a little bit. I opened a 3 set sitting down. I hooked them. My target was a designer or something. I did kino but not enough. Redpole walked up. Kino! I was loosing them. I couldn’t keep the conversation going. I quickly lost them. I remember that set the most from that night. We went back to the club to grab our bags. I got into a two set with a Japanese girl. She was attractive. She seemed to be into me...maybe she was gaming me. She was looking at me differently. I wasn’t doing enough kino. She was leaving the next day. It was time to debrief. Saturday Day game We hit Coex. Talked a little before game. I approached a two set sitting. Ryan came in we were doing well. But not enough kino. The goal was to seed the time bridge then go for the number. We didn’t get that far. Ryan opened a set. I can’t remember what happened but we didn’t do so well. We ran some moving sets. LOTS OF MOVING SETS. They were harder to hook. You had to move in front of them. The learning curve was tough. Redpole would come in. More kino!! I went to the bookstore with Blue Mystery. I opened a single set. The security guard said something to me in Korean. We moved on. I opened another set. The girl hooked. Again the security guard wouldn’t let me work. I had even hooked that one. BM talked to the manager. I told BM we should just leave. You know I noticed people watching as we gamed. You can do what ever you want to do. The set I remember was one of the last ones. It was a two set the girl was attractive. I did some light kino. I seeded the time bridge. I got an email. Night game We hit a club. I can’t remember the name of it. It was under a hotel. The music was good. The music wasn’t as loud. You could hear yourself think. It was set after set. Just a freakin blur of sets. Then I hooked a Japanese girl. She wasn’t super hot. But her friends were. She started giving me massive kino back. I thought maybe she’s on E. Then her friends started kinoing me. I had like three chicks on my arm for about one minute. More sets. I was getting tired. I had picked a bad month to quit working out. I went outside for a bit. I open some chick at the bar. She had this American vibe to her. She reminded me why I don’t like 90% of American chicks. I hooked. I asked her what she did in LA. She said when she was younger she had a better body. Then she showed me her cell phone. The was a picture of her naked. I said “Let me guess you were an invisible swimsuit model.” In so many words she said she was a pornographic movie star. I opened the chick that was filming Redpole. She was cool I liked her look. I could see myself going out with her. Not enough kino. We got in another set with a few guys and girls. I could figure out how they knew each other so I didn’t really run game. I talked to the girl for a while. Then as they were leaving she hugged me. I was like wooow! This chick just hugged me. By this time I was so tired. Just losing steam. I mean I’m 35. I was like all I got to do make it 4 am. The last set I remember was some chick I kept loosing her and getting her back. Then something happened. She asked me for my number! Never happened to me ever. Then something else happened. She said, “Please call me.” I was blown away. Sunday day game Coffee shop two set. I felt very comfortable in set. The target was so nervous she was shaking. It was fun. Redpole told us to get closer. We both moved in at the same time. Bad mistake. Also I learned only talk to your girl. Not two girls at once. Ryan opened a set upstairs. I winged. I wasn’t into the obstacle. We bounced them to a clothing store. Ryan’s girl was hot. He got the time bridge. We told them we had to get back to our friends. Alright one of my best sets was a two set. I went kino hard. Like hugged her. She liked it. We lost the friend. Still had fun.
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