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  1. I spent the last week at this girl's house actually. It's close to where I work.
  2. Good job Mark. I take it we'll be seeing your LR from Wednesday soon.
  3. Bootcamp field report by Harland (April 20-21) *My native tongue is not english so pardon the spelling errors (if any). First a little background. I've been on the community for around 6 months but with almost no sarging experience. I'm not bad looking and have good japanese skills, but I've been suffering from approach anxiety that prevented me to talk to strangers. I heard good things about the Osaka Crew so I decided to get out of my comfort zone and give the bootcamp a try. I got to the meeting place, and soon noticed 2 foreign guys talking and smiling to a jgirl, so I supposed these should be RedpoleQ and Allusion. As I joined the group and introduced myself, Allusion was doing some magic. Soon after that, Gary, a cool guy from England that was taking the bootcamp too, arrived, RedpoleQ number-closed the jgirl and we all moved to McDonald's. Once there, RedpoleQ and Allusion shared some game theory and we talked about our goals, backgrounds and the type of girls we liked. I was a little nervous, because I knew that in any time the guys were gonna ask me to approach. And so it was. Gary was opening a 2-set seated near us and I was winging him. As I talked to one of the girls, it felt like reality blured (maybe the adrenaline?), but as the interaction progressed I felt a little more confident. As we ran the set, RedpoleQ was giving us instructions of what to do. After that, I opened a 1-set asking where can I buy an "omiyage". It was a pretty girl, HB8 who was reading a book, so I stacked forward asking about the book. Then I ran The Cube which she liked, but I made the mistake of saying something like "sorry to bother you". As it came out of my mouth, I realized that it was a very bad thing to say hahaha. I ejected, but Allusion told me that despite of my mistakes, I should had number-closed her. The guys pointed out that I was leaning-in and talking too fast, guess I was too eager to keep the girl's attention. After McDonald's, we went to a bar. The guys instructed me to approach a 2-set seated at the bar. I opened with a lame but sincere question, I asked them if they knew if drinking RedBull was bad for you health haha. Anyway, I introduced Gary and he took the obstacle. We worked them like 20 mins then ejected and moved to a club. Once in the club, RedpoleQ told me to open a 4-set that was on the dance floor but I didn't open with enough energy (it was very loud) and they ran away. After that I moved to a more quite place and approached a HB5(!?), well it was all for practice. I locked-in and had a fun talk, then I tried to merge her with a 3-set Gary was sarging. I liked more the girls on Gary's set so I focused my attention on them...the HB5 disappeared soon. RedpoleQ told that I need to engage the whole set, not just the ones I liked. I took 2 of the 3 girls of Gary's set (so he can isolate his target) and ran some palm reading and the Ring routine, dropped a couple of negs too. I was locked in a wall and having a lot of fun. I grabed both of them in my arms and told them that all the girls in the room where so envious of them haha. I felt cool, RedpoleQ and Allusion congratulated me for that. Later I had a couple of hard 2-sets, they basically ignored me. I couldn't lock in well, I felt rejected and it showed in my body language. RedpoleQ came to grab my shoulder to prevent me from rocking. Then he demostrated and engaged the sets, getting a better reaction that I did. Amazing. Time to move on, I went to the bar and locked in. Aproached a 2-set (HB7&HB8) asking what they were drinking. Ran a couple of routines and introduced Gary. I came to the realization that I do better when I'm locked in, I need to be fixed to something haha. RedpoleQ and I moved near the dance floor, and I approached a mixed 3-set (generic jguy,HB9,HB7). I really liked my target (HB9) but I first engaged the jguy as RedpoleQ told me to. After 2 minutes, the jguy tried to take the girls away. First I huged them all, then I AMOG him by tapping the top of his head while saying "good boy, good boy" hahaha. RedpoleQ told me to lean back and stay cool, so I did. The jguy took the HB7 and my target came back to me, now she was isolated! I entered confort with her talking about childhood memories and having kino, it was all cool. Number-closed her (my first of the bootcamp!) talk a little more then eject. Later that night, I bump on her again. She was going home so we said goodbye, hug and kiss on the cheek, awesome. Allusion and RedpoleQ saw this, they were smiling and shaking my hand haha. Their pupil was improving. Then I winged Gary a set but don't remember much. Nothing interesting happened I guess. The final set of the night was inside some sort of cave, it was a 2-set (HB7, HB8). Gary just entered the cave and seated with them. He had great energy and a friendly smile so the set opened well. After a couple of minutes, he introduced me and I got into set with the obstacle. Very nice girls. Ran the "we're getting married" rutine, did a couple of takeaways, got her contact info and a kiss on the cheek. Allusion was just outside of the cave yelling me to stack forward and kino her more. (Because of my social programming, I was not used to touch a girl I just met). There was time to go, we say goodbye and leaved the club. (BTW, Gary didn't number close his target (HB8)...Today I got an email from her!! it seems that she liked me but couldn't talk to me because I was with her friend!, sorry Gary, haha) We went to a restaurant to debrief, I was tired, and with my voice weared out. But to my surprise, my approach anxiety was also weared out!!. Around 6am I was back at the hotel. Saturday we met at 3pm at Starbucks. There were 2 new guys: Dave and Beto. I was sleepy but excited to continue sarging. As soon as I arrived and got introduced to the new guys, RedpoleQ told me to open a 4-set seated next to our table. I did. In order to get next to my target (HB8.5) I exchanged places with one of the girls in the set. Ran the ring routine and make her laugh. As I ran game on her, Allusion and RedpoleQ were explaning to Beto and Dave what I was doing. Soon after, Dave, Gary and Beto joined the interaction and had the other girls handled. We tried to bounce them to karaoke but couldn't. I tried to number-close my target but she told me that she has a boyfriend so I gave up. (Allusion and RedpoleQ told me later that I shouldn't give up so easily and try harder). After Gary number-closed his girl, we departed to another coffee shop. There, RedpoleQ and Allusion shared some more game theory and great tips with us. RedpoleQ told me to open a 1-set HB8.5 without saying a word. I just seated, smiled and say nothing for 8(?) seconds. At first she was like "WTF?" but then she breaked into a smile. I introduced myself and started talking. It really was a "movie moment", so cool. She was very interested in me and asking a lot of questions. I number-closed her and went back to the boys. I was in high spirits. Allusion told me to open a 3-set seated behind me. Since it's not good to approach from behind, I went for a glass of water then back and opened with the C-smile U-smile routine, but I guess I didn't deliver it propertly and the girls where like "What?". I was late to lock-in also. They weren't responsive, I tried a little more but couldn't get through so I ejected. There was a 2-set on the next table seeing the whole approach. RedpoleQ told me to approach them next saying, "you are stalking too much". This was the first set I didn't want to approach, I mean, they just saw me approaching another group of girls!! Anyway I did as RedpoleQ told me and pushed forward. I got smiles but no conversation at all. I think RedpoleQ just wanted me to feel the social pressure, damn haha. We moved back to Starbucks where we would meet Kid44. While waiting, I approached a 2-set. I introduced Gary and called him in. Nice girls, one of them was seemed nervous tough. As Gary and I ran game on the set, Kid44 arrived so it was time to go. Allusion and RedpoleQ briefed Kid44 and leaved. Kid44 was taking us to an international party so we went to take the subway. He asked us to walk 10 steps behind him so we could see the reactions of the people around. His walking was like magic. I saw a lot of people turning their heads to see him. We arrived at the party. Kid44 told us to focus on being social and friendly and touch everyone. Instead of looking for HBs, I tried to talk to guys and girls equally. I approached mixed sets and was friendly talking about "regular" topics. I had fun and number-closed 3 girls. We leaved the party and headed back to a restaurant to meet RedpoleQ and Allusion. There, Kid44 commented on everyone's performance and gave us some great tips. He told me that I need to kino more. On the way to the club, Allusion was talking about how you need a strong frame to improve your game. He suggested to think and act just like James Bond, great advice. As soon as we entered the club I opened a 3-set and locked-in, then introduced Gary. I was seeing improvement in my game, I was smiling more and acting cooler with better body language. I number-closed my target. RedpoleQ asked me to open a 2-set (HB9&HB7) and bring Beto in. For some reason Beto took my target (HB9) haha, so I stacked forward with the HB7. We played the wrong questions game, I made her laught a lot, and we were doing kino. I could have easily number-closed her but they went dancing and I wasn't that interested in her. I took a break and went to the convenience store to buy a pen (lost mine) and a lollipop. I thought it would be cool to hang around with a lollipop. It worked! I was getting more looks that before. With the lollipop in my mouth I approached a 2-set of korean girls (HB8&HB6.5). I'm into korean girls so I was very excited. I engaged both of them but the obstacle was kinda absent haha. I stacked forward anyway and started to get good responses. Then Gary came in and took the obstacle for me. I tried the trust test, but I made the mistake of doing it too consciously and my target didn't respond well. I was doing kino though... They had to meet some other friends so we let them go. Soon after the koreans leaved, Gary opened a 2-set and I winged him. We were getting better at isolating, as soon as I got in the set we separated the girls. BTW, my lollipop seemed to be a great item for peacocking! I was getting comments from everyone. Anyway, the 2-set leaved but I got to grab one of their friends that was passing by. I isolated her, ran the "we're getting married" rutine/etc. Number-closed her and moved on. I was locked-in the wall and stopped a moving 2-set, they were pretty (HB9&HB8.5) so I opened with a neg, but they didn't take it well haha, they say it was so impolite. I push them lightly and they leaved. I went to the bathroom and bumped into RedpoleQ. We visited the dance floor looking for new sets, I found a 2-set (HB6&HB8.5) and locked-in. RedpoleQ winged me and took the obstacle, he even shook off a jguy that tried to block us haha. It was so loud in there that we took our girls hand in hand to a quieter place. I liked my target a lot, the kind of girl I would make my girlfriend. I went into comfort and was getting good responses. I was doing some kino but RedpoleQ kept yelling at me to do it more. She said that she needed to go and check on her friends, but RedpoleQ told me to ignore that and keep going, so I did. She stayed! WTF. Finally I number-closed her. I approached a 2-set (HB8.5&HB6) that was nearby. I was getting the attention of the HB8.5 but the obstacle was kinda bitchy. I called Gary and he helped me out a few minutes but without much luck. I tried to number-close her but she said some lame excuse. I went out for a break and bumped into the korean girls (yeah!). I have been in Korea once and like their culture, so my interest in them was sincere. We went to McDonald's to grab a bite (My first bounce!). Number-closed one of them. Got back at the club and found RedpoleQ and Beto, they were looking for me. Once I told them where I was they congratulate me. Then I told Allusion who also gave me props. We regrouped and went to breakfast. We had one last meeting and discussed our performance, what we improved and what needed to be worked out more. We all were very happy with the whole experience. This weekend was one of the most exciting weekends of my life. I realized a ton of things and changed the way I view social interactions. You know, they say that when you are about to die you see your life pass before your eyes. I'm sure I'm gonna see some moments I lived this weekend when that time comes.
  4. Four of us met Redpole Q and Allusion at Starbucks in Hep 5 on Saturday afternoon. Harland and Gary had been out Friday night learning game, but it was Dave and I's first time. We opened a 4 set at the table next to us, one HB9, 2 HB 8's, and 1 HB 7, for practice. I don't believe anyone got numbers because we ejected and went to another cafe. There, Gary and Harland opened other tables and Gary and I opened 3 different groups that numbered 2 to 4 at the table next to us without any success. After awhile there, we returned to Starbucks to meet Kid44. While waiting, Redpole Q had me open a HB7 in line and I got her number. Kid44 then took us to a "Sushi Party" (the "Sushi" turned out to be Hot Dogs, but we didn't come to eat) in Shinsaibashi. The party was small, about 30(?) people, half of which were women. When we walked in, all the attention shifted to us. A very large Polish women immediately tried to game Gary and I, we politely left her and moved to another group. A HB9 African American lady seemed interested when I opened with her, but she was strange and I ejected and went downstairs. I was talking no more than a minute with Harland, when a HB8 taps me on the shoulder and opens me. After a few minutes, she starts touching me in various places and I touch her back. We were then joined by a guy who was either gay or jealous, I couldn't figure it out. The girl proceeds to tell me she has a boyfriend at which I pushed her away playfully and told her "Why are you wasting my time?" and I went back upstairs. I opened up a 2 set, a HB 7 and a HB5. Neither spoke enough English, so I moved over to a large group in the corner. After a couple of minutes of listening to see where the conversation was going, I was tapped on the shoulder by our host. " This lovely lady would like to meet you", he said. Lovely was a good description. She was a HB9 and looked like a 20 year old copy of the actress Koyuki from the movie "The Last Samurai". She was eager to qualify herself. I quickly got her number and set up a movie date next week. While I was talking to her, the HB8 with the boyfriend came up behind me and started grabbing and touching me again. I asked Kid44 to distract the HB9 and I got the number from the HB8 and told her if we went out she better not waste my time. She gave me a seductive look and said" Never". The party was almost over and we were suppose to meet Redpole Q and Allusion at the cafe to go to a club, otherwise I know I could have bounced one of them to the club. I also didn't want to have to deal with keeping them entertained while I was learning. Ten minutes before the party ended, a HB10 model showed up. I opened her and closed with her number in 5 minutes, I was amazed! She had a strange feeling to her, so I don't know if I'll contact her. We went to the cafe, said goodbye to Kid44 and went to Club Pure. I didn't have much luck there. I did open a 2 set with a HB7 and HB4. My good friend Allusion (If you had seen this girl you would understand why I call him a good friend, she was very nice though to her credit), kept the HB4 busy while I number closed with the 7. I bounced them to the dance floor for a couple of songs, and ejected. After this, I opened a HB8 dancer from USJ, but she was too drunk. After that, I tried opening a lot of sets, but no success. We then went to the cafe to debrief, we were all exhausted. I truly recommend taking the boot camp. Redpole Q and Allusion are true PUA's and show you how you can be with practice. These guys will push you into situations you won't like, and you may dislike them for that. But later, you will thank them because you will see how much you have grown. Think of this as an investment in your future. The confidence you gain will help you not only with women, but life itself.
  5. As with my first bootcamp with the Osaka Crew, this past weekend pushed me to a whole new level. The bootcamp had 3 modules: 1. Day-game 2-8pm Sat. 2. Night-game (clubbing through until early morning) 3. Day-game 2-8pm Sun. I took modules 1 and 3 because day-game has always been my weakest point. Girls expect guys to approach in clubs, but to approach HBs cold on the street, in cafes or in shops has very different dynamics. Saturday: Before going out gaming, we had a strategy meeting in Ginza Lion in Shibuya Mark City. Perfect venue - no HBs at all to distract us;) RedPoleQ and Allusion took us through the structure of the sarge and helped us think of some routine stacks. They asked us some pretty deep questions about our identity and how we were going to present value to the HBs - many issues I had never really thought of and I have a lot of homework just from this pre-session to work on. We also covered what kind of girls each of us liked so that we could work better as a team. Angel and I have almost polar opposite tastes, so we complement each other well. We then went out to open sets on the street . RedPoleQ and Allusion taught us how to approach, openers to use, corrected our body language and were there beside us as we sarged the girls to calbrate us. Then when we were finished with the sets, they gave us feedback. They would also demonstrate for us whenever we asked. We gradually got into state as we approached more sets. We tried various locations in Shibuya. I had the best luck outside and inside Parco. One set I almost bounced to help me find some cool shirts. Also practiced bringing in a wing. I fumbled most sets and wasn't able to get my structure together - which is a major sticking point for me. But after a while, I got into state and was able to approach some very hot girls without any hesitation. I closed one for her email after just walking up and directly saying that I liked her fashion sense (note: never use the word "style" because Japanese associate it with meaning their figure - use "fashion sense"). We had a great time approaching on the streets behind Parco too. Not so many sets stuck, but we were having a ball just sending each other in. RedPoleQ and Allusion had us using the "takoyaki opener", whereby we would ask for directions to a place that sold takoyaki. I'm not so into takoyaki, so changed mine to Mexican food, my favourite. Sounds corny, but it's best to use an opener that you are congruent with because it shows. I have also been meaning to buy some new pimpin' shirts and so was asking where I could get some. The day-game session ended around 8pm after we had stood in the Centergai Street gaming on the same crossroad as various touts trying to hustle people for karaoke or izakaya. We had a ball making approaches that seemed impossible and were getting blown off most of the time. We got some traction a few times. It was just a great exercise for developing calibration and getting over approach anxiety. There were unlimited girls to approach and new ones just kept coming. After 8pm, Angel had to go to a date, but the rest of us headed off to have sushi and debrief. RedPoleQ and Allusion were great in telling us what we needed to work on and explaining areas we weren't sure of. It was an exhausting experience for me, but I felt great knowing that I had pushed to new boundaries and made approaches to top caliber HBs in situations that I could never have done before on my own. Sunday: We met up for lunch in Shinjuku and got to strategizing. RedPoleQ and Allusion ran through how the focus for this day would be cafe game and progressing the sarge. We started out in Starbucks and opened up some sets. I locked onto one girl who was really my type looks wise (see my intro post), but who was giving me major icey bitch-shield treatment. This was exactly what I needed. Someone trying to break my frame. I held my ground and with R&A's coaching me, moved forward. It was funny, but even though this particular 3-set spoke English, they didn't seem to notice R&A's giving us instructions at all. My girl was tough, but I number closed her. We gamed another couple of sets which had seen us talking ot the other girls and they were much easier to work because they had seen social proof. We then moved to another Starbucks and I saw this girl. She was wearing a super short skirt and all of us stopped to watch her walk by. She looked about 17. I really want to have a high school girl, as young and hot as possible as long as it is legal. I think it's fine as long as I treat her well. But the social barriers stop me. The guys made me approach her. She was with a set of 10 guys. I had never opened a set like that and I tried to get them to let me off the hook. They wouldn't and I am so glad. I went in, AMOGed the guys and, with the help of the crew distracting the AFCs, managed to number close her. She seemed pretty blown away. Once I was in the set, I was fine. It was the pre-approach anxiety that was more painful. When I got home, I researched her and here is her pic on the net - she's some kind of anime idol. I also number closed another one of the street outside the cafe. Time flew and it was 8pm before we knew it. This day was a huge breakthrough for me. I had hung on and stacked forward when a girl was icing me out. And, I approached a HB10 in a set of 10 guys and closed her. It totally blew my mind. We went off to the nearest bar and I bought the guys a round of drinks for backing me up and being such great team mates and coaches. Very happy with the progress I made. Money very well spent. I will definitely do the next bootcamp and highly recommend to anyone. The important thing is to remember that you get out of a bootcamp what you put in. Areas I need to work on: 1. Progressing the sarge. 2. Being more dominant. 3. Showing more genuine interest. 4. Building a real connection. 5. Appreciating her for who she is inside. 6. Increasing levels of compliance. 7. Being able to go after what I really want. 8. Be more real. 9. Convey personality more. 10. Convey what I'm passionate about.
  6. Osaka 07, Fri-Sat March 2-3 I had an awesome time on my bootcamp with the Osaka Crew. It was 2 days packed with information and change work, and a once in a lifetime experience. If you have the opportunity to go out with the Osaka Crew then you will have a lot of fun and witness huge improvements in your game. Over the course of a weekend, Allusion and RedpoleQ helped me in a number of areas. First, they will constantly work to improve your body language and the impression you give off just by the way you carry yourself. RedpoleQ recorded me talking on his cellphone in the middle of a crowded McDonald's. I got some strange looks from the table near us, but seeing me talking and noticing some of the nervous energy I gave off was a real eye opener. Since then, I've made a conscious effort to slow down my body movements and noticed a substantial change in the way people respond to me. Another great thing about the bootcamp was that the instructors have an extensive in-field based knowledge of a lot of the seduction material you might have seen. I was worried before I had met them they might be those keyboard jockey seductionists, where the only thing they're seducing is their right hand (or maybe you swing leftie), but these guys are the REAL DEAL and they know what they're talking about. You will get a great response when you use their material and get advice on how and when to use it. I had two hot girls pawing all over me, and some girl did the splits in front of me when Allusion told her that I was a busy guy and what could she offer me if we started dating. Reading something and seeing it done in-field are completely different things. For one, the speed with which you can improve with in-field instruction is much faster than you could achieve studying on your own. We can always print more money, but the time we have is finite, and do you really want to waste it going around in circles when there's a way out there that you could make MASSIVE changes in your game over just a couple of days. Another really, really great thing is that I received a variety of support materials so that I could study and continue to improve after the bootcamp. You WILL approach a large number of sets and learn how to open in different scenarios. We practiced street pickup, which is a little daunting at first, but the instructors are extremely adept at getting people to stop and talk so you can run your material. We also practiced club game and coffee shop game. Finally, we went to OPA where I got very good responses from many of the girls working there. If you've ever been to the woman's malls here you'll know they're full of tanned, smoking hot women and almost 0 guys (except for those kinda flaming Louie Vuitton toting guys). They're a really great place to practice and improve. Ever since the bootcamp I've noticed a big difference in the way I see the world. It's like everyday has the potential to be incredible if you just take the steps to realize that potential. I HIGHLY recommend the bootcamp to anyone considering them. Allusion and RedpoleQ are really cool guys, with really excellent knowledge of pickup, and it was a lot of fun hanging out with them. Do yourself a favour and sign up. Take care everyone, and keep on sarging! -Eric D.(24) Kobe
  7. My Bootcamp with the Osaka Crew Bucko here. I took a sarging road trip to Osaka this past weekend with my friend Benetton. First a little background. I've been active in pickup for the last couple of years, but mostly it's been in the way of theory, with not nearly enough application. I have made progress and lately the quality of girls in my life is definitely going up. I've met girls whom I probably would have tried to rope into a long-term relationship not long ago, but these days I feel like I need to keep pushing until I get what I really want. I'm making some great new friends/wings too. Still, Tokyo doesn't give me the chance to get out as often as I'd like, and I sometimes rely on the energy of my friends to help me get motivated. When it comes to PUA theory, I've read and watched quite a lot - DavidD, RSD, Mystery, BradP, and my favorite, Pickup101, with whom I took a course and a bit of fieldwork in San Francisco. That said, I know enough to recognize the difference between guys who think they're PUAs (which, in Japan, is, like, every guy!) and guys who really are PUAs (which, in Japan, is, like, a couple dozen?). There is a great divide between them, but it may be a bit difficult to recognize at first, especially since there are a lot of new faces in the PUA biz these days. I figured Osaka Crew was one of these new faces, but since they put together a pretty homepage, and they're here in Japan, I made them an offer and wanted to give them a shot. I set up a one-day bootcamp with them and brought along my wing Benetton from Tokyo to see what these Osaka upstarts had to offer. At worst, I'd get to take a trip to one of my favorite places and do some sarging. My expectations were pretty low. Let me say flat out, my expectations were FAR exceeded. On Friday night I met up with an online girl in Kyoto. She proved to be a bit of a disappointment, but we had some nice food and she let me crash at her place, with breakfast the next day. Sweet girl, and I was charged up for some day game. I met up with Benetton in Osaka and we headed to Shinsaibashi. We got there an hour early and walked around the loooong shopping road, and down to Dotonbori where I opened my first set - a couple of 20-ish chicks eating tako-yaki. Turns out they were from Tokyo and just arrived themselves. They were cute and friendly and looked like they didn't want us to go. But we had a date with RedpoleQ and Allusion (I'll call them R&A), and I had "gotten in my first set." I was ready to rumble. I've seen enough PUAs to know they are often not what I would expect. They come in all shapes and sizes and very very few of them could be labeled as "studs" in the traditional sense. I wouldn't want them to be, because then I could pass off their success to their looks. Don't take this the wrong way guys, but I was happy that RedpoleQ and Allusion are no exception. They're decent-looking dudes, but neither is blessed with model looks or the body of a pro athlete. RedpoleQ is a somewhat short and small-framed black guy with a 'fro, and Allusion is a short Asian dude (I'll keep his background secret). Without their flash sense of style, neither guy would turn many heads, and this is the truth. So when they met us at Shinsaibashi, I was glad because I knew if these guys had skills, it would be easy to see, not hidden behind good looks and overt alpha-ness. We went to McD's to talk game and define our goals. I should add that two days before, these two guys had spent almost an hour with me on the phone, and exchanged numerous emails with me inquiring about my and Benetton's preferences, goals, and skill-sets. They really wanted to get to know us and it was a lot of fun telling them. These guys wanted to do a kick-ass job of giving us what we wanted. We finished lunch and moved on to an accessories shop to get some bling for Benetton. I'm pretty happy with my image, but I did pick up a couple of cool little lizard rings that would come in handy later in the day. So enough of the dolling up, I wanted to work some sets. I asked R&A to take us to a place with lots of quality girls. So we went to OPA. . . //OPA Girlie mall// girls: SkiHat, Escalator We started our sarging at a mall called OPA, which is like a mini version of 109 in Tokyo, i.e. nothing but girlie shops and a big magnet for the "gyaru" types, but also for very hot young ladies in general. I was feeling out of my element and with memories of how lost I've felt walking through 109, wanting to approach, but not doing it, I was negatively anchoring. But RedpoleQ and Allusion opened some girls here and there with high energy and good fun. RedpoleQ is a bundle of energy, and is so much that fun girls can't help but break into smiles around him. R&A also had friends (ex-gfs) working in the building, so they were socially proofed and right at home. Seeking to get over the limiting belief of "it's not socially appropriate to talk to girls here" I first went into a lingerie shop with RedpoleQ who encouraged me to ask for something for my mother. (Haha!) I couldn't do it, I froze (which, I think, was his plan). We moved along and after that anything would have been easier, so I went in to chat with a striking, SkiHat-wearing shop attendant (a "hired gun") with blue contacts. I had nothing prepared so I complimented her on her SkiHat (wtf was she wearing that for? But it was cute.), and with RedpoleQ barking commands in English "lock in, ask her when her break is, stack forward," I plunged into previously unexplored areas of talk in a matter of minutes. I began to sweat. I asked SkiHat for her number. Hey why not. She said "chotto. . ." (as in, I can't do that here) so I wasn't getting it and I ejected with a handshake and a smile. Yet, you know what I learned? She was NICE. She never stopped smiling, she didn't look around for help, she didn't get offended, she liked being flirted with. I wiped my brow. As we were on the escalator, RedpoleQ told me to open a cute girl behind me. I did with "is that a 100 yen umbrella?" and, not for the second time of so many that day, I thought how nice girls are in Osaka. There seems to be a "low bitch shield" rule prevailing in that city. So EscalatorGirl is smiling but I have no plan. I point to her bag and say "wow, that's big, do you have a tent in there?" (RedpoleQ's line, good one) and she again smiles and asks me something. I'm not ready for such niceness. What to do? We get to the next floor and I just let her go. R&A say "dude, she bit, she was waiting for you!" This was apparently true. And I let her go. Not going to do that next time. I was not prepared for such a positive response. We take the Midosuji line up to Umeda for more sets. //Umeda station - Big Man// girls: RabbitCoat, BenettonSet In Osaka's kita (north) area, the Umeda station Big Man TV screen is a popular meeting place. As there are lots of non-moving targets, it's also a fine place for pick-up. I approached a very pretty young girl with "who are you waiting for?" busted on her RabbitCoat (This year fur trim is all over, and I hate it because I am vegetarian and a strong supporter of animal rights. Regrettably, it seems most HBs have them, and are predictably ignorant of the irony of how they love cute little animals and simultaneously contribute to their brutal and painful death; so this is a hurdle I have to surmount.) R&A taught me a good approach to use with fur - "inu desuka? nan-piki?" ("Is that made of dog? How many did it take?" it sounds funnier in Japanese.) Often it's fake fur so I ask them why they turned their favorite stuffed animal into a coat. Anyhow, RabbitCoat hears me out enough to take out her iPod earbuds (which I just kinda ignored, whatever she was listening to must have been quiet to non-existant). She said she was a uni student, and waiting for a friend and I prematurely slipped into rapport and Q&A. I was intimidated by her prettiness, didn't have rhythm. Her friend soon came in and was a lot genkier. Allusion came in and ran a cool magic trick which they watched rather passively. In all, a dull set, so we bade them goodbye. I joined in w/Benetton, who was running a more pleasant girl, also waiting for her friends. I don't recall much of the interaction. She was a bit older than my last set, late 20s. And her friends weren't so pretty but well presented and really eager to talk. Benetton seemed to be doing very well and had spiked the attraction. R&A were keeping the good vibe going. Everyone left with smiles and laughs, which I think is a good thing. //Benetton store// girls: TallStoreGirl The 4 of us went to Benetton (the store) in Umeda to get, well, Benetton (the PUA) some new duds (and in the process give him a PUA name), pimp him out a little. I never much liked the pastels and preppyness of Benetton (the store) but a couple of their colorful shirts looked really good on Benetton (the PUA). I needed to get in a sarge. I start in chatting with a TallStoreGirl working there. Again, she's a "hired gun" so she has to be nice but she was happy to be chatting and gave off some IOIs. Turns out she was 19. R&A asked me to do a palmreading to see some of my game and to analyze my body language. Afterward, they said that I was showing too much interest and doing some sort of gravity-defying lean-in. I'm not used to running game on tall girls (and with a critical audience), so that's probably part of why I was so on edge and doing gravity-defying maneuvers. I only defy gravity when I'm nervous. She was very playful and bright and perhaps I could have got her contact info, but instead, on R&As advice, I tried to time-bridge and set up a meeting after work. All in the name of game. She didn't bite. It was just nice talking and laughing with a sweet girl. Benetton (the PUA) was paid up and pimped out, so we moved along to Starbucks. //Starbucks// Dangit if Starbucks isn't the worldwide recognized leader not only in mindnumbingly repetitive café design and underwhelming coffee, but in drawing hot young ladies. Osaka's no different. And I'll give this one props because they have customers line up if they want a table, and they actually take you to your table. This is instead of that whole "I put a pack of tissues on the table so it's mine even if I just walked in and you've been waiting for half an hour" game that pervades in every other S'bux (and Tullys, and Dotour, etc. . .) that I've been to in Japan. girls: Young 2-set s, CanadianBackpackers While in line there was a pretty and short girl in rather unwieldy high heels. Banter, play, she loved it and enjoyed the laugh. Probably a high-schooler, giggly as anything, and friend soon joined. Is it this easy making all Osaka girls laugh? Are there no b*tch shields in this part of Japan? While I got my drink, R&A opened a pair of CanadianGirls weighed downs with heavy backpacks, very much the Foreign Girls. But upon being introduced into the set by RedpoleQ (who picked up on how the girls were going to Cambodia and remembered I had lived there; nice bit of winging), I see the shorter of the two is pretty cute. We find an immediate warm vibe, straight into rapport, and I flat out thank the girl for being so very pleasant to talk to. I might have even met her again if she was staying in town. She was quite doggy-bowled and I was quite "oh...right...talking to foreign girls can be nice too!" heeeeee, who knew... Gave her my email. Good kid. We sat down and I opened the young 2-set at the next table but it wasn't going anywhere. They were busy putting on makeup and after having a "normal human" conversation with the Canadians, it was hard to slip back into silly talk. R&A continued to rattle off advice and theory and story upon story. These guys never rest. It was getting around 6 p.m. and I was getting tired from all this talking. So it was very good timing when Kid44 joined us. Believe the write up of this guy on the Osaka Crew page. He is one strong-framed character. Kid44 has trained under and rolled with many of the big names in social dynamics, and it shows. And he doesn't seem to give a crap what anyone thinks, that's how confident he is in his frame. Like him or not, this guy has a lot to teach and I was surprised to see someone of this caliber in Osaka, Japan. R&A briefed Kid44 on what they'd seen from us so far before they split to take a rest before the evening, leaving me, Benetton, and our new guide Kid44. Off we went to an international party. Kid44 told us he wanted to see us work the room. Instead of the high energy, fun approach of R&A, Kid44 emits a vibe of "so why are you so special?" Very much like what I've seen from Mystery. Everywhere we go, he's saying hi to people, smiling at eveyone, all the while never breaking his loping stride. Following him was like chasing after the cat in the hat. Kid44 is unique and contagious and I took that frame to the party, immediately entering set from a high-value standpoint. //International party// girls: ChibiPair, AChan, Betterofthe3, more, not worth mentioning As for the party itself, there wasn't much to it actually. One pretty attractive approaching-30 girl (I got contact info, I think Benetton did too), a few OK and nice girls who were fun to play with, and a smattering of guys with no semblance of game who seemed to spend half the evening drinking and watching me and Benetton clean house. Thanks for the audience, guys. This is not bragging, just what happened. It was like dynamiting fish in a barrel. If Benetton has a longer FR about this, I'll leave it to him. I left with a handful of contacts but not much worth pursuing. Good practice and a good warmup. After the party, the 3 of us bounced to the Digmeout Café, a laid-back 24-hour, diner-style place, to get Kid44's breakdown of our performances. He asked me to name 3 things I did well, and some things I didn't do so well. It seemed like he was impressed with both of us, but I really would have liked to have seen him at work, and to have gotten his feedback in a more challenging/active place. That said, his advice cut to the point and, more significantly, the nuggets of PUA wisdom he passed on would stay with me. R&A rejoined us, Kid44 peeled off, and we again headed up to Umeda. //Sazae- night club// Sazae is a 3-floor dance club in Umeda with a very manageable scale - not too big and not too winding , but VIP seats, and plenty of corners to isolate. Also, a lot of hot club girls. I am not a big fan of the Club Girl but I realize that some club girls are not club girls but just nice girls who are in a club. OK, I'll be honest, clubs intimidate me, but I'm workin' on it OK? The clubs are where guys like RedpoleQ & Allusion come to life. They love it there and it shows. With them, we were able to cut the entrance queue on a chilly evening, for which I was grateful. They gave us a tour of the venue and sent us into set. girls: FirstTwo, Keitai, ChibiTouchy (and friends), AMOGDrinkWhore, BenettonSetIBlew, TallModels, Musty Girl FirstTwo Wish I could recall this set because it was my first and there were all sorts of things I tried to do before the girls ejected or something. Benetton may recall it better. What I do remember is that as soon as I was in, there was Allusion (actually it might have been RedpoleQ; I forgot), right over my shoulder, "get between them, spin her around, start talking about Benetton, bring him into set." This might seem a bizarre scenario that would just freak the girls out. . . wrong! They barely noticed. Not only that, I turned around a number of times to ask for Allusion for advice and the girls didn't seem to care. Who knew? It was a good warmup and I was feeling better. Keitai Saw a girl sitting and pounding away on her mobile so I went in and stuck my head in front of her phone. "You are being very antisocial. Here, give me your phone." She did. I sat next to her and stared entering the Japanese for "I am in a club. I just met a really handsome and cool white guy…" She liked it and we chatted for a bit, but she seemed to lose interest quickly, and was pulled away by friends. ChibyTouchy There was a group of about 5 college girls (ohhh yes!) out for a fun fun evening and darned if all of them weren't cute as anything and very very genki. Benetton had already opened and done well with their alpha girl (GreenShirt). She was tall, curvy, and very much to Benetton's liking. I somehow reengaged her later as she was talking to another friend, RabbitScarf (because she was wearing a wraparound fake black fur scarf thing, which would prove a very useful prop). RabbitScarf was pretty cute in the club light and easy to kino and talk with. I took her aside to a quieter spot and told her to put her scarf on me ( this dawned on me in set, and was something Kid44 had mentioned earlier in the evening, I think it's called a reverse lock-in and it's the first time I'd ever tried it on purpose), then just walked away to where B enetton was engaged with another of her friends. She of course had to come racing after me. I tell RabbitScarf to put her prop on Benetton , which she does. And sometime in all of this, an absofreakinglutely adorable little friend enters (she looks like this actress- http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Konishi_Manami). She is not highly made up, not overly accessorized, and has yet to develop attitude. S he couldn't have been over 155 cm. This is soooo my type and I was smitten. I quickly seized her, thrilled that this little girl had just entered my life and was happy to be there. There was no need for game. I just pulled her in to me. She didn't resist. We chatted for about 15 minutes and pulled her to a quiet corner. R&A popped in occasionally to tell me to try and escort her upstairs. She wouldn't go, but Benetton took RabbitScarf for a walk. So I'm vibing and heavily kino-ing with ChibyTouchy. I should have just kissed her but even though we were glued to each other almost from the first minute, she was 20 and I could tell she was overwhelmed by my aggressiveness and I know part of her compliance was a lack of familiarity with the situation. (i.e. the "so I guess this is what foreigners do?!" syndrome) Her friends, probably concerned for her, pulled her away but I had already gotten her info. AMOGBuyMeADrink She was not a whore, but her and her friends' strategy, along with the other 2 and 3-sets around the bar was to line up and wait for the JGuy chodes to roll in, buy them drinks, which gets them a phone number if the girls deem them worthy enough, and then roll on out. It was working well for these 3. The Leader (AMOGBuyMeADrink) was about a 9 by most guys' standards (8 in my book, since I'm not as into the really done-up girls with the requisite shorty shorts and long long eyelashes). Her friends were 7s at best, by anyone's standards. R&A said I had to approach. I know! I went in while another in the line of J-chodes was running his lack of game and hit up AMOGBuyMeADrink with "hey, is this nampa? This is so cool. I always wanted to learn to be cool at nampa!" The guy peeled off. "So, give me a nampa line." The girl was flustered but giggling almost deliriously, overwhelmed. "Uhhh, issho ni nomimasennka?" she said. "OK, I'm going to be cool nampa guy." I stepped back did a Lance Mason-style lookaway and turnback, puffed out my chest all cool-like and came in with, "Hellooooo ladies! Issho ni nomimasenka?" AMOGBuyMeADrink busts out laughing and AMOGBuyMeADrinkFriend is just like "eeeh? Wtf is this?" I should have then tried to win over the friend but she was backturned so I persisted with AMOGBuyMeADrink. I shook her hand, introduced myself, spun her out, stole her place at the bar, and locked in, creating what R&A seemed to think was my prize moment of the evening - a hot HB9 clubgirl standing in the middle of the floor looking absolutely flustered and disoriented, laughing helplessly as I busted on her for being tricked out of her spot at the bar. This was not a place she was used to. I noticed Benetton nearby so I pushed her over in his direction to try and win over the friends. Now, what I should have done, as R&A pointed out later, was talked up Benetton before I sent the girl over. But it was all kind of confusing and thrilling at the same time and I was not very much in my head. Now, somewhere in all of this, a couple of J-chodes had wandered in. RedpoleQ took this opportunity to put on a school of overwhelming and humiliating AMOG destroying. He jumped on the 2 guys with a burst of energy, grabbing them, slapping them, complimenting them, wrapping them up in his frame. Man, he looked like Jet Li. I busted out laughing. The guys were overwhelmed, happy, and just plain confused. And not only did they look like absolute dopes, they did not speak to the girls again. But somewhere along the way, AMOGBuyMeADrink had signaled for backup and was now with a tall, strapping, and very handsome J-guy who said "these are my friends" and boxed in the girls. After RedpoleQ's inspiring piece of work, I could not have this. "Hey man!" I introduced myself. "Woow, you are a good looking guy. Girls he is handsome! You look like a foreigner. Are you half black?" He was beside himself with happiness about the compliments. Another very handsome J-dude came in and tried to AMOG me and he got the same heaping praise. AMOGBuyMeADrink is again babbling with confusion. I am still in set. The J guys were happy and liked me, but they were not leaving, so I ejected. Numerous times I looked over again and AMOGBuyMeADrink was smiling right back at me. I should have re-entered. BenettonSetIBlew This was a lesson to me - don't enter wing's set too soon. Benetton opened a 2-set at the bar - decent looking club-type girls. He was doing well, and honestly, I noticed that AMOGBuyMeADrink was watching from nearby and wanted to give her something to watch. So I went uninvited with a spin move on the one Benetton was not talking too. Bad move by me because for all appearances I may have just been some AMOG. I need to work with my wing. Something happened and they bailed. Sorry B enetton. I'll be better next time bro. Thing is, without R&A, I would not have known what I'd done wrong. I would not have even been in that set. TallModels R&A mentioned to me there were possible racequeens in the venue. One of my ultimate goals is get a racequeen and I felt the sweats coming on because I knew I would have to open them or I would be a big loser. I spotted the pair once, both standing around 180 cm in their heels and looking very very sharp. Was I really going to open them? Argh! Gotta do it. Benetton, I, and R&A went upstairs and, before I had time to react, there they were - the possible racequeens. "Hey wait!" I started in with and held out my hand to stop them. "This fashion is not going to work." I said, trying to grin. I was closest to TMLargeNose and thus talking to her. "Are you a designer?" she said. I think I said yeah. (bad move, as we'll see) Benetton quickly moved in on the other TM, the prettier one, probably a 9.5 if not a 10, and seemed to be doing really well. My girl was intrigued. I told her to turn around for me so I could check out her fashion, which she did. I should have gotten off of that thread immediately because I knew I had to be powerful in this frame if I was going to spike the attraction, and I did not have anywhere to take it. The two of them were in fact TallModels. I commented on her height and how her belt and shoes were not a good match, all while smiling, but it seemed like she was honestly looking to me for fashion advice (ha!). Something clicked and I saw I'd lost her. A snap, a moment, but her interest vanished. She grabbed her friend and they dashed off downstairs leaving in their wake a dazed looking me, a broadly grinning Benetton, and R&A who enjoyed the heck out of the interaction and congratulated us on our boldness. After that, anything would be easy, which brings me to... MustyGirl Saw her from the back - short, stylish, skimpy club gear exposing shoulders, standing next to the dancefloor. I go in, tap her on the shoulder "Hey, you're not dancing. And you're not going to make any friends standing here by yourself. Here I'll show you how to be sexy." I don't know how much of this she understood but I was physical and she was smiling. Very cute face and nice body. She's also giving off a healthy dose of BODY ODOR. Thus the monicker. She must have had a long day. Turns out she's also standing next to TallFriend, who is friendly and speaks a bit of English. I go into banter with TallFriend and I notice Benetton in my periphery. I introduce him to MustyGirl and start to sell TallGirl on Benetton's qualities because I think he's going to like her. And I like MustyGirl. Somewhere in there Benetton has also been selling me and how I was on TV because all of a sudden MustyGirl is clinging to me and asking about my TV commercials. I try to shrug it off because getting a girl to like you for your job or money is weak (i.e. J-guy) game, but she keeps pressing me. She hadn't even seen my commercials and I realize it really wasn't so much that I'd been on TV, but that Benetton had sold me so well. So he engages TallGirl, I take back MustyGirl. The 2 of us sit down and I go into a bit of rapport but she's easily distracted and it's loud. So I tell her to kiss me. She thwaps me but she's also really happy. I do a magic trick (disappearing cigarette) for her and she just loves it. That gets me a kiss on the cheek. I do a couple of other things and keep it light with lots of kino. Trying for the kiss, but she won't do it even though obviously enjoying the attention, and I push her away every time she refuses. Great tension. She notices TallGirl is gone (and so is Benetton) and it's 03:30 with the lights going up. I've already got her contact at this point. Try to bounce her for food but she's not going without her friend. So we part. Spot her again on the way out and she extends her hand with a big smile. Wow, she's cute. (btw, I did mail her the next day to meet for okonomiyaki, but she said she was busy, though she's eager to keep in touch. She'll be taking a good shower too if we ever wind up in the same bedroom.) Thank you MustyGirl for the nice closure on a marathon of sarging. The four of us bounce back to Digmeout to recap. There are a few nice sets in there, but I do not have the energy to approach. Lame, I know. But I was still feeling good about the number of sets I approached and the terrific stuff I learned in this 17-hour marathon of sarging. Incidentally, I only had a couple of drinks the whole night, and those were juice-based, I smoked no cigarettes, and as a result, at 6 a.m., though I was tired, I was not wiped. If anything, I felt better than 12 hours before. I dragged my butt to an internet café for some well-earned shuteye. There are plenty more details I left out of this, and a few more sets too. It would be impossible to chronicle everything that went down. Let me just say, I left Osaka with a lot more than I expected, some great new strategy, and a very bright view and eagerness to keep building my game. Thanks a ton guys, you were great! The end. -Bucko in Tokyo
  8. FR: Osaka Sat. Feb. 17 We sarged with three of The Osaka Crew (ToC). These guys are all great at teaching game, with a focus mainly on Mystery Method. What's more, some of them do it in Osaka dialect on the local girls. The girls in Osaka are HOT and seem much easier to approach than in Tokyo, but to have real success with a HB8 or above (HB8+) you will need tight game just like anywhere else. 1. Meeting ToC: We met Allusion and RedpoleQ. They were dressed like pimps, had great energy and stood out as PUAs from a mile away. We had lunch in the smoking section of the golden arches because there were more likely to be good sets that linger there. There was a HB7 next to our table, which we busted on lightly, but mainly just focused on getting to know each other before the day began. 2. Accessory Shop: Bucko's outfit was pimpin', but Allusion and RedpoleQ decided I needed to accessorize. They helped me to buy a chain, ring and bracelet. I never wear jewelry, but several dating books I've read highly recommend it. Not necessarily expensive stuff, just the kind of cool stuff you see fashionable guys wearing. Glad these guys pushed me to do it. It definitely added some spice to my look and later on sarging, I could feel that the ladies were checking it. Women notice these small details and everything good adds up to make the whole. Go for it. I guess HBs extrapolate tasteful jewelry as a statement of self-esteem. Cost me only 7,500 yen for some cheap stuff. 3. OPA (Osaka's 109): Just like its Tokyo equivalent, we found ourselves swimming in "gyaru", many of them HB8+. I couldn't move beyond just asking directions and probably looked really guilty when I did it. ToCs helped me out a bit, but I wasn't warmed up. Allusion said I had too many false social rules running in my head and needed to just go in just like I would sarging anywhere. Made sense, but didn't make it any easier. But, I opened a couple of HB9s and that in itself was a minor achievement for me. I felt that if we'd come here after the club game (described below), the next day or so, it would have been much easier. ToCs knew a few HBs working there, so that was cool. Would have been good to have a female pivot in this situation. 4. Umeda station - Big Man: I think this is where Allusion and RedpoleQ introduced me to the concept of "Locking in". These guys were big on this and it made a huge difference to every interaction I used it in. Locking in means to be with your back to something like a wall, pillar, bar, etc. This makes you the focal point of the set and means that when the HBs are facing you, there is nothing distracting going on behind you. If the other way around, it is obvious that you are the pursuer and there is the potential for stuff happening behind you to take away her attention. I opened a 6.8 and got flirting with her and used "locking-in" for the first time. I neglected kino and I wasn't really into her, so after playing with her for a while, her friends arrived and I let her go. Contrast this to a approaching a HB9.5 at Hachiko last weekend where I was leaning in, not locked-in and being super nice. The girl Bucko opened was HB8 from where I was standing. He seemed to be going very well. 5. Benetton Store: My shirt was passable but dull and didn't show off my figure well (I'm tall and slim). I needed to look pimping for the night ahead. Allusion and RedpoleQ took me to Benetton, somewhere I would never have thought of myself, but found a couple of cool shirts. I looked much better. It really helped in choosing by having Allusion, RedpoleQ, Bucko and the store girl's honest feedback too. If you aren't looking pimpin', get your cool friends to help you out. It really makes a difference in first impressions and in how you feel about yourself. Meanwhile, Bucko was sarging a tall HB8. Was it just my imagination, or were there more taller, curvier girls in Osaka? I love the tall curvy ones. I interacted with the shop assistant that helped me, but she was a 6.5, so couldn't get motivated to game her, but I guess I should treat every female interaction as an opportunity to sharpen my game. 6. Starbucks: The 4 of us where gaming anything that was within reach here. I got a 2-set (5 and HB7.5) laughing their asses off with my localized version of C&F. Lost steam somehow and didn't know how to close for contact details. They bounced (left the venue) before I could do anything further. This is where Allusion and RedpoleQ started telling us about the structure of MM. I had grazed on the VAH before and had an intellectual understanding, but it didn't sink in at the time. With their explanation and later examples in field, it made sense. It's great because it gives you a road map for direction and benchmark on which to monitor your performance. I'm going to study it in detail now - especially after seeing photos of the ToCs girls! They have a harem of HB8+ in their orbit. It's very technique based, and I was not into learning technique, but after seeing the results and feeling how having a basic structure to work with gave me confidence when I otherwise wouldn't have known what to do, I'm sold. Kid44 walked in. 7. International Party: Kid44 took us here to test and observe our game. Even there was no competition (i.e. no guys with game) or HB8+, we had fun. Despite the low-key environment Kid44 still managed to spot me leaning in too much. He used this venue to teach us how to work as wings. One of us would enter a set and start telling them how cool his friends were. He would select his target and, when introducing us (we were to enter the set only after he signaled it was time) he would say, "This one's trouble" to signal that I was to game her a while by telling her what an awesome dude he was. Meanwhile, he would take on the obstacle of the group and sell her some more on what a great guy I was. This is all in the VAH if you want the details. We were a bit sloppy at this venue because there were no super HBs, but this technique worked like a charm at the club later. 8. Dinner at Cool 24-hour Diner: More theory and feedback from Kid44 until he had to leave. I learn that I need to get more energized for the club coming up. A few sets in this cafe. RedpoleQ tells me to open a 6-set of HB7-9, but I wasn't ready – had just had a large dinner. I tell him to go in instead and show us how they work. RedpoleQ goes in soon followed by Allusion and are working them like magic. They told us later that they only took the sarge to A2 (see VAH) and deliberately dropped it because we had lost attention. One of the set was a HB9, and they were a bit disappointed they let her go without number closing. 9. Sazae-Night Club: After first downing an energy drink and vitamins, we made our way to the club. This is a freaking pimpin' club with a lot of HBs. Kind of like Muse, but nicer in some ways and not so maze-like. Neither of us are really club guys, but clubs are an awesome dojo. Nobody will remember you, especially if you're from out of town. There is a lot of distraction for the HBs and you must be very tight in your game. Allusion and RedpoleQ described how club HBs have chronic ADD (attention deficit disorder) and the younger and hotter they get, the worse ADD gets. They want to go dance, an AMOG comes in, their friends pull them away, etc. You have to really think on your feet and have plenty of material to machinegun at them, together with the right vibe and body language in order to stay in set. The Drink Ticket Trick: Allusion tells me to take out my drink ticket, lock in to the bar next to a HB, hand her the ticket, say the name of the drink I want and then ignore her until she hands it to me. I tell them I can't do it. I get RedpoleQ to demonstrate. He does and it works flawlessly. The HB shows a spike (momentary rise) in interest and then RedpoleQ tells me how this is a display of social value and alpha behavior. He forces me to try it. I hesitantly attempt it on a HB and she tells me to hand it to the bar tender. RedpoleQ shouts to just ignore her and order my drink forcefully. I do and then pretend to check emails on my keitai. To my utter amazement she complies and hands me the drink with a seductive smile. This is too much for me. I'm not supposed to be able to do this kind of stuff. The Push-Away: I notice a group of college girls and my eyes fall on the tallest and curviest of the group, tanned HB8.5 with a nose pierce. RedpoleQ shadows me and gets me to lock into the bar to approach, spin her around and then lead her to a wall away from the crowd to isolate her. RedpoleQ tells me to kino more and grabs her hand, "hold her hand like this". Man, this is getting weird, but she is responding. The whole time I'm busting on her as best I can and doing a push-pull thing whilst RedpoleQ keeps telling me not to lean in too much. We get back to the bar because I'm going to give her my keitai email address and need to write it down. RedpoleQ and I lock in to the bar counter and then RedpoleQ tells me, "Push her away". I say, "what?", "ok" and push her weakly. "No man, like this" and he playfully gives her a sudden push hard enough to make her take a step back. This HB is slightly taller than him in her heels. She is totally blown away, but laughs uncomfortably and steps right back in to us. RedpoleQ grins and says, "see? She came right back in. No guy has ever done that to her. She's used to being worshiped by AFCs. Now you try it." I do and the same thing happens. The HB is actually enjoying being with us. I bust on her, tell her I'm the type that always forgets to call and give her my keitai email address. She says she has to go back to her friends, so I tell her to go and hurry up about it. I had a huge grin on my face after that. I'd never been alpha with a HB8+ before in my life. Allusion reminds me about Alexander Technique and how I needed to relax and lean back more. I try to take this in whilst basking in the glory of having sarged a HB8+ and got huge IOIs. KoreanGirl: I bust on another tall curvy girl and her friend who are preparing to down tequila shots. She turns out to be Korean-Japanese and HB8.5. Try the exact same routine on her and it's working like a charm. I try to close her to take my keitai email address, but she starts asking me, "So, what do you do?". I get close in to her ear and reply in a deep voice, "whatever I want". She giggles. After pushing her away and busting on her a bit, I run out of material. She says she has to go join her friends and so I playfully tell her to scram, planning on following up later. RabitFur: Bucko opens a set and brings me in. We're locked into the bar and there are two small girls. I am gaming one, but give her to Bucko because he likes the chibiko. I take the other, 159cm HB7.5, and start treating her like a little brat. Spun her around, pinched her cheeks, pushed her away, busted on her, teased, lead around club by the hand so that every other HB in the club would see SP (social proof). Took her up to isolate her and gave the MM qualifying routine of how beauty is common and how she should tell me 3 other things she had going for her besides her looks. She fumbles and turns out to have no hobbies, plays no sports, does no exercise. She is, however, genki and omoshiroi. Brought her back down, gave her my keitai email and left her. AMOGed and AMOGing Back: Bucko opens a 2-set at RedpoleQs order. I lock into the nearest wall to be ready to come in when he signals. We do it textbook style until we are AMOGed by some J guys. RedpoleQ appears out of nowhere and starts AMOGing them back like crazy. His strategy is to just be super high energy, super friendly and all in their face as though they are his long-lost best friends. Then a tall, tough looking J guy comes into the set and blocks us totally. I am not used to this and retreat back to my wall. Bucko engages the guy, as per his FR. I just watch and learn. Later when Bucko and I are engaging other girls on the bar, I notice these girls watching and smiling at us. I guess AMOGing is something you just have to be good at as part of game. VAH goes into this. Ideally you would engage all the guys of a mixed set and befriend them. Next you work in on the girls, leaving your target last. If you have a wing, the wing will go around saying what a great guy you are to help the process. But, sometimes, as in this set, there are guys in the background that you didn't realize were connected to the set and they will come out of nowhere to AMOG you. Whether you like it or not, HB8+ will usually be in mixed sets and surrounded by jealous AFCs, naturals or "friends" that you will need to handle. Models: All 4 of the crew go upstairs. Bucko mentions how he wants to find a race queen and immediately 2 tall model-like girls appear walking our way. Bucko says something to one of them and before I can stop myself I shout to the other "stop! Are you a race queen??? We're looking for race queens!". She sneers at me "no I'm a fashion model". Before I totally freak out at the fact that I am addressing a HB10, I push her away and say "no you're not. You must be a race queen, you're more exciting than that." I then clumsily lead her to the nearest wall, lock-in, and hesitantly try to repeat the previously successful handholding, kino and busting routine. Freaked out at how hot she was and was leaning in too much and had no material to run on her. They bounced, but I was absolutely blown away that these simple techniques had created IOIs from a HB10. Still managed to get some IOIs because, although I wasn't congruent with the techniques, I was still probably more interesting than 90% of AFCs she meets. Felt like Neo when he first stopped the bullets in the Matrix. What a rush! "It's a TWO-SET!!!" I opened a 2-set of HB7 and HB8.5. Opened the HB7 successfully by neglected to open her friend (who was actually my target) soon enough. Her friend got pissed off and pulled the other one away just as RedpoleQ walked past yelling, "It's a TWO-set!". Yes, the whole set must be engaged otherwise you will lose them. Bizarre how it works because logic would tell you that if one of them is enjoying talking to a guy then her friend would be considerate enough to let them chat for a while. My target was likely the alpha of the set and I had blown it by ignoring her too long. 10. Convenience Store The club closed at 3:30. We called in at the combini again on the way out. KoreanGirl was there again and I, totally exhausted by this time, lamely opened her, ignoring the rest of the 5-set that was with her and gave her my keitai email so that next time she was in Tokyo, she could contact me. 11. Back to 24-hour Diner Recapped theory and relived our victories. We all vibed with the waitress but were too tired to open the sets there. 12. Next Couple of Days No smoking or drinking, but still it wiped me out for all of Sunday and I was still sluggish on Monday. But, I was happy at my progress. On Monday I could feel how just this one session of real club game had toughened me and I felt much more confident to open in normal day-game if I wanted to.
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