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  1. Ok, so the week is basically over now - Hard to structure my summary. There's a larger context here that I didn't mention above. I have been thinking about ways to be more 'in the moment' and/or active or creative . . . the idea being that I need to find more ways to invest in and focus intellectual energy. I tend to get very wrapped up 'in my own head.' More on that below . . . Let me start with one thing I learned that was immensely valuable. That is that I was able to overcome my paralysis alone at the mall by using . . . WARM UP SETS. In other words, if I was feeling shitty or no
  2. This is really tough. So, after some thought I went back and identified several goals that I want to accomplish over the now 8 days I have off. Then I tailor made a schedule for accomplishing those goals, with the understanding that the schedule would need some amount of flexibility but the goals were hard. Today was my first scheduled time for day game. I was supposed to go do 'day game' at the village, and be in set most of the time, for three hours. I went to the village, got in line at Starbucks and opened a girl there. Not a good reaction. Then I decided I'd go to the ba
  3. Both Ybbor and RPQ's points about the schedule are well taken. I'll have to adjust, and I'll through up a new one when I do it. I have ambitious goals for reading. That being said, part of why I'm doing this is that I've done 'staycations' before in Beijing. AND I look forward to them, like opportunities to go 'do' tons of game . . . and I end up spending more time reading than I want. I tell myself that I have to read some book or get some knowledge in some area before I can get the success I want. And I want to change that dynamic, more toward just doing it. I think setting goa
  4. Hi guys, Need some help. Let me know first of all if you think this is the right place on the forum for this. More importantly: Is this a good idea? And am I thinking about it in the right way? I’ll likely have a week off work next week. That’s 9 days back to back, bookended by two weekends. I’m working to think of the absolute best way to use my time, even at the risk of being OCD about disciplined time management. Just because 9 days is a hugely valuable chunk of time. My goal is to push myself in every direction, and take action to reach my goals, which are broadly:
  5. Mixed feelings about this sarge, on the day of mid autumn festival. Before beginning to write I think I already know I should not have ejected when I did. And that's probably the hardest part . . . regret and also thinking how hard this is. I think Kane might have some good ideas on how I should have used frames here. I realize now that I let her subtle frame - maybe that she wanted to be alone and I should go - win. I met this girl at the crosswalk going into the village. I noticed her great legs - thin and nicely shaped, they started with a pair of brown leather ankle high heel
  6. Ok this is exactly what I needed to hear. Mostly because I realize now I was thinking about state in the wrong way. For instance I would use not being in state as an excuse not to approach (I have started to work on this by forcing myself to approach one girl a day, basically ensuring that I'm not in state . . . and, at least with regard to making the decision to approach, taking the right actions nonetheless). I get now, though, that what's wrong with that thinking is that you're telling yourself 1) that you need state to take action (not true) AND 2) that state will guarantee the results
  7. Hi guys. We're planning to meet at QMex Thursday night, sept 11, at 7:30. Please come by to enjoy the new QMex ~ new menu and new digs. Plus a chance to catch up with the guys and share stories from The Field. See you there. QMex is on Sanlitun south street, south from the Sanlitun village
  8. Update here. We texted a couple times Sunday (the day after). She had apparently forgotten much of the conversation (including for example that I live in the same part of Beijing as her) AND that we set up a meet on Monday. Mentioning she was busy Monday I moved it to Thursday, then was dissappointed when she did not follow up on those. It's basically dead now. I'll probably put her on the list of those I ping randomly every once in a while. I still feel like the biggest lesson here is about state. Not sure what exactly it is though? Also think there are lessons to learn about SNL m
  9. Kane. The only thing that could be better about this is if you memorialized her titties in plastercast and sent them to me with a package of fun guy. You are the shit. My hero. And you convinced me to get a hostel every weekend. How's that for validation honky. 'She went to the shower' . . . I'm not really clear about the shower thing. Had she already decided to take a shower before your joke about the shower? Like maybe she was already dressed in room-to-shower clothes? The after-the-fact good girl qualifier is awesome. Were you qualifying her otherwise?
  10. I asked Kane to do a half bootcamp with me two weeks ago. It was excellent. Mostly it was just good having Kane around. Cuz he’s the shit. Some of the things it was good to bounce off him were: 1. Motivations (ie I’m motivated my ego gratification, good but not always ideal). This relates to . . . 2. Being willing to go out alone 3. Framing 4. Escalating/ sexualizing 5. State and getting state through taking action (and not NOT taking action because you’re not in state) So this FR says to me that I’m on the right track. Of course there’s still much to improve upon, but nonetheless
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