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  1. Almost everyone struggles with the qualification questions about girls, it would be extremely valuable if you started and continuously built upon a Perfect Girl Desire Statement, you already did this partially during the bootcamp with the list of qualities you came up with. Yeah the leaning was a big issue, have you noticed this happening after the bootcamp? We all have particular body language ticks that are hard to get rid of and the leaning thing is one that is the most valuable to suppress or totally remove, i still do this weird thing where i cross my legs sometimes in sets, its pretty tough to control. You did do really well with how you applied yourself, especially without drinking, i've seen lots of people get really messed up by trying to game sober, so good job. Riding out and pushing through the awkwardness is always really important. It's important that you start mixing up your openers so you can develop the realizations that what you say isn't as important as the frame you put forth and push. Yeah it's always better to push sets beyond what you think is the limit, as that is where you get the most growth and get the results that surprise you. With strawberry fields - if you keep having issues with it, use your phone to record the audio of you saying it and post it, we can give it a listen and let you know if theres anything that can be modified to make it work better for u. You did things really well during this session. Generally after doing a bootcamp people find that their bottlenecks shift and instead of attraction or instant dates, they find LMR is where they get stuck (usually because they're meeting more girls and trying to close girls much quicker than before) however this is no different to any other section of game. There are particular patterns that will emerge as you encounter similar situations, based on your Game and how you do things, so please make sure to communicate with us regularly what issues you're encountering so we can give you as much assistance as possible in overcoming them. LMR usually happens similarly in girls with them saying and doing similar things, overcoming this usually just means tweaking parts of your interaction with women and having better tactics when responding to what they say. Good job mate. Keep up the good work!
  2. Lol yeah smile a lot, can't let those normies know you're actually a robot. It's good that you're seeing where you needed to do things differently, a lot of people struggle with this, i imagine your disconnect from the situation actually is what makes this easier for you. You should NC her before you go back to the friends, just say that your phone is going to run out of power soon as the reason to do it, it doesn't matter how much power it has, they will accept the excuse. Spilled drink opener - it's not ideal.....lol. What drink was it? You could use it to ask girls where to get napkins and then what they're drinking, it will be a little strange though. Lol the rape experience. Sounds like a great t shirt 'I went to China and all I got was raped by a 5'
  3. This reaction is normal when you havent been clubbing because your senses are overwhelmed by the environment which causes some overload on your ability to process and manage yourself. The initial 2 minute set in playhouse is pretty common, you're going to have a lot more shorter sets and need to be higher energy. You can generally look at the type of music, the overall vibe and the amount of people and figure out how much energy is needed. If its unclear, look for the people who are boring and seem like they aren't having any fun, then be the opposite of them, it's usually single men standing around using the creeper vision. If they can't hear you, get closer, or use your phone. It can be tough in loud Chinese clubs. How far did you get with your kino on these girls? The random guy bringing you in - really hard to say, it could be totally fine, you also have to consider that it may have been giving you access to the girls, which would be worth it as you could reDHV while there. 1 minute set - if she isnt giving you the normal levels of compliance, try for the one she is giving you, if none chase a different girl. The non verbal stuff - the main reason it works is that its low compliance and more fun, the fun is what makes people want to interact with you. The palm reading girl - if she knew how to palm read and you were stuck, flip it around and get her to palm read you/teach you how and then flip it back by asking her how she got into it, how it's impressive show knows how to do that etc etc (qualification) as most girls don't and are boring.
  4. Perfect. When you're feeling chodey, you should just do whatever you can do to get the ball rolling....or...slightly shifting forwards. Her reaction of i dont intend to see you again' is usually just a lack of comfort, also how did you phrase the 'be my valentine'? From her perspective, it may come across as 'lets fuck on valentines day'. You did a good job by just starting. Sounds like you were doing well. Who was the other girl? You can deal with it by involving her in the convo and using her to enhance it, either by pushing her to talk about herself or to tell you about the other people if she knows them. Why did you just leave if you were getting compliance? 5th - sounds reasonable, have you followed up with her? 6th Were you not interested? or? 7th Nice bt spike. You should pretend you understand and offer some answer and then if its wrong she will clairfy. Smooth interactions are more important than her understanding everything or you understanding everything completely. Yeah stop apologizing for your poor Chinese. How's the follow up with all of this chicks?
  5. Yeah the biggest thing is that when you are consistent, you make progress, now sometimes you're not happy with the amount or speed of it and that can be very detrimental to your results, but you do make progress, and the most basic thing about that is that you just need to keep doing so and the results will come. Your texting being a good example - there was some chick (Nancy i think her name was) that you were assuming would stand you up and then she turned up on the date and you ran off to meet her (we were at jing an temple that day), then you texted her a lot and tried to progress things, there were pretty typical bumps along the way and you made some progress with her, your texting improved dramatically as i remember RedpoleQ mentioning it to you and talking to me about it. There are many other times where you've engaged in consistent approaching/meeting women and gotten better and better results, the LTR you had is one example of that. Your default seems to be going hard at a particular thing and expecting massive results, some stuff works like this but for game in comes in dribs and drabs, you might hammer away at something for a while and be getting little gains and then suddenly the flood gates open and boom, big results. This is usually the case when you just start, if you've been doing a while it will happen less often because you're already more familiar with the territory. You've practiced a lot on the outer skills and gotten good at various things, what happens if you are picking up and reflecting on your results consistently is that you will start to notice certain patterns in terms of your results which make your weaknesses/areas needing improvement more obvious, the increase in results from consistent practice and an influx of girls coming into your life means that you start getting more action, which helps you have more motivation to keep working on things and makes it so you can feel capable to deal with whatever comes up because you already have a bunch of stuff you've dealt with to get to where you are now. Anyway so consistent practice with reflection (aka approaching regularly and writing FRs and then acting on the needed fixes) is going to get you the results you want more than short periods of extreme exertion. What made the training with Mystery not so good? What do you think should have been different about it to help you progress more or get better results? Some nights are gonna be shit, some are gonna be epic and some are gonna be somewhere in between. The more you get better at managing each stage of the interaction and predicting the likely obstacles, the more consistent your results are going to be, you will however occasionally have the odd curve ball thrown at you which will just fuck everything up, ideally just try to learn from those situations. If things going shitty upset you this much, you really need to hammer on your inner game and practice being objective so you can better change things up to give you results that are going to make you happier and keep progressing at Game. Avoidant fobby asian girls - lol, great description. Mission Club - looking back, what were the dynamics at play that made things difficult? Other than you feeling unhappy about the reactions you were getting. It's important to try and figure this out, because you can at least manage those things somewhat, if you know what they are. Yep, your 'i should have' thing is correct, you could also have said ' duh China, which part of China though?' and then spoken some canto or given some other hint to lead them into guessing. You could also have pushed the topic of Shanghai, if they were from there, you could ask which district and then tell them that district sucks and that you like X district better. Why not use canned stuff that you've learnt before? Or was it that you felt nervous/uncomfortable and that that messed with your capacity to think of some? On my first few sets of the night, I always just try to make it as easy as possible by doing stuff that i always do, so I don't need to think of anything new or improvise anything. Usually the opener is: stop stop, you guys are sooooooo cute, why? then pointing out their friend is cute and usually then pointing to their clothing and commenting on the color and linking that to something, like you're wearing black, so you're the bad girl, you're wearing white so you're the good girl. Bringing the wing in - if you're unsure if it's hooked or not, then just ask how many people they are with and then tell them you're with a friend of yours who is really awesome in x way and say that the obstacle will love him, then watch her reaction, if nothing or good, bring him in, if negative then bt spike again by saying but too bad for her because your friend is gay or is scared of cute asian girls like her (in a joking fashion). You sound like you know exactly what you should have done to make it work, so im guessing the main issue was managing your emotional state so that you didn't lock up or feel unable to think of stuff. Sometimes this shit will happen on the first few sets, you've just gotta push through it, even if the first few sets blow out - so what? Recognize the limits on what you can do when you have access to X emotional state and work from there. I can't usually physically pick girls up and be super awesome on my first set or few, mainly because my 'awesome mode' isn't engaged yet and i recognize it will take a while to get it going, so just gotta slog through. If i'm gaming very regularly, it only takes a few sets to make it happen, if not then it may take an hour or few, if i'm really out of it then it might not occur at all and my sets may just be average/very meh, which is fine, as they can still convert into dates and bangs so long as i run enough of them. So..it sounds like you did well to begin with, her friend didn't hook and ruined it and then the girl was shy or nervous in front of her friends and did the typical Korean thing of putting the breaks on. Was there an opportunity to push for contact details? You gotta keep in mind that its your frame vs hers and only one is gonna win. Having said that, if this was your 2nd set, you did well, as you went from zero bt spikes to doing a bunch of them. What did the bouncer do? This opener is pretty cool. Sounds like you did a bunch of stuff well and are following what i've listed I would do by using stuff your familiar with and don't need to think about too much. Did you and Petch discuss what he could have done differently to run the set better? or was it just mei ban fa? So you ran the set well, got a good reaction which caused you to become emotionally engaged to the point where you forgot to run game and instead just relied on your auto pilot (this is fine if your auto pilot means you do a lot of stuff right), ran some good convo/qualification and got some comfort going, you seeded eating together, got some butt action and ran the set for 20 mins or so. This sounds good, have you followed up with her? You should go out and try to have 10 sets like this, and then you will have X amount convert. I write X because there are lots of unknowns that fuck shit up, I was at a house party recently and had 3 sets there, 1st one went for 30 minutes or so and seemed to go super well, 2nd one was shit and went for 2 minutes before I ejected because something weird was going on, 3rd set went for a long time and involved changing venues. 1st set - no response from the girl, even though everything went really well. 2nd set - didn't bother number closing her, turns out she had a bf who came to the party later 3rd set - banged this chick on the day 3, she turned out to be pretty crazy though lol. Being a house party, it was way easier, if it was a club then 3 sets probably wouldn't be anywhere near enough, lets say i go clubbing and open 50 sets, I might have 10 really good sets and have a few convert into dates and bangs, might have 0, really just depends on many factors outside my control. Even if it goes well, it might not result into anything because of BF/other unrelated issues. So my point is that you did a good job with this set based on what you've explained, and you should approach more and more girls to try and have more interactions like this that will be more likely to lead to the results you want. Lol this is super MM style. Theres lots and lots happening in this routine, can you explain what you think is occuring and how it's going to affect the girl? How did the girl respond to it? Pretty interesting. So why did you get flustered about getting good results? You needed to ask the girl much much earlier how many people she was with and how they knew each other. Some guys will see situations like this as an opportunity because they think the girl will be easy or something. The material is just supposed to be training wheels to help you develop confidence to deal with each stage of the interaction, so...if you got stuck and don't know what to do, come up with some material to deal with that particular situation next time so you can deal with it. I know that sounds simple but that really is how a lot of this works, you're constantly solving a puzzle and trying to figure out which pieces go where. What was the end result with her in the club and then after that? You Bt spiked well and then got normal Korean resistance, from there you probably needed to get some sort of kino going that would lock the set in with you, be it a palm reading gambit or showing them something on your phone, simply because it isn't tenable to try and converse with the entire group for the reasons you mentioned. Yeah when you get all in your head you become negative and that's not a good experience for the people interacting with you. Being chill and fun of course is the winning move. The opener was good, although she didn't buy into it. The neg was funny as fuck, i literally Lol'd just now. You being upset about her reaction - It's gonna happen, the issue is that you're taking it personally. You don't need to win them all, you also need to recognize you have a between 0 and100% chance of success with each girl and focus on increasing that percentage by doing as many things right as possible and by finding the girls who are more likely to convert. Harsh rejections - The important thing here is that you just learn from your experiences by viewing them objectively, how you feel is irrelevant if you're learning things that help you long term, because you're going to feel lots of different ways about different things. You should be getting some of these reactions each time you go out and approach, I dunno how many you've gotten in comparison to good reactions vs entire number of sets. There are definitely going to be sets where the cold thank you is going to be the result regardless of what you do because they're basing their response on what they see of your physical appearance and initial behavior and that those things don't match up with what they think they want. You can make some adjustments on the behavioral end that may influence this somewhat but you're still not going to convert every single set. The talking fast thing - yeah, sounds about right. Great. 2. You take their reactions personally, sometimes it will be about you but mostly it's about your behavior and its super important to recognize this, because when you do you wont have your state all fucked up from it, you can choose the frames you hold about things. 3. Probably, that's fine, just keep practicing them until they're smoother and get better at having fun. 4. Great. 5. Yeah so speak slower, louder and make sure your positioning is good. 6. the Korean girl - maybe, assuming she gave you bad reactions because of your 'game', it could be she was there with her bf etc etc, so i'd be less focused on how i feel about the situation and more focused on whats happening around me to see if that is influencing things negatively. 7. Yeah, definitely. 1. Yep. 2. Lol yep. 3. If possible it certainly helps. 4. What do you mean? 5. yeah for sure, you should actually make a simple stack and practice with it for like 50 sets, then change it up a bit, being extremely objective about the results i.e the mad scientist - it doesn't matter what the results are, getting data and making adjustments is what matters. Finished the 6 pillars of self esteem yet? Great FR dude. You should write them as regularly as possible, even if you're only writing one 1/10th the length of this one it is still good to post them regularly so you can make more adjustments more quickly and get better and better results. Go Jackson!
  6. Yeah! The first night can be really rough, especially because you're trying to manage all these new bits and pieces. Ironically, the more material you can develop, the more natural you can become, because you have a wider range of things to choose from, it then just becomes about familiarity with the content and using it enough that you get good at the underlying things that make it work, rather than just saying those particular words. BT spikes are an easy example - usually they an exaggerated or ridiculous question or observation of something, for example lets say its 'you're wearing black, that means you go out at night a lot, ohhh bad girl'. The important part is the underlying role play and the emotional expressiveness, the role play is 'we are making humorous assumptions about each other', what makes it work or not is if it's easily understood and the emotional expression matching the content. The words can be adjusted to anything, using the same role play: Wow you're so skinny, you must only eat once a day. You're dressed really well, you must own some sort of clothing store, you're rich and a boss You look really strong, you have to protect me from all the bad girls here tonight. The words differ, the underlying technique does not. Being 'natural' shouldn't mean you just do whatever comes into your head without understanding how the techniques work, it should mean that you get good at the techniques by practicing them a lot and can use them naturally because of said practice. Great progress. Yeah keep up the 5 things method, we all still do it for a variety of things, usually after teaching people too. You did a lot of things right in terms of applying yourself as a student, so good job. Keep coming up with more BT spikes :D. Yeah, hot girls have options, so it's absolutely a war of attrition. The 'are you a player' tests are a normal part of progression when you start getting them feeling attracted but they can sense that its something you're actively doing, it will stop happening the more you become congruent being flirty and fun in this manner. Ya qualification is super important as it's one of the most important factors for shaping the interaction and relationship into a direction that you want, so not knowing what you want is a big problem. The ladyboy BT Spike/opener - what made it work? what is the underlying role play or theme? Yeah almost everyone has issues with their frame either with it being too weak or not providing enough value to make girls wanna jump into it. I'm glad you've remembered all this so well :D. The buttons opener was pretty funny. What made the Panda opener work? what was the underlying theme? The 8 set was that group of girls at the table by the door? yeah that was really hard cause there was barely anywhere to stand to even start interacting with them. How have things been going since then? You went out with Jackson, what else has been happening? Looking forward to more Petch Adventures.
  7. 1. You could continue this by telling her to stop and guessing where she's from, so long as the delivery is fine. 3. Change up the opener to something more engaging, experiment with different stuff The immediate hook is gonna happen more often the more numbers you play, some girls will feel more attraction to you than others for a variety of reasons, the difference in value levels matters too, although its really hard to say exactly what that is because it's based on more than just looks. When you say she was living at your apartment for a short time - you mean in the apartment complex, not in your actual apartment? Talking about restaurants - this is ok so long as she is being engaged by the topic, how there is nothing fun to do isn't so useful and instead you should talk about something that could be seeding some sort of fun date activity, it doesn't matter if its in that area or not. What else occurred afterwards? Ukrainian girl - Did you communicate with her again via text? Army boots girl: Your opener in this situation was good - improving off her appearance, the following part of suggesting she wants to kick weird foreigners talking to her on the subway isnt ideal as it's suggesting that its a negative thing to be communicating with you. You will find people are more shy in the metro and you might need to push a bit more, give them more stuff to do like answering questions, guessing things about you etc etc. Taiwan passport girl - the fact she answered means you probably could have continued the interaction or at least should have tried until you knew for sure, asking a question won't always be enough to hook, so you should add a bt spike or two in and keep pushing until you are either getting compliance or not at all. Starbucks girls - this seems like a good convo thread, did you build on it? Girl waiting in line - business and blew you off. These girls aren't blowing you off, they're just fulfilling what you're requesting them to do and then going back to doing their own thing, so you need to push the interaction further by bt spiking and being more engaging. Seeing the situation as them doing x to you is somewhat of a victim mentality and possibly means you're viewing these situations as you not being attractive enough to girls so that you're expecting to fail and are then making decisions that lead to this being the result. You gotta push a bit further so you get results that invalidate your negative beliefs about yourself. uhhhh ok. Wechat 83 times - If this was your opener and you said it as you listed here, she is gonna be confused as to why you're suddenly asking her this. In reverse, if someone approached you and said this, how would you react? Can you mentally do this and figure out the different ways people could perceive this situation? Pink Panther Yankees - So...you opened with an improv opener, BT spiked them and they reacted well - why didn't you progress things? seems like a good set. 1. Your attempted bt spike here was good, sometimes it's not gonna work, always focus on having good delivery. 2. You bt spiked but didn't push the frame, you need to push the frame of ' i want to interact with you' more strongly by getting them to stop and/or asking a question for them to answer. 3. why should she hook from just this? You seem to be doing this thing a lot - girls wont always hook just because you're trying to talk to them, they don't know the value you provide until they have a decent interaction with you, so give them the opportunity to do that. Ill respond to more later.
  8. HB Philosopher - women say a lot of things and then do a lot of things different from what they said, attraction is not a choice, it just means there MIGHT be an obstacle because of her previous negative experience, so avoid triggering anything similar to that and it will likely still go down. You have to be looking for how you can make things work instead of why they can't work, even if it's irrational because you will get whatever you're focusing on. Hb Wonderwoman - girls not responding to a single text doesn't mean they aren't interested, a lot of Asian girls are gonna require more legwork than you would expect because they have a lot more options and there isnt much of a chase dynamic from woman to man here unless it's the ceo of baidu's son or something. So if your first message to her was saying her outfit was good and she responded by saying thank you, then the issue is that your message needs to be constructed in a way to give her more to talk about or respond to. You may message girls a few times with no response at all and then eventually they hit you back and are really keen, simply cause they broke up with the bf or were sad and now they aren't or they thought you were a player and didn't really like them but because you hit them up a bunch they realize you do actually like them. HB Sichuan - You should be pinging girls once a week, every week. HB NZ - How long was the interaction? HB Finanace - If you're not that keen on this girl, find two more replacements and work on them. 1. Please post these at the bottom of your FRs Things i did well Things I will do better Realizations 2. We really need to know approx how long the interaction with each girl was and some vague idea of the content as this would enable us to give better feedback 3. Are you bt spiking these girls? kinoing? qualifying?
  9. Why didn't you text her back when she texted you? Not doing so is a big no no as she signalled interest by telling you her schedule and you signalled disinterest by ignoring her. Also if you're getting attraction in that moment, CAPITALISE ON IT as it's not something that will last a long period of time while shes away from you, compliance is what matters, good reactions are enjoyable but wont necessarily lead to anything useful whereas measuring and pushing for more compliance will. I seriously doubt its the 'too old' thing, reinforcing negative limiting beliefs isnt good for you, so stop it and focus on what will help you. Her lack of response is far more likely to be because she feels like you're not interested in her or she found a better option during that time because you didn't reciprocate, you also have to factor in peoples varying emotional states. A lot of girls can be keen one day and then somewhat different the next because of the emotional turbulence in their own lives, so don't automatically attribute everything to yourself or being about you. What happens if you invite her out to something next week? i.e have you tried, if so what was her response?
  10. Good job on posting this up. Her asking if you were married was because for Chinese people being unmarried past 25 is weird, you could tell her that you were divorced and it probably wouldn't be a big issue so long as you dont show lots of negative emotion about it. What could you do to make the convo more interesting? You ideally should pay the bill on the first date, usually if you pay for one thing the girl will contribute for another, this also somewhat depends on the girls financial means ( an 18 year old college student vs a 25 year old girl with a job) The whole walking inside thing isn't too great, live and learn. During the date you ideally should be seeding things for the next date so you have an obvious direction forward, you should also be asking the girl questions to figure out how she fits into your life/your short or long term goals. It is ur first date since ur divorce, so don't be hard on yourself, just be objective and move forwards. The no need thing - its unclear what you mean here, usually if the girl isnt interested at all she wont respond again after the date. You don't need super high value, you just need good enough. As for a first date venue, you could probably come up with some better places than the cheap noodles. It's awesome you wrote this up, you should use the format of: Things I did well Things i will do better Realizations Ill respond to the other posts tomorrow.
  11. Why is the opener '' are you from x apartment complex'? The main reason you will have trouble with this is that you're skipping a bunch of the steps and not really displaying any value nor really building any comfort. From the girls perspective, you've approached her with some questions and then asked her for wechat. Where is the part thats generating attraction or giving her a reason to see you again? Your notes at the end of the quoted section aren't incorrect but they are insufficient because you're repeating the theory behind the moves, not the experience of the girl. You should really increase the numbers of girls you're approaching, modify how you're approaching them and you should be REVIEWING your results properly. I.e writing field reports - as they help you identify the necessary changes to progress quickly. Also you should meet girls in more than just one environment. It's great that you've improved your ability to approach, as for improving the end results you really really really need to be putting your experiences down on the forum and getting feedback, also taking part in the groups a lot more would be helpful. Also I don't know what you've been messaging or doing with the 20 wechat contacts you've gotten, if you've only contacted them once etc etc. So posting screen shots of your convo with them or at least sharing what their responses have been and what you've been sending is paramount to improving the situation. Jeffrey has been out actively in field practising for a long time and did his bootcamp quite a while ago, I've got had a lot of infield experience, so don't expect yourself to garner the same results, just look for the bits and pieces you can use to improve your Game, going out with more experienced people is great and you should keep it up. The age thing - nah, for some girls it may be a thing but for most it isn't, it's different from back home. I'm 33. The girls 'not wanting' a day 2 isn't going to be about you as a person, it's going to be about their experience with you, 'Game' is a persuasion method used in the context of dating, so we are trying to break down and refine each section of our interaction with women. So unless they really really know you, they aren't basing their decision on ''you'' so much as they are on your behavior. As for them not coming out - there are likely lots of tweaks you could make to change that, it's really difficult to say without you showing us more of whats going on. Value thing - really hard to say as it's not that simple. Physical attraction - I bet you've seen plenty of guys less attractive than yourself with girls, so dont worry about that. You could improve the dressing area of things, as that always helps raise your value. Not enough attraction - how long are you interacting with them for? To me it sounds like you just need to really practice creating attraction in women, as i've said before, I think you should do it in a variety of environments that have varying difficulty levels as that will make it easier for you to see the right signals so you know when you're doing it really right. Bad location - yeah thats definitely a possibility, I think you should try a bunch of different places, as it's getting cold this will influence things somewhat, shopping malls, book stores, the metro and other parts of Shanghai are definitely worth checking out, you don't have to do it alone. Boyfriends - maybe, too hard to say, also it doesn't always matter. Not enough approaches - Yeah i think that you definitely should be doing more, the more data you get the easier it is to improve things and the higher chances you have of converting. The girls you've already hit up - its highly likely you could improve things with them via text and convert them, show us where it's at in the group so we can give you feedback, or feel free to post it here. Trying to get minimum - Yeah this is a real problem. Why do you think this is? I understand that learning the theory of things is where your comfort zone is, you've also shown a lot of umphf in doing the foot work...so why not get something from that?
  12. Also do you guys realize you're posting in the open public forum instead of the actual alumni forum?
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