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  1. 1. How do you think people perceive you based on the pics you've posted? i.e who are you? what do you do? what value do you have? 2. How do you want to be perceived, do your pictures deliver on that? The blue tinted pictures are ok, the rest are meh to terrible I say they're ok because they aren't showing anything bad and look decently done, the first one shows some DHVs, the second one doesnt really show anything but also doesnt look bad.
  2. Almost everyone struggles with the qualification questions about girls, it would be extremely valuable if you started and continuously built upon a Perfect Girl Desire Statement, you already did this partially during the bootcamp with the list of qualities you came up with. Yeah the leaning was a big issue, have you noticed this happening after the bootcamp? We all have particular body language ticks that are hard to get rid of and the leaning thing is one that is the most valuable to suppress or totally remove, i still do this weird thing where i cross my legs sometimes in sets, its
  3. Lol yeah smile a lot, can't let those normies know you're actually a robot. It's good that you're seeing where you needed to do things differently, a lot of people struggle with this, i imagine your disconnect from the situation actually is what makes this easier for you. You should NC her before you go back to the friends, just say that your phone is going to run out of power soon as the reason to do it, it doesn't matter how much power it has, they will accept the excuse. Spilled drink opener - it's not ideal.....lol. What drink was it? You could use it to ask gir
  4. This reaction is normal when you havent been clubbing because your senses are overwhelmed by the environment which causes some overload on your ability to process and manage yourself. The initial 2 minute set in playhouse is pretty common, you're going to have a lot more shorter sets and need to be higher energy. You can generally look at the type of music, the overall vibe and the amount of people and figure out how much energy is needed. If its unclear, look for the people who are boring and seem like they aren't having any fun, then be the opposite of them, it's usually sing
  5. Perfect. When you're feeling chodey, you should just do whatever you can do to get the ball rolling....or...slightly shifting forwards. Her reaction of i dont intend to see you again' is usually just a lack of comfort, also how did you phrase the 'be my valentine'? From her perspective, it may come across as 'lets fuck on valentines day'. You did a good job by just starting. Sounds like you were doing well. Who was the other girl? You can deal with it by involving her in the convo and using her to enhance it, either by pushing her to talk about hers
  6. Yeah the biggest thing is that when you are consistent, you make progress, now sometimes you're not happy with the amount or speed of it and that can be very detrimental to your results, but you do make progress, and the most basic thing about that is that you just need to keep doing so and the results will come. Your texting being a good example - there was some chick (Nancy i think her name was) that you were assuming would stand you up and then she turned up on the date and you ran off to meet her (we were at jing an temple that day), then you texted her a lot and tried to progress thi
  7. Yeah! The first night can be really rough, especially because you're trying to manage all these new bits and pieces. Ironically, the more material you can develop, the more natural you can become, because you have a wider range of things to choose from, it then just becomes about familiarity with the content and using it enough that you get good at the underlying things that make it work, rather than just saying those particular words. BT spikes are an easy example - usually they an exaggerated or ridiculous question or observation of something, for example lets say its 'you're
  8. 1. You could continue this by telling her to stop and guessing where she's from, so long as the delivery is fine. 3. Change up the opener to something more engaging, experiment with different stuff The immediate hook is gonna happen more often the more numbers you play, some girls will feel more attraction to you than others for a variety of reasons, the difference in value levels matters too, although its really hard to say exactly what that is because it's based on more than just looks. When you say she was living at your apartment for a short time - you mean in the
  9. HB Philosopher - women say a lot of things and then do a lot of things different from what they said, attraction is not a choice, it just means there MIGHT be an obstacle because of her previous negative experience, so avoid triggering anything similar to that and it will likely still go down. You have to be looking for how you can make things work instead of why they can't work, even if it's irrational because you will get whatever you're focusing on. Hb Wonderwoman - girls not responding to a single text doesn't mean they aren't interested, a lot of Asian girls are gonna require mo
  10. Why didn't you text her back when she texted you? Not doing so is a big no no as she signalled interest by telling you her schedule and you signalled disinterest by ignoring her. Also if you're getting attraction in that moment, CAPITALISE ON IT as it's not something that will last a long period of time while shes away from you, compliance is what matters, good reactions are enjoyable but wont necessarily lead to anything useful whereas measuring and pushing for more compliance will. I seriously doubt its the 'too old' thing, reinforcing negative limiting beliefs isnt good for you, s
  11. Good job on posting this up. Her asking if you were married was because for Chinese people being unmarried past 25 is weird, you could tell her that you were divorced and it probably wouldn't be a big issue so long as you dont show lots of negative emotion about it. What could you do to make the convo more interesting? You ideally should pay the bill on the first date, usually if you pay for one thing the girl will contribute for another, this also somewhat depends on the girls financial means ( an 18 year old college student vs a 25 year old girl with a job) The whole walk
  12. Why is the opener '' are you from x apartment complex'? The main reason you will have trouble with this is that you're skipping a bunch of the steps and not really displaying any value nor really building any comfort. From the girls perspective, you've approached her with some questions and then asked her for wechat. Where is the part thats generating attraction or giving her a reason to see you again? Your notes at the end of the quoted section aren't incorrect but they are insufficient because you're repeating the theory behind the moves, not the experience of the girl.
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