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  1. Hello everyone, So things are quite busy and 2020 has been a bit of a strange year. 2019 I was getting back into game and then a whole bunch of things have happened. Firstly I was offered a transfer to Moscow. OMG Moscow, said yes in a heartbeat and closed out 2019 mobilizing to Moscow. I did make a few mistakes though. I ended up seeing HB Queen of Drama and was hooked once again, took her to Thailand and now somehow am back within her web. But hey here in Moscow and everything closed down I have been given a little bit of time to enjoy some of what Moscow has to offer. Speaking of whic
  2. In my position at work im a director. A lot of my work is about making others more productive, sometimes its hard to keep up with your team. I went back to paper and pen, I found that taking notes in meetings etc makes me listen, lets me record notes and actions, helps me capture ideas for later or followup. I have been using https://bulletjournal.com/ Its a really nice method of keeping track of things off a computer and in a nice little notebook, I really enjoy the feeling of writing again and getting away from my computer, for anyone that is having sore eyes necks from to
  3. My profession is about scheduling and planning. I think to have a goal and to break it down is an excellent start. Looking at you plan I would adjust it. Include eating and showering etc. the more achievable a plan is the more likely you can follow it. Transit times, where you will do what, eg transit time can be game time too. Eating can be game time and even gym can be. Your critical productive things, working reading and writing May require focus and so place your self in a work environment where you can focus and minimise the time spent doing it. Also track how you go the first
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