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  1. Hehe, fo' sho'! Got to know on Sunday that my girl is doing TOEFL with a friend to refresh her English only. No plans of her to leave. Anyway, a pair of new big titties to squeeze needs to be found!
  2. Good idea to get to know about that in detail if I can! Thanks for the advice. You are right! Time to go out and crush it. Went out with Romeo and a guy from Japan yesterday & had good fun in Itaewon and Gangnam! My game is all rusty but my inner game improved a lot so approaching is generally no problem and I am kinda bulletproof against any girl attacks - I might have to think how to respond but it generally does not throw me off. I'd be probably more than happy to upgrade my "shield" with some crazy ass moves from chicas๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚ - give it to me baby, uhuhuh!๐Ÿ™Š๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™‰. Can't wait to get blown out in sets๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿค“๐Ÿ˜ฌ
  3. She goes to Hagwon in Jonggak and is on the 421 Bus Line that goes to Gangnam. So tried to get her to meet either today or tomorrow before we meet on Sunday for the Cherry Blossom festival. I asked already yesterday to let me know if she had time but got no reply today I asked again and after 2hours I got a reply that she has no time on both dates. It just seems that she will not meet up more than every 2 to 4 weeks - no matter what she says...no wonder her relationships before were rather short as she told me before. It is her making it not easy to meet up frequently and then have enough time - because I remember countless events where something came up and she had to go earlier lols. In any case if she gets the TOEFL to go somewhere else to teach this will probably only last 3months more - or let us say about 2 - 3times meeting her (realistically...). I guess the sooner new talent can be found the better. She kinda set the bar very low for the next girl๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿคฃ. All up to me now to climb my way up from playboy purgatory to playboy heaven paradise!
  4. Same day same situation. Approach coundown...more adventures...
  5. Got to know that yoga88 is going to a hagwon to prepare for toefl. I asked her why she wants to do it but she said she will tell me next time we meet (which will be Sunday). I guess she is planning to get a job abroad for teaching probably in kindergarden or primary school. She mentioned something in this direction once before without clear details. Seems I am having good reasons to kick my ass to find a new girl soon lols. Anyway, not that I am seeing yoga88 often (it has been almost 2weeks haha...as a reg she is just such a bad choice...). Maybe this is also is a reason she is not meeting that often - although it is not unusual for her. All classic girl goodness! Planning to go out this week for sure since it is finally getting warmer!
  6. I am planning to go with Yoga88 to the cherry blossom featival this Sunday. Just set the date today. Let us see!
  7. HByoga88 went to a wedding of her friend somewhere in the countryside. So chilled out this weekend and went once to the new Thursday Party. Too many guys...But at least I made it out of the house. Gotta to do a PU Kaizen session to get going!
  8. No message from my side and no message from her side either today - which is not abnormal at all. Will just send a good night message! An easy win for the lazy man!
  9. More good girls out in Seoul. I guess it is almost hard not to open at some point. Also thinking about these extra Testoterone boosting advantages from approaching for extra gym muscle gainz including banging that also boosts Testoterone! The biggest Testo Booster is just outside waiting for the ROCK hehe!
  10. Normal yoga88 day so nothing special. Keep seeing good girl that show off their legs since it is getting warmer. Seems that they are waiting for the ROCK to open them๐Ÿ˜Š...#makeithappen
  11. Actually it is good that yoga88 requires super low maintenance so I do not use up a lot of money and time and also could easily slide in some other girl too. Just gotta figure out when...best ASAP kkk!
  12. I do not know. Does not seem so but I have not tried really hard to meet her lols.
  13. I got to know that it will be a red tulip and my girl seems really excited to take care of this flower calling it her "Baby Minnie Tulip". Just the the regularly 2 to 3 messages exchange as usual. I was thinking to find out what I like and what I do not like about her. Like : - Relationship freedom, relatively low effort in managing, sporty (does yoga), fashion, takes care of herself and body, likes travelling, willing to try new things/open-mindedness Not like : - Kind of unpredictable/unreliable, does not text much (good & bad), conservative korean family (cannot stay over, has to be home on time, family events...), drinks sometimes too much lols Seems I need to work actively on this relationship with her...
  14. Yoga88 is still the same. It is a daily 1 or 2 messages dialogue or sometimes also only pictures she sent. I just know she sends more messages to her friends on Kakao (I see sometimes here convos and the she is telling me stories about her friend - the last story was that her friend forgot her ID & wallet while on the way to Gimpo Airport to catch a flight to Jejudo). I got a picture at 1:37am from the tulip I gave her on Thursday we met (got this tulip on a sidejob last weekend). She gave the tulip a name and calls it Minnie haha. Anyway, still should plow through to go out and meet other girls but missing the motivation to do so...
  15. Feeling pretty good since I banged yoga88 yesterday! Must be a rush of hormons that got released that made me feel pretty good today. Still like to have her around me but it is more of a question how I can get more time with her. The one message without text I received today from her was a cat paw with a ring and a hand of a woman with a ring. The picture said "relationship status". I have no clue what she meant lols...girls... Talked with Vision today quickly and he told me to actively try to have more good conversations with her asking the right question in the right depth. Also maybe by understanding her situation better and through providing more value I might get more time with her.
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