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  1. Awesome! Love this. Great write-up, sounds like you had a solid weekend. It's cool to break through limiting beliefs and come up with new realizations. You've got the post-bootcamp momentum on your side, so roll with it! Looking forward to reading your updates.
  2. Yes! And if you keep at it, you're going to get awesome results. It's great to have choices. Glad to have you aboard! Congrats on completing the BC. Go out, ask lots of questions, post FRs, and implement the feedback. Winning formula. Keep the momentum rolling. Looking forward to seeing your progress!
  3. @The Animal Props on finishing this, and staying dedicated to improvement. Can't wait to read "The Animal's Winter Weather Hustle", and get out there with you!
  4. Fact! ? lol! I didnt know about this movie routine. Bro youre hilarious. Glad youre taking good care of the girls out there. Great post.
  5. Its great that youre evaluating your sets, and writing one thing you would do different. For sure going to make you level up even faster! Cafe sets FTW! How did this one go? Love all the detail in these. Keep going!
  6. More cafe sets FTW! Haha it's not like you're working in a coal mine swinging a pick axe all day. You're walking home after being an an air conditioned building, strolling through an awesome city surrounded by hot chicks on a daily basis. It's ok if the temperature gets slightly higher than perfect. Be happy it's not -20 and the girls aren't wearing 300 layers of clothes. Being uncomfortable is a GOOD thing. Being comfortable too much makes you soft, and that's not sexy. Figure out how to get them back to your house so you can BOTH get out of those clothes. ? Awesome that you realized that! If you keep evaluating your sets like that, you're going to get real good real fast. Keep going, you're getting closer.
  7. Excellent! Happy to see you changing up opening location. Cafe's will be much better for you, especially in the summer when it's super hot in on the street. What's one thing you can you do next time to help her understand?
  8. A bit heavy on the details today! ? Nice! How'd it go? Who was this with?
  9. Hmmm, there I wonder if there's a pattern here. ?? Cafe sets seem to go better for you, I suggest doing a week of 3 cafe sets per day. They are way easier to engage, and you're going to get more time with them overall. You can still do street sets between cafe sets. I bet you'd get well-calibrated to cafe if you did them for a short period like that. Good job keeping up with the posting! ?
  10. Good job getting some cafe sets in there. Maybe best to try one a day for the next week. This could be one of those mini challenges I told you about. Lets go out one day this week and hit some cafes.
  11. Good job sticking with this! Not sure if you've realized this, but you've definitely improved: 1. Social outings with friends 2. Your quality of texts with girls and in the chats 3. The quality of your sets 4. Your detail and consistency in writing FRs Well done my man! Love seeing your progress. It seems like you're primarily doing street sets. Why not try adding in at least one cafe set each day? Try that for 7 days, I'd be curious to see how those go. I want to point out that you're doing some of the hardest sets possible, street sets, in Gangnam, during prime time. You'll have a much easier time hooking, and likely more time with the girls if they are sitting down at the cafe. This will be good for you, because you'll get to push your boundaries by going further in your sets. Plus, remember that the reason you were sucking on titties in Suwon was because you opened a girl at $Bean!
  12. If you could go back in time, what is ONE thing you could say, at the point where you ran out of things to say? This is great, definitely good to set some daily targets and hit it with a wing. I got some of my best girls at Coex. This is good feedback. Yup, I think this is common. Best to figure out a way to keep this in check, some kind of way of self-evaluating if you're talking too fast. In this situation, what's the lowest effort way you could have asked for her Kakao? Awesome job getting out there, and pushing your boundaries!
  13. Coming along nicely my man! You shouldnt rely on state foe opening, but there are some ways you can pump your own state. Remind me when I see you next. 5. Finding out basic PIE will help with this. 6. “I did, but suddenly theyre alllll gone” + smile 7. Yes I would try to number close quick if friend is coming. Something like “I thought you were cute so I came to talk to you. We dont have much time so lets meet another time and talk and we can decide if we like each other. “. Point to her phone and say “Ill give you my Kakao”. Punch it in her phone and send her a message Good stuff on the Twosome set! Cafe single sets are much easier than street sets in terms of hooking and running it. Dont eorry too much about getting every set documented. What youre doing now is good so keep at it!
  14. You can always do some lazy openers, such as: 1. Knock on table + smile/wave 2. Do only non-verbal game 3. Write a message on your phone or give a business card 4. Open girls by telling them that you're too tired to open, but you are doing it anyway
  15. A-N-I-M-A-L! Way to kick things off, nice job my man. Imagine you could go back in time to this set. What's one thing you can say, at the moment you ran out of things to say? Think of something, and note that. The more you do that, the more likely you'll be able to recall those things in those moments. Nice! Keep this one rolling in the text chat, see if you can get her out earlier than that through sudden invites. Haha, yeah, I had that at Arena on Saturday night. I was trying to think of what I'd say next time. I'd probably say "Why, are you married?". Not sure if that's the best, but worth field testing. Well, of course she's surprised, it's her lucky day that that you came to talk to her. Did you get the phone number/Kakao ID? You can throw out casual TB invites to test for keenness. If it's not a clear yes, you can always get the contact info and set something up over text. The more flexibility you have in your interactions, the more chance you have of maxing out your results. I'm guessing you're doing mostly street sets, right? Keep in mind those are the most challenging and fast paced. Not saying that you shouldn't do those, but consider not doing only those. Remember those challenges we talked about? One of them can be you doing 1 cafe set each day. No need to start right away, but keep it in mind. Heads up, you can edit your posts. I don't agree with this, there are a lot of built-in assumptions. I'd say you're better off testing for keenness. Agreed that you don't need to TB every time. Often there isn't enough time, so just grab the contact details if you're tight on time. Good stuff, keep at it!
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