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  1. I also don't like it when girls shave down there. I prefer waxed or lasered — perfectly smooth and no stubble!
  2. Congrats bro, and welcome! The most important next step here is follow-up — make sure you keep up the habit of doing approaches after your bootcamp, every single day if possible, especially for the first 30-60 days. Set a quota, whether it's 5 approaches a day, 3 approaches a day, or even 2 or 1 approaches a day — most important thing is building the habit. It's hard to do and takes will-power, but if you do this immediately following your bootcamp, it will lock in all the lessons you learned throughout the weekend. Guys who don't do this will typically wind up 3-6 months lat
  3. I love this piece, and it's one of the few that have seriously affected my world view. So glad you had this saved, since I tried to reference it a while back and found that it was no longer online. Thank you for sharing! Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  4. Congrats and welcome! That's awesome that you've kept up the momentum after your bootcamp. I've seen a lot of guys come and go over the years, and the biggest determining factor in if a guy gets really good is consistency. If you keep doing approaches every day / every week, ask questions and post field reports to take advantage of RPQ and the other guys' knowledge to address your sticking points, you'll keep gradually getting better month over month. And if you keep it up in the long-run, you won't recognize yourself in a year or two. So find a way to keep going out and doing your
  5. Awesome write-up bro! Sounds like you learned a lot on your bootcamp and you know exactly what areas you need to work on to keep improving moving forward. Looking forward to seeing you in action! (Love the handle, by the way haha). Sent from my SM-G950N using Tapatalk
  6. Awesome seeing your progress on your bootcamp man! To be honest, after seeing you the first night, it looked like you were going to have a lot of trouble overcoming approach anxiety. But fast forward to day 3 daygame, and you were a machine! Trailblazer or I would just point at a girl, and you would just go without hesitating. And you looked super smooth in set. So awesome to see that kind of transformation! I hope you're keeping up with approaching on your side of the world. We're an ocean apart, but the guys in Seoul are here to help if you have any questions or sticking points
  7. Great field report bro! It was awesome seeing you improve over the bootcamp weekend -- total transformation by day 3! You looked like a natural in daygame sets. Also really good to see you active in the alumni chat and keeping the momentum going by hitting up daygame consistently. Keep that up, keep asking questions about issues you run into, and you're going to be crushing it! Sent from my SM-G950N using Tapatalk
  8. Ar-miiiiin! Good stuff bro! I'm really glad you decided to take the bootcamp. You're right in that it's going to continue to pay massive dividends over the years (as long as you continue to ask questions and ask for feedback on your field reports). Looking forward to going out with you more often! Sent from my SM-G950N using Tapatalk
  9. Welcome to the A Team bro! I kind of like 'DKNova' actually, when I say it out loud haha. DEE-KAY-NOVAAAAA!!! It's been great having you in the group and having you contribute! Your level of drive is inspirational. Looking forward to epic times ahead! Sent from my SM-N920S using Tapatalk
  10. Great having you on board bro! This is just the beginning -- if you keep going out, asking questions about your sticking points, and applying the advice as consistently as you have been since taking the bootcamp, you're going to crush it. Sent from my SM-N920S using Tapatalk
  11. Teasing / challenging. Saying things that the girl may not like as opposed to just agreeing with her and giving her validation for everything she says. Having real qualification material and attempting to screen the girl out by seeing if she matches it. Kinoing. Making lightly sexual jokes. Basically doing anything that you should be doing to move the interaction in the direction you want it to (you having sex with her), but you're afraid to do because you're afraid of getting bad reactions from the girl. Doing the things that allow you to wind up banging the girl instead of falling into t
  12. Congrats on approaching! Quick feedback: - If you're going to do a direct opener, you need to stack immediately into something else. No awkward silence. Don't expect the girl to respond. London daygame guys stack with "What I noticed about you was..." then talk about what you noticed or like about her. Then transition that into a cold read. Watch the videos I linked for examples. - When a girl says she's on her way to do something or meet someone, I always ask what time it starts / what time she's meeting them. If it's soon or in the past, I'll tease her: "You're (running) la
  13. Looks like you're already aware of what I think was your biggest blunder here: not closing her on the d2. If you get a girl in a situation where sex could go down and it doesn't, she may (subconsciously or not) rationalize why she didn't end up having sex with you and justify it in her mind, which will make it harder for you to close her later. You had a logistically good closing situation and you should have continued moving it forward unless she was making a serious effort to stop you -- listen to girls' subcomms, not their words. A frame I use when closing the girl is the Rake frame
  14. Good stuff! What's the finger nail polish question thing? How long were you communicating through text outside the glass? Was this just 2 or 3 messages you showed her that she laughed at, or an extended interaction? Sent from my SM-N920S using Tapatalk
  15. 1. What was her demeanor throughout the date? Did she seem engaged and seem like she was having a good time? 2. Logistics. When I lived at kyodae stn, one station away from gangnam, it was a lot harder to get home bounces simply because of that taxi ride. It's soooo much easier to home bounce girls if you can just walk them to your house. I would suggest having them meet you within walkable distance to your house if possible. If not, meet them and taxi earlier if possible to a first or second venue that's near your house. I imagine it would be easier to get her in a cab if your reason
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