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  1. Review of RedpoleQ's Text Seminar I first took the Text Seminar sometime in 2017, if I remember correctly. RPQ revamped it recently and I was able to attend that as well. The principles taught in RedpoleQ’s Text Seminar will challenge your perceptions, but if well practiced you will ultimately be armed to take on the toughest challenges when texting girls. Like playing chess where one has only pawns to start with. The best part is the Text Chat, which is a great learning environment and like my personal Texting 911. The uncanny thing about the chat is that after hundreds of situations and emergency cases I asked for helped over the course of a year, like sending the wrong thing to the wrong girl, getting girls out where it seemed highly improbable, or a reg wanting to break up suddenly, the number of cases where the advice didn’t work was exactly zero. And then I look back at all the other guys asking for help and their cases. Same thing. It’s almost freakish.
  2. Movie Night 1: Sex and the City http://chilp.it/efa5e58 Movie Night 2: Sex and the City http://chilp.it/22b4aa9 Movie Night 3: Sex and the City http://chilp.it/1215a27
  3. On Movie Night we watch an episode of a show or movie and break it down to deepen our understanding of female psychology. It's also fun! With RPQ at the helm, know that it will be a good experience. You can check out our previous sessions in this thread. Movie Night is open to all, even non-members. Get in touch with RPQ if you want to join!
  4. Jesus...really epic that you got a set that was this long! Good stuff man^^ Inspirational bro! Welcome to the team and looking forward to the FRs^^
  5. Haha I was there!! God, it was like a scene from a movie! Yeah man! This was a good reminder for me. I was there too! RPQ saw it coming from a mile away, saying you tend to eject early in general, and sent in McConnell lol. Definitely bro~ keep asking questions in the chat and forum. It'll help with staying engaged. Good report man! That was a really fun couple of weeks. Keep the FRs coming!
  6. Welcome to the crew man! And good stuff for pulling through~ I love kino~^^ You've now got Kane and us to support you. Write Frs, questions, any sticking points and blast through them on by one
  7. Nice. Now if you're in Asia, and the girl is interested but speaks zero to little English, what are some things you can do to make it easier for her to get what you mean? LOL! I'm gonna be telling this story to future members! Haha! Exactly! Cheers for plowing through the boot camp, even though you were sick. Love the energy and enthusiasm you had opening the sets! Good stuff, and looking forward to future FRs!
  8. Yeah bro, I'm a natural introvert myself. I used to be like, "What the hell am I doing here??" Anyways I went often enough and got used to it, now it's totally normal. I'm not jumping around being crazy, but I'm comfortable. Sometimes I dance a silly dance, bob my head, enjoy the music, walk around smiling looking at all the beautiful girls. It's ironic because you're given a free pass to be even MORE intimate in loud, dark environments with high stimulation! Maybe not emotionally, like you won't be having deep conversations. But if you have some light, fun conversations, you can get super close, side-by-side, hugging hips with your hand around her waist, talking into her ear. And it'll be totally normal! Haha. Welcome to the crew bro Write some reports, we'll read and comment. And ask lots of questions!
  9. Fashion Seminar - July 2017 With McConnell I took the Fashion Seminar with three other guys. I gotta say it’s one of the most enlightening courses I’ve ever taken. Why I took the seminar: I wanted to know how to look my best. It was a lot of guesswork before the seminar. There’s just something about a man that nails his look. It makes me think, “Woah, who is that guy.” I wanna be that guy! My thoughts on fashion: - My fashion + body language is my opener before I ever say anything. - I learned that it’s fun! It’s a form of self-expression. And when I nail an outfit and get compliments, it feels great. My fashion + body language is my opener before I ever say anything. I always had an interest in fashion. Since coming to Korea I saw a lot of well-dressed guys. I wanted to look good but didn’t really know what I was doing. After taking the seminar it’s very clear now what to do. I can walk into shops know what to look for and how to match pieces. What I liked about the seminar was that McConnell explained fashion step-by-step, starting with the most basic concepts and then moving to more complex topics. Learning about neutral colors and how to match pieces together was a game changer and simplified fashion for me. With the right knowledge it’s easy to look good. The fashion chat is super helpful as well. McConnell does a great job in answering all of our questions. We show our outfits of the day, and when we go shopping I ask him, for example, which type of pants or shirt suit me the best and he replies. It’s like having my own fashion consultant. The amazing thing about fashion is that it’s easy to progress extremely quickly! It’s almost addictive. Basically once you know how to buy and match clothes, the results are stellar. There’s one member, Aegyo, who I saw before the seminar. A couple of weeks later he looks completely different! Major life upgrade. The last part of the seminar is how to dress to attract the certain type of women we want. Something I never thought about and very interesting! Summary: - Fashion is really fun. It’s an easy way to be creative and expressive. - It’s easy to progress really quickly! Learn how to pick and match clothes. Wear them. Avoid critical mistakes. Boom, done. - McConnell has lots of experience, is a good teacher, explains things simply. - The fashion chat saves tons of time and money. Instead of buying random clothes, I check-in with the chat to see what’s the best item for me - Learned what to do and what NOT to do - Learned how to find colors that match myskin type / palette - I wish I took the seminar when I first arrived in Korea, to save lots of money and time If you’re thinking about taking the seminar and have any questions, feel free to post below!
  10. Aegyo! Excellent notes, and you have an amazing work ethic. Come out with us often and see how we put it to use. I hope you'll learn to enjoy the game, relax, have fun and laugh while talking with girls! By the way, I was a big fan of Simple Pickup as well. I watched a lot of their episodes from Project Go a long time ago. I didn't do game much in the West, but I imagine that Americans and Koreans respond very differently, hence the culture difference. I had to unlearn a lot of bad habits. I'm still unlearning a lot of Western stuff these days, especially after taking the sex and text seminars! Cheers and welcome to the group! Sent from my SM-G906S using Tapatalk
  11. Haha awesome handle dude! Welcome to the crew, and so awesome to hear your mindset changed about tall chicks! Sent from my SM-G906S using Tapatalk
  12. Good stuff man, love our short analysis after every set! You're a fast learner indeed I learned lots of lessons as well. Sent from my SM-G906S using Tapatalk
  13. Good stuff man, it was eye opening to watch you guys in set! I've had the same realizations during my boot camp. Especially the part about the ease of kino at night, and thinking a set isn't going well but in fact is totally fine.
  14. Good stuff brotha, and love the handle! I remember we were discussing your realizations after the bootcamp and it impressed me. Specifically, the thoughtful way that your mind reflects, and also opening daytime sets after the bootcamp...on your own!!! If voice projection in loud venues at night is an issue, perhaps places like bookstores would suit you better to begin with. Way more chiiillll. You'll definitely shine in day game. Can't wait till you're back in Korea and hitting it again
  15. @RedpoleQ Thanks man, the bootcamp has definitely been a game changer. @Romeo Those three points are eactly right: Going out, asking questions, and applying the advice. The path to knowledge and experience.
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