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  1. Oh maaaaaaaaaaaaan, i was with the obstacle and i turn my head every 10 seconds to admire her beauty, she is an ANGEL ! it was a good set, i could see your eye contact and vibe has improved a lot. GREAT !!! sometimes we need to break the rules in situations like this when the girl has go back in, or she is in hurry or in train she has to get off in the next station etc.... always go for the kakao close then continue your D1 in text.
  2. Before getting into the bootcamp FR i must mention first the reason why i took the bootcamp. Since i came to korea 10 months go i only get laid from tinder game only once or twice per month with the girls i dont like, which it was a hard time for me its not like SEA where i enjoyed living for years, i even start to have some negative thought like ( i am not the type appealing for koreans girls, something is wrong with me or my look, korean girls are xenophobic, they don't like foreigners etc...) which is TOTALLY WRONG ! I started watching some videos about pickup girls which lead me to a company that i took a bootcamp with in mid september which i don't regret and it really improved my game somehow, but it wasn't enough for korean girls, back to googling again i found pickupasia website... after an hour phone call with RedpoleQ which seems like a medical consultation he convinced me that his bootcamp is the only cure, Bingo he is the DOCTOR ! Friday night first bootcamp day night game: I arrived to the meeting point and was surprised to see so many guys i wondered how the hell the instructor will handle 6-10 students in the bootcamp after we went to a korean restaurant RedpoleQ introduced himself as well me and the other student who is a cool guy and best wingman. We headed then to a cafe front of octagon for the briefing before the mission, too much informations from the doctor, one of the rules tonight is to don't number close any set. here we go front of the club, i start to feel some anxiety, the other student opened a 2 set then he bring me in set, i went for his target because in the briefing i misunderstood who the bad girl is. We got in the club RedpoleQ ordered me to open a 2 sexy tall sets with the opener "nice leather jacket do you have a motorbike" then i BT spike her where are you from? you are from italy, nice fashion! she laugh her ass off, i bring the wingman and talked for a while with her. Set after set...the other student open a 3 set and bring me in set, that little cute singaporean girl which i liked and BT spike her with "wtf are you doing in Octagon! go back to Zouk its much more better" we kept talking till her friends pull her somewhere inside the club. later we finished the nightgame after a debrief of the things good i did and the thing i need to improve and the things i realized. Saturday daygame and nightgame: After eating in the mexican restaurant we went to a starbucks where we did the briefing then the doctor ordered to open a solo girl studying, i couldn't do it then the other student started first , it was then my turn and i had to do it, i was so anxious approaching a girl in a crowded coffeeshop where people can hear, i decided to go indirect and asked her " do you know any nice mexican restaurant" then immediately bt spike her " ohh you don't like mexican food? thats bad, wait! aren't you from mexico?" she laughed! ...after talking for 20-30 min i did well, qualification, kino, comfort, time bridge. but she was preparing for her english exam so i just number close her, as i got back to the team the other student already bounced his set to an ice-cream place. i continued doing street sets in the high pressure area of the gangam station which improved me for high pressure environment. Night game itaewon: After another briefing for the night game in hollys cafe in itaewon i did 2-3 sets that blow me out in the moment, i was feeling tired no energy, i told the doctor that i'm feeling down tonight, he immediately prescribed a pain reliever which is" its not about how you feel but its about how well you did the set" i kept this in mind till today... Set after set i got into the momentum and self-amusement then the fun began, i opened a 2 set in the street then called my wingman to isolate the obstacle, did many bt spikes, good kino, good body language then bounced them to Prost, the mistake i did is i bounced to a high energy place, they left after and a gold lesson learned. it was a good night then we went to a korean restaurant for the usual debrief of the 5 things (good,improve,realised) Sunday daygame COEX: As we went to COEX mall for daygame into mission to bounce, the other student bounced a girl then i felt pressure that i have to do it too, i went back to the team and said i'm in my head today can't do well, pushed and motivated by the doctor by one of his funny opener pills" where can i buy mickeymouse t-shit" i opened that girl and she laughed plus some BT spikes then qualified then found her logistics that she was alone, i bounced her to a gelato place after some comfort and palm reading kino i hold her hand but she didn't pull back, walking while holding hands like a couple i told her lets get a cheesecake and coffee in starbucks..i am leading she is just following, i set a d2 with her in which i bounced her to my place and found she is a virgin(will write a FR about it).. after 2h more in set i receive a text from the doctor "its time for debrief ". after debrief the bootcamp finished with many lessons learned and also welcomed in the alumni group chat which is priceless, on the road i made good friends from the pickup community in other cities in asia like taipei and shanghai, you know yourself guys Now after 2 months since the bootcamp i open sets almost everyday, my game has improved so well, i went to Taiwan after in where my first fclose after the bootcamp from daygame on D2, and also a SDL from starbucks pull for the first time in my life. Thanks Doctor
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