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  1. Me too. I want to hear about Russian women.
  2. Funny your should ask. You can follow my further antics on The Animal's Winter Weather Hustle. i should write down all this good advice so I don't forget it.
  3. 8/8 1.Subway set. Opened. 2 min. She got off. 2.Subway set. Opened. 1 min. She got off. 3.Street set. Opened. 2 min. She stopped responding and just texted on her phone. 4.Street set. Opened. 2 min. She was meeting friend. I told her not to meet her friend. I asked if aguy for sogetting really soon. I tried to kakaoclose her but she said no. 5.Cafe set. Opened. 10 min. She was studying and reading. I forgot to tell her not to. I said you are drinking green tea. (Was going to seed O'Ssulloc. It was avocado smoothie.) I said she must like Mexican food
  4. thanks haha. I will do that next time. I can use this when I get her out. I am pretty sure that I showed pics of my students. I always do that now after I say that I am a teacher. I will start using that. I will try that next time. hahaha
  5. 8/7 1.Cafe set. Opened. Fashion really good she is designer. She said thanks. Then ignored me and then called someone on the phone. 2.Street set. Opened. I like your shoes want to switch. 1 min set. Answered then ignored me. 3.Kyobo set. Opened. 5 min set.She was shoppimg. Tried to seed instadate but she said no. Then she left. 4.Kyobo set. Opened. 5-10 min set. I said that I liked her fashion. I found out she is unemployed. I gave her a high five and said freedom. She laughed. I said I am shopping what is she doing? She said she is waiting for her friend. I s
  6. 8/6 1. Subway set. Opened. 2 min set. Stopped talking and played with her phone. I should have kept trying different things. 2. Cafe set. Opened. 5 min set. Worker. Lived in vancouver for 2 years. Has an uncle there. It was in elementary school what she remembers it was good. There to meet friends. I told her not to meet her friends. She laughed and asked why. I said because. She has a boyfriend. 3. Street set. Opened. 2 min set. Doesn't like chicken, doesn't like foreign food, doesn't like alcohol. Dropped the set. 4. Cafe set. Opened 10 min set.
  7. 8/5 1. Street set. Opened. Workout clothes going to workout? She laughed. I said you do yoga. She said no. I said weights? She said yes. I said you look very strong will you be my bodyguard? She laughed. She was going to Spoany. 2. Moneybean set. Opened 10 min set. Playing video games. College student.From Suwon. rShe didn't really speak English. Doesn't cometo gangnam often. Traveled to taipei and osaka. Vibe seemed off she kept looking at her computer.She would answer but just give me. I asked her if she often comes to Gangnam. She said no. Tried to kakao
  8. 8/4 1.Moneybean cafe. 15 min set. Talked about her travel. Australia, Cambodia, Japan. Teased her about not goin got the US. She didn’t like my country? Asked what her thoughts, what she did, what she liked. Kakao closed her. Thought I had lots of time because she was just hanging out but she had an appointment at hospital. Most of the set was in Korean. I had to use Naver dictionary a lot. 2. Moneybean. 20 min set. Handled it like the set above. Talking about her trips. What she liked, why she liked it, etc. Talked about her trips to Vietnam and Guam. Kakaoclosed. Timebri
  9. I don't remember this set at all.
  10. 8/3 1. Street set. Opened. Happy birthday. She just had a birthday party with friends. She was going home to drop off the cake, then go back to friends I said don't go home. I said she must live in Ilsan. She is a country girl. Then a cab came up, someone got out and she got in. Next time I would ask for Kakao earlier maybe since I knew she was waiting for a cab. I just didn't see any empty cab signs so I thought I was good. 2. Kyobo book store. Opened. 2 min. She worked upstairs. I said she worked at kimbab heaven. She said she was 22. I said she likes spicy food. I
  11. 8/2 1. Subway set. Opened. 4 min set. Going walking down Garosugil. I was coming home from work wearing pants and that sounded awful in a 100 degree day. Turned out she was Chinese from a city near Vietnam. I should have tried to kakao close her. I just wanted to go home and get into shorts. 2. Street set. Opened. Walked away quick. 3. Kyobo bookstore set. Opened 2 min set. Walked away. 4. Stopped street set. Opened. She turned and walked the other way. 5. Cafe set. Opened. She told me she was busy to go away. 6. Cafe set. Opened.
  12. No I never created one. Good answer. It was puzzled at the time. I thought she was foreign because she was tanning. I should guessed she was a trainer. Really good! Like short skirts but better. Good idea. I have had a few girls do this I will try to use that next time Look forward to it.
  13. 7/31 1. Subway set. Opened with her fashion was really good. She was going to a trombone lesson and she was late. I asked when her lesson was over. She said 2 hours. I said she was cute and we should get coffee after. She said she was late. I walked with her upstairs to keep the interaction going. I had her guess where I am from and my job. I dropped the set and let her go at the bathroom. I should have walked her to her lesson. Maybe more sets I forget. 2. Cafe set. Opened. Long set. Bounced her for dinner. I did a separate FR. HB M and S. 8/1 1.
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