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  1. Funny your should ask. You can follow my further antics on The Animal's Winter Weather Hustle. i should write down all this good advice so I don't forget it.
  2. 8/8 1.Subway set. Opened. 2 min. She got off. 2.Subway set. Opened. 1 min. She got off. 3.Street set. Opened. 2 min. She stopped responding and just texted on her phone. 4.Street set. Opened. 2 min. She was meeting friend. I told her not to meet her friend. I asked if aguy for sogetting really soon. I tried to kakaoclose her but she said no. 5.Cafe set. Opened. 10 min. She was studying and reading. I forgot to tell her not to. I said you are drinking green tea. (Was going to seed O'Ssulloc. It was avocado smoothie.) I said she must like Mexican food. I said they use avocados in guacamole. She said she liked tacos. She asked where I was from. I had her guess. I told her about good Mexican food in Michigan. She asked the typical questions: how long I have been here and what I do. I had her guess and then showed her pics of my students. I found out she is unemployed. She likes to travel. She has been many places in China. That was her major and she lived there for a certain period of time. She said Chinese people were very nice. I asked why she thought that way. ( I thought there would be a story, but she didn’t answer.) ( should have asked her favorite city, maybe cultural differences) We talked about Thai food. I found out she really likes Thai food. I seeded Amazing Thai. I kakaoclosed and timebridged. Well this is the last day of the challenge. 92 days. I made a mistake with the amount. There were many successes in the past year 92 days. My game has improved. I have had many more dates. I had 4 instadates. I have gottern many kakao closes.
  3. thanks haha. I will do that next time. I can use this when I get her out. I am pretty sure that I showed pics of my students. I always do that now after I say that I am a teacher. I will start using that. I will try that next time. hahaha
  4. 8/7 1.Cafe set. Opened. Fashion really good she is designer. She said thanks. Then ignored me and then called someone on the phone. 2.Street set. Opened. I like your shoes want to switch. 1 min set. Answered then ignored me. 3.Kyobo set. Opened. 5 min set.She was shoppimg. Tried to seed instadate but she said no. Then she left. 4.Kyobo set. Opened. 5-10 min set. I said that I liked her fashion. I found out she is unemployed. I gave her a high five and said freedom. She laughed. I said I am shopping what is she doing? She said she is waiting for her friend. I said don’t wait for your friend. She laughed and said why. I said because in korean. She laughed. ( if forgot to ask if it was handsome guy or pretty girl) I asked will she eat cake or drink soju? She said she will eat samgypsal. I said she likes spicy food. She said yes of course. She is Korean. I asked if she could eat kimchi and spicy korean chicken soup. She said she likes them. I asked her favorite foreign food. She said paella. I said you went to Spain? She said yes. She was there for two weeks. I said two weeks in Spain. I am so jealous we can’t be friends. She lausghed and said I could go there. I agreed. She asked where I was from. I had her guess. I did the regular thing of detroit having good Mexican food and seeding Dos Tacos. She asked if I had been to Mexico. I told her a little about my trips. She said she wanted to go to South America. She asked what I was doing in Korea and how long I have been here. I showed her pics of my students. I guessed she liked Thai food. She told me about going to Chiang Mai. I asked her what she liked about it. She said it was a slow town and calm. I seeded Amazing Thai. I said we should go out for Thai food sometime. I asked if she came to Gangnam often. She said she did. I kakaoclosed her.
  5. 8/6 1. Subway set. Opened. 2 min set. Stopped talking and played with her phone. I should have kept trying different things. 2. Cafe set. Opened. 5 min set. Worker. Lived in vancouver for 2 years. Has an uncle there. It was in elementary school what she remembers it was good. There to meet friends. I told her not to meet her friends. She laughed and asked why. I said because. She has a boyfriend. 3. Street set. Opened. 2 min set. Doesn't like chicken, doesn't like foreign food, doesn't like alcohol. Dropped the set. 4. Cafe set. Opened 10 min set. Talked about her and her travels. Tried to ask her thoughts about places; what she did, what she liked. Teased her a bit. I tried to continue the conversation by kakaoclosing her but she said no. Next time I will seed the food for d2 and then talk about travel. 5. Stan ding street set. Opened with Fashion really good. 5 min set. She is bartender. I said I didn't believe her. What drink can she make? She said one shot of whiskey. I said ok you are a bartender. I said I was shopping hwat was she doing. She said she was meeting her brother. I said oppa? She pointed down I said oh younger brother. I told her not to meet him. She laughed. I said are you going to eat cakr or drink soju? She laughed and said soju. I said she can drink ten bottles of soju. She laughed but didn't say anything. I said let's meet later for coffee. She said ok. I number closed her.
  6. 8/5 1. Street set. Opened. Workout clothes going to workout? She laughed. I said you do yoga. She said no. I said weights? She said yes. I said you look very strong will you be my bodyguard? She laughed. She was going to Spoany. 2. Moneybean set. Opened 10 min set. Playing video games. College student.From Suwon. rShe didn't really speak English. Doesn't cometo gangnam often. Traveled to taipei and osaka. Vibe seemed off she kept looking at her computer.She would answer but just give me. I asked her if she often comes to Gangnam. She said no. Tried to kakaoclose she said no. 3. Money beanset. 1 min. Opened. Favorite color. Gave short answers and kept looking at phone. After a minute stoppe d answering. 4. Daiso set. Opened. 3 min. Opened with fashion really good she must study design. She said thanks but no. Student major acting. Wants to do movies like actress in the Notebook. I said I kind of forgot it. It was a long time ago. Went through normal stuff. Where am I from? Seh guesses Spain. She has an aunt that lives there. Me did she visit her? It is too expensive so she hasn’t. Has she been to the US? No she has an uncle in LA. Let’s go right now. I have never been to LA. She laughs. She likes spicy food. Can she eat kimchi? She laughs of course. What is her favorite foreign food? (no answer maybe she didn’t understand.) She must like Mexican food. She said yes. She asked what am I doing in Korea? I said what is my job? guess. Her: English teacher. Me: Yes I gave her a high five. She said she has an appointment. She is going to church. I said don’t go to church. She laughed and asked why? I said because. I said let’s keep talking. Kakaoclosed her.
  7. 8/4 1.Moneybean cafe. 15 min set. Talked about her travel. Australia, Cambodia, Japan. Teased her about not goin got the US. She didn’t like my country? Asked what her thoughts, what she did, what she liked. Kakao closed her. Thought I had lots of time because she was just hanging out but she had an appointment at hospital. Most of the set was in Korean. I had to use Naver dictionary a lot. 2. Moneybean. 20 min set. Handled it like the set above. Talking about her trips. What she liked, why she liked it, etc. Talked about her trips to Vietnam and Guam. Kakaoclosed. Timebridged for next Saturday. She had to leave she was meeting her mom for dinner. 3. Moneybean set. 2 min. Meeting boyfriend soon. She got a call from him so I dropped. Didn't know she was meeting her boyfriend until he called. 4. Street set. 2 set. 3 min set. College students. One spoke English really well. She was going back to Canada in a week. I liked the other one more but I couldn’t figure out how to run the set to include her. Should have tried to kakaoclose the one. I went out with The Rock to do street sets on the gil. Some drunk 30+ year olds opened him. He called me in told me the bad girl(really drunk girl). So I talked to the other one. I locked her in well. Suddenly his target walks over and interrupts my set. She starts talking and hitting on me. The other one goes over and starts talking to The Rock. I talk to her some but don't really know what to do since she wasThe Rocks target. Weird set on the gil. Otherwise typical night on the gil opening set, girls walking past.
  8. I don't remember this set at all.
  9. 8/3 1. Street set. Opened. Happy birthday. She just had a birthday party with friends. She was going home to drop off the cake, then go back to friends I said don't go home. I said she must live in Ilsan. She is a country girl. Then a cab came up, someone got out and she got in. Next time I would ask for Kakao earlier maybe since I knew she was waiting for a cab. I just didn't see any empty cab signs so I thought I was good. 2. Kyobo book store. Opened. 2 min. She worked upstairs. I said she worked at kimbab heaven. She said she was 22. I said she likes spicy food. I should have asked what she was doing there. Her friend came up which kind of threw me. I asked if they were elementary school friends or high school friends. One said they were college friends. I said college, fire friday. They laughed. I said I was shopping what would they do? One said they would go to a cafe. I dropped the set I could think of what to say. Next time I would qualify both girls. 3. Kyobo. Opened. 5 min set. Had boyfriend. About 500 days dated. I should have said let's have mexican food. Then said I wouldn't tell him. I wanted to kick myself when I left the set and thought of this. 4. Kyobo. Opened. 2 min set. She walked away. 5. Moneybean Cafe. Opened. 1 min set. She said she is talking with a friend on the phone good bye. 6. Moneybean Cafe. Opened. 20 min set. Kakaoclosed. 7. Starbucks. Opened. 1 min set. Said thanks put earbud back in and continued to watch youtube.
  10. 8/2 1. Subway set. Opened. 4 min set. Going walking down Garosugil. I was coming home from work wearing pants and that sounded awful in a 100 degree day. Turned out she was Chinese from a city near Vietnam. I should have tried to kakao close her. I just wanted to go home and get into shorts. 2. Street set. Opened. Walked away quick. 3. Kyobo bookstore set. Opened 2 min set. Walked away. 4. Stopped street set. Opened. She turned and walked the other way. 5. Cafe set. Opened. She told me she was busy to go away. 6. Cafe set. Opened. She was meeting her boyfriend. I asked how long they dated. She said a month. I said thats not a long time. I should have said I wouldn't tell him. I asked when they were meeting. She said now and left. I should have opened her earlier. I was practicing for date with HB Walker. Unfortunately she fell asleep and never showed.
  11. No I never created one. Good answer. It was puzzled at the time. I thought she was foreign because she was tanning. I should guessed she was a trainer. Really good! Like short skirts but better. Good idea. I have had a few girls do this I will try to use that next time Look forward to it.
  12. 7/31 1. Subway set. Opened with her fashion was really good. She was going to a trombone lesson and she was late. I asked when her lesson was over. She said 2 hours. I said she was cute and we should get coffee after. She said she was late. I walked with her upstairs to keep the interaction going. I had her guess where I am from and my job. I dropped the set and let her go at the bathroom. I should have walked her to her lesson. Maybe more sets I forget. 2. Cafe set. Opened. Long set. Bounced her for dinner. I did a separate FR. HB M and S. 8/1 1. Two set on the street. Opened. 1 min. The target walked away fast. Her friend slowed a bit but then left. 2. Cafe set. Opened. Not Korean. From Indonesia. She was here for a couple more days but she is going to Busan with her friend tomorrow. 3. Cafe set. Opened. 3 min set. Going to Hackers hagwon. Leaving for class soon. Suggested meeting after for a yogurt. She said no. 4. Cafe set. Opened. 3 min set. Meeting her friend soon. She would answer in one or two word answers and constantly stare at her phone and text. After a while I just dropped the set. I needed to finish my FR.
  13. 7/30 1. Street set. Opened. 2 min. Opened in English. More responsive when I spoke Korean. 2. Street set. Opened. 4 min set. Kakaoclosed. Tried to timebridge. Said was busy all week.. 3. Street set. Opened. 3-4 min set. Tri ed to kakaoclose she said she had a boyfriend. I said that I wouldn't tell him. She said no. 4. Street set. Opened. 5 min set. Bounced her for gelato. Will do separate FR about it.
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