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  1. In 2016, I got offered by a few places to do a teaching gig just south of Seoul with absolutely no experience in teaching. I didn't take it because I chose my promotion at my current workplace. However, I may say that age had some kind of factor, so if you're a bit older you may need to justify that if you have no teaching experience. They asked me as a 27-28 year old in 2016 with no teaching experience what happened and basically said "you're a bit older than most candidates, why?". But, don't let that deter you from applying though. Good luck with it.
  2. I thought it was a great read too. I actually got my book signed by the big man himself when he was down under! I'm going to re read the book and provide my own comments.
  3. Thats great to hear Kevlar, if you notice in my Bootcamp report, I've done similar things in regards to plowing as well. It was one of the most powerful lessons that was ingrained into. I had to approach 4 times and eventually got a bounce! Plowing works, and it's only a matter of time. Its like eating the whole flesh on the chicken bone. Its really funny that RPQ went and sat next to you to act as a stranger to get the KakaoTalk! , these are the stories that you will be telling for years. Welcome to the team. -MB
  4. Great work bambino! Also great to meet a cool wingman. Sounds like you're doing really well post bootcamp and I am really happy to hear that. Keep it up bro! MB
  5. Seoul, South Korea. Note, check google docs for the images which is linked below. Friday night - Night game So it was finally the day that I commence my bootcamp, after being so run down from Shenzhen, China’s air quality problem i had some serious doubts if i could make it to the bootcamp in tact. I started rationalising to myself about just doing 1 day because i had the luxury of being able to attend multiple bootcamps with my bootcamp package. No, i’ve waited half a year for this. I was never going to allow my body to dictate my time, i still had the stamina to keep it going so i did and then my journey begins while meeting one of the guys in front of Kakao Friends. We debrief at a Mexican restaurant which consisted of maybe 7 PickUp Asia alumni checking us out. I met the other bootcamp student who looked like a normal/cool guy which was good to see. We go through the standard questions that RedPoleQ (RPQ) sent out a while back. I put a lot of effort into answering mine so that was easy read out. Once this was done, we head to a coffee shop which was close to Octagon, Gangnam and we start the night. Redpoleq tells us to approach a two set of girls sitting down. This was my set. I go in with the drive to approach and the momentum that i already had from my trip so far. I open with the line i was given, I will be referring to myself as MysteryBlack (MB) for all accounts on this forum. HB = Hot Babe for anyone who hasn’t read The Game by Neil Strauss. MB: What time does this place get busy? HB: It usually gets busy around now, but you should line up and check it out. MB: Oh ok, how old are you? Let me guess...15! They start giggling. I also mention that i was from Sydney, Australia and had only arrived here today. I ejected quite early looking back at it. It was a warm up but RPQ was not convinced with the eject so i go in again, and this time accounting for my wing. I go in with another canned opener to get them laughing again. I try to bring in my wing and point out the bad girl, although he made the mistake in going for my target. His body language and eye contact in that set was far better than mine. And towards the end of the night, being too stiff was going to be my sticking point for the remainder of the night. Image 1: Friday night bootcamp. I am wearing a coat and my wing is wearing a red poloshirt. I managed to approach a three set with a mixed background of nationalities, 2x japanese and one singaporean girl. I was doing well to BT spike and manage logistics in the set. One of them wasn’t hooking and just decided hang around my target. I probably should've focused more on the one that was bored, this was later another major sticking point i would also discover throughout the course of the bootcamp. They were heading to the stairs and i kept talking and leading which was great. My favourite set was a 2 Set who was upstairs in the club, the one wearing a black dress. One of them wasn’t hooking but one decided to hang around. She said it was nice meeting you and i have to go like about x5, but I kept plowing and she kept staying until it was all over. 5 Things I did well: Persistence was strong towards the end Opened quickly Engaging to the whole set towards the end of the night Tried to listen to instructions quickly and adapted Picked up all the main points of the content learnt like BT spikes, Kino, qualification and running bigger sets towards the end of the night. 5 things i could improve Not being so stiff Being more assertive in the open Slow down while talking and use more animation Use kino to manage the set Be even more persistent Day game session. Starbucks in Gangnam We talk about the notes for the day. We also start debriefing on the events of last night. I also take the time to reflect on the events of last night, particularly the openers that were used last night and some of the qualifications that i used in the set. Qualification was something that I really needed to work on more. In the past I would get buyers remorse or go for women that were fools mate and would wonder why I wouldn’t be able to get another date or see her again. Although, I’ve had relationships where I’ve banged before 7 hrs of time which means there was probably something else I had going for me which lead that to happen. Some of those qualification questions I wrote down in the last night were: We then get into briefing about the different kinds of kino and comfort phases that you will need to be aware of. We also go into some daytime vs night time comparisons. One key piece of advice was that you need to separate how you feel with the actual situation at hand. This is the biggest factor for the day aside from slower energy levels. Night game already feels like a game. But day game feels like real life and it feels weirder to game for me during the day than at night, hence that quote. I had approached a single set that was sitting down in the booth. Man she was cute. A nice young student who was studying quantum physics. Just my type. I decided that i wanted to approach that one first so I took the lead to do the first approach. I went in and knocked on the table a few times to get her attention, similar to how you would knock on the door. I open, feeling nervous. Her name will be HB Daygame 1 (HBD1). MB: You’re favourite colour is…..black. HBD1: …….*nods head*..*smiles and looks around* MB: I can see it from your outfit...black..grey...what is next..blue...white She starts giggling abit. I put in another 2 BT spikes within the sample stack routine and then go into qualification about her fashion. I run out of things to say then go back to RPQ. Image two: My one and only daygame approach. Body language on point. RPQ asks what happened. I told him the story and he asks “so why did you come back, the set was looking good. Go back in with another opener”. I did hesitantly and go back in and say another opener. I also start talking about random things while standing up briefly then i go back to RPQ. He then tells me to go back in a second time. I was even more nervous thinking about invading her space. I go in and this time sit down with her while conversing and qualifying more about her intelligence and how i studied engineering at her age and that i really like a girl who is intelligent. I find out about her logistics briefly and she has to meet her female friend at 7pm. After some banter and logistics searching, i figured that would be enough to satisfy the bootcamp. I went back to RPQ and was told to go in again….god damn...now i was really nervous. I’ve gone in and approached girls after a 2nd time, maybe a 3rd time for shits and giggles without any real outcome, but a 4th time! This was really asking for it. So i went in a 4th time for the purpose of bouncing the girl to another coffee shop. Omg what was going to come from this. So, for the first time in my life, I’ve gone in for a 4th time. I sat down with her and said the following below. I also put a FTC in the mix before sitting back down. MB: You know it's funny that I’ve noticed how well you were in shape. I mean coming from Australia most girls there don’t seem to work out that much. But you appear to be someone that eats well most of the time. I know we all have our moments but i’m really impressed. HB: ...kkkkkk...i eat korean food MB: You see, that's why you look really well. (I then go into more into that and add another qualifier which i don’t remember) I proceed into getting her kakaotalk id by demanding her phone and then adding my id while sending myself a message. I also proceed into convincing her to bounce with me which took about 4 attempts. I oversold the ice cream place and handled any objections that she put up. One thing i didn’t do was to seed earlier on in the interaction. I seeded and straight away put it in perspective. I also find out that she really likes ice cream. HB: *some random objection* MB: I understand, i know what that's like. But we will only be going for an hour for the most amazing ice cream ever created! Think of your favorite ice cream but double it! No triple it! I’m thinking about it now! HB: ….*thinking, moving her head around, smiling*.. MB: We will not be there for long, maybe around 1 hr then we will come back. I have to meet my friends anyway so I can’t be out for too long enjoying all that ice cream! She agrees and we bounce. Wow. 4 approaches and i get a bounce. We walk and talk and i get some comfort going and find out more things about her. I pull out my notepad and she asks what that was. I told her it was my korean language note book when it was really my bootcamp notes. We have some ice cream. Build some time and some connection. Vibe a bit then she has to go to her friends. I go back to debrief with the boys. One thing i noticed is that i did not kino her enough. RPQ was saying that it would’ve been best if I was in BF/GF kino by the time i got back to the debrief. Image 2 & 3: The bounce to ice cream with this cutie ^^ Night game - Saturday night Meet up with the boys for a debrief at 11pm for some of the material covered tonight. This was going to be a big one because of not only the time we spent during the day but also the new material expected and lack of energy from the last night. Once we got into the new material and met up at a coffee shop to debrief. We decide to hit the streets outside of the main Itaewon strip where there would be a higher volume of women at night. We do a few approaches. One thing i was good at was just approaching despite my feelings of not wanting to do it. I was also still feeling run down from my previous trip which was taking its toll. One other thing was despite all feedback, I was able to listen during set and try to implement in real time. I would make the same mistake in not engaging the whole set for the first few sets. Even if i generate attraction with my target, if the friends are not feeling it, then you’re going to blow it. There was also a set which i generated enough attraction in a 2 set but would get caught up doing BT spikes and staying in that phase without going to qualification. I would finally get it right while winging the 2 set with the other student. I help him with a 2 set which he wanted. Mine wasn’t super attractive but bangable enough for me not to eject and gain a learning experience. The other student bounces after gaining attraction and some qualification and we hit another club. The big mistake was going from a semi quiet area to a super loud one that was dense with people. Normally, it should be the other way around and go to a quiet area. This caused some chaos which made us lose the girls. Despite that, it was a beautifully run set with great wingmanship on my part too. One set i was proud about was plowing through a set with one ice cold girl in it. I tried to get help from everyone including RPQ to wing the girl but she just was not budging. But despite all this she left her friend to continue talking to me. I go through the phases including a lot of kino as directed by RPQ. She was a nice girl and i get her number and time bridge her as she apparently had to go find her friend. It was a great set but RPQ said i was caught red handed talking to another set and doing the same palm reading and handshake routines on other girls which turned that number to wood. Daygame Sunday So we are at the final stretch of the boot camp. Exhausted as well as comfortable approaching, i make due and attend the final bootcamp. We meet in front of a train station in Gangnam and then head to Coex. We debrief on deep comfort and how to say vulnerability stories in an effective way. After all that, we are left on our own to do approaches without the coach holding our hands. Me and the other student go forth to find some girls. It was relatively quiet. I approach maybe 2 sets before finding one who i would get to insta date with. I open a single set with a nice green scarf on. I open with one of the routine openers and put some BT spikes in. There was a lot step forward and step back during the interaction when she was getting a little bit uncomfortable. Anytime i sensed discomfort i would step back and keep talking. When she would laugh, I would step forward and continue. One thing i didn't stop doing was smiling, not in a creepy way but in a friendly non threatening way. After some qualification and some research on her time logistics, i bounce her to a coffee shop nearby. I had no idea how far i was and how far the nearest coffee shop was so i had to walk around and pretend to know where i was going. One thing i noticed was that she was not comfortable with any kind of kino, even palm reading. But she was compliant with bouncing. When i later speak to RPQ about this, he had a speculation that she may have had a really bad experience in the past (maybe as bad as rape). I go to the coffee shop with her and run all the material i was taught in the boot camp. I really focused on qualification as well. Although, she didn’t have a lot going for her in her personality as she didn’t have a lot of hobbies. Her life was spent studying and working. That's it. She’s a nice girl but it took some effort to relate to her. I like that she eats a lot of healthy foods which suits my lifestyle but she didn’t give herself enough credit for that, it something i had to notice after bouncing her again to another spot which was near the food court. I went through a heroic storey as well as P.I.E information. I spend a lot of time with her to build comfort and connection. The physicality was lacking in this set so i would suspect that she would need a lot of time to get to sex. I met up with the team for a debrief. Things i did well throughout the bootcamp Open well and got some good BT spikes happening General body language was good I got into a good flow state towards the end of each session Got bounces and some insta dates. Also got some numbers too Able to lead and give detailed stories about my life Things i want to improve Qualification and having a solid criteria for the kind of girls i like and make that known to her. Proper Kino escalation at the right times Improve body language not being so stiff Slow down while talking as well as become more animated during set. Learn to engage the whole set and focus on the girl who's not giving you enough attention as she will likely destroy the interaction anyway.
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