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  1. What kind of advice are you looking for? Just on getting your motivation back?
  2. Awesome, looking forward to reading more of your adventures!
  3. I'll let you know if I hear of anyone in Sapporo. Usually now would be a great time to be gaming there with the fireworks shows every weekend. Enjoy the not so cold weather while you can! The winter there is BRUTAL!
  4. Also, depending on what other skills you have, you may be able to find non-English teaching jobs in Shanghai (or other parts of China), Hong Kong, or Thailand especially. It's very difficult, no matter what your skills, to get anything but teaching jobs in Japan and Korea.
  5. Nothing like a good urine test to get the ladies laughing! I just had that yesterday... Yeah...not sure how that one didn't make it into the bible. Yeah...it's always tough when you prepare for one tough situation and end up with a different tough situation. You should have gotten HER phone and punched in YOUR number. That way, you know it's legit. Make sure you let it ring until it actually shows up on your screen! I roasted myself on that once. I felt it vibrate in my pocket and sent her off only to find out that the number didn't come through...
  6. Thanks for posting. Did you hear from some guys about meeting up, yet?
  7. Great write up and good to hear that McConnell aka Young Cub did such a great job!
  8. Great write up! You made massive progress over the training from barely being able to talk to anyone to looking like a very social guy by the end and being able to approach girls comfortably anywhere. Well done, my man! And looking forward to seeing you when you get back to Asia!
  9. The picture with you blindfolded is weird. If you weren't blindfolded I think it would be good. Unless that girl is your sister, I'd take it out. The others are fine, but maybe the biggest problem is how you're talking to girls. Have you read the book, "The Game" by Niell Strauss? If not, you should immediately. https://g.co/kgs/FDe14f
  10. I think he's in Beijing these days.
  11. Hey, man. Are you on WeChat? If so, I can connect you with some guys in China.
  12. Ahhh that's good! Do you usually have to do a few minutes of attraction before you can get a girl to follow you over to talk to other people? I guess acting like you do it all the time is probably key It depends how far you have to move the pawn. Open like what? With your arm around the pawn? Like the examples I gave. You can open with more "normal" things too because you have social proof. Ah these are my favorite kinds of choices, when all your options are less than great haha! That's when you really get to play with your decision making skills
  13. 5-10min. I mean, you can start texting on the way to the bathroom and then when you get back to the table you can check your messages more frequently because you'll be expecting some useful responses. LOL! That is such perfect terminology! So you just hook one girl and then walk her around and open another one with your arm around the pawn? When you ditch the pawn how do you do it without seeming like you're being a dick? The way it works is that with the pawn, you never really go beyond attraction so when you open the new girl you can ask her something about the girl you
  14. Welcome to the party, man! Great write up. Sounds like you really crushed it on boot camp. Glad to have you on here and looking forward to more adventures from you.
  15. You usually can't get time if you're talking about night game. But usually, it doesn't matter, you can just move on to something else because night game moves so fast anyway. If it's a slower situation, you can "shush" her and then look into her eyes deeply making her think that you're having deep thoughts while you frantically come up with what to do next. Also, on Day 2s, you can dip out to the bathroom for a quick huddle up and maybe some texts to get some support from the guys. I've done this plenty of times when things weren't going my way. Did you come up with anythi
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