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  1. Always remember that you might be wrong and focus on changing your behavior first to get different behavior from others.
  2. Looking back, can you see what disaster you were and how delusional you were about it as well?
  3. What kind of advice are you looking for? Just on getting your motivation back?
  4. Awesome, looking forward to reading more of your adventures!
  5. I'll let you know if I hear of anyone in Sapporo. Usually now would be a great time to be gaming there with the fireworks shows every weekend. Enjoy the not so cold weather while you can! The winter there is BRUTAL!
  6. Also, depending on what other skills you have, you may be able to find non-English teaching jobs in Shanghai (or other parts of China), Hong Kong, or Thailand especially. It's very difficult, no matter what your skills, to get anything but teaching jobs in Japan and Korea.
  7. Nothing like a good urine test to get the ladies laughing! I just had that yesterday... Yeah...not sure how that one didn't make it into the bible. Yeah...it's always tough when you prepare for one tough situation and end up with a different tough situation. You should have gotten HER phone and punched in YOUR number. That way, you know it's legit. Make sure you let it ring until it actually shows up on your screen! I roasted myself on that once. I felt it vibrate in my pocket and sent her off only to find out that the number didn't come through...
  8. Thanks for posting. Did you hear from some guys about meeting up, yet?
  9. Great write up and good to hear that McConnell aka Young Cub did such a great job!
  10. Great write up! You made massive progress over the training from barely being able to talk to anyone to looking like a very social guy by the end and being able to approach girls comfortably anywhere. Well done, my man! And looking forward to seeing you when you get back to Asia!
  11. I think he's in Beijing these days.
  12. Hey, man. Are you on WeChat? If so, I can connect you with some guys in China.
  13. Ahhh that's good! Do you usually have to do a few minutes of attraction before you can get a girl to follow you over to talk to other people? I guess acting like you do it all the time is probably key It depends how far you have to move the pawn. Open like what? With your arm around the pawn? Like the examples I gave. You can open with more "normal" things too because you have social proof. Ah these are my favorite kinds of choices, when all your options are less than great haha! That's when you really get to play with your decision making skills ? What's this about? Her friend appeared and I said I'd wing but he didn't think the set was going anywhere. He just needed some time to get back into it and get over his AA again Ahhhh, got it.
  14. 5-10min. I mean, you can start texting on the way to the bathroom and then when you get back to the table you can check your messages more frequently because you'll be expecting some useful responses. LOL! That is such perfect terminology! So you just hook one girl and then walk her around and open another one with your arm around the pawn? When you ditch the pawn how do you do it without seeming like you're being a dick? The way it works is that with the pawn, you never really go beyond attraction so when you open the new girl you can ask her something about the girl you're with, like: Does it look like this girl had surgery on her eyes? How old do you think this girl is? This girl (the pawn) likes your x! (In this case you can talk about the girl before you open her) -- It's actually not necessary that you open like that since it's a club environment, it's quite normal for people to talk to strangers. Generally this will be tough if you opened the set and there is a language barrier, but in general, the best way to do it is to include his girl in the conversation. So, he asks you where are you from, you answer and then ask the obstacle. She says where she's from, then you ask the guy if he's ever been there, then if he has, have him talk about the place and if he hasn't have the girl talk about the place. Or you can eject and come back to the set later at the risk of not being able to find it. You have some options here too. One of the things that's different about night game from day game is that in night game, you can re-open the set later because typically they'll be there for several hours. It can be a lot better to run the set similarly to if you go to meet a girl and she is with friends. You get in there, make yourself look good, but knowing that you likely can't get enough isolation to progress the sarge at that time, you eject and come back later. It's easier if you open the set that's already dancing. In this particular case they were on the way to the dance floor and you were trying to interrupt that momentum. But if they're already dancing, and have been the next thing they're going to do is take a break anyway so you're going more along with their pattern. What's this about?
  15. Welcome to the party, man! Great write up. Sounds like you really crushed it on boot camp. Glad to have you on here and looking forward to more adventures from you.
  16. You usually can't get time if you're talking about night game. But usually, it doesn't matter, you can just move on to something else because night game moves so fast anyway. If it's a slower situation, you can "shush" her and then look into her eyes deeply making her think that you're having deep thoughts while you frantically come up with what to do next. Also, on Day 2s, you can dip out to the bathroom for a quick huddle up and maybe some texts to get some support from the guys. I've done this plenty of times when things weren't going my way. Did you come up with anything? Not that night. I wanted to say something like "You should lick it off!" But at the moment all I can think of is pretending to sniff it and saying it smells good, what is it lol That could work! I don't think I've ever had a girl spill a drink on me, so I never had to come up with something for this. YES, exactly. Social proof is your best bet here. Even better if you open her WITH another girl. In this case, the other girl is called a "pawn" and basically you bring her into the set, and then ditch her (sacrificing the pawn) once the girl you really want is hooked. Yeah, and blowing kisses, air guns, shy faces. The kind of cute/fun stuff that Asians like. I suck with tables too, man. No idea why. Maybe just lack of experience with them. Great realizations. Being non-reactive is a major marker of high value. And yeah...the more you go for those girls, the better you'll get at gaming them as you hone your skills. Good work and keep at it!
  17. This is true in isolation, but you could consider that if you pace them, then you could lead the group later. Also, hanging out with a group like that might make it easier to open other nearby sets who see you as you could bring them into your group so while it might be DLV with that set, it could be social proof with other sets. Yeah, this would have been worth trying. You can add this on as a BT spike. It's supposed to be a BS palm read, so you could just keep going with it and make it over the top ridiculous. Probably when she told you that you were wrong and she knew about palm reading you just cut the thread at that point instead of doing something like: Oh...then you know that this line means that you're going to have 15 kids with me or something else funny. You'd already isolated her? 2 options: 1) game as usual and forget about the boyfriend ("Where is he? At home? PERFECT! I love boyfriends that are at home!") 2) You could have then said that you're super sad and which of her friends does she think would like you or ask her if a particular friend would like you. Don't ask the guys, they often lie. Yeah! The less you like her, the more compliance you should demand! Perfect! Did you come up with anything? OH MAN! I can't wait to read this! This is one way to do it. Another way to think about it is that if you build attraction, you can go back into the set later when they're in a better position logistically, or to use them as social proof for other sets. This is also a good way to handle it! ??? Generally, I would just say, "that sucks," and move on because in the long run I want to set a bunch of frames around what cheating means but there's not enough time to do it well on the day 1 unless you get a bounce. Not all your sets will open. You generally just follow best practices. Clearly her friends think it's about her and not about you or they ALL would have left. So that implies that it wasn't your problem but that girl's. Just qualify both of them. It will be confusing for them, but you could definitely make a group chat with the 3 of you, for example to try and make it so that your whole relationship with them includes both of them. It's easy to make this mistake when girls are really responsive. I also find that my sets run a lot better when the girl doesn't know that I've noticed her or if I open in some way (like a facial expression) soon after she notices that I notice her. If there is a long lag between when she knows I noticed her and when I open it rarely seems to go well for me. My personal theory is that she creates some fantasy about what I'm like and then when I actually interact with her she's disappointed. I don't know if that's correct but the sooner I actually interact with her the more our interaction is framed by my purposeful behavior. THIS IS GOOD! I'm going to use this! It's always tough when girls are being really sexually aggressive and you don't have logistics. One way to run, especially if her friends are there is to play the gentleman and say that she's drunk and you need to take care of her or something along those lines. Or you can tell the friends that you're really into her but she needs to go home because she's too drunk. The point is to make yourself look good. This is very true in Japan especially and also in Korea. In fact, I'd say that in Japan the more attractive girls are far less likely to speak English. I would advise that you stick to gaming in Shinjuku, Shibuya and Roppongi to maximize your chances of opening girls who speak English at least decently. Most of the girls in Akihabara are super Japanese so they have no education and don't expose themselves to western entertainment media either. Glad I finally caught up on this. It was great having you come out for the boot camp and looking forward to hearing more about your Japan adventures!
  18. That's the right attitude! Looking forward to your 2019 upgrades. And wish you many handfuls of tits!
  19. Did you ask her if meeting only every 2-4 weeks is what she did with previous guys she dated? In any case, she served her purpose of getting you through the winter! And now that it's getting to be safe to go out again, you can stock up on more girls so you're getting your needs satisfied more regularly.
  20. Yeah, man! And the fact that you got two dates just from one weekend of relatively awkward approaches where you had no idea what you were doing and my hovering around in the background, how much easier it will be in a more normal situation. Great work this past weekend. Also, I second what @Romeo said about making sure approaching is a habit. Do this and by your next birthday you'll have a totally different life. Be sure to read @The Animal's approach logs. They're AWESOME for guys getting started. and I'm giving you access to the alumni section of the forum so you can start your approach log too, post your FRs from the two Day 2s you had and ask whatever questions you have! Looking forward to our first follow-up phone call!
  21. Thanks for the kind words, man! I'm glad you got so much out of it!
  22. The relationship status pic is probably just supposed to be funny. So now that she's not working is she more available to meet you?
  23. Great stuff here. I think that you first have to decide if you're with this girl because of laziness or because you think she has potential to be a girl you're really into. If you're just lazy, then sure you could go through the motions of trying to make things better, but if you've already checked out emotionally, then it's probably a waste of time. You really have to rooting for the girl to do and be better. Form what I can tell though, it seems that even if she started treating you the way you want, you wouldn't be all that excited about her. It's possible that a lot of your ambiguity about going out and getting new girls is because of the cold weather. It's not even that cold here in Taipei and I didn't really want to go out much, and I know how incredibly brutal the Seoul winter's are. Now that it's getting warmer and you'll want to spend more time outside AND you'll see more girls out and about, it's likely that you'll feel a lot more motivated to replace her. In the end, only you can decide if she's worth the effort. I'd suggest that either you keep things as they are with her and start seeing other girls OR you tell her that you confront her as @Ditto suggested and tell her gently what you're unhappy about and ask her what it is that you're doing that's making her act that way and what you could do to get her to change her behavior in the ways that you want.
  24. It seems to me that reading all that western material has crippled your understanding of how things work with Asian girl. In the west, you can run a lot of your game strictly on attraction. Not true with Asian girls where I'd argue that QUALIFICATION is the most important phase. In the west, that's not important because girls are so entitled they think they deserve everything. So if a guys runs a lot of attraction and is desirable, western women will fall all over themselves trying to get him. Asian girls are looking for a guy who really likes and wants to be with them, hence lots of qualification. Playing aloof will almost always blow you out. They aren't interested in some guys who is just going to fuck them and leave. I think this is your biggest problem coupled with the fact that you run your day 1s too short. To really run a solid set with a high percentage chance of a girl showing up for a day 2, you need 15-20min. Sure girls will show up on less than that, but the shorter the set the more you're relying on luck than skill. Also, that means that you didn't have time to run much attraction, qualification or comfort, so you'll need to do a lot of that over text. For girls you're keen on you'll have to text them DAILY. Especially if they're any good. Typically it takes 3 months of solid effort to get results and you haven't been getting any feedback to correct your problems so you have only improved the things you KNOW need to be improved (the approach) and haven't spent any time on the things you don't know about which is A LOT. This means that you've basically been doing the same thing for the past 2 months which is why you haven't progressed further. Congrats on your first date since your divorce! That's a great step to make. And just to bury your age concerns, @quantumleap is 52 and he usually bangs girls that are around 25yo. He just closed a 24yo last week, so age is not an excuse. Sure, being younger is better...so is having more money. But you can be successful enough anyway. "Don't wish it was easier, wish you were better" -Jim Rhone Check out @The Animal's Sexy Summer Challenge and Winter Weather Hustle and you'll see what progress looks like. Good work and keep at it!
  25. From what I can tell you're basically just opening and then fluff talking them and hoping they like you. What you need is more solid routines after the open. You keep throwing the burden of the conversation onto the girl by asking her questions that make her work hard, like, "Where's the fun?" YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE THE FUN! Basically, when you approach girls, you're supposed to be opening a portal of awesomeness for them to step through. You're not trying to join THEM. You're selling them on them joining you. You should make a list of things about you that girls find interesting (DHVs) and figure out how to bring those out early in the set and stack forward more rather than always putting the ball in the girls court. Good on you for getting out there and keep these reports coming!
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