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  1. It depends on what kinds of girls you're going for. If you're primarily going after western girls, then social proof pictures with you and other girls can be good. If you're pursuing local Asian girls, then you generally don't want to use those kinds of photos. I noticed you linked Facebook and VK but not Instagram. Any specific reason you aren't using that? It's the most popular social networking app at the moment, so I'd recommend that over Facebook or VK. Have you tried doing some cold approach pickup (ie talking to girls at malls, bars, on the street) ? If you're not getting good results from dating apps or social media, then cold approach is a much better route to go. I also highly recommend reading The Game by Neil Strauss if you haven't already. Upgrading your fashion should also help a lot. You can check some of the articles on https://www.kinowear.com/ for ideas and inspiration. I teach fashion consults, so am happy to answer some basic fashion questions if you have any.
  2. Hey man! Awesome FR and good to hear you took the plunge and did the bootcamp! Welcome to the crew. Totally agree with @Romeo about trying to keep your momentum for the next couple months. It will also help to keep track of your approaches, so keeping an approach log thread on the forums is a good idea, too. Helps give you a more objective view of your progress and other people can provide feedback and ideas. I also recommend going back and reading some of the FRs other guys have written, as you'll get a lot of ideas for stuff you can test and insight into situations you haven't yet experienced. Looking forward to seeing your progress!
  3. Hey man! Really great write-up. I had a lot of fun teaching and gaming with you in Thailand! It was very obvious by the end of the 2 weeks how much progress you made. Most important thing going forward will be to keep going out, practicing the skills you learned and reflecting / analyzing via field reports and discussion with other people in the community. Looking forward to seeing your results! Hahahaha. This was definitely my favorite opener from the entire bootcamp. Super funny!
  4. Congrats on the close, man. And good job writing a report about it! Just have a few comments on this section: These things you listed are all tools you can use to improve your day 1s and day 2s with girls you're really into. In this situation, it was pretty obvious the girl was keen and making things easy for you, so it probably wasn't necessary to do those things to get the close. Ideally, you want to use qualification and future projection on girls you really like and want to see again (or on girls who are objectively hot, because they're being pursued so often so you need to set yourself apart). I'm not sure how interested you are in this girl, but since you gave her a 6 rating, I'm guessing you're not that into her? Can't really tell. IF you did want to see her again or keep her as a regular, it could have been a good idea to suggest a second date, do some future projection or just spend more time with her in general before pushing for a close. It's important to remember that future projection, bounce seeds, qualification, getting info about dating / sex experience, etc. are all just tools you can use to progress a pickup. You don't have to (and won't have to) use them for every single set. Things aren't so rigid. The individual girl and individual scenario will give you a sense of what needs to be done. A big part of being good at pickup is being able to look at any given situation and understand what tools are best for handling that specific situation and then be able to deploy them properly. Keep writing FRs! And remember: you learn more from the FRs where you fail than from the LRs where you close Congrats again, man. Looking forward to seeing more of these from you!
  5. Totally agree with @Vision, cafe sets are usually way easier for me than street sets. The girls aren't doing anything and it's easier to open them usually. What happened on the instadate? Any reason you had to specifically timebridge instead of just trying to continue running it and pushing for a close?
  6. Great to finally have you join the crew! It was super fun hanging out and winging you during the bootcamp. It was clear that you made a lot of progress and changed your frames quite a bit over the weekend. Nice work. Looking forward to seeing you around Taipei more and hearing about future successes
  7. Just seeing this post now! Thanks for the detailed review and kind words. I'm glad you got a lot out of the seminar and found the content easy to implement. You've already made a lot of progress from what I've seen in the chat. Really excited to see how your image continues to develop!
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