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  1. "Not much reason, just wanna see if you have free time, and you also don't find me / call me out" We established a booty call relationship because we would only text chat about meeting up, with no specific plans and send sexual stickers to each other. She would tell me when it is a good time to meet and when it is not (during her period). She's not that hot, like a 6.5 but if she likes pipe, I'll be at her service. Just don't ask me for gifts or money. ? It's new! I thought I'd make the best out of it while watching a movie that I enjoy at the theaters. LOL
  2. her reply is “没有为什么,就看看你有空没呀,你也没找我”。 So basically, I guess she thought of me so she decided to appear again. In our text exchange, we were sort of talking about sex so: 1. I knew I had a high chance of sexualizing, and I wanted to take it to another level 2. I wanted to go for a more direct approach since I didn't wanna waste time with her if she made it hard 3. I like the excitement of doing crazy things out in public. I've been in these movie situations before where I squirted a girl in Korea in the cinema so I feel i can pull a movie routine since I'm more and more comfortable in this area. Just like the "Road Trip" scumbag move LOL!!!? Usually, 30min + and I'll add a time extension whenever the girl says "stop" or "let's take a break" or "it's hurting, I'm in pain" because I love it when they screeching and screaming as if they are trying to seek for help. ?
  3. September 2017, almost a year ago, I met HB Tantan Lee over Tantan and we quickly had a D1 in Shenzhen. She just got off work, ran the date with a typical dinner and a movie. Kinoed right off the bat with a hand on her waist and sometimes switching it up to hand over the shoulders. Nothing special happened during the D1, drove her back home which was super far from her work place. She has to take a 1.5 hours subway ride to commute to work, everyday. You can imagine the distance from her home and her work place. After the D1, vaguely remember the reason why we stopped talking but it might be because lack of attraction, finding ways to close her since she lives far and because she lives far. From my place to get to her's, also requires 1.5 hours drive which I think its not worth the effort if she isn't a top notch looking 9 or a 10. Couple weeks ago, she randomly messaged me and I had totally forgotten who she was. During the time we haven't spoken a word, I formatted my phone several times due to phone hardware issues and all chat history was lost. I didn't bother backing up the chat logs of the girls I wasn't speaking to at the moment and she didn't have selfies pictures on her moments so I had no idea who she was. I had told her that i do not remember who she was (bad move btw) for two reasons, for girls I don't lable as "ping" on their Wechat description, I know they aren't the top notch 9's and 10's and also I because had a full pipeline. My reactions were careless and therefore I would be more direct with girls. If she had decided to eject the conversation, I would be fine because I am the type of guy that would hate to reject women. In fact, my direct replies or cold replies would automaticly filter them out, cause y'all know, Mr. Ballz Deep is busy going Deep Inside. After her inital ping to get my attention, we stopped chatting for a week. It was during the time HB Hong Kong Milf was giving me a hard time and ignoring me, again, I had thought of her. I started up the chat again and she knew I wanted to bang. For my first attempt to set a meet, she would reply something like "Lets meet another time, because i am on period." Thats when you know that shes down and that she knows what I am thinking. Over text, I kept reinforcing that having sex on the period is okay but she wasn't down for it at all. Anyways, i stopped that thread and if she was not being easy, i wouldn't make myself available for her. We finally scheduled a day where we both think her period would end, Sunday. It's Sunday, I messaged her the time to meet and asked her to send me location so I can pick her up. She mentions that she still on period but I had to meet up with her because I was eager to see her and also she was going to be out of town for the next couple days after Sunday for a family vacation. I told her its okay no problem. Met up, typical dinner then movie. Pulled out my Movie routine, sat at the upper right corder, the two seater since the theater was already full where no one could sit beside us because on my right would be the hallway and on her left would be the wall, started feeling her Sugar Wallz under her panties and grabbing and playing with her titties and nipples. Tons of hard resistants all throughout the movie, it was no easy task, so i had to use force to dig my hands under those panties. It was no easy task, trust me. That's when I noticed that she wasn't wearing a pad nor a tampon. Didn't she say she was on her period! LMR right there. After the movie, as she came out of the bathroom I asked her if she was on her period because I couldn't feel her Tampon and my fingers weren't bloody after going semi in her Sugar Walls (she was resisting really hard fighting with my hands and trying to pull my hands away). She said she's still on her period. As we leave the mall, down to the underground parking lot, to my car, right before she entered, i told her to sit in the back seat, she was like "No!" then i was like "why, not, its comfortable at the back." She went in, and she sat right away, I pushed her inside further, got in, locked the door and started going for the makeout. LMR, so I decided to suck on those tities, she started moaning, with resistance of pulling me off, so i necked her, and tried to pull her pants down. It was so tight that it was impossible to take her pants off. She resisted and quickly insisted of buttoning back the pants on and i forcedfully unbutton them and tried her rip her pants down. She finally gave up and said "Okay, okay, i'll take them off myself." and thats when the magic happened. The exiting thing was there were people walking around the parking lot looking for their cars, sometimes they would walk past my windshield on the side and the front. She was afraid they would see us, I wasn't, just another day at the office. I've had Car Bangs situations before. The most exiting was the one car that was parked right beside mine and they had a couple people there entering and opening their trunks. I knew they couldn't see me cuz luckly the back seat windows are tinted, too bad the front seat windows are not. After the bang, I came quicker than I thought, kissing was so good and she was super wet. We were all sweating because we didn't turn on the car for AC or else people would know that we are doing some crazy shit. She told me that i needed to “加油 ” which is a Chinese term that i needed to improve or do better, that my performance was is insufficient. This is the absolute first time that a girl told Mr. Balls Deep that he needed to improve. I was SHOCKED! I was like Wow, this girl has what it takes to be fully pounded?? This girl must be hardcore because she was demanding that I would thrust faster which hardly any girl would tell me this because I already make girls limp, tired, exhausted after sex! I make girls scared of having sex because my duration and power is something they've never seen before! She must be crazy for sex. Dropped her home, should of future projected the next meet, didn't because she lives super far. Planning to really test her to see how much she can take. Going to project a meet soon and see if shes worth while to keep. Made You Look! Aka. Mr. Balls Deep Aka. The Milf Hunta
  4. Thanks for the share Mr. Right! I'll definitely try the timer! Made You Look! Aka. Mr. Balls Deep Aka. The Milf Hunta Sent from my MI NOTE Pro using Tapatalk
  5. Pleasure to meet you man! Looks like your already killing it in China, 1 girl per month is awesome. I am also living in China as well, in Dong Guan. As far as I know, other guys on the forum are spread out to Shanghai, Beijing, Nanning & Hong Kong. If you ever leave Sichuan and go to these major cities, you'll find guys from the community doing their thang over thurr. Made You Look! Aka. Mr. Balls Deep Aka. Da Milf Huntah
  6. The ROCK, awesome read, awesome info! I'll always remember your facial expression and body language of your "Wave" "Hi" opener. Lols. When we first sarged together at the summit in 2015, I thought.. "Wow this wave and hi gesture actually works?? " Lols. I think you did a awesome job deflecting her frame and setting your frame smoothly, same goes with your made up the storie on the spot, smooth as a criminal. "Welcome to Korea's Dating world" Lol! Korea is Definitely a whole nother ball game mayne! Made You Look! Aka. Mr. Balls Deep Sent from my HUAWEI MT7-TL10 using Tapatalk
  7. Great to read your thoughts on the BootCamp! Had an awesome time with you. I've been keeping in touch with raydiate from time to time guys, few words can conclude his experience = He's become a happier man, meeting all KindZ of quote on quote, new "friends". RPQ's Reply: +1 Made You Look! Aka. Mr. Balls Deep
  8. Me too.. I don't like it either. Sometimes i wouldn't even use it on a new girl. Although i put it on, i cant feel anything, then i would take it off to bang. I do this because I usually do Day game, in my mind day game girls are more clean but yea, how can you tell for sure right. if its a girl from the night club, i definitely would put a condom on. How can you tell how slutty she is from the first 15 minutes? / the first few minutes in the interaction / from SNL, (day and night game girl)
  9. Thanks for the Hostel Idea. Liked how you were descriptive on your actions and the spoken words. Did you use condom? Your making me horny in the office Kane.... Damn. Aka. Mr. Balls Deep
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