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  1. I would be very intetested in this, i like the act of writing but find e storage more convenient. Would be great to hear your experiences
  2. Unresponsive to your previous texts, ie total silence.. What kind of texts did you send her and What was the retarded comment you made ?
  3. Having read the game and knowing I wanted to improve this part of my life I signed up for boot camp with rpq. I met up with him and one of his ex student, "Made You Look!" in central and after I intro over dinner we went to lkf to start approach. First Couple of approaches I crashed and burned, rpq said u should relax and not look so nervous, which I didn't realise I was but looking back I was really fucking nervous!. The next few went better in that they didn't run away and rpq suggest that I start kino escalation, I approached a two set and who were standing on the stree
  4. Friday 8pm and I was still at work, one of our colleagues told us there was a lunch party in our building she saw when she went past. Me and some of my colleagues decided to crash the party since I hadn’t eaten yet and wouldn’t pass up the opportunity for some free food and booze. I went with a girl colleague (Who im not interested in) , it turned out it was a fashion lunch of male underwear, there were hot guys and some hot western girls, but western girls do nothing for me and it seemed they were GF of the male models. Should have opened a couple of them for practice but chickened out.
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