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  1. I would be very intetested in this, i like the act of writing but find e storage more convenient. Would be great to hear your experiences
  2. Unresponsive to your previous texts, ie total silence.. What kind of texts did you send her and What was the retarded comment you made ?
  3. Having read the game and knowing I wanted to improve this part of my life I signed up for boot camp with rpq. I met up with him and one of his ex student, "Made You Look!" in central and after I intro over dinner we went to lkf to start approach. First Couple of approaches I crashed and burned, rpq said u should relax and not look so nervous, which I didn't realise I was but looking back I was really fucking nervous!. The next few went better in that they didn't run away and rpq suggest that I start kino escalation, I approached a two set and who were standing on the street drinking , "Made You Look!" winged for me while I talked to the target. This one was difficult to start with a she was a bit cold but after barrelling through for what seemed like ages she started to warm up, I asked her for her number but she said no, which put a downer on the conversation, in hindsight with what I know now , no means not now but maybe a Yes later and I should have carried on the interaction. Lesson learned. Couple more appraches of girls standing on their own but turned out to be waiting for thier bf.. That's what they said anyway! Throughout the night I could feel it easier and less terrifying to approach and actually the adrenaline and high from approaching is addictive! The last set of the night was a two set who were on the way to the ferry terminal to get the last ferry home. my target seemed interested in conversation but when I took one step towards her she stepped back so I have her some space and let her come to me. "Made You Look!" was doing a good job of winging for me while I worked the target. Time was not on our side as they had to get the ferry back to Macau. a couple of times her friend told her they had to go. my target stayed a bit longer we chatted and I tried kino back when talking and number closed. Next evening was night game at Magnum. lining up could see most of the girls were super hot and I don't normally go to clubs so I felt this would be a big challenge for me. RPQ and I did the walk around to get to know the venue and reminded me not to drink anything alcoholic, which is such a good idea as later on the night as the other guys were getting wasted I could still function properly. I approached a couple of sets but got blown out , then we went outside where I spotted a cute one set sitting alone at a table smoking, I don't like smokers but she looked cute so what the hell , I opened with your favorite colour is white since she was wearing white , I kept it fun and interesting and did some kino, we chatted for a while she's used to live in perth and we were joking about how remote and boring it was. her friend came back to join us--he was a AFC , so RPQ winged for me. we were talking for quite a long time , i number closed and we suggested to hit the dance floor. When we got the she said she had to go to the toilet so we continued dancing, I didn't see her after that, later she told me she bumped into her friend. we carried on gaming but not much happened. but did arrange to meet the table girl later on in the week. All in all the boot camp was an eye opening experience, and was a good introduction into the world of game. What i learnt on the BootCamp was the approach skills can be used anywhere and I can be constantly improving myself.
  4. Friday 8pm and I was still at work, one of our colleagues told us there was a lunch party in our building she saw when she went past. Me and some of my colleagues decided to crash the party since I hadn’t eaten yet and wouldn’t pass up the opportunity for some free food and booze. I went with a girl colleague (Who im not interested in) , it turned out it was a fashion lunch of male underwear, there were hot guys and some hot western girls, but western girls do nothing for me and it seemed they were GF of the male models. Should have opened a couple of them for practice but chickened out. Luckily there was huge scallops and smoked salmon. The mood was quite sexual since it was a party about male underwear and the crowed seemed fashionable. Opened a lady with a cool shiny grey dress, she was a bit old but wanted to get some practice, I complimented her on her dress and had a brief conversation about who she was with and where she was from , I did the your from Taiwan aren’t you , Shiny : NO! im from china , do I look like im from Taiwan?! most people think im from Thailand blah blah , anyways the conversation went dry and she went back to her friend. Later I saw a babe with great body with wearing a sexy black dress , tights and coat, so I opened her with ‘Your favorite color is black’ Black : Yes! Me : I thought so you are wearing all black! So are you a designer you are looking fashionable Black : Yes I am Me : Do you design men’s underwear’s too ? (Pointing at a shelf full of underwear) Black : No I don’t (laughing) What do you design then ? Black : Lingerie Me : (Inside I was thinking high five no way!) So are you wearing your own creation now , can you show me? Continued to flirt with her and remembered that I should start doing some kino so I touched her waist and arm while talking just like RPQ taught . I told her I thought she was fun and friendly ..laying the foundations for one night lay, but she kept mentioning she was mature and sensible so I tried turned it around and said she was mature and could take care of herself and didn’t need anyone to tell her what to do, this got a positive response as She was proud she could look after herself . Then she saw her friend (Her old Boss) who was the one who was holding the party. Big hug and kisses and they seemed not seen each other in ages, felt a bit weird standing there. Also worried the boss might find out I am a gate crasher stuffing my face with food haha. so I left them to it and went back to my colleagues. Question : Should I have stayed in set or left the set like I did? Later we were watching the lucky draw to win some guys underwear , one of my colleagues won , she’s like a 50 year old woman won a night time thirt.. which she wore which was quite funny. While we were watching Black comes over and asked what’s going on , we continue to chat with Kino and BT spike , she seems responsive and having fun while trying not to show it too much. We continued chatting and then she went off to go find her friends so I went off to get more food. Rather than follow i though good to give her space, private party so not much competition Question : should i stick with her or ok to both wonder off? Stuffed my face a bit more and went to find my colleagues, luckily my colleagues were sitting at one end of a big sofa while black was at the other end talking to a guy with a space between her and my colleague on the sofa , so I filled the space betweenthem. I taped her on the arm with the back of my hand and got chatting went for heavy kino by taking her waist and pulled her towards me while being playful and making her laugh. She hadn’t eaten all day and was already drinking so she asked me to go get some food for her , in the old days I would have run off like a good puppy and got it , but this time I moved my face closer to hers and said ‘give me a kiss first’ , she had i want to but i can look then after thinking she said ‘close your eyes’, I only half closed and she pretended to kiss me by touching me on the forehead with a finger and making kissing noise ME: (Dramatically) Your tricking me! How could you, I thought you were honest!..ok I want t real one later tough Black : (smile ) So I went to get her some food but there was no more food. This was good opportunity for the bounce and she wanted a hot milk tea so I said ‘theres a place round the corner, lets go get you a milk tea’ . She asked if I always pick up girl’s as I was a sweet talker and I said yes all the time, lets go! On the way out I she picked up a small black package from a big bowl, while waiting for the lift she opened it to see what it was.., it was a condom haha. She was like omg I don’t want this and her first reaction was to give it to me. Me: WOW your first present to me is a condom! Thanks ill use it tonight ! Black : Laughing hitting my arm , no I don’t mean it like that I didn’t know what it was! ME : its ok im a gentleman , it would be rude not it , its your first gift to me! When we got outside it was raining , which worked out quite well as I was holding the umbrella and she held onto my arm, later when it stopped raining I was easy to transition into hand holding. The café was closed so instead we went to nearby bar with a great view of hk (It was raining and I knew we couldn’t see shit but good excuse!). After arriving we got in the lift I was holding her waist and started to grind on her and we started to make out. We arrived at the bar got drinks and went out into the outdoor terrace area. It was still raining so not many people and I was holdng umbrella which was handy for hiding under when we were making out for a while . I knew she wanted it but she asked me if I always take girls home on the same night and she had never done this before, I told her I was mature and sensible – The same words she used to describe herself earlier in the night, and that I have two children who I look after so I am definitely not a player, the kids were at relatives tonight so we had the place to ourselves if she came home with me . She was very happy to hear I had children said she told me I was a good dad. Instead of justifying me too much I turned it around and said , what about you , are you married or have a bf? She looked a bit sad and said she had a boyfriend but they were going through a rough patch. I quickly changed the subject and started to make out with her. Her having a bf didn’t bother me as I’m not looking for anything serious at the moment. We talked more about her family and it was pretty smooth sailing building rapport with her. Making out was getting too steamy so when she asked me ‘what do you want’ , I stopped pushed her off and said ‘I wanna drink my drink ‘, she had a , how could you! look on her face and hit me the arm jokingly. Soon after we decided leave back to mine. I told her to go to the toilet while I pay and we meet at the entrance. In hind site I should have kept her with me as it gave her too much time think about not going home with me. She took her time coming out. When she finally came out she said she had decided not to come home with me , so I held her by the waist and instead of trying to justify it logically , like I would have done in the past, I asked her how she felt and if it’s a good feeling she should follow her feelings , she said ok then and we go the lift. But when we got down to the taxi more LMR about drinking too much and not done this before and she was going home alone! I said what I said before about feelings and kissed her ..mostly to stop her talking and to give her a good feeling. In the taxi we were joking about me crashing the party and how lucky we were to meet since she was only there to say hi to her friend and go. Eventually arrived home and we finished what we started. Not bad for 4hours of work 5 Things I did well : 1. Opened well 2. Leading the interaction with a general goal 3. Escalating 4. Overcoming LMR more than once! 5. Sexualising Things I need to improve : 1. Should work on approaching more sets 2. Finding ways not to leave the target alone for too long to think about LMR 3. Could have left the bar earlier instead of making out too much 4. Try Drinking less alcohol 5. Be familiar with the local places and closing times to bounce 6. How to deal with questions 'do you do this all the time /are you a player'
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