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  1. Beginning in the loud dark atmosphere of Shanghai’s Dr. Beer, the bootcamp began – “What’s your perfect girl?” – a question I should probably have asked myself more over the past years. It took me a while to think about its answers, but I eventually listed out more than ten aspects – physical, personal, and down to a high degree of sexuality and low degree of experience – a unicorn, essentially. Kane mentioned his list of nearly 200 aspects, and thinking of expanding my own list is a valid goal for the future. Interesting thing about a bootcamp, though, is the aspects I put down on paper and in the forefront of my mind begin to express themselves in reality – women with long curled hair begin to emerge in the dim lighting, and tits and ass, together or independent, stand out – like they always have, but in a more accessible way. Discernment takes on a brighter hue. There are no number or contact closes for tonight – that’s rule number one. But that makes odd sense if I’m to allow my motivations for this project to expand beyond my natural or hormonal inclinations of seemingly having a woman at my digital fingertips. For me, this in many ways is more about harnessing the overall dynamic that women repeatedly play their unconscious role in – about avoiding as much as obtaining. And this balance is struck early – with discussion of the spectrums of delusion and truth, in and out of the Matrix, and push-pull dynamics – discussion of what women truly want, and what truly is. No number closes for me means I can explore these perceptions in an outcome-independent way. We discuss even more theories that I had misinterpreted for years, in greater detail. The Game’s FMAC becomes an expanded and specific version of approach that we will utilize – Open, BT, Hook, Wing, Qualify, PIE, Inception, and TB – to be used, perfectly or imperfectly, as far as we can get with any given set. Kino runs throughout It’s a lot to take in, but it’s straightforward, and we can’t get hung up on any particular. The first night takes us to Apartment and then Myst. Practice includes the structure, but also random suggestions for BT Spikes, body positioning and posture, and repeated calls for kino. In an early set I have a Korean girl and bring her back against me to the wall. The feel, smell, sight of her is visceral, full, and real – hope for a unicorn rises. Isolation is fun, and is sometimes a six person sport. A challenge, undoubtedly. Mirroring girls standing in various poses becomes an opener. Dancing somehow becomes a big No-No (it inhibits conversation, and ultimately can’t stay interesting for long). My brain is forced to think beyond its tired and ragged bounds, but past some that had never worked for it anyways. The structure forces me to think through the live and constantly changing scenarios – Why did they just leave? Why is she letting me touch her so easily? Seriously, I bet I could just grab her pussy. The first night we couldn’t get numbers or WeChat’s, and that came down to the very end of the night. Dancing with a Korean girl in Myst, I was able to sneak a quick make-out session in, and when leaving the place we ran into some European girls, one which was French. After chatting with her a bit, Kane mentioned she had to give me a French kiss because she was French. I kinoed the side of her face and she just started making out with me. Then Kane mentioned something about blowjobs - but that didn’t happen. It seemed she was ready to jump in a cab with me, but we had to debrief. I think that not being able to get numbers was helpful in many ways – it can be too easy to look over and get caught up in a first contact close. Day 2 included day and night game, and we started with a little chat about theory in Raffle’s City to accompany our Carls Jr. hamburgers. “When do you know that you can have sex with a girl?” Kane asked us. I think back at my attempts, successful and not, of pursuing women, wondering about the moment I knew. The answer, of course, is once you’ve already done it. “Until then it’s all speculation.” A key part of the bootcamp is finding our own realizations, weakness, strengths, and creating in-time goals for what we will improve on. For my day 2 I wanted to improve especially on physical things such as kino, body positioning, and voice, as well as psychological areas of frame and hooking the girls early. My BT spikes weren’t great on the first day, and I learned it’s even a good idea to BT spike myself – if I find something I say funny, I’m much more likely to continue the interaction in a fun way, and others are more likely to be receptive to it – even if what I say makes absolutely no sense. In Raffle’s we opened a good number of sets – some in unusual locations such as Victoria’s Secret, in a cosmetics shop, and even through panes of glass outside a chocolate shop (good job, Ben!). Kino was still an important element of the game, but we learned it needed to be approached a bit differently from night game. Conversation mattered, and we were supposed to push the interaction further – to Time Bridges – getting a contact in the context of another meetup, instead of just getting a contact as many people do. I felt my success was varied on this – I did have dates set up for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday – and I mostly forgot them, in part because I wasn’t convinced that many would go. This is why seeding is so important, and getting ideas for how we can logistically meet them again, and providing ideas for what they would want to do with us – prime seeds included things like eating, drinking, or looking at art. For the 2nd night, we met at M1NT. Liam joined us for a new preparation on the theme of the night – Sexualization. Sexualization involved conversations that could elicit sexual feeling (Strawberry Fields), as well as kino that was both sexual and playful in nature (blowing in the ear, light pulling closer in conversation while acting like you can’t understand them, and a spin move that results with the girl locked in your arm). As Kane and I got us some non-alcoholic drinks at the beginning of the night, he mentioned how I could open the girl at the bar next to me wearing a black and white striped shirt (Zebra, of course). In a quick conversation with her I looked at her hand and mentioned she would have sex with an American. I’ve since closed her. With 3 of us gaming, we had some eventful sets. We kept a trio of Taiwanese girls talking for a good 15-20 minutes – mine mentioned she had a boyfriend, but Kane urged me to push through. Another Korean girl I took to the dance floor – this isn’t bad, but 2-3 minutes of dancing and it isn’t progressing past the Attraction phase – especially if there is no conversation on the floor, which is often more difficult. There was a ridiculously attractive Russian girl in a red dress – with some boyfriend hanging on her all night – lame-o! We also opened a set (fairly unsuccessfully) with a top-heavy Chinese girl that many Shaggers already have the WeChat of. Then we moved on to Myst. Getting contacts had been getting easier and easier throughout the bootcamp, and back at Myst it was no exception. My wariness of dance game was something I likely would never have noticed without a bootcamp, so yelling at girls (if necessary) for hooks and qualification is definitely a must. You can’t stay in Attraction forever, even if it’s fun. Interesting contact closes include an 18 year old EDM-lover in line at the coat check, and then another girl at the coat check upon leaving – known as the Negative Tightness Japanese girl – that’s how fucking hot she was (and still is). Holy Jesus of Heaven. The 3rd and last day of bootcamp included very important stages of the interaction that we didn’t get to in the first two days – most importantly Deep Comfort and Insta-dating, which come after Qualification and should ideally lead to Sexualization (may want to wait for a seduction location for the heavy kino). These were a bit of a struggle at times, but they should never be discounted in an interaction, permitting the time to do them exists. Deep Comfort was a bit tough – they come off of success and failure stories (Hero Story), but since trying my main one – Going abroad to Germany in high school changed me from wanting to be a doctor to wanting to explore the world – I’ve also found stories that show vulnerability (needed to get them to also want to feel vulnerable with you) and parts of my personality that are necessary to establish more comfort, attraction, understanding, and open the girls up emotionally. Time bridging is always a great idea – instead of planning just to meet them later, trying to get an experience with them right away will leave them knowing you better and in multiple places. And who knows, you might even get to take them home and bang them on the spot. Reflecting on my bootcamp, my realizations are multiple. There is so much more to getting and interacting with girls than simply getting a contact or WeChat – which is what many guys deep a type of success. There’s so much more fun to be had with girls in interactions that can be made fun with role playing or games of physical touching. There’s a lot to consider about what women truly want and how you can give them that. We have many assumptions about the sexual dynamic which are clearly and demonstratably false – for better or for worse. But I think it’s better to know the rules clearly and work with what is real – rather than the ideals we may have for how relationships are, or any expectation of what they should be. And for that, it’s important we take the necessary steps to enter the Matrix. - Leo
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