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SEM: 2014 All Asia Pickup Summit

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It's really hard to explain how awesome the AAPS is if you weren't there, but I'll do my best!


I was at the Summit last year in Hong Kong, and it was some of the most fun I've ever had in a weekend. Taipei was no different, plus Taiwanese girls!


I arrived on Friday afternoon and stayed until Monday morning. I would have liked to stay longer, but my schedule was a bit tight this time around.


Friday was a more casual meetup, with some venue explanations and overall detail about gaming in Taipei. After that, we headed out to one of my favorite clubs--Myst! I really love this place because the girls are super good (and not wearing much), it's got a killer view overlooking Taipei 101, and it's in an excellent location where bouncing is quite doable. Time flies there, so it was 4am before I knew it!


Saturday was packed excellent speakers and extremely useful content. Since I took a bootcamp with Pickup Asia already, some of the stuff was review. However, some of it I did forget so it was a great refresher! I really enjoyed hearing the speakers, and I thought al of their content was useful and well-presented. It's not only pickup related, a lot of it applies to improving your life overall. This is another reason why I think the Summit is such an outstanding event.


Saturday night was table at the new Sparks, tons of fun. For sure worth checking out!


Sunday was a similar setup to Saturday, and equally as good. I thought RPQ's talk was especially good. Having spent the majority of my life dating Western girls, it took some adjusting to get used to dating girls in Asia. Although I'm currently very happy with my dating life, listening to RPQ explain pickup and relationships in Asia helps further make sense out of certain things that may seem to be a mystery.


One of the extra bonuses to attending the Summit is that you get to meet so many interesting people who are doing great things all over Asia. Not only was it a blast of a weekend, but now I have people in various countries that I know I can meet up with when I visit.


Definitely worth attending the Summit, I highly recommend it. I can't wait for 2015!

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