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Fashion Seminar - July 2017

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Fashion Seminar - July 2017

With McConnell


I took the Fashion Seminar with three other guys. I gotta say it’s one of the most enlightening courses I’ve ever taken.


Why I took the seminar:

I wanted to know how to look my best. It was a lot of guesswork before the seminar. There’s just something about a man that nails his look. It makes me think, “Woah, who is that guy.” I wanna be that guy!


My thoughts on fashion:

- My fashion + body language is my opener before I ever say anything.

- I learned that it’s fun! It’s a form of self-expression. And when I nail an outfit and get compliments, it feels great. My fashion + body language is my opener before I ever say anything.


I always had an interest in fashion. Since coming to Korea I saw a lot of well-dressed guys. I wanted to look good but didn’t really know what I was doing. After taking the seminar it’s very clear now what to do. I can walk into shops know what to look for and how to match pieces.


What I liked about the seminar was that McConnell explained fashion step-by-step, starting with the most basic concepts and then moving to more complex topics. Learning about neutral colors and how to match pieces together was a game changer and simplified fashion for me. With the right knowledge it’s easy to look good.


The fashion chat is super helpful as well. McConnell does a great job in answering all of our questions. We show our outfits of the day, and when we go shopping I ask him, for example, which type of pants or shirt suit me the best and he replies. It’s like having my own fashion consultant.


The amazing thing about fashion is that it’s easy to progress extremely quickly! It’s almost addictive. Basically once you know how to buy and match clothes, the results are stellar. There’s one member, Aegyo, who I saw before the seminar. A couple of weeks later he looks completely different! Major life upgrade.


The last part of the seminar is how to dress to attract the certain type of women we want. Something I never thought about and very interesting!



- Fashion is really fun. It’s an easy way to be creative and expressive.

- It’s easy to progress really quickly! Learn how to pick and match clothes. Wear them. Avoid critical mistakes. Boom, done.

- McConnell has lots of experience, is a good teacher, explains things simply.

- The fashion chat saves tons of time and money. Instead of buying random clothes, I check-in with the chat to see what’s the best item for me

- Learned what to do and what NOT to do

- Learned how to find colors that match myskin type / palette

- I wish I took the seminar when I first arrived in Korea, to save lots of money and time


If you’re thinking about taking the seminar and have any questions, feel free to post below!

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Just seeing this post now! Thanks for the detailed review and kind words. I'm glad you got a lot out of the seminar and found the content easy to implement.


You've already made a lot of progress from what I've seen in the chat. Really excited to see how your image continues to develop! :wink:

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