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I did a bootcamp in Chengdu with my friends The Philosopher and MadeYouLook!. In addition to my analysis, you can read The Philosopher's analysis of our boot camp: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=5604


I go by the name of ShinChoc (My forum name was formerly "Chocolate"). I have been studying game since about 2009, with my first introduction to the seduction community being through Robert Greene's The Art of Seduction. I took RedPoleQ's online texting seminar back in December 2016, and then the in-person texting seminar in July 2016. If you take the texting seminar, you will be allowed access into a texting chat group where alumni members of the Asia Dating community can critique your texts and give you emergency advice when texting women. My being a part of that group, and my frequent discussions with the members of the group lead me to realize that there is a LOT about dating Asian women that I didn't know or understand. My frequent mistakes in my dating life finally pushed me to sign up for the Approach Mastery boot camp, My Chongqing friend (The Philosopher), and I messaged Kane back in January showing interest in doing a boot camp in Chengdu, and we set the date for March 17th. MadeYouLook!, an alumni member of the Asian Dating Community, was also interested in learning from Kane, so he joined us as well.


Just to give you a summary of my feelings about the 3 days of boot camp: The boot camp was an AMAZING, LIFE-CHANGING experience! I learned sooooooo many mindsets and techniques from Kane, and, in the past 5 days since the boot camp ended, I seem to be on the fast-track to getting the kind of dating life that I want.


I think that one of my biggest fears/triggers is the thought of being publicly embarrassed or being disrespected in front of others. That fear of public embarrassment has frequently manifested itself in situations where I had a chance to approach or talk to a girl, but I didn't take it because other people were watching me/were nearby/would be able to hear my conversation with a girl that I wanted to approach. Being around Kane, and seeing how he fearlessly approaches women while heaps of Chinese people stare at him with their mouths agape really helped to give me confidence that I could do the same thing.


For example, during the Day 3 of our boot camp, we visited an underground book store. Normally I hate approaching women in these kinds of venues, because it's a relatively quiet place, and anyone within 20 feet of you can probably hear your conversation if you are talking normally. Compared to all of the previous venues where we had approached at in the past two days, I was very nervous about approaching in such an area where you are visible and hearable by everyone in ear-shot. I watched in amazement as Kane fearlessly approached a group of 3 Chinese girls by loudly and confidently telling them that he was approaching them because one of the girls had looked at him. I played wingman and handled the other two girls while Kane handled his target, Kane later gave me an idea to carry around a Chinese art book (I love art) and open girls by asking them for help understanding one of the Chinese characters in it. It was a very relieving experience to know that I could effectively approach women inside of a place that has the kinds of women that I tend to like (Chinese girls who like to read :mrgreen: ).


The previous day, Kane had us do this "photo bomb" approach, where we basically ran up and jumped in the photos that girls were taking in front of these statues. It was very embarrassing for me, and I was noticeably awkward at it, but the interesting thing is that nobody really cared. I mean, you would think a bunch of foreigners photo-bombing cute Chinese girls taking pictures would draw a big reaction from passerby, but honestly most people didn't really seem to concerned with what were were doing, and those who were quickly lost interest looking at us after 30 seconds or so. The was pretty much the pattern throughout the entire boot camp: the people around us who may have been watching us approach girls gave us their attention for maybe 1 minute, and then after that they resumed doing whatever it was they were doing before they saw us. So, basically, there wasn't much reason to be embarrassed, because the people who I could be embarrassed in front of weren't really paying me any mind.


Anyway, besides gaining more confidence approaching girls in front of others, I also got some experience keeping my sets open for longer periods of time. By that I mean that, with Kane's pushing, I kept persisting in situations in interactions with girls where I would have normally given up or ended the interaction. In the beginning, I felt a lot of the sets that I opened were very awkward, because I was very nervous, and when I am nervous I tend to talk a lot. Like, a part of me feared the girls that I approached would walk away if I don't keep talking, so I tended to overload them with information to the point where they didn't know how or what to respond to. That's a problem that I'm working on fixing. The good thing is that even sets that I thought went "badly" or that I thought were really painful to persist through, nothing bad happened. Like, the worst thing that happened was that a few of the girls who I had gotten the WeChat information of deleted me, but I ended up getting the WeChat info of so many women that I don't really care so much about the women who didn't want to continue communicating with me.


And that's one of the best things that I got from the boot camp. I used to do a lot of online (Tantan) game to try to meet women because I was too lazy to go out and approach. Now that I have the skills that the boot camp taught me, it will be a LOT easier for me to go out and will up my pipeline of women that I have in my life. Rather than messaging girls on Tantan for weeks just to get a meeting with them, and then realizing when I meet them that they don't look like their profile picture, I can just approach the women I like in-person and have things progress a lot faster. I deleted Tantan and Tinder off my phone last night :D


I'll just give a brief run-through of some of the other things that I learned:


(1) I should open Girls in Chinese- I was surprised by how many girls I approached spoke fluent English. Anyway, my Chinese has gotten pretty good, and opening in Chinese can be really beneficial to help overcome the "first-minute resistance" that some girls feel when being approached

(2) Eliminate my negative assumptions- My brain sometimes like to assume negative things about people, and when it comes to women, I would sometimes assume that I would be "bothering" them if I approach them. Not true. If you approach girls in a fun and non-threatening way, most of them will be happy that they interacted with you

(3) Get more sexual with women to test their resistances- This is possibly the biggest thing that I've learned. I often made the mistake of waiting until I am in the sex location with a girl before I try to get sexual with her. Bad idea. It is a much smarter idea to get as physical with a girl as you can (anything besides kissing her or fingering her in public) to see what possible resistances she has to you. That way things will be a lot smoother when you actually do try to close her, and she won't be so caught off guard by your sexual attempt.


In conclusion, this bootcamp has changed my life for the better. I only wish that I had known what I know now a year ago! Things would have been SOOOO much easier, and I wouldn't have missed out on so many hot women. Anyway, now I am in the right position and have the right mindset to fully enjoy all of the beautiful Asian women around me. There's a LOT more fun that I'm gonna have, and I'll keep you guys posted on my future adventures!



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