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  1. Yeah, that's one of the reasons why I left Korea for China. China seems to offer waaaay more opportunities for career and business than Korea
  2. Yes.....any point that you wanna make that I should understand?
  3. Damn, I fucked up this relationship. Glad that I know better now!
  4. Awesome notes! I will put this book higher on my reading list ~ do you think that this book can be read before his other book Rich Dad, Poor Dad? I haven't read any of his books, wondering if I can read them out of order
  5. Not sure what SEM means, but all the other All Asia Summit posts had it in their title, so ? I really enjoyed this year's summit. For me it was a mostly relaxing time hanging out with fellow alumni, with some very useful classroom time, mixed in with some intensive approaching stints. My main goal with coming to the summit this year was to continue to build on and keep a good relationship with the guys in the chat groups who regularly give me advice. I think that face-time is super important for keeping people connected, and considering how much value the people in the community have provided to me over the years, I felt that it was well worth the financial investment that coming to Korea from China costs. Speaking of costs, I managed to get a pretty good price on a Thursday night flight ticket, as well as a really inexpensive but still great quality AirBnb in the Yeoksam part of Gangnam. Friday was introduction day. I was pretty stoked, as I had already managed to home-bounce a girl I had approached at Taco Bell earlier that day. Unfortunately I couldn't overcome her "We just met" resistance, which is fair enough, considering that I knew her for less than an hour at the point of the homebounce haha. Anyway, I made sure to show up early to the summit meeting place so that I could possibly get some beforehand chat time with any alumni who were already there. It's often the casual conversations with the guys where you often get drips of gold information that can benefit your life tremendously if you pay attention. Later that night we all hit the Itaewon strip to game. Itaewon had tons of girls, but I find it very difficult to get sets to hook there, maybe because so many Korean guys are out there hunting so the girls have tougher shields up Saturday was a day filled with lots of practical lessons related to storytelling and building a Routine Stack. The storytelling class was offered by Sage, a person who I find is a very skilled not only at effective storytelling, but also at giving thoughtful compliments to girls (and his witty humor made his storytelling class as entertaining as it was useful). The Routine Stack class was powered by RedPoleQ, and I found this information particularly relevant, as I've been spending the past couple months completely revamping my Routine Stack, and during the talks that day I heard lots of great ideas that I've added to my game. We spent that night out on the Gangnam strip, and it was a great time seeing everyone out there hanging out and opening sets. I was more interested in chatting with the bros than I was in opening sets, but I somehow managed to wing McConnell and end up with an instant date bounce with our girls to a nearby bar. I definitely think that my girl was closeable, but we didn't have the luxury of time to divide and conquer the girls, since both McConnell and I had to rest up for the final day of summit. Sunday was a day filled with lots of supplementary information that guys who are intermediate pickup level and above might find most useful. The courses I attended included taking sexy videos (led by McConnell and Kane), Shibari (led by McConnell), and Fashion (led by McConnell). All three courses were relevant to me, as those are all areas in my game that I am looking to improve upon. My favorite was definitely the Shibari course, particularly the cool looking neck chain that McConnell showed up how to tie. I was super tired (and Romeo's couch was super comfortable) and fell asleep at the beginning of the fashion course, but thankfully I recorded the audio on my phone, so maybe I can still learn something. We spent the last night on the same Gangnam strip from the previous night. A non-Alumni summit member and I bounced a Korean two-set to a bar and then to his nearby home. We weren't able to close the girls because of a time-constraint, but I learned a lot from seeing how he has his home set up to BT spike, entertain, and thrill girls who he is trying to close. I've since borrowed a couple of things from him to make my own home more appealing to girls, am looking forward to seeing what effect it has. Overall it was another great year at summit. I'm really glad that I came and got some face-time with the guys, particularly with two of my Mastermind members who happened to be in attendance. Really grateful to be part of such an intelligent community of guys, looking forward to leveling up more and more every year!
  6. Not sure what SEM means, but all the other All Asia Summit posts had it in their title, so ? I really enjoyed this year's summit. For me it was a mostly relaxing time hanging out with fellow alumni, with some very useful classroom time, mixed in with some intensive approaching stints. My main goal with coming to the summit this year was to continue to build on and keep a good relationship with the guys in the chat groups who regularly give me advice. I think that face-time is super important for keeping people connected, and considering how much value the people in the community have provided to me over the years, I felt that it was well worth the financial investment that coming to Korea from China costs. Speaking of costs, I managed to get a pretty good price on a Thursday night flight ticket, as well as a really inexpensive but still great quality AirBnb in the Yeoksam part of Gangnam. Friday was introduction day. I was pretty stoked, as I had already managed to home-bounce a girl I had approached at Taco Bell earlier that day. Unfortunately I couldn't overcome her "We just met" resistance, which is fair enough, considering that I knew her for less than an hour at the point of the homebounce haha. Anyway, I made sure to show up early to the summit meeting place so that I could possibly get some beforehand chat time with any alumni who were already there. It's often the casual conversations with the guys where you often get drips of gold information that can benefit your life tremendously if you pay attention. Later that night we all hit the Itaewon strip to game. Itaewon had tons of girls, but I find it very difficult to get sets to hook there, maybe because so many Korean guys are out there hunting so the girls have tougher shields up Saturday was a day filled with lots of practical lessons related to storytelling and building a Routine Stack. The storytelling class was offered by Sage, a person who I find is a very skilled not only at effective storytelling, but also at giving thoughtful compliments to girls (and his witty humor made his storytelling class as entertaining as it was useful). The Routine Stack class was powered by RedPoleQ, and I found this information particularly relevant, as I've been spending the past couple months completely revamping my Routine Stack, and during the talks that day I heard lots of great ideas that I've added to my game. We spent that night out on the Gangnam strip, and it was a great time seeing everyone out there hanging out and opening sets. I was more interested in chatting with the bros than I was in opening sets, but I somehow managed to wing McConnell and end up with an instant date bounce with our girls to a nearby bar. I definitely think that my girl was closeable, but we didn't have the luxury of time to divide and conquer the girls, since both McConnell and I had to rest up for the final day of summit. Sunday was a day filled with lots of supplementary information that guys who are intermediate pickup level and above might find useful.
  7. Yeah, you definitely seemed to have leveled up substantially in the approaching realm, and your body language and walk is killer! Our second night out when you were sick I copied some of your persistence and high energy, and noticed it had a positive effect on all of the people I encountered ???? I think that I said the reverse. I remember saying something about how you should gesture and point at them more on the open, since I think that kind of body language is more likely to get girls hooked and standing still, since you are gesturing right at them. And from there during convo you can gesture and point at yourself when you are trying to emphasize a point. Is worth experimenting with. On that note, on that set that I had you reopen multiple times, I really liked that one move you did where you pointed at your face and gave her a big grin. I'm gonna use that ?
  8. Great job on getting this written! hehe let's not make too many assumptions....you'd probably be surprised by the behavior supposedly keen girls will present to you over text message. But, yeah, generally if girls aren't responding to your messages, it's because your D1 wasn't as tight as it could have been. Too many negative assumptions.... Reading through your report, it seems pretty clear to me that most of your problems come from making what might be called "newb moves." Basically, you are new to pickup, and after taking your bootcamp you do some things correctly and a good amount of things incorrectly. I'd go into more detail, but it's almost 1am and I need to wake up at 7am ? I'm not sure if you watched my seminar speech (I suggest you do, I think it's pretty golden if I don't say so myself hehe), but during that speech I talked about the sacrifices that I've had to make (and continue to make) to learn pickup. Based off what you've written in the chat groups, you seem to be hoping that you would spend a couple months after bootcamp gaming, gain a LTR of some sort, and then have a girl who could hold you down during the tumultuous period you might be soon heading to as you focus on business. Seems like there is still a little more work in the pickup arena to do before you will get that LTR. Unfortunately, for most men on this planet, pickup isn't something that you can get good at in a short period of time. Like many skills, it takes constant effort and sacrifice. It's up to you to decide how much you are willing to sacrifice to level up in this skill. I definitely think that it would be a wonderful skill for you to have, as I seem to notice traces of mental/emotional weakness and self-loathing in your writing, and I think that learning pickup would give you the emotional resilience you need to handle whatever life throws at you. I'd suggest that you sit down and map out some kind of goal list for what you'd like to accomplish in life in the next 3-6 months, and then post it on this forum (my bad if you already posted it here and I didn't see it, please direct me to it if you did). Find out how you can continue to make pickup a regular part of your life. Be aware that in the short term sacrifices are likely going to need to be made. Some weeks/months you might be focusing on pickup at the expense of other things, some weeks/months you might be focusing on other things at the expense of pickup. The key is that you are aware that all of this hard work and sacrifice is leading you closer and closer to a higher-quality life. This is a journey that we are all on together, don't get discouraged because the beginning of your journey is starting off a little rocky. It took me something like 4 months to get laid after I first took the bootcamp, and that was after a good number of near-closes where I was literally minutes away from penetrating a girl but made some kind of foolish mistake. Sure, it's possible that your age could be playing some small role in girl's behavior towards you, but from what you wrote, based on your game skills, bad logisitics, not-super-positive internal monologue, misguided texting behaviors, etc.- it's pretty clear to me that there are other issues that are likely holding you back that have nothing to do with your age. Do you know the master PUA Bexter? He's somewhere in his 40s and apparently still flying around the world banging hot chicks. Not saying you need to imitate his lifestyle, but he's an example of a guy in his 40s who is doing better than most men half his age. Anyway, just be patient and keep moving forward. You will 100% see increased success when you tighten up all of the things in your game and life setup. I'll leave the detailed feedback for Martin and Kane, but let me know if you have any specific questions for me! ?
  9. Nice! Off the top of my head, I can only remember one date I had at TaiKooLee that led to a bang, and that was when I took a milf and her daughter to a painting place called Painting Tower on the D3, and on the D4 I banged the milf hehe. A big difference between how you run your D2s and how I have run my D2s is that (1) you took her to a very well-known place (TaiKooLee) that she has likely gone before, and (2) you dropped a good amount of coin on the date, which I have learned to avoid to do because it's not efficient if you are running lots of dates....but your dropping coin maybe could have helped lead to a bang, so maybe I should re-evaluate how I do things. What places did you walk around to for an hour? I can't think of many things to walk to and see at TaiKoo Lee.... Also, I'm gonna steal your "come and help me search for foreign/Chinese movies" homebounce, because I think it's really good since I got a new TV and actually AM interested in finding good movies to watch! ?
  10. Hey bro, I'm glad that you are doing what you said you would do and are writing field reports to get feedback. Really awesome that you are proactively working to get better, success is soon ahead ? Also good that you are going out gaming regularly! That night we went out to LKF things went fairly well, I'd say, although I think things could have gone a lot smoother and been more efficient if you had a concrete plan that you could refer to throughout the night, ESPECIALLY during those tough times where you are feeling emotionally shook up and uncertain about what your next step should be. Like I said on our last Day Game session, I think it's good for you to have a concrete idea of (1) What specific goals you want to accomplish (what kinds of sets would you like to open, what kinds of girls), (2) How you would like to reach those goals (what openers would you like to play with, do you want to approach x number of girls in a certain amount of time?), and (3) what things you AREN'T ready for yet (for example, approaching a smoking hot girl from the front, approaching in a crowded place where people can hear what you say, etc.), so that you can tell me and I will know not to push you too hard past your limits. Don't want any public meltdowns in front of hot chicks ? I have certain best practices that I have found usually work for me in Day Game and Night Game, but you will likely find that they don't fit your temperament 100%. Keep experimenting and you will find what does work for you, and don't get bummed out if the opener you wanted to test out on a certain day falls flat. It happens, just note why you think it failed and see if it's worth trying to adjust the opener or just try a new opener. It's nothing personal, everything is just experimentation and practice, and sometimes that practice leads you to sexy times with a hot girl ?
  11. I would only feel guilty if I had lied to the girl about the relationship and fed her a fairy tale that she would be the only girl in my life forever. I'm currently working on setting better frames and expectations pre-close so that it's a better overall experience for me and the girls.
  12. Yeah, I don't know if you followed my recommendation when I last told you, but let me repeat it: ANTHONY DE MELLO. This guy literally changed my life and pulled me out of the darkness that my life was in for my first 23 years of life. The videos and books that I would recommend most for you are (1) Rediscovery of Life, (2) Awareness, and (3) The Way to Love. Here, I'll post a link to the Rediscovery of Life recordings from youtube: Hope this helps! ^_^
  13. I did a bootcamp in Chengdu with my friends The Philosopher and MadeYouLook!. In addition to my analysis, you can read The Philosopher's analysis of our boot camp: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=5604 I go by the name of ShinChoc (My forum name was formerly "Chocolate"). I have been studying game since about 2009, with my first introduction to the seduction community being through Robert Greene's The Art of Seduction. I took RedPoleQ's online texting seminar back in December 2016, and then the in-person texting seminar in July 2016. If you take the texting seminar, you will be allowed access into a texting chat group where alumni members of the Asia Dating community can critique your texts and give you emergency advice when texting women. My being a part of that group, and my frequent discussions with the members of the group lead me to realize that there is a LOT about dating Asian women that I didn't know or understand. My frequent mistakes in my dating life finally pushed me to sign up for the Approach Mastery boot camp, My Chongqing friend (The Philosopher), and I messaged Kane back in January showing interest in doing a boot camp in Chengdu, and we set the date for March 17th. MadeYouLook!, an alumni member of the Asian Dating Community, was also interested in learning from Kane, so he joined us as well. Just to give you a summary of my feelings about the 3 days of boot camp: The boot camp was an AMAZING, LIFE-CHANGING experience! I learned sooooooo many mindsets and techniques from Kane, and, in the past 5 days since the boot camp ended, I seem to be on the fast-track to getting the kind of dating life that I want. I think that one of my biggest fears/triggers is the thought of being publicly embarrassed or being disrespected in front of others. That fear of public embarrassment has frequently manifested itself in situations where I had a chance to approach or talk to a girl, but I didn't take it because other people were watching me/were nearby/would be able to hear my conversation with a girl that I wanted to approach. Being around Kane, and seeing how he fearlessly approaches women while heaps of Chinese people stare at him with their mouths agape really helped to give me confidence that I could do the same thing. For example, during the Day 3 of our boot camp, we visited an underground book store. Normally I hate approaching women in these kinds of venues, because it's a relatively quiet place, and anyone within 20 feet of you can probably hear your conversation if you are talking normally. Compared to all of the previous venues where we had approached at in the past two days, I was very nervous about approaching in such an area where you are visible and hearable by everyone in ear-shot. I watched in amazement as Kane fearlessly approached a group of 3 Chinese girls by loudly and confidently telling them that he was approaching them because one of the girls had looked at him. I played wingman and handled the other two girls while Kane handled his target, Kane later gave me an idea to carry around a Chinese art book (I love art) and open girls by asking them for help understanding one of the Chinese characters in it. It was a very relieving experience to know that I could effectively approach women inside of a place that has the kinds of women that I tend to like (Chinese girls who like to read ). The previous day, Kane had us do this "photo bomb" approach, where we basically ran up and jumped in the photos that girls were taking in front of these statues. It was very embarrassing for me, and I was noticeably awkward at it, but the interesting thing is that nobody really cared. I mean, you would think a bunch of foreigners photo-bombing cute Chinese girls taking pictures would draw a big reaction from passerby, but honestly most people didn't really seem to concerned with what were were doing, and those who were quickly lost interest looking at us after 30 seconds or so. The was pretty much the pattern throughout the entire boot camp: the people around us who may have been watching us approach girls gave us their attention for maybe 1 minute, and then after that they resumed doing whatever it was they were doing before they saw us. So, basically, there wasn't much reason to be embarrassed, because the people who I could be embarrassed in front of weren't really paying me any mind. Anyway, besides gaining more confidence approaching girls in front of others, I also got some experience keeping my sets open for longer periods of time. By that I mean that, with Kane's pushing, I kept persisting in situations in interactions with girls where I would have normally given up or ended the interaction. In the beginning, I felt a lot of the sets that I opened were very awkward, because I was very nervous, and when I am nervous I tend to talk a lot. Like, a part of me feared the girls that I approached would walk away if I don't keep talking, so I tended to overload them with information to the point where they didn't know how or what to respond to. That's a problem that I'm working on fixing. The good thing is that even sets that I thought went "badly" or that I thought were really painful to persist through, nothing bad happened. Like, the worst thing that happened was that a few of the girls who I had gotten the WeChat information of deleted me, but I ended up getting the WeChat info of so many women that I don't really care so much about the women who didn't want to continue communicating with me. And that's one of the best things that I got from the boot camp. I used to do a lot of online (Tantan) game to try to meet women because I was too lazy to go out and approach. Now that I have the skills that the boot camp taught me, it will be a LOT easier for me to go out and will up my pipeline of women that I have in my life. Rather than messaging girls on Tantan for weeks just to get a meeting with them, and then realizing when I meet them that they don't look like their profile picture, I can just approach the women I like in-person and have things progress a lot faster. I deleted Tantan and Tinder off my phone last night I'll just give a brief run-through of some of the other things that I learned: (1) I should open Girls in Chinese- I was surprised by how many girls I approached spoke fluent English. Anyway, my Chinese has gotten pretty good, and opening in Chinese can be really beneficial to help overcome the "first-minute resistance" that some girls feel when being approached (2) Eliminate my negative assumptions- My brain sometimes like to assume negative things about people, and when it comes to women, I would sometimes assume that I would be "bothering" them if I approach them. Not true. If you approach girls in a fun and non-threatening way, most of them will be happy that they interacted with you (3) Get more sexual with women to test their resistances- This is possibly the biggest thing that I've learned. I often made the mistake of waiting until I am in the sex location with a girl before I try to get sexual with her. Bad idea. It is a much smarter idea to get as physical with a girl as you can (anything besides kissing her or fingering her in public) to see what possible resistances she has to you. That way things will be a lot smoother when you actually do try to close her, and she won't be so caught off guard by your sexual attempt. In conclusion, this bootcamp has changed my life for the better. I only wish that I had known what I know now a year ago! Things would have been SOOOO much easier, and I wouldn't have missed out on so many hot women. Anyway, now I am in the right position and have the right mindset to fully enjoy all of the beautiful Asian women around me. There's a LOT more fun that I'm gonna have, and I'll keep you guys posted on my future adventures! -ShinChoc
  14. Awesome post! It was a very fun and enlightening experience doing a bootcamp with you, and I think that we both helped to push each other through the more difficult situations. Let's keep leveling up! -ShinChoc
  15. Okay, so I guess I learned my lesson from my experience in Taipei with that girl giving me LMR, and me stopping when I probably could have gone all of the way. I'll keep this post short and to the point. Met on TanTan I first met this girl on TanTan (TanTan is the Chinese version of Tinder. It's actually a LOT better than Tinder because you can send pictures, location, etc.) around the beginning of July (July 20th to be exact. We slept together on September 19th, it took me almost one month to bed her ). I was in Taipei on vacation, and I had somehow still matched with her, even though she was in the mainland China. We kept contact while I was in Taipei, with me sending her occasional pictures and snapshots from my time in Taipei. Meet in person Fast forward to this week. I finally flew back to my city in China. I set up a date with her for the following Friday. She lives in the same city as me, but because the city is so big, it took her an hour bus ride to come see me. We met near my building, and then walked around my area. I took her into this Exotic Toy shop that was nearby, which was pretty cool. I also bought us some fruit juice. By this point I was holding her hand, and I was leading her to my apartment, under the premise of giving her the gifts and showing her what I had been using to study Chinese. Here's where the trouble starts. Obstacle 1: Broken AC Apparently the air-conditioner in my room was broken, because my room was very hot. I had her sitting on my bed, with us looking at my laptop, but the heat caused her to refuse my touches every time I got near her (I've heard this resistance before during hot seasons, with women saying "It's too hot" whenever I try to sexually escalate on them). I called the manager of the apartment, and had them send over someone to fix the AC. This delayed my sexual escalation by over an hour, and we were on a time-limit since she had to go home that night. Obstacle 2: Need to shave face I had also forgotten to shave, and she had complained about it scratching her face when my face touched hers (I ALWAYS get this objection). I solved this problem by quickly going to shave my face in the bathroom. Obstacle 3: LMR- Caveman technique for the win! With the air-conditioner finally fixed, she felt more comfortable relaxing on my bed. As we looked through some of my Facebook pictures and watched YouTube videos, I began kissing her neck. She gave resistance, trying to cover her neck with her hand and hair, but I kept pushing it out of the way to get to her neck. Honestly, I thought the situation was hopeless, because she didn't seem to be giving in or giving off any signs of being turned on. She kept trying to sit up and move to the edge of the bed, and I kept picking her up and lying her back down on her front. She kept saying "listen to me" but I kept persisting with kissing her body. I decided to up my aggressiveness by *pinning her hands down with her lying on her stomach (a very important technique that I learned from RedpoleQ!) and laying on top of her while kissing her neck, and then taking her hand and rubbing it against my cock*, AND THIS FINALLY MADE HER GIVE IN. She told me to close the blinds on my windows (I hadn't realized that I had left the blinds wide open for the entire next building to see us ), and after I did that I threw my pants and shirt off (I had already secretly taken off my belt and unzipped my pants so as to avoid the LMR situation that I experienced in Taipei). I was able to get her top off pretty easy (it was already pretty much off at this point), and she gave some resistance to me taking her bottoms off, but I pretty much ripped her underwear off and put my hand between her legs. She gave some more resistance, but gave in as I worked her neck and breast, and I managed to dig my fingers into her pussy. I fingered her, and to my surprise she squirted blood on my hand! (She later told me that she was on her period) By this point I was covered in sweat and dripping it on her. She looked down at her pussy and saw the blood on my hand, and with me covered in sweat, she suggested that we go to the shower to rinse. We went into the shower, and after rinsing off some and kissing each other, I got down and started fingering her some more. She was really enjoying it! (If she was on her period, wouldn't there have been like a constant flow of blood or something? I know very little about the period process, to be honest ) I had her get down and give me a blowjob as well. I put on the condom and sat down on the toilet as she got on top of me and rode me, grinding her body with my cock inside of her. After a few minutes of this I suggested that we go back into the bedroom, and so we did. My cock was apparently very tired, as it didn't want to get hard anymore after we had entered the bedroom (to be fair, my cock was on hard for pretty much the entire hour and a half that it took for me to finally penetrate her haha), so we just did some other sexual stuff. Shaving her She had some hair on her pussy, which I don't like, so I suggested that we shave it off. I took my clippers and shaved her pussy, and then we went into the shower with my razor to get a closer shave. Afterwards we layed on my bed, with her lying on top of me, and I layed the frames for what I want from my relationship with her. I told her that I really enjoyed spending time with her and wanted to do it some more, and that her personality was very funny, and that she was very sexy, etc. I think that I did enough to keep her from feeling any buyer's remorse, but we shall see if I can meet with her again (We set a date to meet again before we had sex, and I checked with her again later to make sure we were still on). She says I'm not a Gentleman One of the things that was interesting that she said when she was lying on top of me was that I was not a gentleman for not stopping trying to have sex with her when she was resisting me and saying "listen to me". She said it in a playful way to let me know that she was happy that we had sex, but it got me thinking about how some Asian women have these strange attitudes towards sex where they will only have sex if it is taken by force. Giving Gifts I gave her two of the gifts that I had bought in Taipei (her birthday was the previous day, and she had asked me if I had gotten her a gift. I gave her one of the beauty face masks and a small package of dried fruit that was made in Taiwan). Considering that we just had sex, I probably should have gave her some more of the many things from Taiwan that I bought, but I guess there is always next time
  16. So, in my spare time when I am not studying Chinese, I have been doing some much needed practice with setting frames and improving my qualification in my interactions with women. This post will be mainly about my working on improving my frames with women. For those of you who don't know, I have made many mistakes in the past with not setting the proper frames in my relationships, especially in my initial approach on the woman (I have often tried to approach women from a friendship frame, hoping to subtly move to the sexual frame after building more comfort. It sometimes works, in that I am able to eventually get sexual with the woman, but it often doesn't get me the sex that I desire from the woman). I have also set bad frames with the women that I have kept on as regulars, with recent examples being me intentionally trying to play mind games with a girl and inducing jealousy in her, as well as allowing a girl to call herself my girlfriend even though she hasn't given me her virginity... yea, my frames need some work haha So that you can understand the frames that I'm setting, here's what I'm looking for right now in my relationships: (1) Sex whenever I want from the women that I sleep with, (2) having the women that I'm sleeping with knowing or at least being okay with the fact that I'm sleeping with other women, and (3) (eventually in the near future) having threesomes with the women that I keep on as regulars . Basically, I want casual relationships with women, where none of us are tied down by the need to label our relationship as "boyfriend/girlfriend", etc. I think that most of the guys in the Pickup Asia community have the same relationship desires as me I've specifically been working on framing my approaches as sexual, by complimenting the woman's physique during the initial interaction, and occasionally throwing out the word "sexy." On a date that I went on recently I completely laid out all of my frames, in detail with the woman. I approached this women in the waiting line of the MRT. I don't remember being especially sexual in my approach with her, but I don't think that I was super-indirect either. We both rode to Taipei 101 together, and separated after I got her contact info and set a tentative meetup. Anyway, a couple of weeks later we finally met for a brunch date. During the date we talked about many things, specifically things based around sex and relationships. I told her about my past relationships, how I think that it's natural for men to cheat and sleep with as many attractive women as they can, how I didn't really think that I could be faithful to any one woman, how I've lied to my girlfriends and didn't tell them when I cheated on them, how I believe a woman shouldn't care about cheating in a relationship if it doesn't affect how the man treats her how I've been the guy who a woman has cheated on her boyfriend with, how I think that relationships should be FUN above everything else etc. In retrospect, a lot of these frames could have been better laid out and slightly edited (to not make myself look like such a slimeball), but I'm glad that I laid everything out on the table. While she was clearly surprised (and, I think, secretly disgusted) by my views on relationships, I felt like the interaction was a success, because she saw my world-view, and, even though she said that she disagreed with my ideas on love and relationships, I am glad that she at least knew where I stood. She has a boyfriend (she said they argued when she told him that she would be meeting with me), and I don't think that I will be able to meet with her again before I leave Taipei next week, but she is still sending me pictures from her life and messaging me. This tells me that under her outward disagreement with my lifestyle is an interest, maybe even a transgressive excitement that she gets from interacting with me (I certainly felt her interest coming through during the times where our bodies where close together). Anyway, with the frames that I set, she almost certainly doesn't think that I'm only interested in friendship with her. I read a recent post by Romeo where he said that some of the frames that he sets are that he doesn't think labels are important, that what's important is that they treat each other really well and they are happy together. Also that he really likes the woman, and thinks things are getting better and better between them, and that he wants to meet her for a long time. Considering my relationship goals, do you guys have any suggestions for what frames I should be setting, and how I can lay them out during the interaction?
  17. Thanks for the very detailed reply Romeo! My memory of all that we did on the Day 1 has faded some, but I would say we spent maybe a little less than 1.5 hours together before I home bounced her, and that I started doing physical escalation right above the 2 hour mark. I suppose the mindset that I have in these kinds of situations is "get her to my home as soon as possible before something/someone interrupts us", rather than trying to make sure that all of the dominoes are lined up 100% to increase my chances of actually getting sex. And, yea, it was foolish of me to show my anger at her, if even for a few minutes. I'm generally very good at keeping a positive attitude with women (my "positive attitude" is one of the reasons this girl brought up for liking being around me), so last night was very out of character for me. It won't happen again! I'm definitely going to utilize the "Rake frame", as my close rate is very low compared to the rather high number of women that I've actually been able to home bounce in the past year. I DEFINITELY need to utilize the D-Move more (I often forget it for some reason, as I think that I am too focused on turning the woman on and getting HER clothes off, rather than my own). Thoughts on Failing to Close: For this girl, she was too fearful to come back up to my place after I got so far with her and failed to go all the way, but I've actually had many occasions in the mainland China where I failed to fully close a woman, and she STILL came back up to my home multiple times (and even after I continued to fail to successfully close her!). Mainland China girls and Taiwan girls are very different!
  18. I'm going to keep this post short and sweet as possible, and maybe add on to it later. This first initial post will just detail my interactions with this one girl that I have been pursuing for the past couple of weeks. I'm in Taipei for a month while my mainland China visa is being processed. Initially my main objective was to spend most of my time studying Chinese (to make my mainland China adventures more fruitful), but I've decided to also get an experience of the local women. Here's one of the women that I have been seeing the most often: D1: Approached this Taiwanese girl at the bottom floor in front of the building I am staying in. Did an indirect "where is a good place to get food around here right now" opener. She happened to be going to eat by herself, so I joined her. She lives alone, in the building right next to mine, and she just finished school. We went to the nearby mall and ate, and talked, etc. I lied to her and told her that I am going to live and work in Taipei, because, in my past experiences, Asian women go cold on you when they find out that you are leaving their country soon. I managed to get her back to my place under the pretense of "studying Chinese". She was a little hesitant at first to come over to my place, but I told her that it is normal for people in my part of the country to invite people over, and I did a time-constraint of going walking afterwards. Anyway, once she was over I sat next to her and started slowly escalating as we were looking at stuff on my computer. She started becoming more open. I moved her to my room to show her my digital drawing table, and as we were sitting on my bed I started to escalate, but she got up and wanted to leave to go walking (like I had said we would after we were done studying Chinese), so we did that. D2: This was the next day. We met for a morning exercise together, and then to an Indian restaurant for lunch (after exercise she went to her room to shower and do chores for a couple of hours before we met for lunch). During our exercise time I set some really good frames about my views of sex, and how I think it is strange how Asian guys want women to pretend to be innocent. After the Indian food I bounced her up to my room to "listen to music" and some other stuff that I don't remember right now. This time I got really far with the sexual escalation. I got her top off, and had her hands rubbing on my cock. She was very insistent that she "wasn't in the mood" and that we could do it "next time." I figured that since I had already gotten so far with her that I could afford to not keep pushing for sex, and that it would likely happen on our next encounters... She was actually surprised that I wasn't angry at her for denying me sex, which signaled to me that she's been in this situation before, with Asian guys getting really angry and continuing to push for sex anyway. Again, I thought that I would get brownie points by showing her that I valued her for more than sex. She told me that she was "kind of dating someone", and asked me if it makes her bad for being in bed with me while she is already in a relationship. She was tired, so we slept in my bed together, wrapped in each others arms. After she woke up I continued to try to escalate on her, but her mom was coming to visit her in a couple of hours, so she got up and I walked her downstairs. D3,D4, etc.: Met in the morning for exercise, and then lunch. I told her about my mom's wedding and that we lived on a farm when I was younger, and that she should see photos of my mom's wedding. I'm leaving out some details here because they don't add to the report. Yesterday/Last night: I was messaging her to sudden invite her to this music performance this attractive Japanese woman that I approached a couple of days beforehand invited me to, and before I could finish sending the message she messaged me saying that she was going ice-skating, and I ended up going ice-skating with her. I did lots of kino hand-holding with her while I was helping her keep her balance while skating. After about an hour of skating she was hungry, so we left. Here is where the resistance starts. She starts talking about how tired she is feeling, and how she wants to eat and go home and sleep. I knew she would get more energy after eating, and I told her so. We got on the MRT and went to Taipei 101, and I bought a Red Bull energy drink and had her drink it. After a long walk, we got to the mall area near our home and ate there at a pretty good restaurant. During our date I re-seeded the pictures of my mom's wedding, as well as seeing pictures of my room that my mom is renovating, and getting her opinion on them. After eating I felt that she was trying to delay going back to our homes, as she kept pulling away from where I was leading her (we were holding hands at this point, as I was trying to make sure I had some kino established as I lead her home) to look at the performances that were happening in the mall area. She suggested that we go get drinks, and I agreed, thinking that maybe she wanted to maybe use alcohol as the reason that she was going to sleep with me. We went to the Brass Monkey bar and drunk 2 cocktails and 2 vodkas (totaling about 1034twd ). While sitting at the bar we talked and I escalated on her, kissing her neck, hand on her back, etc. I figured now was a perfect time to home-bounce her, but as I tried to lead her up to my apartment, she resisted, saying that she wanted to walk more. This is where our long discussion began... I asked her why she didn't want to come up to my home again, considering that she had already slept in my bed before, and she said that she was afraid the last time she came up with me. I tried to logically explain to her that we had already been intimate, and that her coming up to my home and staying the night with me wasn't such a big deal. I'll spare you guys the rest of the details about our conversation, but we ended up in a secluded part the park nearby, with me trying to continue to persuade her to not be afraid of the sexual part of our relationship, and kissing her neck, and her resisting my words and kisses (but occasionally giving in to both). She brought up the guy that she was dating, and that they had sex the previous night, and that she wasn't in the mood today. She's actually mentioned him many times to me, but I didn't know that he was the one that she was in a relationship with. He's a Taiwanese guy who lived in America for most of his life and recently came back to Taiwan. Apparently he is the guy who gave her her first orgasm. He likes to smoke week a lot. She told me that she was "in love" with him, and that the previous night they told each other they wanted to be exclusive with each other. It became clear that I wasn't going to close her that night, so I went ahead and revealed to her that I am moving back to mainland China on the 18th, hoping that would push her to take the jump and enjoy me while she still can, but it didn't seem to have an effect. Anyway, we left the park with me trying to get her to come up to my home right then, and her saying "tomorrow", "I just want to go up to my room and take a shower", and even offering to meet with me the next day. I was noticeably pissed off, as I knew her offer of meeting the next day would likely end the same- with her not coming up to my room. She didn't want me to walk her to her door because the doorman may see us, and she's had her boyfriend over before so she doesn't want to get caught. I was so pissed off at her that I turned by back on her and waved her off as I pulled out my phone and started to walk away from her. I later decided that I had acted rudely to her (honestly I was hoping in the back of my mind that my showing frustration at her would make her try to please me by giving into my wishes) and sent her a message asking her if she had gotten up to her room ok. She didn't respond, and I messaged her good night before I went to sleep, and she messaged me back saying goodnight. I messaged her this morning asking her if she slept good, but she hasn't responded yet. I'm still pretty pissed that I spent 2500twd on this girl and didn't close her, and I'm not sure what my next steps in the relationship should be. Any suggestions? Lessons Learned 1. Don't take "I'm not in the mood" as an acceptable form of objection. Even if SHE wasn't in the mood, I still should have pulled my pants off and maybe gotten a blowjob from her. 2. Don't think that you will gain a woman's trust by "respecting her boundaries" and not pushing her to have sex with you, and thinking that you will get another chance in the future. This girl and I slept in the same bed together minutes after I had her topless, rubbing my cock, and I didn't continue to push for sex through her objections, and she STILL didn't trust me enough to come back up to my home for the 3rd time. 3. Go for sex as soon as possible, because something likely will get in the way. Her objections to having sex with me went from "I'm kind of dating this other guy" to "I'm in love with him" in less than two weeks. If I had a chance to have sex with her, it seems to have disappeared rather quickly. 4. If you can, try to avoid wearing a belt/or any kind of pants that require both hands to be undone. If I had been able to take off my pants quicker, I might have been able to sleep with her. 5. Be more persistent, and push past objections. There were many times last night where I could have given up and the night would have ended earlier than it did. 6. I think that I like bars now! The Brass Monkey was a pretty good date spot, and her and I had enough privacy sitting at the bar that I could escalate on her by kissing her neck without other people watching us. 7. When it comes to dating Asian women, use your money and your ability to buy things wisely and strategically. I blew about 2500twd on this girl last night, and I still didn't get laid, so I probably wasn't very strategic haha, but at least I learned a lot!
  19. So I have decided to remove this girl completely from my life. Here is what has transpired over the past couple of weeks. Last week on the 8th she messaged me saying "You can't believe what have happen to me" and asking me if I could meet to go for a walk, because she "need a mature person and mature suggestion". I was out of town so I set up our meeting for the next day. She came over and told me the story of what had just happened with her boyfriend. She had went through his phone and found an app for some kind of gay social network. She figured out the password, logged in, and found all of these pictures of different men sucking her boyfriend's cock. She said that she figured out her boyfriend is bisexual (Bisexual is the word that she uses, but I think that he's probably fully gay, and probably thinks about men when he is having sex with her, and that he probably only wants to marry her to save face with his family, but that is just my assumption...). When she questioned him on it he denied it. She felt disgusted that he was doing sexual things with men and then would come home and kiss her. She also told me that him and her had been having UNPROTECTED sex together (this really disturbed me, as her and I had the discussion months earlier that we would always use protection with whoever we had sex with, so she had broken her agreement with me). I told her to go to the hospital ASAP to get an HIV test, but she was somewhat passive about the situation. She said that she didn't really care, and that she didn't want to know whether she had caught something or not (!!!). Since my own health was at stake here, I pushed her to go take the exam that day. She left my apartment and went to the hospital a few hours later. The next day she messaged me saying that her results were negative. Not fully trusting her, I had her send me a photo of the results, and they were indeed negative. About a day after she messaged me her test results she went cold on me. I had messaged her to come over for sex and she didn't respond. I messaged her a few days later quoting something she put on her WeChat (she had written that she hoped some unknown man-her boyfriend for those of us who know about her situation- would catch AIDS and become a stray dog who bites people in the next life) and asking her why she was so mad, and she didn't respond. A week later I messaged her saying that I had "some big news" to show her, and she didn't respond. I have her class schedule, so I decided to show up as she was leaving her class. I managed to bump into her as she was leaving her class (Ya know, I'm pretty darn good at stalking hahaha), and she told me that she had been busy preparing for her tests, and that she wasn't trying to avoid me. I didn't believe her, as she had just posted some photos on WeChat the day before, and it wouldn't have taken her more than a few seconds to respond to my messages to say that she was busy studying. She told me that she had let her boyfriend move back into her apartment(!!!) I asked her why she would let someone like that back into her life, and she couldn't really answer me. I asked her why she would continue to date a gay man, and she said that he was bisexual, and she said that she didn't care about sex, and that they weren't sleeping together. She also had this big herpes looking cold-sore blister above her lip- she said that she got it from eating spicy food, but she said it as if she wasn't very sure if that was true or not. This was a big fucking red flag to me, as she didn't seem to be showing any concern for her health, and she was treating this situation (the letting her gay/bisexual boyfriend move back in and the blister above her lip) like it wasn't serious. I told her that I only like to have positive people who make positive decisions in my life, and I didn't think that we should have sex anymore, but that I still want to be friends with her. I ended the conversation by telling her to make smart decisions, and hi-fived her. A little later I sent her pictures of a video with the title "How to STOP attracting the wrong guys" by Matthew Hussey and telling her that she needed to watch the video. I also messaged her saying that "You have to love yourself first, or nobody else will". She didn't respond. That was on Wednesday. Today (Friday) I saw something that freaking disgusted me. I saw her and him walking together, and she was sexually grabbing on him. I followed behind them and took pictures of them together, intent on messaging them to her later to tell her how disgusted I am in her, and telling her to delete my contact information. I mean, he cheated on her and had UNPROTECTED sex with many different men, and then he had UNPROTECTED sex with her (and let's not forget the psychopathic jealousy that he has treated her with, trying to monitor and control her every move), and she let him back into her life (while subsequently ignoring the messages that I sent to her phone). Okay, it's been a fun ride, but it's time for me to exit this rodeo. I decided against messaging her, as I didn't want to see as if I am emotionally engaged in her decision making anymore. I don't want any contact whatsoever with her, so it is smart for me to refrain from showing her any attention or emotion, and to treat this whole situation with emotional indifference (which is kind of difficult, considering how fucked up a situation it is). Although it's very difficult for me to understand (I honestly don't want to think about the situation anymore), there must be some kind of emotional value he is providing to her life if she is willing to keep a sexual relationship going on with him after finding out what he has been doing. I guess that she doesn't have the same fears about sexual diseases that I have. Anyway, if I keep engaging in a sexual relationship with this girl and catch and STD, I will have only myself to blame. I'm going to avoid the L (the loss) of catching an STD in the prime of my life, so I'm going to do what a winner would do and find better women to sleep with In the 48 Laws of Power Robert wrote a law called "Despise the Free Lunch". In it he says that things that come for free or to o easilyoften have hidden defects in them. The fact that this girl fell into my bed so easily and wanted to be my girlfriend without really knowing me should have put me on to the fact that she was probably a little screwy emotionally, but I was blinded by the pussy that she was throwing at me. Judging by the way that way she has reacted during this whole situation, this girl seems like the type of person who would infect you with an STD and then giggle when you confront her about it- i.e. she's the type of woman that I need to stay CLEAR AWAY from. I messaged RedpoleQ about the situation, and I made a resolution to get better at qualifying women, so that I can avoid situations like this in the future, and have only high-quality women (women who care about their health and who have self-esteem) in my life! Let's move past this situation and focus on the future!
  20. ::UPDATE:: Well, it seems as if this chapter is officially closed. I was teaching a makeup class today, and it happened to be on the same floor that she has a class (she sent me her schedule a few weeks back, so I know where and what time she takes her classes). I ended my class early, and I decided to wait for her class to finish so that I could approach her. I had a bag of almonds with me (my daily snack), and I decided that this would be the thing that I would use to initiate conversation with her. When I saw her leaving class I approached her with my bag of almonds, saying that she should eat some. She mumbled a decline. I tried to engage her in conversation, bringing up the fact that she needed to take the midterm, but she was very silent. I pulled her to the side out of the way of the students who were walking by (students who were obviously paying the both of us a lot of attention, to her obvious dismay), and asked her why she was mad at me. I asked her if it was because I tried to get her to buy the alcohol and she said no. I was trying to convince her to take the exam, and she told me that she did not want to take my class anymore. I told her that I will have to give her a zero in my class if she doesn't take the exam, and I said that "I don't want to fail you because we are friends" and she said "no". I offered to cook lunch for her and let her take the exam at my place, and she declined. I tried to get her to add me back to her Wechat, but she said no and walked away from me and went towards the stairs. I was tempted to follow her down the stairs, but there were lots of students going down the stairs, and I didn't think that being persistent would work in this instance. I decided to walk the opposite direction, but then I decided that I would give it one more go. I found her as she was walking outside towards her dormitory and I tried one more time to convince her to take the exam, but she silently avoided eye contact with me, and I ended our conversation by saying "Have a good day" and walked away. Well, I gave it my best shot. Hopefully I didn't scare her into calling the police on me (that was my main fear with trying this stalking tactic), but I already got my letters of recommendation written by my bosses for the next job that I am pursuing, so I am not too worried about anything happening at this school that could damage my reputation . I still find it rather odd that she might have blocked me from her life just for asking her if she had money, but this is somewhat of an odd woman. She seems to have a very low I.Q., and seems very emotionally immature. For the past few days I have been rather upset (and extremely horny) thinking about the awesome sex that we could have been having together, but I think that I feel better now. She clearly isn't the woman for me right now, and I am probably better off just marking our relationship as a "lesson learned." Some of the things I learned during this relationship 1. The importance of following the Phase5 Cycle, and qualifying a woman and future-projection BEFORE you sexually escalate on her 2. How to get a woman turned on for sex. In the past I have almost always gone for the legs first (I'm a leg man ), but RedpoleQ taught me that the neck and ears are much more effective for pushing women past the point of no return 3. Always be able and willing to pay for everything on your date with a woman 4. Sometimes it's the small things that are the biggest determining factor for whether you get a woman or not (small things like asking her to go Dutch hahaha) I'm sure there are more things that I have learned, but I am rather tired and hungry now, so I will go eat some sushi! I've learned a lot from this relationship, and I will use what I have learned to make my next relationships with Asian women go a lot smoother
  21. I think that my new workout plan has been having a big effect on my body. My shoulders have become a lot more aligned/stout, and my chest and back have gotten bigger. Whenever I walk around the campus I get lots of looks from both women AND men. Women frequently look at me and smile, while I see the boys on the campus subtly nudging each other whenever I walk in the vicinity (I frequently feel them sizing me up and comparing their body to mine as I walk past them). When I take my shirt off it is clear that I still have a good amount of body fat that I need/want to lose, but I cut a pretty good figure when I have my shirt on I have been taking RedpoleQ's advice and am trying to avoid the "bulky" look, but because I am already a big guy (who loves to eat meat and other high-protein food) I am pretty sure that my muscles have gotten bigger rather than smaller over the past 2 month's of fitness. I exercise almost every day (I try to do more cardio than anything else) so that I can cut down my weight, but my diet isn't as tight as it could be (lately I've been eating a lot of sushi and fried street food for lunch and dinner), and I'm currently trying to get that sorted out (how to eat healthy without spending lots of money? I suppose that I could cook more~). I've still got 3 months left on my fitness program, so hopefully I will be able to keep my momentum going, drop some of this fat, and get more toned!
  22. ^^A Rake? Me?!? Haha actually the seducer types that coincide with my personality the most are (1) the Cold Coquette, (2) The Feminine Dandy, and (3) The Guru Charismatic. Back when I was using the Art of Seduction techniques in my relationships with Asian women (as opposed to right now, when I am using pickup artist techniques in my relationship with Asian women) I ran a very slow style of game- haunting the periphery, being subtle and indirect, trying to mentally confuse the other person. Using that style of game, I ended up empty-handed most times, so I definitely DON'T recommend using the Art of Seduction as your main method of getting Asian women, but I do get your point about letting the woman know that you care about her. The reason that I have been somewhat cold towards this woman is that she is never consistently around me. If I was able to see her more consistently (as in getting her to meet with me and respond to my messages regularly) I would devote more mental energy towards coming up with ways to make her feel special.. maybe if I can make her feel special she will want to spend more time with me. ^^I honestly didn't know this. I mean, I've heard talk that money is very important to Asian women, but I haven't actually seen that play out in my relationships until just recently (Last week I had to borrow money from the main girl that I am seeing, and it definitely seemed to negatively affect her, in a way that I didn't expect. I just paid her back the money that I owed her last night, and she seems to be happy again ). I honestly wasn't intending to be a cheapskate by trying to get her to pay, I just still have a lot of frames set in my mind from the pickup advice that I read dealing with American women. ^^Yes, and I have tried to reach out to her multiple times through text message since she blocked my WeChat, but I haven't heard back from her. Whenever I call her phone, I get a "busy" signal. I wonder if she maybe blocked my phone number from calling her (is it possible to block numbers from calling you?) I am still practicing with my qualification and comfort (as a matter of fact, this is the woman who made it clear to us that my qualification and comfort skills needed to be improved). I think that I would be more emotionally engaged and focused on her if she was more communicative. Her randomly messaging me "what are you doing" and then her not responding to my followup messages kind of put a damper on my getting to know her better. Honestly, from what I have seen from her, she gives off the vibe of being "dumb and insecure". I had a midterm exam yesterday, and she didn't show up to class. This is the third class of mine that she has missed. I have a policy where I give a 0% grade to any student who misses the midterm exam, especially since I already gave a makeup exam. After asking RedpoleQ about it, I text messaged her this: Me: (Her name), it is my policy to give students who miss my exam a 0% grade Me: I will have to fail you for the exam, unless you come take the makeup exam I haven't heard back from her. Ya know, when it comes to situations like these (situations where I make a series of blunders that lead to the deterioration of a relationship), I am more likely to chalk it up to paying my dues and learning the lesson. There were A LOT of things that I didn't know before I met this woman, and now that I have made these mistakes with her, I will be able to correct myself in future relationships. Although I would love to be able to have her body in my bed once more, I am looking towards the future now.
  23. "Did you check her time constraints BEFORE bouncing her back to your place? If not, this is a major mistake, because you don't know if she's bullshitting you or not." ^^I didn't know her time constraints beforehand. I have learned from this mistake, and I am now asking women how much time they will have with me before I start getting sexual with them. There were many people messaging her, so she seemed sincere. "If the issue was with getting the pants all the way off, maybe you should have left them on and turned her on her stomach. You could have inserted in that position." ^^Yes, I remember you saying something similar to this in your sex course. I will do that next time! "Did she give any verbal objections to your sexcalation? If so, what were they?"' ^^I remember her giving brief objections when I started working her neck, but she later gave into it and obliged with helping me take her top off. While I was working her breasts and moving my hands down her pants she stated some verbal objections such as "No" and "Stop" and tried to push me away, but I kissed her hands and she gave into the pleasure for a while before pushing me away from her and putting on her clothes. ::UPDATE:: So last Friday, the day before our planned cooking date, she deleted me from her Wechat, and it's been radio silence for the past week, with her not responding to my messages, and her not showing up to my class on Thursday. Here is the story: I went to the school performance that she was in. I didn't see her specifically, but I took pictures and sent them to her so that she could know that I showed up. She messaged me back and we chatted for a while. The next morning (Friday the 15th) she messaged me to come meet her to get the cooking supplies. I was somewhat surprised (and pleased) that she messaged me to get the cooking supplies a day before we were set to meet, as it meant that she was somewhat invested in the process of hanging out with me (at least that's the meaning that I took from it). We met and walked to the market. On the walk I pulled out one of the Dr.Seuss books that I brought, and told her that I would use it to help her study English (this was intended to build future projection and comfort). We got into the market, and she seemed somewhat sexually open and playful with me. We were looking at the vegetables but they didn't have the vegetables that we needed. While looking at the vegetables I made a sexual joke by holding up a long, thick vegetable by my crotch, pretending that it was my cock. I thought it was funny, and she seemed mildly amused, slapping the vegetable from my hand. They didn't have the vegetables that we needed, so I suggested that we just do as we planned and meet tomorrow morning. She agreed. As we were walking to the register to check out I pointed to some alcohol on the wall, and asked her to choose what she wanted. She picked out one and I picked out one. I said something along the lines of "We will drink it today" and then she looked at her phone and said she had a meeting at 12:30. As we stood in line I playfully poked her the sides of her back and stomach. I wanted to further invest her in the process of meeting up with me, so I asked her if she had any money and I suggested that she buy one of the alcoholic drinks for me. She said she didn't have any money, and that she didn't want the drinks. She then looked at her phone, and said she had to go, and left. As I was walking home from the store I stopped by a street vendor to get some lunch. I took a picture of the vendor preparing the food, and then I tried to message it to her. As I tried to Wechat message it to her, it rejected the message, saying that I was not in her contacts (that means that she deleted me from her contact list). I found this rather amusing, but I didn't take it too seriously as I had just hung out with her, and I didn't think that I had done anything wrong in the brief time that we spent together. Since I have her phone number, I tried to call her later that night, but her phone was off or something, so it didn't take my call. I then text messaged her saying that I would see her in the morning. Morning came and I messaged her about our meet that was supposed to happen at 10a.m. but she didn't respond. I tried calling her but her phone wasn't taking my call. An hour passed by, with nothing heard from her. Not willing to starve myself waiting on her I went to the chicken place downstairs and got some fried chicken. I messaged her the picture of the chicken saying that I was waiting on her. Two hours passed. I had a meeting with another woman at 1:30, so I messaged her saying that I had to meet another friend, that if she is still sleeping we can meet some other time, and that I hope that she is feeling okay. I later messaged her some pictures of the bikes that my friend and I rode, and of the scenery, saying that "today was a beautiful day for bike riding" and "I hope that your day went well." Thursday came, and she didn't come to my class. This was rather annoying, as I had purposely decided to teach the class about Michael Jai White, a muscular black man who does kungfu in his movies (I figured that showing her a sexy black man might make her project those fantasies onto me ) Our midterm exam is next week, and if she misses the exam I may have to give her a 0% on it (or maybe not, if she wants to take the makeup exam at my home ) During class I messaged her "You are missing too many classes" "(annoyed emoji) (annoyed emoji)". Anyway, it's been radio silence for the past week. I haven't seen her around school at all. A couple of days ago I found out that my phone can't text message pictures (but it can send pictures through WeChat), so the pictures that I thought I sent her through text messaged she probably never received. But I suppose that if she wanted to talk to me she wouldn't have deleted my WeChat in the first place. Even though she deleted me from her WeChat, no called-no showed on the date (for the second time!), and hasn't contacted me, something tells me that I still have a chance of sleeping with this woman. Looking back on our time in the grocery store, I see that it is likely that I triggered her ASD with my behavior (although I don't feel like I really did anything out of line, it's possible that she feels that way), and that I didn't build enough comfort and qualification (although I tried with the Dr.Seuss book). ::Newer Update:: Okay, so today I bumped into her. I saw her walking to her class, and I walked up beside her, lightly pushing my shoulder against her shoulder to get her attention. I asked her if she was coming to class this week, and I am pretty sure she said "No". I then told her that we have an exam on Thursday, and that she should study. She seemed a little caught off guard (and also not very interested in talking to me) and she kept walking, going inside her classroom. As she walked into the classroom I realized that I should have grabbed her arm to keep her from walking away from me as I was talking to her, but since other students were in the hallway, I didn't do it. I went back into my classroom and text messaged her "Study for the exam on Thursday" ";)". She didn't respond. I feel like if I am more persistent with this woman (and as I correct my previous mistakes), I can still bed this woman.
  24. Okay, so yesterday I somehow managed to get this girl naked in my bed, sucking on her breasts and fingering her before she stopped me. Here is a brief overview of what has transpired since my last post: She did a no-call no-show on that lunch date that I set up for last Tuesday- I called and and sent her messages reminding her of our date, but she ignored the calls and messages, and didn't show up for our lunch date. At that point I had given up on her, and on Thursday she sent me a text message telling me that she wouldn't be coming to my class because she had to go home. I figured that she was just trying to avoid the embarrassment of looking me in the face after she missed our lunch date. Because I was feeling in somewhat of a benevolent mood, I text messaged her: Me: You have lost face (laughing emoji) her: what Her: What should I do Me: You did not come to my lunch on Tuesday, and you did not come to my class today Me: No face (tongue out emoji)(tongue out emoji)(tongue out emoji) Her: (embarrassed emoji)(embarrassed emoji)(embarrassed emoji) really? Me: Regain your face and cook for me She then messaged me the next morning asking me "what will you do today". I was still a little hesitant to continue interacting with her since she had acted so disrespectfully (disrespectfully in my eyes, anyway), so I waited until 9:30p.m. at night to respond to her, and I sent her two pictures of me- one in the classroom with my students, and one of me at a meal. She messaged me asking what I will do tomorrow. I took RedpoleQ's advice and invited her to a group activity with me and my friends (going to the supermarket), but she responded "I do not like play with so many people". Over the following few days we messaged back and forth. There was a holiday recently, and it's kind of annoying because us teachers have to make up the classes that were missed because of the holiday- meaning that we have to reschedule them for another day. She messaged me saying that she can't come to my class on the day I rescheduled it to: Her: I am so sorry Her: will you have time at tomorrow afternoon Me: Time for what? Her: Are you angry with me Me: (Tries to call her, she doesn't answer) Me: (Dog sticker with question mark) Me: I tried to call you Her: I don't have time at Wednesday Me: You have missed too many of my classes Her: just one Her: tomorrow we can cook together I took her offer, and we met up. She showed up wearing some sexy leather pants (I LOVE leather pants ). Over text she had messaged me asking if I had enough food material, and we were supposed to go get some food supplies, but when we met up, she told me that she wasn't hungry, so I took her straight to my apartment. While in my apartment she kept playfully hitting me and did some light kino. We lied down on my bed studying Chinese. Again, I took RedpoleQ's advice and worked her neck and ears while I was lying next to her, and it worked! She started giving into my kisses, and then I started feeling on her delicious breasts (I think that she is a size C, which I think is big for an Asian woman). She unzipped the back of her blouse and assisted me in getting the top part of her clothing off. Etc, etc, I had her lying on my bed as I sucked her breasts. She gave me some LMR a few times, but gave into the pleasure as I rubbed on, kissed, sucked, and bit on her body, and eventually got my finger inside of her. I tried to put my cock in her mouth, but she resisted and just jerked on it instead. I didn't want her to come out of her sex trance, so I went back to working her breasts and fingering her. (Side Note: The underwear that she was wearing were very sexy, and I noticed that her pussy was neatly shaven into a triangle, which is VERY unlike most Chinese women I have met. Something tells me that she knew some kind of sex was going to happen with me, or possibly with another man...) Her leather pants got bunched up around her ankles, and as I tried to get them off her LMR started increasing, to the point where she pushed me away and started getting dressed, saying that she had a meeting that she had to go to. As she got dressed I saw that she looked somewhat distraught, so I grabbed her hands, looked her in the eye and told her some things along the lines of "You are a very smart woman"..."There is nothing wrong with what we just did"..."Sex is good for the body"..."If you want to leave, that is fine, but I want you to be happy"... etc. That seemed to calm her down. I suggested that we go to the kitchen and I cook some food. As we washed dishes I messaged RedpoleQ about the situation, and he recommended that I take her out of my home and to a restaurant. I took her to a restaurant on the second floor of my building. While walking to the restaurant she asked me if I had a girlfriend, and I said no, and asked her if she was thinking about becoming my girlfriend. She said maybe. While in the restaurant she kept messaging on her phone. I saw that she was in a group chat with some students. She said that she had to go, but I got her to stay with me until the spaghetti that I ordered came. While we waited on the spaghetti we both sketched a picture together in my notepad. She took a bite of the spaghetti, and then left, rushing out of the diner. Before she left we set up a cooking date for Saturday morning at 10a.m. (I learned my lesson and time-bridged! ) She also told me that she was performing this Thursday (tomorrow) in a school performance, and that she would call me when she knows the time of the performance. I messaged her on three occasions later that night, but she didn't respond. I will message her again tonight to find out what time her performance is. Any thoughts and suggestions are welcome! UPDATE: She responded and told me that her performance is at 7:30a.m. in the morning. Guess I am going to have to re-arrange my morning workout schedule hahaha
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