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Night game: First Night of Boot camp:


Red Flags Girl:

5-10 min

When we first arrived, a girl eagerly came up to talk with us.  Immediately Kane informed us that this girl has “obvious red flags”.  It was the first set of the evening.  I was feeling pretty nervous at the time, we talked a little bit, but I didn’t have much to say, wasn’t interested in her, and she was talking to Kane mostly anyways.  


I had bad body language: hunching + leaning in while also appearing incredibly nervous. 


Red Shirt Girl:

5-10 min

The Red Shirt girl was by far the best set of the first night.  She worked in advertising, so instantly I had something to talk about.  I was able to “gain rapport” and actually there is a great picture where we were literally 100% mirroring each other subconsciously.  We had a reasonable conversation, I didn’t say anything special, or retarded, and we mostly talked about surface level “interview questions”. 


This was my first “pretty good set”.  Neither of us had any attraction, but it was my first “positive reference experience” of the Boot camp.  I think she “enjoyed” our talk and I was not “bothering her” which was one of my biggest limiting beliefs coming into this.

Result: I WeChat closed and then neither of us contacted each other.


Dancing Japanese Girl:

0-10 Seconds

My challenge was to get interest from a Japanese girl dancing with two white chicks.  This particular girl was getting hit on by multiple guys while she was dancing and all my attempts immediately failed like all the other guys around.  Kane asked me to go back multiple times to talk with her and I got immediately blown out multiple times.

Result: Shot down multiple times but it didn’t “hurt” much.


Day Game: 2nd day of bootcamp

People’s square

Photo-bombed girl:

There were two Chinese girls travelling from another province.  One of the girls was going to take the picture of the other friend, then Kane told me to jump in.  I immediately “photo-bombed” that girl in the picture and they were immediately “hooked”.

I tried to BT spike with the “guess where I’m from” tactic but it wasn’t particularly effective.  We exchanged “interview questions” and established rapport. 


We had a pretty boring conversation, I was completely lacking in emotion, but “no mistakes”. 

Result: WeChat close and had one boring text conversation that day and have not talked again.


Swiss girl:

5 minutes:

This cute “Chinese girl” walked by, I asked her something in Chinese, then she looked at me and said in native English, “I’m not Chinese” and kept walking away.  Kane told me to find out where she was from so then I chased her down and asked her.

When she told me she was from Switzerland, my eyes lit up, and then I immediately starting telling her why Switzerland is awesome because of the LHC particle accelerator which led to the discovery of “dark matter” and the “Higgs Boson” within the last 15 years.

 I just geeked out, “went full retard”, without any self-consciousness talking about all the new discoveries that have happened at the LHC particle accelerator (in Switzerland).

This was by far, my favorite set of boot camp.  Right when she said Switzerland, BOOM, and then I got so excited to talk about Particle Physics and I immediately lost all AA. 

It was the first time I was able to talk about something I cared about, and I’m sure the enthusiasm was contagious, even though it something girls are almost never interested in talking about.

Result: I tried to WeChat close, but she said she was going back to Switzerland in two days.


 I know theoretical physics is not a “typical topic” in which to talk with a girl who you meet on the street, but it was the first time I truly felt comfortable and lost AA at boot camp. 

I have excellent charisma, emotional expression, and body language when I am teaching a class or giving a speech, but poor execution when talking with girls.  This is the first set where all this work transferred into the PUA domain during day game.

 Talking to the “Swiss girl” about particle physics is the first time I had achieved “flow state” when talking with a girl.  I lost AA, got out of my head, was spontaneous, excited, and interesting to be around.

I should have said something about Switerzland’s “Physics Penis” is bigger than American’s “Physics Penis” because the amount of energy produced by Switerzerland is 7 times larger than USA.   That means the Swiss “Physics Penis” is 7 times larger and I am jealous of her Physics Penis because it is SO BIG!!!.  And then make a penis size gesture for her and me.

I wish I could have had this set back because there are so many other things I could say and I loved being “in state” with her.   I could have talked with her for hours without running out of things to say.

I really enjoyed talking with the Swiss girl, and had she lived in Shanghai, I would totally consider making her my permanent LTR.  She was the only girl I talked with in the whole boot camp where I got that feeling at all.


Rap Girl:

10 min

This was my last set on Saturday day game.  There was a girl working in a display booth outside of the Raffles building.  Ditto had opened her friend, then I started talking with “Rap girl” who was the prettier of the two.  She talked about how she loved Japan, was not “normal Chinese”, and how she dated a foreigner from Texas. 

I talked with her for a while and was focused on qualifying her.  We had pretty good rapport and got past interview questions into more “inner values”.  The conversation was pretty solid, not particularly fascinating, but not boring either. 

I kept on focusing on the “you are not normal Chinese” and her ego was just loving it.  I could tell by her body language that this was “what she wanted to hear” from me.  I think she enjoyed our talk as a source of validation.

Result: After the talk we agreed to time -bridge for a day 2 at the Starbucks across the street from where she works the next day.  I scaned her WeChat, but she never added me.  I never went back to talk to her.

Self-Assessment: This was by far longest set of the day and the “most successful”.  She never added me to WeChat, but it was a reasonably long conversation and the first time a girl agreed to meet me for a day 2 even though she flaked out.

I didn’t feel like I was bothering her, she enjoyed the conversation, and I felt reasonably comfortable.

Body Language: I had hunchback and was leaning in.



Day 3 Day Game

Xin Tian Di

Topgrading Girl:

Two unattractive girls were smoking and then Kane told me to ask them for a light.  I approached the girls, they immediately gave me IOI, and then we started exchanging “interview questions”.

When she said she is a head hunter, then immediately, I started telling her about this book “Top grading”.   Like “red shirt girl”, when I had some sort of “commonality” with business, then worrying about what to talk about was easy.

I was enthusiastically recommending this book Topgrading and said it would “double her results”. 

I was able to get “in state”.  It was almost like I was able to get into “sales mode” instead of “talk with girls mode” and transfer my teaching and business skills into this set.  I felt far more comfortable in this set and I had almost no self-consciousness.

Result: Didn’t try to WeChat close because that was not the mission, but I almost certainly could have. 


This was probably my second best set after “Swiss girl”.  I had ZERO AA and felt fully comfortable when talking with “topgrading girl”. 

She gave me IOI and I had something “familiar” to talk about so I felt very comfortable in this set. I realize that only performing when you get IOI’s is probably  a problem.

I probably had better body language, eye contact, and vocal tonality in this set than any other except for maybe “Swiss Girl”.

This was probably one of the better reference experiences of boot camp.  If I can display this level of comfort and charisma as my “default” in day game with other girls, then I will have rapid improvement.

When talking with “Topgrading girl”, I was able to get “in state” for the second time of boot camp.  I was spontaneous and “flowing” completely out of my head.


HK green hair:

5-10 min

A relatively unattractive girl was walking by that green hair.  This was my final set on Sunday and my most successful one for day 3. 

I told her I love her green hair and I asked her if she has ever had other colors of hair.  We had a pretty long conversation in regards to branding, HK housing prices, and other stuff. 

I also had a pretty good joke about when I went to HK and asked a question in the subway, and then I acted out an “English gentlemen” giving directions that shocked me.

I felt pretty comfortable in this set and Kane was actually able to get an audio recording.


WeChat close but then never talked because she went back to HK.


This was my very last set and it went pretty well. In fact, I wanted to “stop now” so that I wouldn’t ruin that last reference experience.

I was pretty comfortable, had good body language, and was reasonably interesting.

I notice again that I only got comfortable with an “ugly chick”, but it still felt good to have a good chat with her.

I didn’t get “in state” with this girl but I thought it was “reasonably solid” and I did pretty good.


Overall Boot camp Assessment:

I think I did “pretty good for me” even though I did not achieve any tangible outcomes.  I am pretty proud of myself even though I am sure others have had much more success on their boot camps than I had on mine. 

For example, I didn’t really get any D2s from the boot camp or any really solid leads to follow up on.  I don’t think this is due to anything Kane did or didn’t do, it all had to do with my relatively low-level of skill coming into this boot camp.  What I am proud of is that I did not refuse to open any set.  Whatever Kane told me to do…I did it.  It didn’t matter how uncomfortable it was.  I controlled what I could control.  Even though I didn’t get the reactions I wanted…but that isn’t something I can control.

I am a very analytical person and I have probably read 30 books on PUA and hundreds of hours of dating seminars.  This boot camp really opened my eyes because I saw what Kane was able to do, and then I compared to the reactions I got in the same types of situations.  It wasn't the women; it was me.  My ego was put to the test with reality and I realized I have more work I need to do than I first realized.  It is my responsibility to make it happen.

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Great write-up!

The few things I want to point out.

Getting into state shouldn't be a goal. It should be a by-product of good execution. There's no value in feeling great about your set when you're doing everything wrong. This is assuming your goal is to get tangible results and not to just "feel good" talking to women.

This is the most important hurdle to overcome. And you need to understand that as you get better, and the skills and habits Kane was trying to instill in you during the boot camp become normal for you through practice, it's only natural that you'll hit flow state more and more frequently because it's when you preparation and skill align with the situation.

Unfortunately, until you get a lot of reference experience, every approach is novel so it's hard to hit the right kind of flow state which is why it shouldn't be a goal.

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