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Bangkok Boot camp with McConnell 12/2018


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Hi All, 
A bit about myself, I am Thai. Completed undergraduate in Thai and master degree in the US currently working as E-commerce manager in NYC. PU alumni who also my close friend introduced the idea of PU to me. I was very skeptical at first because I thought I had no problem with my relationship. I usually have a girl in relationship. However, after a number of reading and conversation with him I realized that I had a huge relationship problem. All girls that I dated with for my entire life are much much lower bar and all relationship was ended because of boring or I have no interested in the girl any more. So I decided to give PU a short. So at the end of 2018, I had a boots camp with McConnell in Bangkok. Which end up with very fantastic results.
Day 1: Introduction & Catch-up, Attraction, lern about yourself
McConell roughly introduce over all concepts of 5 steps gaming circle to me. And also analysis what I already from the reading and make sure we're on the same page. Mc asked me who I am, what is you're job, How you be there , etc. All are the questions that I will never ask myself. I know myself and my frame a lot more because on these. Moreover, beside my direct rebot like answser. Mc also gave me a smooth answer to use if I was asked by a set with these questions
Night 1: 
I was very panic and nervous back there. Usually I just went to club with my friend and get dunk and do carzy non reasonable thing. It my first time that I go to the club on purpose and have a professional couch with me. Everything so skeptical and frustrated
Mc tought me the concept of opening and gave me 5 BT SPIKE!!! into my deposal. He let me use only 5 BT SPIKE again and again to all different sets and suddenly get out from the set after finished that BT spikes. I kept asking myself "Why Mc let me do this? And What the heck am I doing. The first few sets are so difficult. I was nervous and paniced but after around 4 sets everything totally change. It is much more easier. I was able to automatically and spontaneously use BT spikes with out thinking of them. It is like just repeatedly say the same thing but the results are so different from each set. Some are very positive some very negative. Again after I completed BT spike, Mc told me to just walk out and do nothing which is so funny to the set. I remembered the girl said "what! that's it???" Nevertheless, I think on the first day, I would never be able to even talk if I have to complete all the steps. I get used to denies from the set. And I had more time to pay attention to the set's response instead of forcusing on what I had to do next at the end of the night I approach more set than I used to from the beginning of my life.
Day 2:
Mc asked me to list a quality of my ideal girl. It's actually more difficult than  I thought. I take some time to come up with very long bullet points that contradict with itself for example ,I like sporty girl who like to eat desert. We discussed a lot about this. Mc helped me to figure out what exactly are a Qualification in a girl that I like then use that information to be a base. For example, what frame should I have in order to get that sporty girl. What story should I have. What BT spike that's more effective. Furthermore, Mc hit me hard with Qualification stage. Which questions that both qualify you and a girl,  how to due with disqualification,  how to make a girl qualify herself to you instead of you chasing her. So this learning prove me that Pickup isn't just train you to find a girl day by day but train you to find a girl who's perfect fit for you. We went day game together and the result is fantastic. I was able game a set for significant of time and then successfully number close. I think by know the girl that you like is one of a key of success. Most of the question and story from you will be adjust accordingly because of it. I feel like asking correct question that a girl want to be asked. Then, late afternoon we have a text saminar which change my perspective about texting forever
Night 2: 
This night was more relaxed and focus in closing the set not just opening. I have to complete the cycle that was the goal. It look like a lot of pressure but I instead feel more relaxed and fun. It might be because I got used to it some how. However, Mc still have to give some put because I have some delays and hesitate before approaching. After the approach everything is fine. I mostly could naturaly complete the cycle. There were some room for improvement though. First, positioning , I always quickly and inconveniently too close to the girl. Mc always watched my position and give me a feedback right the way. Next, eyes contact was also my weak spot. I usually don't look at the girl deeply into her eyes and sometime I even look at other next target set during the current conversation. Mc also commented me on this bad habbit. It's very good to have third person oversee and give recommendations to you real time You never be able to see it by yourself.
We recapped everything that we learn for pass 3 days and begin the day game immediately. Everything that happened that day were perfectly according to the plan. We selected book store to be venue and expected professional business girl to appear on business book section then they appeared. I opened with a random book, asked what she think about it then guess that she's professional in some company. Show her my value and make it a bit above her but not too much. Tell the story how hard before I reached this point. Proudly told her that I was ไม่เอาไหน but now I change by a lot. Finally, tell her that she's friendly not just a nerd as I expected and ask for instant date or time bridge. I were able to time bridge around 5 and 1 instant date. For me, this is incredible. I never just have a date with strangers instantly and more importantly this's so much fun. I used to have to get back to Mc and ask for some lines to use for the game but that day I hit Mc back with lot of idea like kids who never stop talking to their prarent. Surly Mc was so tired of me that day. Lol
After our section is ended. Me and Mc decided to hang around just a bit more I bought Mc to kinda hidden place in Bangkok. We had a chance to have conversation and know each other more. Mc is definitely a great guy I proudly confirm. He's passionate what he's doing and give the best to me We drank a lot, bounce to several location and have fun. At the end, I confirmed that this is a life changing experience that far far Worth than you think. Thank you
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