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SEM: 2019 All Asia Pickup Summit

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Not sure what SEM means, but all the other All Asia Summit posts had it in their title, so ?

I really enjoyed this year's summit. For me it was a mostly relaxing time hanging out with fellow alumni, with some very useful classroom time, mixed in with some intensive approaching stints. 

My main goal with coming to the summit this year was to continue to build on and keep a good relationship with the guys in the chat groups who regularly give me advice. I think that face-time is super important for keeping people connected, and considering how much value the people in the community have provided to me over the years, I felt that it was well worth the financial investment that coming to Korea from China costs. Speaking of costs, I managed to get a pretty good price on a Thursday night flight ticket, as well as a really inexpensive but still great quality AirBnb in the Yeoksam part of Gangnam.

Friday was introduction day. I was pretty stoked, as I had already managed to home-bounce a girl I had approached at Taco Bell earlier that day. Unfortunately I couldn't overcome her "We just met" resistance, which is fair enough, considering that I knew her for less than an hour at the point of the homebounce haha. Anyway, I made sure to show up early to the summit meeting place so that I could possibly get some beforehand chat time with any alumni who were already there. It's often the casual conversations with the guys where you often get drips of gold information that can benefit your life tremendously if you pay attention. Later that night we all hit the Itaewon strip to game. Itaewon had tons of girls, but I find it very difficult to get sets to hook there, maybe because so many Korean guys are out there hunting so the girls have tougher shields up

Saturday was a day filled with lots of practical lessons related to storytelling and building a Routine Stack. The storytelling class was offered by Sage, a person who I find is a very skilled not only at effective storytelling, but also at giving thoughtful compliments to girls (and his witty humor made his storytelling class as entertaining as it was useful). The Routine Stack class was powered by RedPoleQ, and I found this information particularly relevant, as I've been spending the past couple months completely revamping my Routine Stack, and during the talks that day I heard lots of great ideas that I've added to my game. We spent that night out on the Gangnam strip, and it was a great time seeing everyone out there hanging out and opening sets. I was more interested in chatting with the bros than I was in opening sets, but I somehow managed to wing McConnell and end up with an instant date bounce with our girls to a nearby bar. I definitely think that my girl was closeable, but we didn't have the luxury of time to divide and conquer the girls, since both McConnell and I had to rest up for the final day of summit. 

Sunday was a day filled with lots of supplementary information that guys who are intermediate pickup level and above might find useful.

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