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  1. ROCK!! I really enoyed reading this post because I learned so much about it. Since we took the BOOTCAMP together I am reminded how much you focused on the steps. You took notes and for a year you hammered through and practiced all the strategies. Your game is so on mark now. Like when you put in the INNOCULATOR and then made sure you put in the HERO story for comfort. Totally reminded how powerful those things are when put together. Also all your questions to her in the subway are DOPE! I really like how simple they are but how playful they are at the same time. She was probably su
  2. RPQ! I am planning to try the Vagina Whisperer tactic this weekend! I am hoping that it will playfully open girls so that they will feel more relaxed! Golden FOX
  3. She gave me lots of LMR. Would not even lay on my bed at first. Was literally lying on the floor space. I told her to rest on the blankets while I showed her some cool music on youtube laptop APPLE MAC! Then she closed her eyes and turned over and kept pushing my hands away! I was kissing the neck but it was too soft and gentle so I pulled her dress off which got things going! ___________________________________________ I asked her if she wanted to take a shower but she said no. Next time I will take a shower to set an example hahah. But actually. ___________________________
  4. SINGLE ZIPPER We are at Halo, in Taipei 101, Taipei Taiwan. My friend and (wingman) Zig Zag tends to drink a lot and open sets non stop. He hasn’t taken a bootcamp so he lacks a lot of basic skills. But he makes up for it somewhat by opening so much. Hopefully he will take the course soon! Anyway I watched him open this one girl chilling on a sofa of a table. Social Circle is so big here and cold approach seems to be quite foreign here. I thought it was super funny that he just walked in on this table and started flirting with the girls. The girl seemed really receptive
  5. I have found success in my Game. And there are two specific concepts that I have been using to get results. In the past I would get a bunch of numbers and then litter out texts to all of them respectively. It was like being at a roullette table and covering every possible bet. Pretty smart right? I definitely thought so. However I kept attracting girls that I wasn't that excited about. The biggest issue was that I was getting some girls I really liked. However I would treat them the same as the others. Send them similiar messages and not focus as much. I wasn't playing to win, I was p
  6. I was eating at a restaurant with a buddy when I saw this super hot girl walk by. She had a tight grey shirt on, ripped jeans and runners. Cute face and large breasts for a petite girl. Thought about chasing her down but instead ate the rest of my sandwich. Lost Opportunity! So met her on THURSDAY! Later that day I was sitting in a popular coffee shop in the center of Gangnam. She came in with a friend. The same girl. Most players know this happens very rarely. I approached her table and told her I loved her style. She had travelled abroad and was currently studying for finals. I g
  7. As a precursor to this post it had been three months since I had sex! My standards and abilities had grown to get myself some hot dates but I couldnt CLOSE CLOSE CLOSE! On the Friday night of the recent 2015 ASIAN PICK UP SUMMIT, I hit the streets with ROCK. We went to Proust in Itaewon in Seoul which I hate. Once a girl yelled at me to GO AWAY there. Fuck it, its the biggest venue in Itaewon. Face my fears. Approached a bunch of girls. Probably opened 12 sets. Then all of a sudden.. there she was. This tiny little bright eyed, fashion student. (PINEAPPLE TREAT) - she wore a pin
  8. I have a lot of the same goals as you. Often when I get chunks of free time I make schedules like this. I would choose two goals and just really focus on them. Like during the day. I would just write your book. Write and write and get that THING DONE, made and sent to the printing press. STAT. AND I would give tons of attention to finding your new job. If its a contract basis, you'll likely be doing this for a long time. It will fee into time for writing, reading, learning Chinese or the lack there of. I only write this because many times I have put too much time in
  9. This is really a great experience and an awesome overall read. Just reading it has provided me with your perspective. That is to say I want to take this outlook and apply it to some of the girls Im pursuing. Its fantastic that you mirrored her throughout. She viewed herself as mature and in control of her life. And you framed the whole interaction as two mature adults having a little fun together. AND you crashed the party and took her from it. CLASSIC. I dont think you need my tips. Often though when I get girls back to my place I present an event that will take place if they come ba
  10. I was feeling down one night at the club while my other buddies, bootcamp graduates, were crushing it. Fortunately my buddy pushed me to go talk to a girl. I pulled her arm lightly and brought her towards me. Instant Chemistry and I got her number. BAM. Back in the game. Now we went out once for coffee in Sinsa. Basically her English level is 4.7 out of a 100. But thats cool because Im practicing my KOrean and she is ridiculously hot. The hottest babe Ive been with. Her body is immaculate! Now we just had coffee and then she drove me home. I didnt push to bring her in. We decided to
  11. The BootCamp revealed to me that I am actually a Super Hero. I have an unprecedented and unlimited power beyond my minds belief. I now possess the power to meet and attract extremely beautiful women into my life. They say when a human being experiences an extremely dramatic, life changing event they have an out of body experience. This is the best way I can explain the beginning of the bootcamp. (AN OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE). RedPole Q doesn’t mess around. I signed up because I wanted to better be able to approach beautiful women and that’s exactly what happened. The first night I was
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