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  1. ROCK!! I really enoyed reading this post because I learned so much about it. Since we took the BOOTCAMP together I am reminded how much you focused on the steps. You took notes and for a year you hammered through and practiced all the strategies. Your game is so on mark now. Like when you put in the INNOCULATOR and then made sure you put in the HERO story for comfort. Totally reminded how powerful those things are when put together. Also all your questions to her in the subway are DOPE! I really like how simple they are but how playful they are at the same time. She was probably super happy she met you. All of your conversation is very simple. These simple questions tell you alot about her. I bet the whole transition was so smooth for her. Like you did her such a favor. After you she is not going to be able to date any chodes. Like she would probably call you right away. Also your story about your ex girlfriend going to Hong Kong and how you hoped she was still happy! That was genius. She knows that you are committed at times and you also have emotional control. For example you didn't get really angry that she left. You didn't call her a bitch! Definetely get her out again and try to home bounce her again. Maybe make a cooking date or something of that sort. I really hope you get her dude! Nice work R O C K!!!
  2. RPQ! I am planning to try the Vagina Whisperer tactic this weekend! I am hoping that it will playfully open girls so that they will feel more relaxed! Golden FOX
  3. She gave me lots of LMR. Would not even lay on my bed at first. Was literally lying on the floor space. I told her to rest on the blankets while I showed her some cool music on youtube laptop APPLE MAC! Then she closed her eyes and turned over and kept pushing my hands away! I was kissing the neck but it was too soft and gentle so I pulled her dress off which got things going! ___________________________________________ I asked her if she wanted to take a shower but she said no. Next time I will take a shower to set an example hahah. But actually. ____________________________________________ I havent seeded her again to hang out because Im excited about dates with so many other girls right now! Thanks for the extra input VISION!
  4. SINGLE ZIPPER We are at Halo, in Taipei 101, Taipei Taiwan. My friend and (wingman) Zig Zag tends to drink a lot and open sets non stop. He hasn’t taken a bootcamp so he lacks a lot of basic skills. But he makes up for it somewhat by opening so much. Hopefully he will take the course soon! Anyway I watched him open this one girl chilling on a sofa of a table. Social Circle is so big here and cold approach seems to be quite foreign here. I thought it was super funny that he just walked in on this table and started flirting with the girls. The girl seemed really receptive and then he got up and sat beside her friend and started on her. At this point I was getting all my friends to watch it because I thought it was hilarious. (What is this guy doing?) I decided to come in and wing him. I started talking to the first girl he opened. She had a one-piece mini skirt with a zipper in the middle from the top to the bottom. Right from the beginning she gave me a lot of sass and I tried to frame myself as the kind of guy she would like. But IM trying to not always BE LIKEABLE. Often I try hard just to be liked by everyone and IF one person doesn’t like me, it bothers me. This is a terrible frame as a man and I need to kick it to the curb. So I immediately told her that I do stand up comedy. I told her a bit about how I like to eat girls out and also motivationally speak to the vagina at the same time. This way it builds up the girl’s vagina and gives it confidence. “You are a leader, lick lick, go after your dreams, lick lick, !” Some girls may not take well to this but I just thought “Fuck it!” I’m going to have fun. She laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed! And was saying “You can talk to my vagina!!!’ My wingman Zac,, later said “ What the fuck! Golden Fox has talked to this girl for a couple minutes and she is already talking about her vagina!” (Hopefully he will take the bootcamp so he can talk to girls vaginas motivationally). We decided to leave the club since it was 400am and Club Girl 1000 asked me to walk her home since she lived nearby. I eventually changed the direction to my apartment and she showed no resistance. WE got back and she came into my room and immediately lied on my bed, closed her eyes and started to sleep. Was it pretend sleeping? I touched her breasts and kissed her neck and she pushed it away. Was I going to sleep? No. I remembered that RPQ had recently gone for it with a particular girl. So I put my hand up her dress and started to rub her! Then I zipped that dress right down. Beautiful body. (Great tits and ass.) And she had really slow sex with me that was sensual. It was a great experience because I don’t normally go for girls with club skirts! I always go for hipsters. But it was great sex and a fun pull overall. 5 Things I did Well! 1) I felt tired but still went for the girl regardless 2) I sometimes have a hard time with KINO. I kissed her neck and wrapped my arms around her while we playfully chatted. 3) I continually mentioned coming back to my place. 4) I closed her instead of lying beside her like a chode all night. 5) I made sure she met all my roommates before she left in the morning! (Social Proof) 5 Things I need to Work On 1) I could have brought her home earlier. I chatted with her for 45 mins in the club at like 330am. Really killed my next day. 2) I didn't communicate with my wingman enough. He wanted to leave earlier as well. 3) She didn't give me head and I didn't push for it. This is bad because I like head! 4) We walked to my place from the club. She just wanted to talk. I should have got a taxi. 5) My room was a mess. Clean your room GOLDENFOX! Realizations. 1) Don't take a girls hesitation so seriously. If a girl hesitates to give me her LINE or come back to mine I would take that as an insult. I should see it as a compliment. She views me as a high value guy and doesn't want to appear as easy. Hope you enjoyed the read! ADVICE always welcome. ALWAYS.
  5. I have found success in my Game. And there are two specific concepts that I have been using to get results. In the past I would get a bunch of numbers and then litter out texts to all of them respectively. It was like being at a roullette table and covering every possible bet. Pretty smart right? I definitely thought so. However I kept attracting girls that I wasn't that excited about. The biggest issue was that I was getting some girls I really liked. However I would treat them the same as the others. Send them similiar messages and not focus as much. I wasn't playing to win, I was playing not to lose. Also the 20/80 rule. The girl I wanted was giving me lots of attention. She was the one I actually wanted. But yet I still hesitated to focus more attention on her by messaging her and trying to get her out. So Im switching my attention. Instead of planting tons of seeds and hoping they all grow I am going to be much more selective and focused with my energy. I was in Taipei Club District Att4fun. I went out with co workers for a goodbye party. While there I saw this hot girl chilling on the balcony. My friend even tried to stop me. He said "Not this one" She had heavy mascara and looked intimidating. I just walked up and said hey. She said hey and we stood there for a moment and just observed one another. We began to talk about travel and music. And the conversation flew by quite well. Got her number, time bridged her and left. We continually messaged each other facebook and I really wanted her. One night she messaged me that she was bored. I invited her over. We chilled and listened to youtube videos. Then we went into my room to sleep. I began to kiss her neck, rub her breast, finger her and then started fucking. Her body was exactly what Ive wanted for a while. Really large ass that just shakes when you bang her from behind. And we will meet up again in the future. Basically I feel like I am treading ground on the next level.
  6. I was eating at a restaurant with a buddy when I saw this super hot girl walk by. She had a tight grey shirt on, ripped jeans and runners. Cute face and large breasts for a petite girl. Thought about chasing her down but instead ate the rest of my sandwich. Lost Opportunity! So met her on THURSDAY! Later that day I was sitting in a popular coffee shop in the center of Gangnam. She came in with a friend. The same girl. Most players know this happens very rarely. I approached her table and told her I loved her style. She had travelled abroad and was currently studying for finals. I got her Kakao Talk, Messaging System and began to chat her up for the next day. I sent lots of funny pics! We talked about fashion and our mutual love for pugs. She said she had no time to meet me because she was studying for her exam. Then sent a message that she could fit me in for an early lunch on Saturday. I was out late Opening girls on the street but woke up and met her at noon at a Japanese Restaurant. She was really quiet and seemed unsure of herself. But she looked immaculate!! I felt like I was punching above my weight! I convinced her to just get coffee with me. I went to my favorite Café and ordered two wines and a hookah. (NOTE: Last time I asked the girl if she wanted hookah and because she said no, I didn’t order it. This time, with RPQ advice, I just ordered what I wanted. She smoked the shisha and drank the wine with me and it was great. I decided to take ADVICE and bring up sex. She immediately admitted that her sex life was terrible as she had been in a 3 years relationship. The guy did not satisfy her at all. YIKES. We concluded that sexual chemistry was very important!! I mentioned that I had gotten nose surgery to make it larger. That was a lie! But just wanted to start the conversation. She then admitted that she had recently gotten breast implants!!! YES!!! I seeded French movies throughout the date. I asked her if she wanted to go over to my place and watch a FRENCH MOVIE. She said sure. Here is the tricky part. I don’t have a place in Gangnam. I called and asked a bro if I could use his place for an hour, as it is right across the street from the coffee shop. MY BRO is awesome! Cleaned up the place and welcomed us over! He took off and we put on a Romantic, French movie. We sat on the sofa, sipped some wine, and I slowly escalated with little kisses on her hand. Afterwards, I leaned for a kiss and we made out. By far one of the best kissers I have ever kissed. I told her it was difficult to kiss and I moved her to the bed. WE made out heavy then she STOPPED ME ABRUBTLY! “WAIT – DO YOU HAVE A CONDOM!>?! I sure did!! I ripped off her clothes and had amazing sex with her! Best Ive ever had because I felt like I was in a movie. She could have been a porn star! After fucking me she is probably considering it. Moral of the story! My success came from my BROS! I finally stopped relying on my opinion and began to insert their advice into my game. I talked about sex during the date, was open with my intentions and was a leader the whole way through. This lay has definitely changed my mindset and standards. I’m excited for the future!! OPENED HER ON THURSDAY. CLOSED HER SATURDAY AFTERNOON.
  7. As a precursor to this post it had been three months since I had sex! My standards and abilities had grown to get myself some hot dates but I couldnt CLOSE CLOSE CLOSE! On the Friday night of the recent 2015 ASIAN PICK UP SUMMIT, I hit the streets with ROCK. We went to Proust in Itaewon in Seoul which I hate. Once a girl yelled at me to GO AWAY there. Fuck it, its the biggest venue in Itaewon. Face my fears. Approached a bunch of girls. Probably opened 12 sets. Then all of a sudden.. there she was. This tiny little bright eyed, fashion student. (PINEAPPLE TREAT) - she wore a pineapple dress:) It was packed so I put my hand out and brought her in close. "You are perfect! Are you from New York? Are you a Designer? We should get married!" I said ALL these things one after the other,, not even waiting for a reply! Many guys would disagree with this open but we had chemistry and I wanted her to feel my energy! Her friend was trying to pull her away and the strongest wingman of all time "The Rock", took over the situation. He took her friends full attention which gave me time to get a kakao talk (MESSENGER). A solid wingman is a game changer! ROCK!!! I got her on a date the next night! The lessons I learned in the two days from the SUMMIT were immeditaely put into ACTION. MY BRAIN WAS HUMMING!! 1. I established her situation and displayed UNDERSTANDING. She was a recent graduate with no prospects and tons of pressure. She wanted to be free but felt so confined by her culture! And Golden Fox completely understands!! 2. Constructed My Reality. I was recently in Barcelona and I told her about how free everyone was to love each other and express themselves sexually. This is the way I view the world. 3. CONNECT THE DOTS - We may be in Korea but inside we are European souls so its perfectly normal for us to act passionately together. KINO: We held hands while we talked and lightly kissed a couple of times. WE WERE AT CAFE SLOW IN GANGNAM. GREAT PRICES. CHILL VIBE.HOOKAH.NUFF SAID. I live in Itaewon so I had to move her from Gangnam. She said it was too late and she couldnt do it tonight. But another time. Cool. I said. "Lets leave this place anyway" Took her into the street. Got a cab. "Lets go to Itaewon". Sure, she said. hahahahaha. AWESOME. I promised her another cool club but she kept telling me she was sleepy! SLEEPY!>?!?!? for Golden Fox. I was confused. SO I OFFERED FOR US TO GO TO MY PLACE RIGHT AWAY! "YES" - lets go she said. I offered to make her pasta.. then realised.. I had no food in my PLACE. Moved her into MY ROOM FOR A MOVIE. Thats okay she said. AS IF SHE EVEN CAME FOR THE PASTA. We made out on the bed,, I advanced with my hand. Both times she stopped it. I framed the situation for her! I ensured that I liked her alot. This wasnt a normal thing we usually do. However we were Europeans souls and its rare to find a great connection. A person with the same code! She totally opened UP. IT WAS GREAT! AND THIS ENTIRE EXPERIENCE was from COLD APPROACH, tight game with a WINGMAN and focus and senstivity in order TO CLOSE. WHAT A VICTORY!! TRIUMPH!! SUMMIT 2015
  8. I have a lot of the same goals as you. Often when I get chunks of free time I make schedules like this. I would choose two goals and just really focus on them. Like during the day. I would just write your book. Write and write and get that THING DONE, made and sent to the printing press. STAT. AND I would give tons of attention to finding your new job. If its a contract basis, you'll likely be doing this for a long time. It will fee into time for writing, reading, learning Chinese or the lack there of. I only write this because many times I have put too much time into learning Korean and then had to take a job I didn't want because I focused on the wrong things. Im sure your getting a lot accomplished though. Good work and good luck!
  9. This is really a great experience and an awesome overall read. Just reading it has provided me with your perspective. That is to say I want to take this outlook and apply it to some of the girls Im pursuing. Its fantastic that you mirrored her throughout. She viewed herself as mature and in control of her life. And you framed the whole interaction as two mature adults having a little fun together. AND you crashed the party and took her from it. CLASSIC. I dont think you need my tips. Often though when I get girls back to my place I present an event that will take place if they come back. Like I always mention early on how much I love artistic movies and french 60's cinema. I rave about how Godard movies are about love, life and pursuit of meaning and fun in our short lives. Its all very romantic. After a drink or two I try to pull them back to watch one of the movies I raved about. Basically I want us to experience an event at my place. Once were at mine anything can happen and usually does! Either way, sounds like you played the game tight, the entire interaction. Im sure she will want more of you in her life.
  10. I was feeling down one night at the club while my other buddies, bootcamp graduates, were crushing it. Fortunately my buddy pushed me to go talk to a girl. I pulled her arm lightly and brought her towards me. Instant Chemistry and I got her number. BAM. Back in the game. Now we went out once for coffee in Sinsa. Basically her English level is 4.7 out of a 100. But thats cool because Im practicing my KOrean and she is ridiculously hot. The hottest babe Ive been with. Her body is immaculate! Now we just had coffee and then she drove me home. I didnt push to bring her in. We decided to meet for a MOVIE - this past Saturday. We met and she hadnt yet bought the tickets. Maybe I should have. In the past the Korean girl has always handled it. MY BAD. So it was sold out. So we jumped in her car and raced to CGV. On the way there she got a phone call. She said it was her brother and she had to go meet his lawyer friend. WHAT!! haha. So we stopped in at an expensive cafe, had a pizza, drinks and then she was off. I still had a fun time, making her laugh, being with a beautiful woman, giving Korean guys the "fuck you " eyes while I was with here. I went and met BOOTCAMP buddies and chilled. She messaged me a bunch later and apologized again and again. SO: I keep asking myself.. what does this girl want? She has plenty of money. I don't think she gives a shit about English. Maybe she just wants me? My body? Where's my confidence? The next date then has to be over wine and I have to pull her back to my place. End of story. I am 100% open to any tips or perspectives that I may be ignoring. Thanks guys and always I appreciate the encouragement on the kakao talk group. Mr. GoldenFox
  11. The BootCamp revealed to me that I am actually a Super Hero. I have an unprecedented and unlimited power beyond my minds belief. I now possess the power to meet and attract extremely beautiful women into my life. They say when a human being experiences an extremely dramatic, life changing event they have an out of body experience. This is the best way I can explain the beginning of the bootcamp. (AN OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE). RedPole Q doesn’t mess around. I signed up because I wanted to better be able to approach beautiful women and that’s exactly what happened. The first night I was continually pushed ( literally pushed ) to speak to beautiful women. I couldn’t do it at first! I begged and pleaeded for them to leave me alone and give me a break. But NO! I was thrust into more and more girls, forced to chat with them. I know sounds terrible right!?! Actually it was great. But I had so much overwhelming anxiety. Thus the OUT OF BODY experience. I just started to let go of my fears and began to approach. I felt like I was watching myself talk to super hot girls. It was me but it wasn’t me. The girls were doing something I didn’t expect. They were laughing and responding super well. I thought they would run away or hate me or just ignore me. The majority of girls though just talked with me and were relaxed. This was a huge realization for me. If I could talk to hot girls that I thought were out of my league and they respond well… maybe they are not actually out of my league. MAYBE I have just been limiting myself all this time. As we were taking time to DEBRIEF on the first night we were chilling at a pizza joint. A girl called me over and while she sat on her boyfriends lap we started talking. Her friend was talking to my buddy also taking the bootcamp. We talked about travel, started laughing and I leaned in and started kissing her and touching her chest. AND she was one of the hottest girls Ive ever spoken too. REMEMBER she was on her boyfriends LAP. He noticed something was going on and said something. I just gave her my business card and went inside to finish the debrief. Well that’s wasn’t good enough for her so she came into the restaurant and started kissing me inside. It was AMAZING. I put her number in my phone and then her friend came and pulled her away. A great way to end my first night. The next big step was Day Game. I was certain that every attempt would fail. How could day game work? Its impossible. Girls don’t like to be approached by guys during the day. They are doing stuff. But I signed up for the class so I was stuck. I approached a couple girls and asked them “Where a Western Restaurant was in the area”? All of them spoke perfect English and were super keen. The one brought me with her to meet her friend and then grabbed a quick coffee with me. It was insane. Again – OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE. Am I doing this? I couldn’t believe it. Of course not every approach was perfect. A couple girls were so surprised they screamed. Some just ignored me and a couple just said NO! Ouch. But it actually wasn’t that big of a deal. Because after approaching some girls you only focus on the really good ones. Some girls instantly had chemistry with me. Some girls didn’t but I warmed them up. Whenever I felt down because of a bad interaction, RedpoleQ would always reframe the situation and encourage me to be positive. He challenged me but also supported me throughout. There is no question that each hour in the bootcamp infield my skills were growing. I give REDPOLE Q's Bootcamp Class a 12 out of 10. I have hotter girls in my life and I'm much happier. I have met a community of REDPOLEQ's Alumni and we weekly go out and approach girls together and it is awesome. Some of my friends thought that it was crazy that I would spend so much on a seminar to meet women but its so much more than that. It is easily one of the best investments I have made in my life thus this far.
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